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Author Topic:   empty feeling
gemini girl
posted July 09, 2005 11:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
hi guys as a person im very aware that its all in the state of the mind sometimes my mind needs excitement and now this week i was basically in many different situations and last night i was very drunk anyway somethings wrong ive always been addicted to something thing be it fighting or whatever only thing i havent done is drugs so dunno whats wrong with me i know what i wanna do next year im actually happy but i miss something i write down my dreams i have a gratitude diary i want attention im also not in the mood to have my family around me i dont know what i want just something unexpected sometimes i do the unexpected but i want it to come from somewhere what can it be and im very bored but im not gonna start believing that just thinking about what i can do to feel alive right now i want to be surrounded with intense real soulful spiritual ppl thats extreme and interesting that responds when u talk to them that open minded and dont mind if u dont call them every day lol maybe its too much to ask i dont want christians around me and thats all i get so maybe i should shift the focus its no offense to ppl with that believe its just right now i feel the need to see a spiritual person to have conversation with them to travel to do something fun and different with different ppl that make me laugh i dont always want to be the one that makes others laugh any ideas can it be my transists or am i just full of ****?

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posted July 09, 2005 02:06 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

No I don't think you're full of anything. These are your feelings, so you have no need to feel bad about them. Being able to come here and share things is one of the great things about this forum. I can understand where you're coming from about feeling alone and not feeling a connection to anyone. I have felt that way before too. But (I assume) an interest in astrology has brought you here, where nobody should judge you for just being honest and expressing yourself. You are among friends.

...Now, about those transits. If you want me to, I can check your transits to see what is going on with you in regard to the planets. If you do, all I need is your birth info.

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Morgan Moon
posted July 09, 2005 04:27 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I feel your pain... but if it helps at all, the feelings of wanting to have intense spiritual people around you is a really good first sign that you are moving in a new direction... it takes time for the order to come out of the chaos.
you are probably going thru a particuarly difficult transit right now and it will pass... but in the meantime try to be as kind to yourself as you can. and keep affirming that you deserve to have friends who nurture and support your spirituality and accept you as you are. you will start attracting those people into your life.
all the best.

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gemini girl
posted July 10, 2005 02:59 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
hi guys thanx 9 june 1987 south africa cape town 16:25 anyway maybe its pluto conj uranus which natal wise conj my saturn and they both oppo my sun thanx again guys

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Tranquil Poet
posted July 10, 2005 03:43 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I understand what you mean. My fellow gemini twin.

Gemini sun, Cancer rising, Taurus moon
I would fly to the moon and back...If you'll be my baby.

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posted July 11, 2005 01:09 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Gemini Girl ~ Here are a few of your current transits that I think especially touch on what you are going through:

Transiting Neptune squaring Natal Moon

This one will be in effect until sometime in 2007 and is currently affecting your natal 12th House Moon & your 4th House, where Neptune is currently moving through. The 12th deals with things that are hidden in our life and the 4th House represents our home. Neptune in the 4th may be dissolving issues related to your home and/or your parents. Here is what the site had to say about this transit:

'Under this influence you may have to contend with rather strange moods and feelings. You may feel that your hunches are extremely accurate, but be careful - the language of your unconscious mind, which is speaking rather strongly to you now, is very different from the language of the conscious mind. Your hunches may mislead you badly. At the same time, you are more subject to outside influences now. If you are around an angry person or someone under the influence of any other intense feeling, you will feel their energy strongly. For this reason, you should avoid people who are under the influence of strong negative emotions. Your empathy is so great that you will easily become subject to their feelings. And avoid anyone who tries to control your thinking through subtle suggestions and hints, which is very likely to happen, because the thoughts they instill will seem to come from within you - another good reason for avoiding negative people. There may be other problems in your home or personal life or with emotional relationships. It is extremely important that you try to communicate with those around you as clearly as possible. Misunderstandings are rife under this influence. You may begin a love relationship that is hopelessly unrealistic and yet very fascinating. Moods and emotions may appear and disappear with great speed. Do not take them too seriously or get too wrapped up in contemplating them, for you will only make mountains out of molehills. Even when you are disappointed about something, do not dwell on it. Your own negative emotions can be very destructive. Avoid using any type of drug unless it is absolutely necessary and you are under a physician's guidance. Your body is much more sensitive than usual and can quickly build up a dependency pattern, even on drugs that don't usually carry that danger. Digestive problems may also occur under this influence, which is another reason for not confusing your system with unusual substances such as drugs.'


Transiting Saturn squaring Natal Pluto

This one will be in effect until sometime in 2006 and is currently affecting your natal 12th House Pluto - again a 12th House issue coming to the forefront. And your 9th House of one's faith & religious beliefs is where Saturn is currently moving through. Saturn here & squaring your Pluto may mean that structured beliefs are currently being conflicting in your life. There is definitely a power-play too as Pluto does not back down easily against Saturn's demands for tradition, and Saturn squaring your 12th House Pluto may in fact bring your own beliefs out of repression. Here is's intepretation of this transit:

'This can be a difficult time in your life. Because of circumstances and other people, you find it very difficult to make the changes you would like to make in the world around you. For example, your ambitions for your work may be frustrated. Bosses or coworkers may try to prevent you from accomplishing what you want. Financially, you will probably have to curb expenses because you simply do not have the resources. Sometimes the experience of this transit is much like struggling against chains that hold you down. The temptation is to resist and struggle with all your might. However, resisting is not the best way to handle this energy, because that would set in motion destructive powers beyond your control. This influence is sometimes associated with violent incidents, so take care. The best way to handle it is with some degree of detachment. Understandably you will be quite upset with some of the obstacles that crop up now, but regard them as a way of finding out which areas of your life are working and which are not. This influence usually represents a call to eliminate the unnecessary and superfluous elements in your life. It requires that you get rid of the dead and useless structures. If you do it voluntarily, it will be easier. When this period is over, you will emerge from the crisis considerably tougher than you were. Conserve your resources, and if you are in financial difficulty, reorganize your life so that you can get along with less. '


...But the potential is there for positive opportunities for you as you also will be having these transits coming up later this year:

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal MC [Midheaven] (intepretation from

'This is the time when all your past preparations for the future will have their most important consequences. This influence represents an important life pinnacle for you, but it also entails very important duties and responsibilities. About fourteen years ago, you began a new cycle of personal development. During this entire period you have laid the framework for what will happen now. This is the first of two or three such cycles in your life; the later ones will be more significant. As you approach this culmination of years of effort and ambition, it is very important to review just what you have been trying to achieve and how you have been going about it. The more solidly you have laid the foundations for your success, the greater your capability for achievement at this time. But if you have taken shortcuts anywhere or broken the rules of the game you are playing, you will have trouble in those areas of your life. The areas of your life that you have prepared carefully will become tremendously productive now. Your opportunities are at a peak for achievement and for additional responsibility and power in your work and in your personal life. People will look to you for leadership, whether you want it or not. If your preparation for this period of your life has been sloppy or full of shortcuts, or if you try to avoid its increased responsibilities, you run the risk of losing everything, even in the areas where you have prepared well and have taken responsibility.'


Transiting Jupiter conjunct Natal Pluto (intepretation from

'This influence brings the urge to achieve to the forefront of your life. You will make great, even extraordinary, efforts to gain success as you personally define it. You work harder and strive to gain your objective with every ounce of energy at your disposal. Consequently, this influence often occurs just at the moment when some tremendous effort in your life bears fruit. Sometimes there is a tremendous drive to gain power, and this influence can bring you power even when you are not trying especially hard to get it. Remember that each person has opportunities for a different kind of power. It may be great or relatively humble in terms of the larger society, but it will be meaningful to you. This power drive is sufficiently strong that it is difficult to deny, even if it has absolutely no outlet. In that case you are likely to get into some kind of conflict with authorities, even to the extent of arrest. If your ambition becomes the irresistible force against an immovable society, you will probably be the loser. Therefore you must scan your life to find areas where you can let this energy manifest itself. Surely in some area of your life you can better yourself and achieve something that would bring you recognition and respect. This is true no matter how depressed you think you are or how downtrodden your circumstances. If you put all your energy into working on that, it is quite likely that you will accomplish what you want. The dominant drive of this influence is self-betterment, but each individual has to define that term for himself or herself. You can work in that direction now, and how well you succeed depends largely on what you mean by betterment. Unfortunately, for some people it means simply money or power. If you are one of them, throughout this period you will act as if obsessed, and indeed, power can become a fanatical preoccupation. Other people may become obsessed by an idea, usually concerning righteousness or morality. This also carries the danger that you will lose track of all normal human values and try to live with a distorted set of standards or concerns.'

Transiting Jupiter opposite Natal Jupiter (intepretation from

'Under this influence you are likely to feel quite good, with enough confidence to handle just about anything. It is a period in your life when you feel optimistic and as though you can do whatever you want. However, you may be somewhat overconfident, so be careful not to take on more than you can handle.
At this point, several time-consuming projects may be coming to a head at once. This could be either quite advantageous or quite difficult, depending upon how well you have estimated your capacities in the past. What is happening now may be more than you can deal with, so you may have to cut back a bit.
This can also be a time of restlessness, for you feel that your everyday world is simply not "big" enough or does not provide enough experience for you. If you feel this way, you need to enlarge your scope of activity somewhat, but again be careful not to overreach.
You may have given others the impression that you are overambitious or that you want too much (in their terms, at least), and they may try to prevent you from getting any further. If this happens, all you can do is confront them directly and try to reassure them that you are not after their position (unless, of course, you are). Because of this possibility, you must be somewhat compromising.
However, none of this is necessary. With a little care and restraint, you can convert this into an excellent time that will produce considerable good, especially in financial matters. This influence can make you either extremely extravagant or extremely successful in such matters, depending upon your natural bent.'

Hope that helps!

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gemini girl
posted July 11, 2005 06:28 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
hi thanx again its really kind of u appreciate it wish the transists went faster but guess it has to take its course

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