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Author Topic:   Aspects to Live For - Synastry Astrology

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posted December 10, 2009 08:41 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for slowpoke     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

People yearn for a better life.
Individuals that can create a better life for themselves have an upper hand over those who can't.

Struggling people tend to struggle blindly. Always doing something but never moving forward.

And then there are those who struggle with a purpose. These people know the value of people. Not just any old person, but rather people who have value to them. You know the saying . . .

"Surround Yourself With Positive People"

But there is just one little problem with that statement. How do you identify positive people? One way is through Synastry Astrology? Instead of using it, just for romantic encounters, use it for everyone you meet and you may end up surrounding yourself with more positive people.

A reply is not necessary.

Synastry Aspect Categories:

Aspects representing the influences that affect you as a unit.


Some may think that because we have a certain aspect or lack of some, that we have that problem or fortune. Not true. Your destiny is not shaped by your aspects. We each have our own essences about us. When we meet, socialize, fight, love and work with each other, it’s our non physical presents, the essences, which merge together. That merger creates the dynamic energies between us. Aspects are used to express the potential, behind the dynamic influences of the essence within us. This is similar to answering the question; why do we have chemical reactions in the physical world. The verbal and written answer to the question does not create the chemical reactions.

People have the POWER to shape their life into any form they choose. By dreaming, studying, planning, teaming, taking action, making adjustments and, compromising towards goals; you can take your life into a self proclaimed direction. The words behind aspects are not essential to this process.

No man is an island, to get somewhere in life, though, you will have to have the approval of someone and the help of at least one other person. You can use Synastry Aspects to help you prescreen many of the individuals suitable to your needs. Your journey through life does not have to be based purely on the chance of meeting the right people or person. Through the use of Synastry Astrology aspects, you may have another method to identify good people for yourself .)


01.) <-- Ambition --> requires DOB, time + location for MC of at least one person.

02.) <-- Growth (advancements) --> JP & or P aspects*

03.) <-- Love --> VE & or M & or NP aspects (these work as substitutes for each other, if VE is missing we look to the M and visa versa.)

04.) <-- Emotions --> M & or VE & or NP (these work as substitutes for each other, if VE is missing we look to the M and or NP and visa versa.)

05.) <-- Sex --> S, MR, VE, UR, M & or P combos between themselves.

06.) <-- Aggression --> S, MR & or P combos

07.) <-- Physical Activities --> S, MR, UR, P & or MC

08.) <-- Mental (friendships) --> MY, JP, SA & or, UR, (M 60/120 SA)* combos

09.) <-- Trust --> M, JP, SA, UR, NP, P & or, Asc aspects combos between themselves.

10.) <-- Money --> primarily VE, JP, SA & or, P

11.) <-- Attractions --> (S/ M, VE &, JP), (M/ MR, JP), (VE/ VE, MR, UR, P, Asc), (MR/ Asc)

12.) <-- Luck (good timing) --> (UR/ VE & or JP), (S 60 JP), (M 120 Asc)

14.) <-- Physical Fights (catalyst potentials) -->

(S 90 S), (S 180 MR), (M 90 MR), (M 180 P), (MY 90 P), (MR 90/180 MR), (MR 180 SA), (MR 180 UR), (MR 90/180 P), (MR 180 MC), (MR 90/180 Asc)

15.) <-- Major Support (helping each other) -->

(S 120 M), (S 0/120 JP), (S 120 P), (S 120 Asc)
(M 0/120 JP), (M 120 SA), (M 120 P), (M 120 Asc)
(MY 0 VE), (MY 120 P), (MY 0 or 180 Asc)
(VE 120 VE), (VE 120 SA)
(MR 120 MR), (MR 120 SA)
(JP 0 JP), (JP 120 SA), (JP 120 P), (JP 120 or 180 Asc)
(SA 0/120 UR), (SA 120 NP), (SA 120 P)
And all favorable influences aspecting MC.

16.) <-- Reaching Out (teaching others) --> (M 120 JP), (MR 120 JP), (SA 120 UR), (SA 120 NP)

17.) <-- Power Players (Forging in-roads to the max - going too far can mean self - destruction. These aspects require many favorable support aspects in the Synastry Chart. ) -->

(S 0 MR), (S 0 P), (S 0 MC), (S 0 Asc)
(M 0 MR), (M 0 P),
(MY 0 MR), (MY 0 P)
(VE 0 P)
(MR 0 MR), (MR 0 P)
(JP 0 P), (JP 0 MC)
(SA 0 P), (SA 0 MC)
(UR 0 P)

18. <-- Soul Mates -->
(A blinding of your mystical and spiritual energies that create an uplifting awareness of your individual essence and an intuitive perception of your opposite's disposition.)

(S 120 UR), (S 120 NP), (S 120 Asc)
(M 0/120 M), (M 0/120 JP), (M 120 NP)
(MY 120 VE), (MY 120 UR), (MY 120 NP)
(VE 0/120 JP), (VE 0/120 NP), (VE 120 P)
(JP 0/120 JP), (JP 120 UR), (JP 120 NP), (JP 0, 120, 180 Asc)
(SA 0/120 UR)
(UR 120 P)
(NP 120 Asc)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

* Major Aspects:
We use a maximum orb of 5 degrees with these aspects and a 2 degree orb for aspects not listed.

0 = 0 degree = Conjunction -- (a catalyst for both good and bad responses)

60 = 60 degree = Sextile -- (a chance to create an opportunity, a feel of comfort)

90 = 90 degree = Square -- (a need to defend. The influence can be mistaken as attraction.)

120 = 120 degree = Trine -- (a blending of thought and actions)

180 = 180 degree = Opposition -- (think compromise, compromise, compromise. Not to do so creates square reactions. This influence is capable of creating attraction feelings, depending on the planets involved.)

These Are The Planets We Use:

S = Sun -- (basically: ego energy & persuasion power. It can, also, represent people in superior positions.)

M = Moon -- (basically: your emotions & your nurturing instincts. The Moon absorbs energy influences from the other planets. Moon on Moon means you can feed off of each others emotions. It can, also, represent your ability to relate to others and to reach their emotions.)

NN = North Nord -- (basically: small and large groups that you may or may not be part of. This could include associates at work, to include your boss; your family members, neighbors and, social friends. It could, also, represent your customers. Favorable aspects to the NN represents your ability, eighter as an individual or as a unit, to tape into the public's needs and wants.)

MY = Mercury -- (basically: thinking and conversing skills)

VE = Venus -- (basically: your ability to draw towards you as an individual or as a unit; money, creature comforts &, the love and concerns of others. VE on VE means you are able to share love in pretty much equal quantities.)

MR = Mars -- (basically: raw energy & ability to physically do things.)

JP = Jupiter -- (basically: growth (physical and material) & your ability to get advantageous support and help. It can, also, represent the people in superior positions, law, universities and, the public at large.)

SA = Saturn -- (basically: a stabilizer. It promotes trust and security but lacks in flexibility. It can, also, represent other people in superior positions and the law. More than any other planet, this planet in favorable aspect with (S, M, MY, VE, MR, JP, SA, NP, UR, P, MC and, or Asc) helps keep stressful situations controllable. This is where you look when you have a lot of Uranus in the chart.

UR = Uranus -- (basically: the unconventional you. This can, also, represent the 21st Century & all electronic devices, egocentric personalities, captivating person and, unstable conditions. This is, also, a generational planet, meaning that masses of the population around the same ages, share many of the aspects, both good and bad, Uranus makes to other planets.)

NP = Neptune -- (basically: this represents the indescribable essence of you the individual and you the unit. If, in a Synastry Chart, the Moon and Venus are poorly aspected, a favorably aspected NP could serve as a workaround. NP could be associated with: mystical, religious, astrology, drugs and or, liquid matters.)

P = Pluto -- (basically: passionate energy, a heighten sense of desire, drive, power, possession gathering and leadership abilities. It is, also, capable of self-destruction, if the individuals in the unit are not vigilant of their actions with each other and or towards other people. This planet, also, represents the masses at large.)

MC = your Midheaven -- (basically: ability to attract attention through business activities. If you are not involved in business enterprise, large or small, this position is a mute issue. Otherwise, the aspects to the MC represent support for the activity or, a bone of contention towards the activity.)

Asc = your Ascendant -- (basically: the showman in you. ability to attract public attention through your personality. This is where the parties of the unit, see or find that something extra special about the other, or not.)

If You Are Using The ColorVision Synastry Aspecting Chart, What Are You Looking For?


You are looking for some degree of energy, be it S, MR or, P. These influences help keep the participants of the unit from feeling stagnation.

You are looking for some degree of emotional satisfaction. Be it in the form of M, VE, NP, P and or Asc. These influences lend themselves to a feeling of fulfillment with the people in the unit.

You are looking for intellectual stimuli between the individuals. Be it from S, M, MY, VE, JP, SA, NP, P and or, Asc. These influences help keep the feeling of void out of the individuals' lives, as to feeling hopelessly misunderstood. It, also, lends substance into security and trust within the unit.

Sexual Tension:
You are looking for release valves for the unit. Be it in the form of sexual frustration release or for a need to feel and be physically needed. Look for S, MR or, P contacts with Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and or, Asc. If this is a business unit, then sexual tension would be replaced with income making ability.

You are looking for laughter in the unit. This element in the unit lightens the atmosphere and allows the unit to flourish in a spirit of unity. Look for favorable aspects that involve M, MY, VE, JP and or, Asc.

The more, of the elements mention above, are in the unit, the greater the chance for its' success. But, to have them all in a Synastry Aspecting Chart . . . that is rare air stuff.



At last!! Slowpoke has arrived! What took you so long Slowpoke? He smiles and says, Hey, you know me; I ride a fast Tortes, while dismounting his trusty mount named Triumph. Together we get the job done through a slow and steady pace of determination and concentration.

Okay Triumph, lets . . . move along!
(The surrounding audience responds; Oh my goodness, it is going to take him three days to leave this room . . . LOL)


A few notes:

This is not an all inclusive Synastry aspect list. - This list of aspects highlights the major specialty aspects many of us would like to see in our charts. The aspects we tend to focus on. Rarely do we get to see a large number of these aspects in one chart.

Soul Mates -
based on Synastry Astrology. - Ideally, we think of these couples as happy and compatible. But by way of Synastry aspect combinations, it is possible to see Soul Mate type aspects in charts that show the potential for very turbulent unions. The individuals pertaining to these charts could prove to be very formidable combatants. I once heard someone say "He's a great lover but I just don't like him". Two movies come to mind where we might be able to see Soul Mate interactions in play, one I believe was called the War of the Roses and the other I believe was called the Money Pit. In both cases, the Soul Mate instincts had a hard time in letting go.

Relationships -
Relationships are about both sides. You each must find value in it. Not equal value, but rather, the type of value that gives each of you, in your own way, reason to stay in the relationship.

Many of us know how depressing things become by discussing the meaning behind some of the stressful aspects. So it is probably best to discuss them on a need to know basis.

There are many aspects missing above. - I consider the missing aspects to be everyday mundane stuff that are found frequently. I view the missing squares and oppositions as nuisance influences. These are the influences that create the differences of opinion between people on a day to day basis. These are the aspects most of us have in one form or another. If you don't see a particular square or opposition here in the list, I consider it a nuisance aspect. The same holds true for missing favorable aspects. I consider them the fluff stuff. These are the aspects we tend to skim over when looking at a chart. They are frequently found in charts as well. If you do not see a particular sextile, trine or, conjunction in the list then I consider it as part of the fluff stuff. Minor aspects are, also, not present here. In all cases, the minor aspects, fluff stuff and, the nuisances are necessary evils to the formation of any chart.

The Importance of The North Nodes:

It represents for both parties, in Synastry Aspecting, all sorts of friends, family and, acquaintances. They can be people at work, people you have as company, your boss, his / her boss, and or their relationship mates. These could be the people who have got your back during crisis or not. In all cases, these are people with whom you might want to express yourself. Favorable aspects to the North Node means that you have the potential to communicate in a manner those others understand. More stressful indicator may mean a clash of ideas.

In terms of business, the North Node is your general local buying public. NN along with M, JP, and P, MC and, Asc and 7th house form the core to the entire spectrum of the buying public.

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posted December 10, 2009 08:54 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for DD     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
"A reply is not necessary."

And unwanted?

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Cardinal Arbiter

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regardless of whether they further interact, we can fester opinions, I don't see how that would affect the post at all, if thats always at the top.

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posted December 11, 2009 10:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for DD     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks for the explanation how to read this list.

Just one more question:
If you don`t particular mention the exact aspects, what aspects do you consider?

For example:
love: V and M aspects

Which aspects do you consider? Conjunction, sextile, trine? Or the challenging also?

Also, does that mean there would be a Venus-Moon-aspects. Or could it also be something like Venus-ASC or Moon-Jupiter?

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posted December 16, 2009 10:14 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for slowpoke     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi DD,

I would like to say that I agree with your assessment of the MR 90 P aspect. I've included it with the MR 180 P aspect above. Thank you for your comment.

Some people are wondering how I get my calculations to come up with my results. I do not use a pie chart. So I do not see the Synastry results as most of you might. I created a spreadsheet application that allows me to view the aspects between two individuals (Synastry related) in block form. I can see all of the aspects between me and anyone as a unit of aspects. Every aspect is taken into consideration when I analysis them and there are no favorites, I read them as I see them. Because of the way I view relationship aspects, it allows me to see patterns in one person's aspect combinations when coupled with other dates. This means that I will begin to notice how certain aspects start showing up time and time again in my research for someone. And this will at times, seem to have me speaking about a particular aspect in some slanted fashion. My Aspect Categories above is an off-shot of how I began to see things. For individuals who have received a personal set of dates from me, if they review them through the pie chart, they will see some very interesting aspects involving them and those dates.


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posted February 27, 2010 02:15 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for slowpoke     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote


We can not isolate dates for a specific purpose. The computer spews out the results according to specific criteria and a thousand dates may be included in your list. However, the list generated for others is not all inclusive, It can go as high as 400 to the public. Therefore, it is possible to have loved ones on the list and you would never know it.

Romantic attachments are not determined by the list. Each recipient of a list must make their own decisions in this matter when meeting real people. I had to really get it out of my head that the word “compatible” means more than just romantic and sexual relationships. With no disrespect to gays, I realized that some men would cringe at the thought of having their Mars conjunct other men Venuses or, the other way around. But the more I worked through the problem the more I began to realize that, astrologically speaking, no matter who we are, man, woman, or child, we all share the same relationship aspects between us. The list provides us with information on people, thought to be, well suited to us as a person. Therefore, there is value in finding and meeting people associated with the list without tagging the union with love and romance possibilities.

The list is designed for one purpose, to help others identify favorable people for themselves. We do not want you to become dishearten over your loved ones not being on our list. We ask that you view the list for what it is designed for and not place value on it based on what you have.

The people who choose to use their list strictly to find lovers and romantic attachments will be wasting a very valuable resource item.

In this arena, if you have seen your DOB on someone’s list, it may cause you to feel good. If you tell that person about it, it may cause him/her to feel good as well. This is why the list is made, it helps in finding favorable people. If we drop the idea of being lovers from the equation, should there be any reason not to interact with these people? What if a person on the list is your boss, an attorney, your doctor or dentist, a bum on the street, your accountant, your neighbor, or your child’s teacher. Should you dismiss them because they are on your list? We may not need the services of most of these people and they may mean nothing to us now, but at some point in life some could. Especially, if you have identified them as one of your favorable date people. Wouldn't you rather interact with someone you can get along with over someone you don't? You already have good friends, the list may help you have more.

The Power Behind The List -

Is in teaming up with individuals associated with it, to work with, or to achieve something together, or to become friends for the sake of having good friends around. When we interact as a unit, our combined astrological influences provides us with the right type of positive energy to help ensure, that we accomplish goals in a satisfying way.


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posted February 28, 2010 01:09 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lonake     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Really, slowpoke,
Moon/Venus for sex?
Why do you say that? Just curious

Also I'd add Jupiter trine Saturn to the Major Support category.

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posted February 28, 2010 02:01 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for MyVirgoMask     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I'd look at the signs on the 5th and 8th house cusps for sex. It just won't be the same for everyone, i don't think it's that formulaic.

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posted February 28, 2010 12:04 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for playingwithfire     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
What if you don't have an exact time of birth. Which isn't uncommon.You can't depend on house cusps then what do you look at? The obvious suspects Venus, Mars, Pluto.Do you sexualize the Moon? Sex often is an act of emotional passion just as much if not more than, an act of physical passion.Alot has to do with what sign it is in and what strong aspects it makes to other planets.If someone had a Scorpio Moon/ Mars conjunction squared by a Leo Venus/Pluto Conjunction I would say that Moon can be pretty sexual. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse. No matter the sign or the aspects all Moons can be sexualized. Interaspects between two charts of Moon/Venus would represent the soft tender/bonding side of lovemaking.

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posted February 28, 2010 07:39 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lonake     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted May 11, 2012 01:49 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for slowpoke     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
High Lonake,

Thank you for your input.

You had a question about using Moon aspecting Venus as a sex indicator.

The conjunction and or trine with these two planets makes for great soft sex. This is the stuff where each of you enjoys the being, of the other person in a very soothing way. This is when you just want to take your time and relish the moment for as long as you can. This is when each of you want to ravish the other void of the need to find release.


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posted May 11, 2012 01:52 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for ariesdragon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Cool I like this

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posted May 11, 2012 02:51 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Doreen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Originally posted by slowpoke:
High Lonake,

Thank you for your input.

You had a question about using Moon aspecting Venus as a sex indicator.

The conjunction and or trine with these two planets makes for great soft sex. This is the stuff where each of you enjoys the being, of the other person in a very soothing way. This is when you just want to take your time and relish the moment for as long as you can. This is when each of you want to ravish the other void of the need to find release.


WOW a reply after almost 2 years LOL
Going to add a BM because synastry related posts are always interesting
Thank you

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong - Mahatma Gandhi

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