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Author Topic:   Isis and Osiris
posted June 07, 2007 07:39 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Is it Robert Downey Jr.?

Thank you for the encouraging news on Nessus-Venus. Bull's Nessus squares my Venus.

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posted June 07, 2007 08:01 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

regarding the Venus-Nessus-dynamics. You know what is strange?
I just read with my class about the episode where NEssus tries to rape Deianira, gets killed by Hercules and becomes the source of his pain, when he lures Deinaira into poisening Hercules (to test his fidelity).
Hmm, psychologically what could that mean?
That Deianira`s mistrust is actually poisening HErcules and becomes the source for his death? And Nessus is somehow the trigger of this all?
Then couldn`t the Nessus-Venus-dynamic also point to a poisening influence that NEssus has on Venus / Deianira? Like he somehow lays the seed of her mistrust? (Maybe she wouldn`t have ever mistrusted her husband, if Nessus hadn`t mentioned the possibility)?
Or maybe Nessus is like a psychological test to a person. WEll, Deianira could have chosen to TRUST Hercules no matter what. Yes, circumstances may have been suspicious, but why did she have to apply magic to be sure? Isn`t the greatest magic of all in your own heart?
(Jesus, I think I just realized something; I am like Deianira in many ways. Instead of trusting my heart and my instincts, I rather turn to astrology, tarot, whatever to get confirmation. Phew, I`ve got to change that attitude. Astrology is a fascinating tool, but it shouldn┤t decide what I do or feel. First the feeling, then the astrology.)


no, it`s not Robert Downey Jr, even though I like him very very very much.
It`s noone I would have thought to be falling for. He doesn`t really fit the typical hollywood male stereotypes.
But then again looking back onto my "real-life-crushes", of course I would fall for him. The look, the voice, the attitude. Looking back it seems I have always fallen for ONE guy, splitted into different persons, or not really splitted, but they have remarkable similiarities to each other.


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posted June 07, 2007 08:24 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Jesus, I think I just realized something; I am like Deianira in many ways. Instead of trusting my heart and my instincts, I rather turn to astrology, tarot, whatever to get confirmation. Phew, I`ve got to change that attitude. Astrology is a fascinating tool, but it shouldn┤t decide what I do or feel.

I can relate with this sooooooooo much!

Looking back it seems I have always fallen for ONE guy, splitted into different persons, or not really splitted, but they have remarkable similiarities to each other.

Of course they do! Look closer at your chart and you will see the patterns! Look at the DC, DC ruler, its aspects, placement, conjunctions/parallels to the DC, Juno, Adonis, Osiris, Part of Marriage, Part of Lovers etc. They all tell a story of your love life!

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posted June 07, 2007 10:52 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Totally true, first trust your heart and only then check with astrology for confirmation. The other way round does not work at all.

Nessus-Venus dynamic could also mean the desire to somehow possess the chased woman. Nessus somehow gets his girl. Would Nessus have allowed another man/centaur to get his girl? No chance. So maybe couples with Nessus-Venus dynamic have had a very intense wooing session by the man and hence they stay very close ? Anyway, this string is about Isis-Osiris, we must not digress too much.

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posted June 07, 2007 11:07 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

I did a little research on lexigramms and when I lexi our both names, I get something like:



Is this a lexigram? I must have done something wrong. But those were the words that came to my mind. Actually, it was a weird experience to do this. I felt like I was sleeping while writing. Strange.
But probably it cannot be done at all, because our names contain all 5 vowels. Maybe they don`t want to be decoded.


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posted June 07, 2007 11:16 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

you`re right, we shouldn`t disgress too far. But it must have happened, because everything feels so interconnected.
Your interpretation of Nessus-Venus rings definitely a bell with me. (Just a short remark before I stop straying off topic).
If I look at the relationship of my parents, it is very clear to see that they are just ONE, and I know that my mother has been very jealous in the beginning and made it clear that she was the ONLY ONE for my father. Either he chose her completely, or she would have left him in a second (a very jealous proud Scorpio my mum is). And actually she did the chasing more than he did. And it`s her Nessus squaring his Venus.


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posted June 08, 2007 09:55 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
IQ and i discussed Nessus when he interpreted my Natal. I'll post the gist of it here

# The mythology of Nessus has strong associations to plutonic themes: Nessos took revenge for the mortal wounding of his heart through Herakles┤ poison arrow by causing great pain to overcome the Greek hero, even whilst fighting with death, through a mean trick. Herakles sees that his end is nigh and sacrifices himself at the stake. This finally leads to the cleansing (from earthly madness) and rise to heaven, saving and immortality of the hero!
# Besides Chiron and Pholus, Nessus is the third and last centaur equipped with a substantial, famous mythology which has been a source of inspiration to artists throughout the ages.

Nessus has to do with the awareness of our vulnerability against darkness, abuse, and emotional death. Nessus is very vulnerable, as the pilots of the Japanese kamikazes, or as "Madame Butterfly". From this come ideas or images about how someone deals with this basic frailty against the forces of darkness and death, either in yourself or in society.

"essus is about power dynamics and the dynamics of abuse, very important themes today in the western world, as we discover we were all abused as kids (and I mean it). Power and abuse dynamics always appear in relationships first, then they appear in one's inner emotional patterning, and the relationship pattern of that lifetime. Nessus tells us that physical abuse and psychological abuse work about the same way, and reminds us that quite often psychological abuse is more insidious because so often we don't know it's happening and we don't think it happened. One question of Nessus is, "did the abuse happen?"

Nessus can point to the circumstances that surround rape, incest, sexually transmitted diseases and, moreover, the relationship patterns that create these things. Put two charts together and you can see something about how these dynamics appear between people. Nessus can be used to investigate the lives of our parents and their relationships to others in the family.

Nessus and denial dynamics; raising awareness
Nessus speaks of two kinds of abuse: one, the insidious kind that doesn't seem like it later on. The other, the kind that was obviously so. Both are about the same thing, and yet in the not-so-obvious kind, there is the problem of not really having a sense of the scale of what happened. Abuse and neglect suffered unconsciously are that much further out of the reach of healing. Bringing them to awareness is often the last thing we want. Dealing consciously with abuse means dealing consciously with the fact of an abuser. In the case of a loved family member, or a family situation that will be challenged or totally disrupted by the fact that we were harmed by them, or by the revelation of a secret that has been guarded for generations, it's natural to be extremely reluctant to proceed, even if we really need to. Family politics can push us down and make the task seem daunting and even stupid. Especially if that abuse or neglect was just a "product of the times." Of course, often, it was much, much more.

Nessus works much like a super-Chiron focused specifically on the dynamics of abuse. In all cases this abuse is psychological and in most it is not properly identified as what it is; rather, we experience it as "the way things are" and, more to the point, as the way WE are. But we are how we are because of the way we were treated when we were growing up.

Nessus, a centaur planet, can spill the beans on the abuse legacy we carry, both psychological and physical. It reveal the psychological dynamics of that abuse process, as well as telling us something about where it entered our reality (conjunct Mars, in the desire nature, for example; conjunct Saturn, as parental authority, and so on). Don't worry that you can't necessarily look up or interpret the meaning of the placement right away; just note its location and what it is doing (and welcome to the world of research astrology).


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posted June 10, 2007 06:40 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
My Isis have no aspects...but my Osiris does...just the equivalent...

Hank Campbell
Far Rockaway, Queens, NY
*Sun: 8th House/Leo, Moon: 3rd House/Pisces, Venus: 8th House/Leo, Mars: 6th House/Cancer, Jupiter: 8th House/Leo, Saturn: 8th House/Virgo, ASC: Capricorn

"A gifted mind needs a gifted heart to sympathize others who are in vain."

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posted June 11, 2007 03:23 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi all

I┤ve red attentively those threads about the Nessus and Horus as well as Anubis.

Looking at our sinastry we have:

- His Horus conjunct my NN(10);COnjunct my Karma(3║);trines my Drac Osiris(2║);opposes my Drac Amor(1║);
-His Anubis trines my Drac Sun(0║),trine my Drac Vertex(3║);opposes my Drac Vesta(1║);conjuncts my Love(1║);
-His Siva conjuncts my Drac Ceres(1║);conjuncts my Part Fate(3║);
-His Nessus trines my marriage of woman(3║)

-My Horus conjunt his Drac Venus(3║); and his Amor(2║)- DW
- My Anubis conjunct his venus/mars midp(3║);trines his marriage of man(2║);trines his Wedding(3║); trines his Drac Psyche(2║);trines his Drac Valentine(0║);
-My Siva oposes his pArt Fate(0║);trines his Drac Venus(1║);trines hsi Drac DC(3║)

- My Nessus trines his mars(-2a);squares his jup(2a);Q his Kiron(0a);sesquiquadrate my Nept(0a)
- my Siva conjunct his Moon(2║);trines his merc(3s);sextiles his MC┤-1A)
- hIS Horus semisextile my moon(-0║);oposes my nept(-3a);
-His Siva oposes my moon(-3a) - DW; squares my venus(-1a);semisextiles my nept and pluto(0║);
-HIS Nessus Q my moon(0║);trines my jup(-1a)-DW; squares my saturn(-4a);trines my uranus(0a);sextiles my Kiron(1s)-DW and ASc(0a)

Are those DW si~gnificant in any form?

Hi dARKdreamer how are you doing?
You aways find so many interaspects between you and that guy

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posted June 13, 2007 12:38 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

you have also a lot going on between your guy and your.

Regarding that man, well, yes, there ARE a lot of aspects. I`m especially fascinated by the draconic interchange. I barely scratched the surface till now.

His draconic Sun and my draconic Moon are in Gemini.
His draconic Moon and my draconic Sun are in Aries.

There are such a lot of connections, that I cannot even grasp them all, but the interconnection between Isis and Osiris and the nodes is quite remarkable, I think.

My natal Isis is quinkunx his natal Osiris
My Natal Osiris is quinkunx his natal Osiris

but more interesting than that is:

His natal Osiris trines my True Node

My dr. Isis conjunct his SN
My dr. Osiris conjuncts his SN
My dr Isis trines his natal Isis
My dr Osiris trines his natal Isis

His dr Isis squares my dr Isis
His dr Isis squares my dr Osiris
His dr Osiris conjuncts my natal Isis
His dr Osiris conjuncts my natal Osiris

There are alone 4 interaspects, only between Isis and Osiris. How do I call this? A quadruple-whammy? It really looks quite significant, doesn`t it?

And a funny thing also;
My natal Isis (and Osiris) is also conjunct my own natal Venus.
HIs draconic Osiris is conjunct his own natal Mars.

So, the Isis-Osiris-conjunction between our horoscopes also involves a synastric Venus-Mars-conjunction.
And if his Mars is conjunct his Osiris, and my Isis is conjunct my Venus, does that maybe mean we identify with the female and male parts of this divine couple?
And what does it mean, if those two are so tightly connected between our placements?

It`s only one cluster, that I observed. (There are other "themes", like for example, my ASC and Mars flal onto his natal VAlentine. His dr VAlentine exactly trines my Sun, adding to a VAlentine-Psyche-dw, and so on).

But this Isis-Osiris-thing, that really got stuck in my mind.


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posted June 13, 2007 01:07 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Darkdreamer i ┤ve never seen so many interaspects between ISis/Osiris in a c§uple!
That Valentine seems to me very important also.
Valentine/Asc/Mars are very good on relationship material and also Valentine/Sun/Psyche.
Those DW┤s are quite significant since both of you would feel similar torwards each other when it matters those specifically asteroids┤s energies.
Have you takled to Iqunk already about all those significant Isis/Osiris DW┤s?
He said that specific patters between those and Draconics can lead to the finfind of true soulmate - i think that you be onto something ( although im a newbie at Astrology).
Iquunk said to me our soulmate conection between me and my by only when i showed him our Isis/Osiris in natals and Draconics.
Of oucrse then we looked at all other significant placements in sinastry (within 1║orb) - but i think you also have that.

Why dont you start a thread directed to Iqunk asking him if he can be a soulmate of yours? - he surely wiil answer quite rapidly

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posted June 13, 2007 04:28 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

yes, I checked some Draconic synastries, since I discovered the Draco`s, but I haven`t come across another comparision with so many Isis- Osiris-dw.

Hmm, regarding the 1░ connections. YEs, we have some: (includin Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Node, AC, Karma, Valentine, Isis, Osiris)

My Sun square his Valentine
My Sun trine his Isis
My Pluto square his Mars
My Pluto sextile his Osiris
My Node square his Venus
my Node trine his Osiris
My Isis sextile his Venus
My Isis conjunct his Mars
My Valentine square his Isis
My Karma sextile his Saturn

Hmm, seems like there`s a lot of square-energy involved. *sighs* Doesn`t look too good.
But interestingly some of the squares change into trines in the Draconic.

The 1░ aspect in the Draconics are:

My dr Pluto square his Node
My dr AC conjunct his Valentine
My dr AC sextile his dr Isis
His dr AC conjunct my Eros
His dr AC trine my dr Amor
His dr Karma conjunct my dr PoF
My dr Isis conjunct his SN
His dr Isis sextile my VAlentine
HIs dr Isis sextile my dr AC
His dr Isis square my dr Osiris
His dr Osiris square my Pluto
HIs dr Osiris conjunct my Isis
His dr Valentine trine my Sun
His dr Valentine trine my dr Venus

Hmm, seems, some of the Isis-Osiris connections are within a 1░ orb.

Beside that really tight 1░ orb dw of
His dr Isis square my dr Osiris
His dr Osiris conjunct my Isis

we also have two dw with Valentine (beside others)

My dr Valentine opposite his Psyche
HIs dr VAlentine opposite my Psyche

My dr Isis sextile his dr Valentine
My Valentine square his Isis /
My Valentine sextile his dr Isis

Not to forgot that DW of Venus and Node
His dr Venus trine my Node
My dr Venus conjunct his SN
(his Venus square my Node)

Well, the Sun-Valentine-aspect is not a dw, but since both our Valentines are affected, it might go both way (what ever this "it" is).
Interestingly the Sun-Valentine-trine is connected to all that Isis-Osiris action, because his draconic Valentine is exactly conjunct his natal Isis.

Hmm, maybe I really should ask IQhunk about it.

Another thing is, I`m really developing cold feet. I booked the hotel, and that means I will actually be going and seeing him on stage, and right now I am constantly wondering: What the hell am I doing? That is crazy!
And yet it feels like the right thing to do right now.


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posted June 14, 2007 04:22 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I wonder what Isis conj Osiris in a person's natal chart might suggest?

No hesitation. No regret. No looking back.

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posted June 14, 2007 10:08 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Node     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Re: Isis conj. Osiris Natal
    Awhile back in another thread IQ mentioned that this conj. is very fortuitous for the native and that it is not particularly common. I didn't bookmark it and now I regret that. I know someone with this conj. And it's importance is increased by making several contacts. The most telling perhaps is that it is also conj. the natives name asteroid.Specifically.
Yo! lq! Pretty please re-post your thoughts on this aspect.
    Anubis is one that I have looked at for some time. As with many deities so many attributes/keywords are assigned that for this wonder bread girl it takes much processing to distill it down to workable energy.
I don't mean dumb it down but, when you read so many ideas from the centuries filtered through so many others it can be real confusing. Anubis is one of the most difficult to me. It is important in and of itself; and in my chart, and some of the people I have brushed up against. So I am still trying to figure it out. In the beginning of research I attached a malefic attitude to Anubis, over time I think not. That IQ said the word garding is interesting,(protector?) I would also like this expanded upon.

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posted June 18, 2007 12:09 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

im sorry i couldnt respond awhile before,i┤ve been away these 4 last days

Oh, so youre really going to meet him ? You know what? i think its the best thing youre gonna do!If you have that energies torwards him and you even didnt seen him clost, i wonder what will happen when you 2 meet eye to eye! - ohhoho - you sure must be nervous yeah? - dont pay attention to your feet - pay attention to your heart tells!

Yes, Iq must have very much things t say about those interaspects you 2 have - i wished i knew to analyse them

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posted June 18, 2007 05:07 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Node     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
FYI- On Aug 18 there will be a conjunction of Isis/Osiris @ 22 Aqua. Point of fact between the 17th and the 19th they stay joined @ 22 Aqua.
    You might find the entire chart of 8/18 interesting. There is a tight [within 4 deg.] Stelium, in Leo of Venus, Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. Karma residing @ 28 Taurus is in exact square to Saturn. Mars/NN/Vesta form a T-square all at 7 degrees.
There is much more in the chart to consider. And 10 days before the Eclipse.

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posted June 19, 2007 08:52 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thank you Node!!
You have been very helpful.

22Aqua is but 1 degree from my NN. I suppose I have to take notice. Very interesting. Thank you!

No hesitation. No regret. No looking back.

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posted June 19, 2007 10:07 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

I hope you enjoyed your 4 days away.

And yes, I am nervous, I am a wreck, actually. And it feels right to go there and see him, even though I probably won`t see him eye to eye. But I will see him.

Regarding the energies between us, well, I`ve taken another look at the exact aspects between the planets IQ listed, and it seems, there is a lot of square energy between us.

My Sun square his Valentine
My Pluto square his Mars
My Pluto quinkunx his Venus
My True Node square his Venus
My Karma sextile his Saturn

So, probably he wouldn`t even like me. On the other hand, squares produce a lot of energy, and maybe this square-energy is what I needed to get going, to fight against my fear of going somewhere unknown, just reacting to my instincts, instead of listening to the voice of reason inside.

Also, maybe a glimmer of hope is, that those squares appear as other aspects in the DRaconic.

Sun square VAlentine -> my Sun trine his dr Valentine (0░02)
Pluto square Mars -> my Pluto trine his dr Mars (0░40)
Pluto quinkunx Venus -> my Pluto sextiles his dr Venus (1░06)
True Node square Venus -> my True Node trines his dr Venus (0░00)

I guess that has a meaning, maybe it just emphasizes the action between particular planets.

Also, applying a slightly wider orb I found that we have two kites.

My Moon (17░) trines (his Nadir (14░) conjunct my Karma (16░)) trines his Pluto (14░).
And his Saturn (15░) is opposite my Moon;
and the second kite is formed, because his Neptune (15░), MC (14░), Karma (18,5░) stellium is opposite my Karma / his Nadir.
There actually is only one empty space, which would make this a Star of David, a grand sextile; and that would happen if a planet fell onto about 16░ / 17░ Aries.
Well, natally there is no such planet, but my draconic sun falls onto 16░ Aries.

Sometimes when I look at our charts and find out those things, it really gives me shivers, and I wonder, is that normal between two horoscopes?
I mean I know Pluto, Neptune and Saturn are pretty generational, but Moon and Nadir are quite personal planets / points, I guess.

And then looking further, I see double whammies, some with a wide orb, but at least four, which are quite tight-orbed. (and I am only focusing on the natals, not the draconics in this case).

My Venus sextile his Lust (0░41)
My Lust square his Venus (2░00)

My Mars trine his PoM (1░31)
My PoM trine his mars (1░23)

My Mercury trine his Isis (1░23)
My Isis trine his Mercury (0░16)

My Amor sextile his Cupid (0░52)
My Cupid square his Amor (0░08)

and with wider orb (so I don`t know, if these count at all):

My Nadir sextile his Kaali (2░36)
My Kaali conjunct his Nadir (1░09)

My Juno trine his Eros (3░48) - yes, I know, too wide
My Eros trine his Juno (0░10)

My Juno opposite his Psyche (0░16)
My Psyche square his Juno (3░12)

my Valentine conjunct his PoF (1░24)
My PoF sextile his VAlentine (2░45)

I don`t know what this means, but I looked at several synastries now, real relationships, not the "Dulcinea"-thing like in my case, but I often didn`t even find so many double whammies.

And on top of them that Isis-Osiris interaction in the natals and draconics. Our name asteroids are also connected to each others chart.
Sun-Moon-midpoint interaction is going on there, too. It`s quite a lot.

But then I also notice, that his sun isn`t really connected to my main object (but it is conjunct my Sun-Moon-mp, Antivertex and opposite my Eros).
My Sun isn`t so much connected to his planets, either (it is square his Valentine and trine his Isis, though)
His Moon isn`t too strongly interwoven with my planets, but it has an exact conjunction to my Uranus and Union (is that strong?).
My Moon gets some aspects of his main planets (opposite his Saturn, sextile his Neptune, trine his Pluto, trine his Nadir, sextile his Karma, square his Amor).
His Ascendant has only very, very wide aspects to my personal planets.
Sextile to my Sun: 4░
Conjunct to my Moon: 4,5░
So, I guess those aspects don`t count at all.
But my Psyche is definitely conjunct his AC, and my Cupid is conjunct his DC.
My AC on the other hand has a square to his Venus and is trine to his Anubis and his Osiris (the Egyptians again; maybe I should visit the exhibition in the British museum, if I am there ).

I don`t know how to count this interaction, is it strong, weak, medium? Is it enough?

Ah, I wish I could analyse my own horoscope better. But I always fear I see things that aren`t there, just because I want to see them.


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posted June 19, 2007 04:14 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Oh I just realized, we almost have another Star of David. Well, the orbs are too wide, but still some more Kites, formed by asteroids mainly.

His Eros / Juno conjunction on 20░ trines my Juno on 17░ and trines my Eros / Vertex-conjunction on 21░.
His Psyche / Vertex on 17░ is exactly opposite my Juno (which is actually exactly conjunct my dr Valentine).
His Sun on 23░ is opposite my Eros / Vertex (which falls onto his dr AC on 22░).
And his Amor / dr. Karma on 19░ is opposite his Eros / Juno conjunction (which is also conjunct his nameasteroid in my chart).

I know the orbs are too wide to make it a real Star of David, but still I thought it is an interesting pattern.

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posted June 29, 2007 04:39 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Bumpin for the ones who like to know more about why looking to isis/osiris in sinastry

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Neon Artemis
posted June 29, 2007 05:00 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
darkdreamer that is a freaking awesome lexigram. Very inspiring.

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posted June 30, 2007 07:59 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Those Lexigrams are beautifull and very insightfull.

i didnt red them before i dont know why but i think that can help you understant more what your relationship with this guy could be

How did you do it? I was fascinated by those messages.
You said you felt like you were sleeping while writin it? - must have somethin very spiritual within it

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posted January 13, 2009 01:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Tigerlily     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted August 04, 2009 11:23 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for DepTaurus     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
my isis is in pisces in 7th house cojunct mars.
my osiris is in aquarius in 6th house.
cojunct my DC and moon.

my isis is
trine my pluto
trine my jupiter
sextile uranus
trine chiron
sextile neptune
sextile MC

my osiris is
square my sun
conjunct moon
conjunct DC
opposite Asc

isis is in sagittarius in the 1st house cojunct uranus.
osiris is in sagittarius in the 1st house cojunct uranus.

has isis conjunct osiris with a 10 degree orb in sagittarius.
has jupiter sextile isis
has moon trine isis
has Mc trine isis

has true node trine osiris
and osiris cojunct isis

my isis is in their 4th house
sextile true node
square chiron
trine pluto
trine mars
square Asc
square saturn
square isis
sextile neptune
square DC

my osiris is their 4th house
cojunct the Ic and jupiter
opposite the MC
square mars
sextile uranus
sextile osiris

their isis is in my 4th house wow same house
isis is trine my venus
isis is square my mars
isis is square my isis
isis is sextile my true node

there osiris is in my 5th house
osiris is trine my Asc
osiris is sextile my moon
osiris is sextile my Dc
osiris is sextile my osiris

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posted August 06, 2009 06:14 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for MsCandeh     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This is all really interesting... is there any specific interpretations of the isis/osiris aspects anywhere? Can't seem to find any

The guy I was with (its very confusing between us atm!) has conjunct Isis/Osiris natally.

His Isis/Osiris conjunction also conjuncts my DC!

His Isis/Osiris conj. is in his 3rd house Leo
My Isis is in my 5th house Cancer / Osiris is 4th house Gemini

My Isis is in his 2nd house (Cancer) / My Osiris is in his 1st house (Gemini)
His Isis/Osiris conj. is in my 6th house Leo (Isis is exact conj. my DC and his Osiris is 2deg conj. my DC in the 6th)

His Isis (within 3 deg orb)
Square my Sun (-0s)
Square my Mars (-1s)
Sextile my Osiris (1a)
Conjunct my DC (0a)
Square my MC (-3s)

My Isis
Quintile his Venus (-0s)
Quintile his Mars (-0s)
Semisextile his Saturn (0a)
Trine his Uranus (-3s)
Square his Pluto (-0s)
Opposite his Vertex (-2a)
Opposite his Eros (-3s)

His Osiris
Square my Sun (-1s)
Sextile my Moon (-2a)
Square my Mars (-0s)
Quintile my NN (1s)
Sextile my Osiris (0a)
Conjunct my DC (2a)
Square my MC (-1s)

My Osiris
Trine his NN (2a)
Semisquare his Chiron (1s)
Sextile his Isis (1a)
Sextile his Osiris (0a)
Semisextile his Valentine (-1a)

This doesn't look good does it?!

We have some interesting NN, moon and ASC synastry aspects ..(my moon conj. his NN (4deg) and his moon conj my ASC (2deg) his NN trine my ASC exact) and our draco synastry indicates that our NN are conjunct EXACT!

I did notice that out of all the aspects above that all squares and quintiles are separating aspects - does this matter??

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