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  Barr opens criminal Probe of Mueller investigation

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Author Topic:   Barr opens criminal Probe of Mueller investigation

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posted October 25, 2019 02:50 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for todd     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Raising fresh concerns that President Donald Trump is weaponizing the Justice Department for his own political and personal gain, Attorney General William Barr’s “administrative review” of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe—which resulted in the conviction of a number of Trump associates—has reportedly become a criminal investigation.

(Mueller covered up 911, what to think that he would not coverup trump's felonies. they are all in the same swamp .from day one was a Barr/CIA/Mossad op against the press, buying Trump two years to give away the US to Israel.

(Mueller Covered Up 9/11 For Deep State! Why Is He Special Counsel! Trump In Grave Danger!

Key Point: Robert Mueller was deliberately selected to lead the FBI during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It was by purposeful design that his tenure as FBI Director began on September 4, 2001, just 7 days before the 9/11 false flag terror operation. And he remained in that job for 12 long years until September 4, 2013 to ensure that the FBI would never professionally investigate the greatest crime ever perpetrated on US soil. In fact, Mueller’s 12 years are marked by an overwhelming body of evidence which proves his willful neglect, dereliction of duty, official misconduct and misprision of felony. Clearly, Mueller’s greatest crime was overseeing the institutional cover-up of the 9/11 government conspiracy to commit acts of terror, murder and destruction against the American people. FBI Director Robert Mueller: Oversaw the Biggest Coverup in U.S. History—9/11

(turns out barr and Mueller go way back. they knew each other in Vietnam and were both GIs and cia operatives working on the phoenix operation in the early 70's. this was a cia driven program that selected Vietnamese to kidnap and interrogate... but no one ever survived the interrogations and over 70,000 Vietnamese were murdered under this operation. so the whole trump investigation is a farce from the beginning.todd)


and guess who gets to cover it all up like they have so many times before....almost 4 decades of it....
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor -

Introduction: It isn’t that we all got played it is just that everything “we” are fed or allowed to see is a total lie. Our sources, quite surprisingly, tell us that the Deep State using their “dynamic duo” of Barr and Mueller, CIA operatives for 40 plus years, we are told, to keep Trump in power long enough to allow America and Russia to be brought to their knees.
Our story began with an operation by Saudi intelligence against former Vice President Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos of Amazon. We now find it is much wider, like that was a surprise

Best friends for 30 years, Mueller and Barr, the CoverUp Twins

…by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

Russiagate was cooked up by former (and current) AG, Bob Barr and his oldest and dearest friend of 40 years, former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, a prep school brat and son of very old money who, we are now told, “went to Vietnam” as a CV enhancer for a career as a “useful tool” of the Deep State.”
When I was told Robert Mueller worked on the Phoenix Program in Vietnam, I was skeptical. The information came with no evidence though Mueller’s history was a strange one, pure “stealth.”
We thank Gene “Chip” Tatum who phoned from Ecuador to warn me that Mueller was working for Barr all along and that both had been CIA assets since the 1970s and Chip would know.
I worked with Phoenix personnel when the CIA and Pentagon tried to send them to Nicaragua to kill off “Sandinista infrastructure, nurses and teachers mostly and later when they were reassigned to train Gladio operatives from Libya at secret camps there, pretending to be “IRA terrorists.”
Chip warned me that Russiagate was an “op” and only that and that Mueller and Barr had cooked this up as they had when they had gone after Noriega, a CIA drug asset who had to be silenced to save the Bush family, or later in using the DOJ and FBI to coverup the 9/11 conspiracy and silence those who would have asked for a congressional inquiry on the fake war in Iraq, such as was done in the UK against Tony Blair, “W’s” partner in that criminal effort.

Barr and Mueller but not so different
“Mueller was working as the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts when he got the call and according to a Princeton alumni report, was on the next plane.
• Mueller and Barr became friends in the early to mid 70’s as both assets of the CIA.” …excerpted from “The Mule,” a new book by Gene “Chip” Tatum
This is coming in from multiple sources. First we learn that Bob Barr, now Attorney General, pushed for the nomination of Robert Mueller to investigate RussiaGate, a GOP fake story to cover Trump’s KosherNostra ties.

You see, Mueller, the alleged head of the 9/11 coverup and “silencer” of all who would have blocked the illegal war in Iraq, is “besties’ with Bob Barr, former CIA fixer.
“RussiaGate,” from day one was a Barr/CIA/Mossad op against the press, buying Trump two years to give away the US to Israel.
Now Trump is fighting a fake war on the press while the real enforcers are doing their “magic” with Saudi intelligence, the same folks who murdered Jamal Khashoggi, a major Trump critic working at the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, someone who can buy and sell pretty much everyone with his small change. More from Chip Tatum on spoiled “son of wealth” Robert Mueller:
“The son of wealth, brought up in a family accustomed to power. The great-grandson of the railroad executive William Truesdale, Robert Swann Mueller III was raised to show and demand respect and he was raised to lead.”
From Princeton to the Marines
Mueller was born to a social rank that barely exists anymore. He is a closeted WASP elite of the northeastern families who sent their sons to New England prep schools built with generations of inherited wealth.
Mueller’s father was an executive at DuPont, part of a family firmly planted in the country’s plutocracy. Mueller, who grew up in Princeton, N.J., and the Philadelphia Main Line, was sent to St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire, where the Astor, Vanderbilt and Mellon families educated their boys.
At the Episcopal school, Mueller became captain of the soccer, hockey and lacrosse teams. he played hockey with classmate John F. Kerry, a future secretary of state and one of the three St. Paul’s alumni who would run for president.”
Now we find that what began as a smear campaign against Bezos may well now become a potential hit. Trump’s primary enemies are turning out to be, of all things Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos.
What the public isn’t seeing is that this pair is behind the split in the Democratic Party that is leading progressives away from blind support of Israel. The ability to stand behind Israel’s history of brutality and their new “legalized” apartheid state, including the planned ethnic cleansing of the oil rich Golan Heights (violating a 1981 UNSC resolution), is at an end for millions of Americans.
Only days ago, we saw Israel’s man on the “fringe,” Alex Jones confess to being a conspiracy monger and “getting it wrong.” We love Alex and enjoy the fact that, not only is he a conspiracy monger but he is also a big supporter of apartheid Israel and everything “KosherNostra.”
Seeing him “brought down” in what we believe is a fake lawsuit well serves the Kosher Nostra ADL lobby in silencing legitimate alternative news sites, although I am not sure I can name one of those right now off the top of my head. SouthFront? Press TV? VT? More…?
The stealth guy here is Biden. Obama, for 8 years, fought a war against the Israel lobby in Washington, working to limit their seizure of Palestinian land in the Occupied Territories and failing to support their military action against their neighbors.
The Israeli “Iron Dome” air defense system is a fake. It is supported by American AEGIS ships that Obama and Byden took “off station” to keep Israel from repeating their nuclear attack on Syria made on May 4, 2013 after Syria sunk an Israeli-German (DVD according to Shrimpton) submarine, with cruise missile launcher (Pentagon?). The video below is retaliation.
Jeff Smith of the IAEA, a nuclear weapons designer/particle physicist, identified this as a nuclear attack. Most obvious is the “ball lightning” at the end of the explosion, within the mushroom cloud.
NEO – NothingGate, the Real Story Behind Mueller (updated/videos)

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor -

March 30, 2019 14

by Gordon Duff, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow
[ Editor’s note: The investigation is over, so Gordon can now talk a bit more about what was exchanged over three visits. In the beginning, the FBI thought we were a $30-million per year operation, hence we must be paid by some nefarious influence, other than Israel, in which case it would have been fine.
But that changed quickly. They were astounded when shown that the webmaster has a modest ad revenue stream, but everyone else works for free. Not taking money has saved us over and over when someone comes gunning for you for being on the take.
Investigating Israel’s election interference was not on the to do list that Mueller had been given to investigate, but he had brought many charges unrelated to his original task that he “discovered” during the investigation.
So VT had a chance to officially put the massive Israeli espionage election interference on the table, as we knew we would probably never have a chance like this again. Was it used? No. The Mueller team now is dispersed back to their various positions, and are not on the Israeli career hit list.
Maybe one of two of them will have an opportunity to do something. Lightning can strike. People have come to VT, some after hard digging looking for them and sometimes falling out of the sky and landing on us; Mike Dick of the FBI and Able Danger NY team, and Jeff Smith who was also an AD member.
Clinton Bastin was one of the greatest Americans I have ever met Clinton Bastin, was our top nuclear expert before he died. I bumped into him in Atlanta when someone sent me one of his articles. With our both having chemical engineering backgrounds, we clicked, and he became a huge background briefing source for us.
His criticism of the DOE was intense, and he had been blackballed by his former colleagues. One of his big shockers was telling me that all the real nuclear waste we had ever produced would fit on a football field six to seven feet high.
The volume in storage is greatly enhanced due to the stabilizers included. He told me that the engineers push toward recycling waste, but using it over and over was bitterly fought by the uranium contractors and the storage and safety folks, as disturbing their annuity gravy train.

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Lock them up.

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posted October 26, 2019 02:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for todd     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Bill Barr's involvement in the Epstein case shows why Trump can't fulfill his constitutional duties

Bill Barr's mess reveals why neither he nor President Trump can faithfully fulfill their constitutional duties

ttorney General Bill Barr has once again made a mess of his role at the top of the Justice Department, and it revealed once again why neither he nor President Donald Trump can faithfully fulfill their constitutional duties.

Questions about the integrity of the Justice Department arose immediately when Jeffrey Epstein, the registered sex offender and financier with ties to powerful people like Trump and President Bill Clinton, was arrested over the weekend on sex trafficking charges. Epstein had previously come under scrutiny by the feds for these same allegations, but for unknown reasons — perhaps his connections to powerful people — he got away without any federal charges and faced a relatively light penalty from a state prosecution in 2008.

So it was natural to wonder, since Trump is now president, whether the new prosecution will face any undue influence. Some legal experts were worried that Barr might use his position at the top of the Justice Department to insert himself into the federal prosecutors’ decision making if he thought it might help Trump, and I argued Monday that the mere appearance of this possibility was enough reason for him to recuse from the case.

Shortly thereafter on Monday, Barr announced that he would recuse, citing his work for a law firm that Epstein once employed.

But then on Tuesday, Barr abruptly reversed himself. He said while he would be recused from the review of Epstein’s previous plea deal, he would not be recused from the new case against the onetime Trump's friend. Legal experts were baffled. Reports said that Barr had met with ethics officials prior to making this recusal decision, but notably, they did not say he followed their advice.

This observation on my part might seem like excessive hairsplitting, but the previous acting attorney general was advised by ethics officials to recuse from the Russia investigation, but he refused to do it. It’s not a wild leap to believe that might be happening again.

More disturbingly, though, is the possibility that Trump heard Barr say he was recused from the investigation and told him to unrecuse himself. Again, this might seem like absurd speculation, but we know already know Trump would do this because he did it to former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump repeatedly demanded that Sessions withdraw his recusal from the Russia investigation and take control of the probe, hoping the attorney general would protect him. The Mueller report documented this, indicating it fit the elements of the crime of obstructing justice.

Though there’s been much speculation, there’s no hard evidence that Trump has any links to Epstein’s crimes, though his public comments suggest he may have been aware of his conduct. So it’s far too big a leap to assume that Trump wants to gain control of the Epstein case to protect himself. But there’s another possibility suggested by public reporting that should be just as disturbing.

A Vanity Fair report by journalist Emily Jane Fox revealed Tuesday that Trump foresaw using Bill Clinton’s ties to Epstein against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. It didn’t end up becoming a major issue in the campaign, but it’s possible he’s interested now in using the new charges against Epstein as a weapon against Clinton.

Once again, all this would be wild speculation — except for the fact that Trump has done it before. One of the largely overlooked revelations in the Mueller report was that Trump directed Sessions to unrecuse not only from the Russia investigation but from cases involving Hillary Clinton because he wanted to see her prosecuted.

These facts emphasize one key point: We can’t trust Trump to fairly oversee the administration of justice.

But the larger problem is, of course, that we know that Trump has obstructed justice before — and yet he goes unpunished. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler hasn’t opened an impeachment inquiry. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has resisted calls for impeachment. The Senate has made clear it would refuse to convict Trump if he were impeached, and Republicans have convinced themselves and their voters that the president’s behavior had been legal and acceptable.

That’s why impeachment in the face of clear violations is necessary. By refusing to impeach, lawmakers essentially condone criminality and abuses of power.

Trump has already gotten away with obstructing justice and trying to target his political enemies. Now that an old friend — or enemy, or whatever Epstein turns out to be — is in the Justice Department’s firing line, there’s no reason to think Trump wouldn’t do it again.

And there’s no reason to think Barr wouldn’t let him.

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