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Author Topic:   Help- CancerWoman & LeoMan...

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From: LIC, NY, USA
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posted October 13, 2006 10:04 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for CancerHearts     Edit/Delete Message
Sorry- meant to say Aries Man in my title!!

Hello everyone! I am a Cancer-Woman and I've been with my Aries-Man for several years. We have a lot of communication issues because we just don't know how to talk to each other or work through our issues. Also, sometimes I feel like he's not romantic or affectionate enough! He is independent and I crave a lot of attention and affection! He is also moody with a bit of a temper. And I'll admit that I'm moody myself! But truth be told, we love each other immensely! Could someone shed some light on this situation?
My birthday - July 19, 1983 (I was born in New York) at about 11:56am
His Birthday- April 5, 1982 (He was born in Lithuania)- Not sure what time

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Dulce Luna

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posted October 14, 2006 08:26 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dulce Luna     Edit/Delete Message
I don't know how to help you sweety, because I usually get along with Aries women but I've never really been with an Aries man and my two Aries brothers drive me nuts. I do remember one Aries from Childhood, (I actually found him on myspace the other day) He was first person that was nice to me when I first moved here from NY. Of course he changed now. I wouldn't say he was real sweetheart (when we got into it, we got into it ). I remember he was always on my street when he came to hangout with this Libra guy that lived across the street from me. He was much nicer to me than the Libra was though.Libra was almost always an A$$ to me, but he was such a crybaby too (Cancer moon...haha!)Suprisingly, it turned out that they both liked me....I was just oblivious. I always thought the Aries guy was cute but I never pursued it because of total fear of rejection. I was actually fine with it when he dated Libra's foster sister (A Capricorn btw ). I guess because I liked our friendship and I thought he was so good to Ms.Cappy. Maybe I liked him, but not enough to pursue it. Today, he's with another Aries....thats a different story.

I've talked enough, maybe I'll type an excerpt from Love Signs later.....

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posted October 14, 2006 02:54 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for InLoveWithLife     Edit/Delete Message
Cancerhearts !

You share your bday with my sister (for a moment i thought it was her !!).


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Dulce Luna

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From: The Asylum
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posted October 14, 2006 09:48 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dulce Luna     Edit/Delete Message
Hi I'm back, let me give this a shot and excercise what I've learned....

Thhere's no birthtime or city for the Aries but I did a rough calculation of your synastry here:

I'm not seeing where he could be moody, but then again, don't have a birthtime or city for him. It may be because his Sun (Aries) and Moon (Virgo) are quincunx by sign-and maybe even aspect. If I had a brith time, I could see whether or not his moon squares his uranus, because that could definitely be a culprit. (Trust me, I had the opposition as a wreaked havoc) Your sun and Moon are trine by sign and aspect, so you be more in sync with your ego and core.

I'm kind of suprised that you two have communication issues considering the fact that your mercuries are trine, you have a double whammy mercury/uranus trine, and a mercury/mars sextile. You guys do have a mercury/jupiter square, but even that is not bad to me. Its always great when those two are in aspect...the worst it can bring is really long discussions that go nowhere sometimes (Oh, wait a minute). Then again, we may need an accurate reading of your chart and his seperately to see why this is. And we need a birthtime for Aries boy so we can get an accurate synastry chart.

I see that the issues of independence vs. closeness may have much to do with the your venus squaring his uranus. It seems that uranus just isn't there at the right times physically/emotionally/mentally when venus wants affection. Or then again, that is said often about Cancer-Aries relationships....but we won't go based on sunsigns alone. Now if his moon does square his uranus, It also could factor in to him being conflict between needing space and needing closeness. Plus he's a virgo mooner like me; usually we don't cling to people and sometimes we need our space and alone time. Now you have have a scorpio moon in combo with the cancer sun which definitely needs closeness. I have the 8th house placement only, and while I have emotional needs it comes in conflict with the virgoaness.

I also see alot of nice aspects which may explain why you've stayed together despite the issues mentioned above. The Venus moon conjunction is very lovey-dovey and you probably feel very comfortable together....great for intimacy. There's also a Venus-Saturn trine offers longevity and stability to the relationship. To me, Venus/saturn aspects are about real love. Saturn is the glue that holds you two together. The Venus-Pluto trine brings intensity but may more easier to handle since it is the trine aspect. The Venus-Neptune sextile may bring a mystical element to the relationship; it could be idealistic, muy romantico, bada-bing bada-boom. Reality may not shatter it as hard as it would with a Venus/neptune hard apsect (even those are manageable too though!). Actually, reality may not even shatter the dream at all. Venus square Jupiter implies that you two may have alot of fun together...partying/spending/etc. Just don't overdo it. There's an element of playfulness in this relationship. You will also find that you (the jupiter person) are very forgiving of venus' faults.

Ah yes, then there's the Sun-Pluto Square. Also very intense and magnetic. (you are the sun person) I have this with my partner and when its light, its just an annoyance...sometimes we bicker. With this, I feel that sometimes he just knows (He's also double water too). I've heard that in this aspect Pluto holds the window to the Soul of the Sun Person. If the pluto is evolved, then he can help you immensely using this power with growth,transformation and such. If he isn''ve got a problem. He may use this to control you, and keep you where he wants you. I also read somewhere that Pluto may even be threatened by the sun's display of ego. It goes on to say that either way, neither of you are the same as a result of this relationship. Transformation baby....Pluto's work.

Thats all for now, I hope an expert comes in.....

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