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Author Topic:   numbers
posted January 04, 2002 11:24 PM           Edit/Delete Message
~~I put this under Labors of Love because I have a soft spot for parentless children and hope, myself, one day to adopt. I wondered earlier about the numerology associated with the process, and quickly did these two words:

Orphan and Adoption


28: The Trusting Lamb

“...indicates loss through misplaced trust in others ....serious losses in courts of law
....possibillity of having to begin the life path over and over again ....karmic lessons of
prudence, caution, well laid out plans .... look before you leap”


“a strong sense of self worth .....demands respect .....the underlying desire is to be original,
inventive, creative ......DISLIKE RESTRAINT AND WANT TO FEEL FREE ....being in
love and being loved are as important to them as the air they breathe ...there is a fondness
for children but often a sadness connected with a child ....”



“...associated with an extremely sensitive nature-good and fortunate friendships-...and
productive partnerships of all kinds ...happiness and success are more easily attained when
in partnerships with another rather than when operating alone as a single individual”

~~~I found it interesting that both words came out to 10, the wheel of fortune.

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posted January 04, 2002 11:43 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I numbered Freedom since both adoption and orphan added to 1 and 1's dislike restraint.
I thought that perhaps this would give me a clue as to why souls would chose this sort of life ....

35 (26)

26: Partnerships

“ ....compassion and unselfishness, with the ability to help others but not always the self
.....warns of failure of the ambitions through bad advice from others ....unhappy
partnerships of all kinds ....the person is counselled to avoid partnerships and persue the
career alone but follow only the intuition and personal hunches a solid
foundation for the future for yourself”


“....intense drive to reach the top .....most could be succesfull in the tough game of be considered weak is the very last thing they want to happen ...many times
they are the instrument of fate in others .....tendency toward fanaticism in religion
FACE OF ALL OPPOSITION (~~sounds like freedom to me!)....they are capable of great
sacrifices for an ideal, an ambition, or for those who depend on them”

~~It is interesting that Linda says eights appear younger as they grow older .... and
freedom is usually considered something that is a property of young people, yet as
everyone learns as they grow older Freedom is only truely yours after you have learned
responsibility for it, built a solid foundation (from the number 26), and a solid sense of
trust in ones intuition ........

I was very surprised at first to discover Freedom was an 8 entity~~~

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posted January 05, 2002 12:03 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Now, I ask myself, what would the Opposition be that some children would want to be
free from? Parents? And from a brief look, words jump out ....

PARENTS~~~~trap, spare, aren’t, are, part, parts
~~~~~~~~~~~are a trap, sent as a trap
~~~~~~~~~~~spare a trap


28,10!!! Again, the Trusting Lamb!

Notice that the plural word Parents (I used plural because even if one parent is absent or is
only a donor, both are still required to produce a child) is really the same word as Partners
only with the R missing.

So what is the difference between parents and partneRs?

Rather than take the full numerology of partneRs, I decide only to look up the value of R
and its number’s meaning .....which is 2.


“represents imagination, PARENTHOOD, and sensitivity is the number of

~~wow ....

Now, I sometimes get the feeling that letters are running around and have escaped from
their original words .... or they mix up, changing one letter for the other, just to trick us ....
and I wonder about the current perception that the majority of people have about parents
...that they are owners of children rather than paRtners ...... and that perhaps entities
choose to be parent-less in order to fight for their cause ..... FREEDOM from being
owned ..... and help bring the world back to a place where children are partneRs.

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posted January 05, 2002 12:45 AM           Edit/Delete Message
WOW, Osheen. And I love your theory about the 'tricky' letters. You might be right


"Witchy Woman"

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Posts: 1218
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posted January 05, 2002 12:47 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message

"It is never too late to become what you might have been." George Eliot

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posted January 05, 2002 01:11 AM           Edit/Delete Message

~~~Now, this sense of partneRship gives each a Choice. I remember Caileah’s Lexi on
Adoption referring to the option of I.D ..... I opt an ID, I opt no ID ....

so, really, Adoption becomes ADD-an-OPTION ..... but there is a D missing .......

value of D is a 4


“...they make their own rules ....advocates change in every area of their life ....they care
little about class distinction and have no need to impress anyone ....”

I know that this whole process is not terribly logical, but somehow I feel that the value of
the missing letters are an important ideal for these souls ......


32: Communication

“ ....32 is a very fortunate number IF the person/entity it represents holds inflexibly
opinions and judgement in both artistic and intangible matters and material matters. If not
the plans are to be wrecked by the stubborness and stupidity of others”

~~remember the word FREEDOM, which came to a 26? 26 being a number which had to
rely on its own judgement and keep others opinions at bay?

~~~I wonder if these souls had trouble excercising their options, their ideals, in past

A type of Prison?

Why would they be imprisoned?

1....persecution or repression of their unconventional ideals and breaking the rules because of the fight for freedom for all


2....material thinking, leading to breaking rules for self freedom only

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posted January 05, 2002 01:13 AM           Edit/Delete Message

~~~Prison has the same vibration as Freedom ..... so what is the difference between them?
Perhaps none, maybe just the perception of the ‘person’ (which is another example of
those vowels exchanging an e for an i)

However, I think that Prison and Person are an example of the vowels playing around,
because prison is just person with i and e exchanged. Perhaps, though, there are TWO
kinds of prison? Prison in which a person has fought for an ideal in the name of Freedom
and was persecuted. In the number 26 Linda says that these entities have “the ability to
help others but not always the self”, and the self is represented in the English language as
an “i”. Maybe the “i” was sacrificed and replaced the e ... this done in the name of an
i-deal. The second type of prison, then ...the one which would house people commiting
crimes out of greed or self interest would have the addition of an i to person .... but the e
would remain. Therefore, the true spelling of this second type would be prieson which
adds to 31, the Hermit---eventual isolation from society ....which adds to 4. And four, we
saw, creates its own rules.

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posted January 05, 2002 01:23 AM           Edit/Delete Message
The second type of prieson adds to 4 ... and remember adoption with its hiding second D? D having the value of 4? What if the whole process of orphan/adoption is based on a soul creating its own rules ... but not based on a selfish desire for freedom but rather an ideal of freedom for all? Then, through the process of being parent-less the soul would learn to break free from prison or prieson and form with partneRs ... Maybe different souls in the form of different Orphans were prisoners in past lives for one of the two reasons .... however, they would still need to learn and achieve the same basic understanding and outcome of breaking free from others .... either from persecution in the past or from material society.

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Virgo Rising
posted January 05, 2002 10:39 AM           Edit/Delete Message

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posted January 05, 2002 12:54 PM           Edit/Delete Message
OSheen~ You GO Girl !!!

I just love numbers, letters, words, and I'm ever fascinated to discover their esoteric relationships - one with another; like FREEDOM and PRISON having the same number vibrations ... it just seems so *poetic* somehow when one word that seemingly opposes another would carry the same energy, and vibrate to the same number as it's opposite ... that must be

PERSON/PRISON ... OSheen, that really does look like the word PRISON was modeled after the word PERSON (change/switch vowel e for i) as a PERSON ... Love that one! The druids are having a great time with you lately !!

Excellent work, toots !!

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posted January 05, 2002 03:02 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Continuing with numbers, though not with the above subject .......

Caileah~~EXPRESSION also has the same 26/8 vibration as FREEDOM and PRISON.


27: The Sceptre

“ ....fortunate number of courage and power, with a touch of enchantment. It blesses the
person or entity it represents with a promise of authority and command ......27 entitiies
should always carry out their own original ideas and plans, and not be intimidated or
influenced by the diverse opinions or opposition of others .....”


“...represents aggresive action, penetration, courage, and conflict ....originality and
initiative .....fear of rejection, lack confidence .....unsure of self .....”

Linda explains that 9’s posses a vulnerability that many people see as being foolish and so
do not respect 9’s .......sounds like what happens when someone is ignored: lack of


~~same as ignored

~~notice that invisible is the ‘cut’ version of in-DI-visible ..... when you feel invisible you
feel lonely, not apart of the whole ..... but we are really inDIvisible!!!

~~~why do people feel ignored or invisible? I know that I often have trouble with this
myself, and looking at it, I feel that I have not been heard and that my expression has been
lost somewhere ...... perhaps those who go through being ignored as a life theme need to
learn courage of ther ideas, to be assertive ...... ?

44 (26)

26: Partnerships

“ .....unhappy partnerships of all kinds ......follow only the personal hunches and intuition
....not heeding the well intentioned advice of others ....... “

~~~Hmmm, EXPRESSION vibrates to 26/8 which is the same as FREEDOM and
PRISON ......

Now, if I can interject a personal note ...... I was born on the 26 day and I find this issue to
be a major life theme for me ... being ignored and feeling invisible ..... I wonder how many
people who have this as a major life them vibrate to the number 26 or 8?

I would like to add that during my life I have usually found myself behaving in one of two
ways ....... either not speaking at all, because who would listen to me anyway ..... or being
very dramatic in behaviour and speech, and chatty, going overboard to ensure in an
immature way that I will be heard ....... and one of the things that Linda admonishes 26’s
to do is to NOT behave extravagantly ..........

What would the Karma of being ignored be, especially if one vibrates to a 26/8? Perhaps
misuse of communcation such as lying or exageration, verbal abuse OR even BEING
verbally abused, lied to, or having ones ideas stolen from them. It would be the same
lesson, learning to have courage in your voice ........ FREEDOM, PRISON,
EXPRESSION .........

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posted January 05, 2002 03:29 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Now, thinnking about being invisible led me to the idea of being an OUTCAST, which
vibrates to the number 28/10/1 ....... this led me to thinking about CAIN from cain and
able ....... and I had lexied CAIN as I-CAN a few days ago, which is the same meaning as
ABLE ......

I-CAN and ABLE ....... what is the difference between them?

as I said, Cain has a vibration of 10, which is the wheel, choice of following good or evil ..

Evil has the vibration of the Magician, 15
(and the 15 has a warning NOT to use this vibration for selfish reasons, this seems to be a
number which is “lucky” , something given. The test is how do you use it?)

Good had the vibration of 21, The Crown of the Magi

“...may be certain of final victory over all odds and all opposition ...”

Cain, in the bible, is considered to be evil ....... 10, the wheel, and 15, the magician .....

Able was considered to be good ......

ABLE has a vibration of 11 ...... “the illusion of seperation”

Are Cain and Able really the same person? The fight between ego and self?

Because, if we add the two together, CAIN+ABLE (10+11) we come to 21 .... the same
vibration as GOOD ...... if we add ABLE+EVIL we arrive at 26 ..... the same vibration as
FREEDOM, PRISON, and EXPRESSION ....notice the lexi of ABLE+EVIL .... becomes LIVE-ABLE ......

so which side is truly the ego, Cain or Abel?

If you look at the word Blame, it has Able in it ....... so, does that mean Able has blame or

So, I think of the words PERSON and PRISON ...... and how it dawned on me that there
are two types of PRISON .... one which should be spelt prieson .... and after looking at
other words, it seems as if there is a conflict going on between the vowels “i” and “e” in
words .... that if an “i” exists without an e it somehow represents a sacrifice of ego ..... but
if they are found together, the intent of the presence of the vowel i is for ego reasons .....

So, This makes me think of the Word DEVIL, then of course, GOD.

DEVIL (D+EVIL) vibrates to 19
GOD (GOOD-O) vibrates to 14

If you look at DEVIL, it contains the conflict of i and e, so to make the word free from
ego, I remove the E ..... now i is representing the true self.

DVIL vibrates to 14 ....... which vibrates to God.

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posted January 05, 2002 03:35 PM           Edit/Delete Message
However, even this---the removing of the E---does not always solve the riddle of the conflict ..... so now, I remember Linda writing about Sounds ..... and I look at the "i" in different words ..... that sometimes they are long or short, depending on its position in the word .... I still have to fiqure that out abit, but I wonder if it has something to do with the pronounciation of the word and its effect on the Chakras?

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posted January 05, 2002 06:18 PM           Edit/Delete Message
OSheen~ your words IGNORED and INVISIBLE got me to thinking about the word FORGOTTEN

IGNORED = 27/9

FORGOTTEN = 45=27/9 !!

Spiraling right along.... at first glance it looks like if you mixed all those letters up you'd get FORGIVEN or FORGIVING - yes, you would.... hmmmmm, so ...

The letter/number energy added to INVISIBLE and IGNORED to make FORGIVEN/ING is the F - which vibrates to 8 ! same as FREEDOM, PRISON, EXPRESSION

FORGIVEN = 37/10/1 ... the same energy as ORPHAN, ADOPTION, PARENTS !

AND !!!

FORGIVING = 36=27/9 ... the same energy as IGNORED, INVISIBLE, FORGOTTEN !!


~We can try many ways to get rid of the darkness, but none is as effective as simply increasing the light.~ UnkNown

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posted January 05, 2002 10:37 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Osheen...I am sitting here reading all this in total fascination. I think you might very well have stumbled upon some of the hidden keys to the original language. And how it became garbled along the way.

Whatever or whoever you are in 'contact' with right now has opened up some 'deep' insights. Please tell me that you are preserving this as I don't know how long the 'fire' will last.

This is exciting...the doors to elder memory are finally starting to open wider, and more people like you are going to be remembering. It needs to be saved lest we start to forget again. I AM SERIOUS!!!!


"Witchy Woman"

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posted January 06, 2002 12:55 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Caileah~~~that truly blows me away, that those FORGIVEN and FORGIVING are within the same vibrations ...

Adoption is very close to my heArt. I have never been adopted or anything, and I can bear children .... but somehow I think it is a miracle ... magic.

There is a simple diff between forGIVEn and forGOTten ....

YIVY~~~~~you know, I have been going nuts ... and I have been frustrated a little because my 'ear' does not seem to be tuning in as it used to ... and I have to admit that I have become dependent upon that security. Yet, in other ways 'intuitions' have been opening up ...

There is something I wonder about ... and that is the combination of letters together .... for instance -ight or -nt or
-di- that they somehow hold the key to the soul purpose behind certain concepts .... like adoption .... I think that the letters that are left OUT are more signifigant than the letters that are hiding in there ....

Also, I wondered about the vowels ... I do not think that they are to be considered with the constanants within the same alphabet .... since the vowels seem to change the actual meaning of the word ... and its karma. I think about the name of god in the Torah ... and how the vowels are missing .... and I wonder if it is because the word itself is sacred, or if it is the actual PROPER combination of vowels with a word that has power?

Yesterday, I came across the paragraph where Linda says that there IS a word of manifestation ..... THE word that created the World .... and it is driving me crazy because I think it IS hidden, but the vowels are all mixed up. I think that the vowels compete for 'power', if you can call it that.

In school, we go through the vowels in this order .... A, E, I, O, U .... and looking at words you can almost see that they follow this order for 'honor' ....

most simple words have alot of 'a' in them ... like cat, bat, mat, state, rate, etc. Then E, which I think represents the Ego in many ways ..... than I represents the true self, at least the altruistic self ... look at many of the "positive' words ... many have a high abundance of 'o' like God, Good, Holy, World, etc. I have not fiqured where U stands.

Now, some words, like Son becomes sin ... and although the I is altruistic in other words when replacing an a or e, when it replaces a vowel above its 'honor' level it becomes more egotistical, material minded.

DEVIL ... could be DEVOL ... or DVIL ...
either would increase the 'honor' level ... DEVOL is LOVED and DVIL is the same vibration as GOD ......

Actually, I want to compile a list of the combinations the most .... you know, ent, ant, nt, es, etc .... and notice whether their is a pattern when they add on to different words ..... and if so, what contradictions come up in the words when they are added and which, when hiding, give clues to the soul purpose of the meaning of the word .... like Love, Romance, Marriage ... concepts that we tend to put together ...

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posted January 06, 2002 01:03 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Hey, it just hit me .... you know when you look around on the net and you see people typing their names with the vowels in BIG letters ...... perhaps they are tired of waiting? like cUrE ... actually, I think StupidCupid does it ....

Well, I noticed too the other day (and it is driving me crazy) that the word RAPE pops up alot in words. Rape is also Lexied as reap, than ape. And in many ways it reminds me of Eden ... the original sin.


Well, I will keep track of my RAPE words too

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posted January 06, 2002 04:33 PM           Edit/Delete Message
OSheen~ I've often wondered what inspired the upper case vowels in net-speak ... what a great observation !

Cupid does do that... let's ask...

Cupid~ Why DO you use upper case vowels in your CURE/CARE signature?


~We can try many ways to get rid of the darkness, but none is as effective as simply increasing the light.~ UnkNown

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posted January 06, 2002 10:26 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I wonder why APE is in RAPE...and connecting that to the fall in Eden, could it have something to do with the beast in man...or something we did to the beasts.

Is that when we quit calling it Eden and started calling it PaRAdisE ??


"Witchy Woman"

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posted January 06, 2002 11:25 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Remove R A P E and we are left with ADIS



I have offered here before that from PARADISE we can spell EDAN(Eden) and suggested perhaps Eden might have originally been spelled EdAn *because* that spelling lives in PARADISE<~~~Eden> - OR PARADISE might have had an E after R instead of the A?)... I felt then as I do now that twisting or convoluting our words/letters/spellings does happen, as OSheen has suggested with the *escaped/mixing up letters and impatient vowels*

Now, I wonder if letters change places as a way the uniVerse reflects the spiritual times, perhaps? Example: LIVE v. EVIL...

At one time EVIL wasn't associated with LIVE ... but with the fall of man the word flipped itself around to spell EVIL, then the E reVersed it's position to turn EVIL to VILE.


~We can try many ways to get rid of the darkness, but none is as effective as simply increasing the light.~ UnkNown

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posted January 09, 2002 03:45 PM           Edit/Delete Message

And, I wonder why the two words that make up Paradise, as YIVY said, are RAPE and AIDS? And this is a complete anagram ... there are no letters left over.

I was wondering for the past few days if the 'disease' of AIDS is an actual healing for our planet/race .... it is odd, isnt it, that we title something so seemingly horrific as this 'disease' with a word that has usually meant something positive and helpfull?

Do you think that AIDS will actually lead us to the missing link in our evolution? our actual origin? Perhaps this 'disease' will lead us back to Eden?

I wonder what Dan would have to say about it .....

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posted January 09, 2002 06:21 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Well... AIDS is an anagram, so maybe then it doesn't count as a *word* - and, I'm pretty sure Dan believes, like I do, that AIDS is a hoax and does not even exist - except to those that believe it does, of course - MIND being ever the builder 'n all...

Also, in those letters I see...

*S* I.D. ...hmmmm

Now I wonder what that means? But, if the letter *i* were replaced with an *o* as OSheen suggested in another thread then it would be *S* O.D. Any thoughts on that, OSheen?


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posted January 09, 2002 11:04 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I know this might sound a little off topic, but it isn't. First, Linda said there was an evil "S" that we had to watch out for, in words like Self, embaraSS, and so on. Lately, we've come to notice that there are some evil I words too. I believe that since Linda exposed the evil S, its aura snuck over to the letter I in order to escape detection. I believe that after enough people have exposed the evil "I", the evil aura will attempt to sneak over to the letter "N", which completes the word "Sin". If we are watchful enough, we might be able to prevent this from happening unless it's necessary for human evolution.

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posted January 09, 2002 11:20 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Caileah~~~I think that it is interesting that it can be lexied into I.D. .... combine that with the thought that AIDS may lead us to our heritage .... I am not sure, though. Perhaps it is the *disease* itself or perhaps the link would be an incidental discovery while researching *cures* for AIDS.

Caileah and Spiritua~~~
The vowels seem to be sneaky entities ... I am not sure it is out of malice ... perhaps playfullnes? I don't necessarily think that all "i"'s have subsituted other vowels ... it seems to be certain combinations of vowels together ..... again, I am still looking into the fog ..... what do you guys think?

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posted January 27, 2002 05:48 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I am NEW to all of this, and I find all of this to be absolutely fasinating! At first to a person that has no idea what you are talking about, they would tend to think, have THEY all lost their minds? LOL I'm sure my hubby thinks something must be wrong with me, as he is on his computer right beside me and I have sat here at this page 'like forever' stareing at it and 'thinking'LOL and then writing all these words that come to my mind! It probably looks as though I am trying to figure out 'english' for the first time. LOL Anyway I am catching on. Like I saw the word relationship in one of the posts...and then saw the following:
A spare person
Separate persons
Share ships
Not alone
The pair is ONE!
Help heal (and) shape
Share a leash (take turns leading)
as (with) a son or sister...or 'ape'
A pal
To relate 'their' person'
This is amazing to me!!!
NOW PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I can find the numerical values for the alphabet that I have seen in your posts. Please on the net if you know of a site.
The values for my name (real name)are 24 and 6. What do they mean? SEE I figured that much out, took awhile, LOL but I did, from what has been posted here. AND of course Please let me know where I can FIND this stuff on the net, too. Now, I gotta PULL myself away from THIS STUFF and go into the kitchen and cook some hamburgers for my family before they starve.
"I love this PLACE!!!!!"

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