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Author Topic:   Past Life Sight
BiBi DeAngelo

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Return of the Revolutionaries
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Walter Semkiw | John Adams
(Principles of Reincarnation)
Robert Snow | Carroll Beckwith
Jeffrey Keene | John B. Gordon
William Barnes | Thomas Andrews
Norman Shealy, MD | John Elliotson
Ralph Nader | Charles Thomson
Carl Sagan | David Rittenhouse
Dean Kamen | Benjamin Franklin
Al Gore | Horatio Gates
George W. Bush | Daniel Morgan
John McCain | Henry Clay
John Kerry | Andrew Jackson
Halle Berry | Dorothy Dandridge
Oprah Winfrey | James Wilson
Martin Luther King | Cinque | Amistad Africans
Carla Baron | Eugene Vidocq
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George Noory | William Whipple
Ariel Sharon | Napoleon III
Uri Geller | D.D. Home
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Tommy Franks | George Washington
Baba Sri Siva | Ramalingam | Agastyar
Wayne Peterson | Francesco Foscari
Wayne Peterson | Louise Vanderbilt
Michael Tayles | Fred Vanderbilt
Judith Light | Princess Lamballe
Sai Baba
John Paul II | Benedict Spinoza
Morris Wolff | Joseph Hewes
Barbro Karlen | Anne Frank
Benedict XVI | Manasseh Ben Israel
Marilyn Monroe | Sherrie Lea Laird
Gary Renard/St. Thomas
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Susan Trout/St. Teresa of Avila
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Nick Bunick/St. Paul
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In the last ten years, multiple independently researched reincarnation cases have emerged, which reveal that from lifetime to lifetime, people have the same facial features, personality traits, passions and even linguistic writing style. How were cases derived? The most compelling cases involve those in which children have spontaneous memories of a past lifetime that can be factually verified. The case of James Leininger, aired on ABC Primetime in 2005, and the case of Anne Frank/Barbro Karlen, are examples. Past lives can also be derived from spontaneous memories in adulthood or past life regressions. Another set of cases has been derived through Kevin Ryerson, a world famous trance medium. For an overview of reincarnation research and cases solved through Kevin Ryerson, click on the images of Neale Donald Walsch.

Reincarnation of Apostles and Saints
Neale Donald Walsch The Reincarnation of William Shakespeare
Reincarnation of Laurel and Hardy

I, Walter Semkiw, MD, am the author of Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited and Born Again. In the first section of both of my books, I review independently researched reincarnation cases that demonstrate objective evidence of reincarnation, including the cases of neurosurgeon Norm Shealy, Police Captain Robert Snow, Asst. Fire Chief Jeff Keene and author William Barnes.

In the second part of Revolutionaries, a cohort reincarnated from the time of the American Revolution is identified. Reincarnated American revolutionaries include George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ralph Nader, Carl Sagan, Shirley MacLaine, Caroline Myss and Oprah Winfrey.

In Born Again, contemporary incarnations of Anne Frank, Gaugin, Picasso, Shakespeare, Laurel and Hardy, as well as reincarnation cases involving Abdul Kalam, Indira Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, and Shah Rukh Khan are presented.

The most important reincarnation case, from a societal point of view, involves Barbro Karlen, who in childhood had spontaneous memories of being Holocaust victim Anne Frank. As mentioned, the Frank/Karlen case is featured in Born Again. At ten years of age, on a visit to the Anne Frank House, Barbro was able to specify where artifacts should have located in the room where Anne stayed, artifacts that had been removed for preservation. Barbro was born into a Christian family, whereas Anne Frank was persecuted as a Jew. The observation that people can change religion from lifetime to lifetime could have prevented the Holocaust and can serve as an "Antidote to 9/11." The potential that objective evidence of reincarnation has in making our planet a more peaceful place is what makes me passionate about reincarnation research.

We have created an institute, IISIS, dedicated to scientific reincarnation research and the sociological benefits that this research can bring to humanity. Help us create a world that we all want to return to by supporting IISIS. Sincerely, Walter Semkiw, MD

Endorsements for Return of the Revolutionaries:

The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited

"For the survival of humanity, this is the most significant book written in two thousand years. When research reveals scores of correlations, 'coincidence' becomes synchronicity, which is the foundation for many new scientific discoveries." - C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., neurosurgeon, medical inventor, and author of 21 books.

“The exciting research and discoveries found in Return of the Revolutionaries, will be of great value to constitutional scholars and avid readers of American history. As history comes alive in the illuminating pages of this magnificent book, the reader, and subsequently the world, will become transformed.” - Morris Wolff, former member of US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), former consulting attorney to John F. Kennedy and contributing author of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Mr. Wolff stood on the podium with Martin Luther King, Jr., when Dr. King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. Mr. Wolff is the author of Rescuing Wallenberg.

"Dr. Semkiw's book, Return of the Revolutionaries, is perhaps the best-documented case study of human reincarnation in the Western world. This book is vitally important since, for the first time in western literature the true idea of reincarnation is introduced. It is important that we understand that souls incarnate in groups, cyclically, to achieve right relations with God and their fellow men. Esoterically speaking, the point of greatest interest lies in the fact that it is group rebirth, which is taking place all the time. Therefore, the case of a group of political individuals from the American Revolution reincarnating again in our modern age has a purpose in the plan of God." Wayne Peterson, retired US Diplomat, former Director of the Fulbright Scholarship Program and author of Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings.

"This is a book filled with wonder, adventure, and intuitive and scientific inquiry into the nature of human consciousness. It is not only the journey of the author, it is an exciting journey for the reader into the nature of who we are."
- Kevin Ryerson

“Thank you for the engraved copy of “Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited.” It looks fascinating!” - Former President William Jefferson Clinton

A number of influential scientists and authors, including a Nobel Laureate, have agreed to be featured as reincarnation cases in Return of the Revolutionaries. In these cases, by comparing images from one lifetime to another, facial architecture is shown to be consistent. In alphabetical order, individuals who have agreed to be featured in Revolutionaries include:

* H. D. Brown, Ph.D. (deceased), was the Chief Science Officer for Dupont Corporation's Atomic Energy Division. Dr. Brown worked with Admiral Rickover, the "Father of the Nuclear Navy," on the Nautilus, America's first nuclear submarine. Dr. Brown designed the nuclear reactor of the Nautilus. Dr. Brown was also a former colleague of Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. Dr. Brown has been identified as the reincarnation of mathematician, physicist and philosopher C. S. Peirce. Dr Brown's wife, Wenden, has been identified as Peirce's wife, Juliet.
* Wayne Dyer, Ed.D., has been identified as Jonathan Edwards, one of the leading ministers of the Great Awakening, which occurred in mid 18th century America. Reverend Edwards became President of Princeton College and thus shares the qualities of an educator, along with Wayne Dyer.
* Uri Geller has been identified as the reincarnation of the 19th century physical medium, Daniel D. Home. Mr. Geller supports this past life match.
* John Hagelin, Ph.D., Natural Law Party presidential candidate and Harvard physicist, is identified as the reincarnation of American Revolutionary James Otis, who was famous for using the argument of Natural Law against the British in court. Dr. Hagelin's press secretary, Robert Roth, author of A Reason to Vote, is identified as the reincarnation of Thomas Paine.
* Barbara Marx Hubbard is identified as Mercy Warren Otis, a leading intellectual of the Revolutionary Era.
* Shirley MacLaine is identified in Revolutionaries as the reincarnation of Robert Morris, the "Financier of the Revolution" and a Signer of the Declaration of Independence. In an impromptu appearance, Walter was invited on-stage by Ms. MacLaine at her seminar entitled, "The Artist Within," at the Academy of Art College, San Francisco, on October 26, 2003. A three-way dialogue ensued between Ms. MacLaine, her audience of approximately 300 people and Walter, which lasted for well over an hour. Reincarnation, Walter's book and Ms. MacLaine's past life case as Robert Morris, were topics of discussion.
* Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., is identified as the reincarnation of the American psychologist William James. Dr. Mishlove has identified his good friend and Jungian literary critic, James Driscoll, Ph.D., as the reincarnation of the brother of William James, the novelist Henry James. Mr. Driscoll serves on the President's AIDS Commission in Washington.
* Kary Mullis, Ph.D., won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for inventing Polymerase Chain Reaction, (PCR), which is a key tool used in genetics research and DNA fingerprinting. Dr. Mullis is identified as the reincarnation of both Benjamin Rush and Martin Luther. Nancy Mullis is identified as the reincarnation of Julia Rush, Benjamin Rush's wife.
* Caroline Myss, Ph.D., a medical intuitive and best selling author, is identified as the reincarnation of Deborah Franklin, Benjamin's wife. Like Dr. Myss, Deborah Franklin was interested in the effect of emotions on health.
* Norm Shealy, MD, Ph.D., a neurosurgeon who invented the TENS unit and Dorsal Column Stimulator, both used in pain management, is identified as the reincarnation of the British physician John Elliotson. Elliotson, like Dr. Shealy, was also a medical innovator interested in pain management. Dr. Shealy derived this past life match on his own.
* James Twyman is identified as the reincarnation of Gilbert Tennent, one of the ministers of the Great Awakening.
* Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series, has been identified as the Rev. William Walter, a friend of James Otis (John Hagelin) and Abigail Adams (Marianne Williamson). Mr. Walsch supports these past life pairings.
* Marianne Williamson is a best selling author, a champion for Democracy and the proposed Department of Peace. In Revolutionaries, she is identified as the reincarnation of Abigail Adams.

The International Association of Regression Research and Therapies ( is made up of trained facilitators, including mental health professionals, such as psychologists, who conduct past life regressions. Dr. Brian Weiss, MD, (Many Lives, Many Masters) has been an IARRT member. IARRT is supportive of Return of the Revolutionaries and Dr. Semkiw serves on IARRT's Board of Directors.

Dr Semkiw spoke at the First World Congress on Regression and Past Life Therapy, held in The Netherlands, June 2003. Dr. Semkiw also was a keynote speaker at IARRT's conference entitled, "Spiritual Revolutionaries: Evidence of Reincarnation," which was in Colorado Springs over the July 4 weekend, 2004. For Dr. Semkiw's complete schedule of speaking events and media appearances, please see upcoming appearances.

IISIS -Challenge to the United States and the World

Reincarnation of Anne Frank
The Reincarnation
of Anne Frank

Nostradamus/Hans Christian King
Hans Christian King
Prophet of Doom/
Prophet of Joy

Two Past Lives of
U.S. Diplomat Wayne Peterson and His Experience With Masters Sai Baba and Maitreya

Past Lives of Baba Sri Siva,
Kali Yuga and the Creation
of a Spiritual Democracy

A Conservatives View of Reincarnation

A Message from Kuwait

Return of the Revolutionaries Book Jacket

Learn About
Past Lives

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Interesting. Thanks.

Is this the link?

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BiBi DeAngelo

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One in the same....

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Great bump!

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