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Author Topic:   Nibiru/Planet X/Wormwood

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posted January 23, 2020 05:35 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for todd     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote html

Space Force To Survey Nibiru

As Gen. Jay Raymond was formally sworn in as the inaugural chief of Space Force Operations at a White House Ceremony led by Vice President Pence, engineers at Tonopah Test Range finalized plans to send a reverse-engineered alien spaceship on a historic mission to the Nibiru system, with the goal of determining why the dark star and its orbiting planets have yet to reach perigee, an event that ought to have seen fruition in 2012, according to a Washington insider speaking under condition of anonymity.

Ever since President Trump announced his intent to create a 6th branch of the United States military—for which he was heavily mocked—civilian, military, and NASA engineers have worked tirelessly to finish construction on an intergalactic ship that allegedly is powered by a gravity generator that warps the fabric of space-time. This non-linear mode of transport allows rapid travel between two points without violating Newtonian physics or Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.

Discussion on this method of transportation is not new, and was first breached in 1989 by Bob Lazar, a physicist with questionable credentials who claimed to have briefly worked at “S-4,” a top-secret subsidiary of Nellis Airforce Base (Area-51) in Nevada. There, Lazar said he worked on a highly compartmentalized project that involved reverse-engineering a circular craft’s (sports model) propulsion system. His explanation of a craft generating a gravity wave that allows flight and avoids physical detection by bending light around it closely matches a ship the Space Force intends to send to Nibiru. If true, Lazar’s claims will be vindicated.

According to our source, President Trump is deeply concerned about Nibiru and has relied on the advice of scientific advisor Kelvin Droegemeier, a meteorologist by trade, to determine what threat, if any, Nibiru poses to Earth. Droegemeier and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told Trump the Nibiru System seemed to have stalled in space. They said optical viewing and radio frequency analysis provided inconclusive answers and that a manned trip to the Nibiru system is needed to determine whether the celestial interloper will achieve perigee and wreak untold havoc on the planet.

Trump told Gen. Raymond that investigating the mysteries of Nibiru would be among Space Force’s top priorities. He handed Raymond a structured plan that included names of three astronauts he had handpicked for the mission and said he wanted the ship en route to the Nibiru system by the 3rd quarter of 2020. The ship is expected to make the 160-million-mile journey in under 16 hours, a milestone for astronomical travel. It will approach to within nine million miles of the brown dwarf, steering clear of Nibiru’s fiery twin tails that contain trillions of micrometeorites and impenetrable clouds of red iron oxide dust, and collect imperative astronomical data to either prove or disprove a longstanding scientific belief that Nibiru will get close enough to earth to pelt it with meteorites and to gauge whether its impressive magnetic field is powerful enough to fracture Earth or cause irreparable geomagnetic and geophysical pole shifts that could tear the Earth asunder.

If information Is accurate, the U.S. now possesses an extraterrestrial-inspired vehicle that will not only command the domain of space but also give it a decisive advantage over its earthly adversaries, as it seems certain the military will exploit the technology for weapons development platforms. Regardless, there is a zero percent chance the government will share its findings with the public, as it has tried with limited success to conceal existence of the rogue solar system for nearly forty years. -go-to-nibiru-2453200.html

Vatican Warns Trump: Do Not Go to Nibiru

The Vatican last week issued an ominous warning to besieged American President Donald J. Trump: “Do not go to Nibiru. All you will find there is death,” according to a White House source who claims Trump received the message from a Vatican emissary who arrived in Washington early Friday afternoon. The message was delivered in a letter, authored by Pope Francis and Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, that directly referenced Trump’s intent to send the U.S. Space Force on a fact-finding mission to the Nibiru system.

As reported last week, Trump and his secretive Space Force have embarked on an ambitious plan that will see a reverse-engineered alien craft zoom to the dark star and its orbiting planets.

The stated goal is to determine why the dreadful celestial interloper has apparently “stalled” in space and not yet reached perigee.

Vatican Jesuit spies implanted in the White House likely learned of Trump’s plan and reported their findings to the Bishop of Rome, our source said, underpinning widespread belief that the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, the Pope’s personal espionage entity, had infiltrated White House security and operatives insinuated themselves within Trump’s inner circle. The letter’s contents show the Vatican’s tentacles stretch deep into the Oval Office, he added.

The correspondence reminded Trump that the Vatican considers Nibiru its imminent domain and has no tolerance for meddlesome “outsiders” who violate the sanctity it attaches to Nibiru.

It repeated an admonition given to Trump in 2017 when he briefly considered revealing the Nibiru realities to the American public: “Warn the world about Nibiru at your own peril.” The unholy city has now expanded on that threat. “Go to Nibiru and you will find only death. No man can reach Nibiru, and its inhabitants will not welcome foreigners. That which is and what is on Nibiru is not meant for any man, including you, Mr. President, to explore,” the letter purportedly said.

Trump’s astringent response alarmed the Vatican courier who had brought the Pope’s message to Washington.

Trump passed the letter to VP Pence, directing him to feed it into a shredder, and unceremoniously banished the Vatican agent from the White House, demanding that neither he nor any other Vatican official again set foot on White House soil.

“The Vatican is a sore loser. They’re losing bigtime. Our Space Force is really, really great. It’s perfect. A perfect Space Force. Who does that guy think he is? The only foreign power I listen to is Bennie (his nickname for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) not some crooked guy in Rome,” Trump allegedly told Pence, who said the president’s linguistic tirade was an acceptable, measured response to Vatican interference.

Not all the president’s men, however, were ebullient at Trump’s sapient disavowal of Roman authority.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged caution, saying war with Rome might fracture America’s relationship with its allies. Trump responded with a dismissive wave of the hand, saying, “I’m the president. I make the decisions. I don’t care if we have to send 100 ships, we’re going to learn, we’re going to learn the truth about this Nibiru.”]][/UR L]

(This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. so I will add what I remember. it is interesting that this video was censored todd)

this video is by a retired naval intelligence officer. he a brief gives the history of intelligence agency covert knowledge and goes on to explain about the transit of nibiru.
he first heard about nibiru in the 60's when he was assigned to wait on the tables of senior officers.

he talks how the intelligent agency know about the coming nibiru transit years ago. "it is going to hit us and hit us hard". this was said to him in summer of 2000

he also was told by naval intelligence about the impending disaster and the area of the US that would be submerged.

many naval officers have retired to Arkansas/Missouri Ozarks because this area will be above any floods.he said this was classified information and when he discussed with another officer, the officer could not resond verbally , so this officer told him to blink once if the answer to his question was true.
in this way he was able to collaborate what he had heard.

also when this officer was retiring and going to Arkansas to buy land the realtor asked him why was it that so many retiring naval officers were locating in the ozark mountain region.

this video is interesting because, as I have said , it is made by retired intelligence officer and he has spoken to other naval intelligence scientist who confirm the cataclysm approaching .

the cia is currently being relocated to Denver from Langley Virginia because of the impending submersion of the east coast.but only the top echelon is being transferred, the rest of the CIA beaurocrats will remain in Langley

this is one of the most believable videos of the comings collision with nibiru, or planet x ,or goes by many names.

this officer also quotes from Immanuel velikovsky's book [u]Worlds in collision[u] when describing the scope of the catastrophic geological affects that could occur

heres another deleted video


documents, sent john podesta and john mcain and sent to Hillary Clinton 2 years ago in sept 2014. these document that the governments of the world know nibiru/planet x is real and is headed for earth. all governments have covered up this reality.
this list the affects of the catastrophic earth changes that will occur
I suggest you look at this video now.

another deleted video

this gives the detailed facts about nibiru and its affects

another deleted video ://

documents, sent john podesta and john mcain and sent to Hillary Clinton 2 years ago in sept 2014. these document that the governments of the world know nibiru/planet x is real and is headed for earth. all governments have covered up this reality.

another deleted video

You are being lied to Planet X Location 100% Known by NASA!

another deketed video
President-Elect Donald Trump To Announce Nibiru Cover Up

well this one is still available for who knows how long

CIA Agent Exposes Planet X

this one is deleted om%2Fforum%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D43853%26highlight%3Dnibiru&v=1&opt=true& rum%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D43853%26page%3D7%26highlight%3Dnibiru&title=Nibiru%3F%20-%20Astrologers'%20Community& p%3Dvglnk_157937159683057%26amp%3Bkey%3D65de0a53c1a689fd56c43dc2576469ce%26amp%3BlibId%3Dk5...

Nov 13, PLANET X NIBIRU to Hit ANYDAY - Dr Michio Kaku and Co NASA agents insists ALERTS

40 volcanos are erupting per day.
______________________________________ [URL=]

Michio Kaku: “I do not know what is happening to the Earth, but we all need to prepare for the worst.”

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 22:00

Dr. Michio Kaku, the most famous American scientist. This is one of the few serious scientists who are not afraid to tell the truth. In the list of the most quoted academic authors of the world, Dr. Kaku ranks 22nd.
In the next issue of the National Geographic Society, his new warning article will be published.
Warning to all of us.
Here are a few excerpts from this article:
Michio Kaku:
“Now, every day we learn from the news about new weather and natural anomalies, and cataclysms.
Increased earthquakes in regions where they have not existed for centuries.
Snow and abnormal cooling in summer in those countries where this should not be.
Raging hurricanes, storms and tornadoes in places where this was not seen.
Every day this year brought weather records and climatic anomalies.
Look even at catastrophic weather strikes across America this year.
Far will not go deep. Of the latter: on June 12, just one day, more than 30 tornadoes hit Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota and Colorado.

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Posts: 3201
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posted February 11, 2020 07:57 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for todd     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Trump Tells Pope: "We're Going to Nibiru, Whether You Like it or Not."

Having survived impeachment charges and now with one less albatross around his neck, Trump found time Thursday evening to pen a scathing response to Vatican demands that he not use the United States Space Force to visit Nibiru, according to a White House insider speaking under promise of anonymity.

As reported previously, a Vatican emissary on January 17 delivered a letter written by Pope Francis to Donald Trump at the White House.

Francis to Donald Trump at the White House. It bore an imprint of the Pontiff’s Piscatory Ring, also called the Ring of the Fisherman for its depiction of Peter fishing from a boat. The gist of the letter was simple: Do not visit Nibiru. All you will find there is death

Besides the previously mentioned warning, Twisted Truth has learned added details surrounding the Pope’s letter and Trump’s incendiary response.

Twisted Truth can now reveal that the Pope’s correspondence held more than a mere mention of an unfriendly alien race. While it does not name the extraterrestrial species, it does say that two centuries ago the Vatican and Pope Pius VI struck a fragile truce with a race of crystalline entities that inhabited the 6th planet of the Nibiru system, after nearly enraging them to wage war on Earth.

Pope Francis’s letter described them as technologically superior beings that once inhabited magnificent cities and colossal skyscrapers that rose miles above the planet surface, but in 1843 an “eternal cataclysm” laid waste to the planet, rendering it uninhabitable and forcing inhabitants underground.

Prior to the cataclysm, Jesuit scholars at the Vatican had seen the planet through an advanced and potent telescope, which penetrated dense clouds of red iron oxide dust surrounding the system. In his letter, the Pope confessed the exotic telescope was built of extraterrestrial components and guarded by the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, a Vatican sect tasked with guarding its secrets. Somehow, Nibiru’s xenophobic race found out they were under observation and sent an emissary to the Vatican with a warning: Don’t spy on us, and we won’t bother you

“If the pope’s letter is to be believed, the race on Nibiru once traveled the cosmos but, for unknown reasons, at some point became isolationists.

The Pope wrote that the Vatican concealed knowledge of this species because disclosure would undermine the foundation of religious beliefs worldwide. He also warned Trump that trying to visit Nibiru will antagonize the lifeforms there, possibly to the detriment of all life on Earth. The Pope also noted another reason to steer clear of the Nibiru system,” our source said.

The swirling clouds of red iron oxide dust that envelop the Nibiru System have driven men mad, the Pope alleged. The churning maelstrom holds an unidentified element that does not appear on the Periodic Table, and exposure to the metallic particulates radically alters human brain chemistry. Approximately 3700 years ago, when the dark star and its orbiting bodies last intersected our solar system, trillions of tons of red dust penetrated the atmosphere and rained down upon the planet. Anyone caught beneath the blinding curtain of crimson dust had his brains scrambled like an egg and suffered complete and irreversible amnesia.

DANGER: What You Don't Know About Vitamin B12 and Your Health Can be Deadly! (VIDEO)

People forgot how to eat; they forgot how to pee. Their friends became their enemies and their enemies became their friends.

The Pope warned Trump that astronauts aboard United State Space Force ships would incur similar harmful effects the moment they neared the red iron oxide barrier, as no hull, manmade or extraterrestrial, can repel the deadly dust.

“President Trump, if, as your scientists predict, Nibiru is stuck in space, then you should be eternally thankful, for its immobility means the lethal oxide will not saturate Earth and enfeeble mankind, as it did three millennium ago.

If your nation indeed has the scientific prowess to reach Nibiru, venturing there will endanger your pilots and humanity. Nibiru’s natural residents will probably interpret visitation as an intrusion and retaliate. I urge you, President Trump, to reconsider. Do not go to Nibiru,” the Pope purportedly wrote.

Trump’s written response bashed the Pope for promoting “fairytales” that might frighten small children but would not deter a manned expedition to at last determine why Nibiru was stuck in space and whether it poses a future threat to life on Earth. Trump said that neither he nor his administration recognized Vatican authority over Nibiru, and he accused the Pope of being “possessively jealous” because the Vatican, despite centuries of research, failed to comprehend the mysteries of Nibiru.

Moreover, Trump said Nibiru was a vapid wasteland, devoid of life, according to his scientific advisor, Dr. Kelvin Droegmeir.

“You should focus your efforts on reigning in your criminal priests and not worry about us going to Nibiru. Your stories don’t scare me. We’re going to Nibiru, whether you like it or not,” Trump’s note closed.

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