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Author Topic:   Isis and Osiris

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posted June 02, 2007 03:32 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for EighthMoon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Diandra...Thanks so much for the vote of confidence!

Definitely some kind of destiny working here! I wish I didn't have to wait so long to meet him. (Blasted Saturn transits! )

Izo...where can I find the Sabian symbols and what is the significance of them, if you don't mind my asking.

Diandra...are you with your guy now?


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posted June 02, 2007 05:41 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Diandra, I am always so amazed by the accuracy with which you manage to describe EXACTLY how I feel! I am speechless!... Do you study psychology? You should... Honestly!!... You are so right about the fact that men are less aware about these vibrations...
I always wondered if maybe this whole soul mate thing could actually happen just on a mind level, without the 2 people actually being together... I read Darkdreamer's posts about that famous guy she never actually met, but he influenced her so much... Who knows, really?...

8th Moon,

Iqhunk can tell you more about them

I am an artist and my life is my masterpiece

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posted June 03, 2007 06:30 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Izo,

I felt I HAD to reply to something you wrote:

"I always wondered if maybe this whole soul mate thing could actually happen just on a mind level, without the 2 people actually being together"
YES, YES, YES, even though my brain is constantly telling me I am insane, my feelings tell me that it can happen, that it actually DOES happen, for what reason ever.
But I also think that soulmates will meet each other. My take on destiny is like that: It deals you the cards, but you`ve got to play them.

".. I read Darkdreamer's posts about that famous guy she never actually met, but he influenced her so much... Who knows, really?..."
Many many years ago I wrote an essay (just for my own pleasure) about dreams. I only kept the first page (dunno what happened to the second one), and I want to translate it for you, even though it`s been about 14 years ago I wrote that (I wrote it after returning from Ireland).

"Dreams - possibility of reality

Why do we dream?
It seems to be ridculous to dream of things and events, that don`t exist / happen and maybe never will.
To dream is unreasonable, unrealistic and escapistic.
But noone wants to be seen as a fool, misunderstood, disconnected with the outer world.
And still I believe, that, whoever dared to dream once, can never stop it.
She is compelled to make the impossible possible, to carry the universe inside her soul.
She needs the dream, the vision, the bliss - the spark of life.

-There`s life inside a dream, but life is not a dream -

Is it wrong to dream with all the power of your soul?
To dive into the endlessness of a universe of Possibilities?
Is it impious to surrender to a dream, to get intoxicated with a "could be"?
Is it a crime, is it amoralic to create a dream, to give life to a vision, that makes you vibrate with life?

Everything, that can be thought, is possible.

- In the beginning there was the word -

The dreamer is visionary, a magician, constantly creating new worlds, looking into other realities.
She is insatiable, because one world is never enough for her; she`s wise, because she knows reality is only an illusion.
She carries the universe inside her soul.
If she doesn`t approach it`s (the universe`s or even realitie`s) borders, how can she ever know what is possible for her in the Here and Now?

Yes, us humans are living within the frame of reality, in this one reality, in which a stone is falling down to earth instead of soaring high up into the sky; this one reality, in which only things seem to be true, that can be seen, touched or explained.
This reality is the ground we`re standing upon, we`re rooted here; this reality gives us hold and keeps us from falling.

But what keeps us from reaching for the stars, to experience the possibility of transcending reality?
Is a thought, an emotion beyond the narrow frame of our earthly reality less important, less true, less intense?

Happiness, sadness, anger, love - every emotion is born inside the humans themselves, in their hearts, their souls; no matter if a dream or the reality layed the seed for that emotion.
These feelings, inner experience can never get lost; they change a person for her life.
In a dream she learns so much about herself - and this knowledge can never be given back.
But those things, that influence, change, transform a person, can they be unimportant?

It may be only a dream - the possibility of a reality-, but the impression on your soul, your thoughts, yes, life itself are undoubtedly real.

- Gnoti seauton. Recognize thyself. -

Every angle of this earth we have travelled, analyzed, categorized; we even started travelling through space. But we`re still so far away from our own soul.

Every dream, though, every vision, every fantasy is important on our way, for our personal transformation, because it brings us to life, brings us a little bit closer to ourself and the other ONE."

The last lines are lost in my stack of papers, but I remember that the last sentence was:

"Become who you are."

I don`t know if this is any help for you, but I felt like posting it. In a way reading that again (I just incidentally found it) makes me realize who I was and who I still am. It`s almost like my younger SElf had written that because she knew I would need to be re-mind-ed of that. I needed to re-member and that girl I once have been, needed to be re-call-ed.

But for your Bull and you, if he`s meant for you or if you`re meant to share some more of the way, then it will happen.
Don`t think it`s impossible.
Nothing is impossible (well, almost nothing).
Just remember, last year, when I developed that "connection" to that actor, I thought I would never have the chance to see him, because he was on the other side of the earth.
And now, I`m gonna see him in a few weeks from now; things surely have taken a direction, I could never have foreseen.
And back then, when I had a crush on this musical-singer, he had seemingly disappeared from the face of earth, but I just knew he would re-appear, and some years ago he did; I could actually talk to him and find some emotional closure.
And those things were absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to happen; but I was supposed to meet him, thank him and then leave the past behind.
And if it`s "written" in your life script, it will happen.
I am not so sure about "Happily ever after" though. lol But even that is possible. Just my two cents.


Oh, I hate to destroy IQ`s statistic of how you don´t have tight connections with actors, but this first one, the musical-singer, had actually some very interesting aspects to my chart (his Sun sextile my Moon, square my Saturn, sextile my Karma; His Saturn trine my Pluto and sextile my True Node; His Pluto squares my ASC; His SN conjuncts my Moon; His True Node sextiles my Karma; His Karma conjuncts my PoM; orbs are all under 1°).
And he also made a deep impression on me.
So, I guess, I had to meet him, because there were some spiritual ties between us; we also have both an Isis-Osiris-conjunction natally.
But even if I was strongly drawn to him, it was like a mild breeze compared to the storm, this other actor has been unleashing inside of me. Wow, if he was someone normal, someone I had met on the street, I would have fallen instantly and passionately in love with him; I guess.

To keep that on topic: here those Isis / Osiris-aspects:

My Isis conjunct his Mercury (0)
My Isis sextile his Venus (1)
My Isis conjunct his Mars (0)
My Isis sextile his Uranus (3)
My Isis quinkunx his Osiris (0)

His Isis trine my Sun (0)
His Isis trine my Mercury (1)
HIs Isis opposite my LIlith (2)
His Isis square my Valentine (1)
HIs Isis opposite my Psyche (2)


My Osiris conjuncts his Mercury (0)
My Osiris sextile his Venus (2)
My Osiris conjuncts his Mars (1)
My Osiris quinkunx his Osiris (1)
My Osiris sextile his Lust (2)

His Osiris quinkunx my Venus (2)
HIs Osiris trine my Neptune (1)
His Osiris sextile my Pluto (0)
HIs Osiris trine my True Node (1)
His Osiris trine my Lust (1)
HIs Osiris trine my Ascendant (2)

And the Draconic Connections are:

My draconic Isis opposite his natal Moon (2)
My draconic Isis trine his natal Isis (2)
My draconic Isis square his natal Isis (2)
My draconic Isis trine his draconic Valentine (2,5)
My draconic Isis conjunct his draconic PoF (1)
my draconic Isis conjunct his SN (1)
my natal Isis conjunct his draconic Osiris (just under 1)

His draconic Isis sextile my natal Valentine (0)
His draconic Isis conjunct my natal PoF (1)
His natal Isis trine my draconic Venus (0)
HIs natal Isis trine my draconic Isis (2)
His natal Isis trine my draconic Osiris (1)
HIs natal Isis conjunct my draconic PoM (1)


my draconic Osiris oposite his natal Moon (2)
my draconic Osiris trine his draconic VAlentine (2)
my draconic Osiris conjuncts his draconic PoF (2)
my draconic Osiris conjunct his natal SN (2)
my natal Osiris conjuncts his draconic Osiris (2)
my natal Osiris conjuncts his draconic PoM (3,5° - so probably too wide)

His draconic Osiris conjuncts my natal Venus (3)
His draconic Osiris sextile my natla Jupiter (2)
His draconic Osiris square my natal Pluto (0)
His draconic Osiris trine my natal PoM (2)
HIs natal Osiris sextile my draconic Moon (2)
His natal Osiris square my draconic Saturn (2)
His natal Osiris sextile my draconic Karma (2)
HIs natal Osiris trine my draconic Cupid (2)

Phew, what a long list. Isis and Osiris seem to be quite intertwined in our charts, and the natals and draconic together make some interesting Double whammies like:

Isis - Mercury
Isis - Venus
Isis - Osiris (what should I think about this one??)
Isis - Valentine

Osiris - Venus
Osiris - True Node
Osiris - PoM

And some of them are really interesting conjunctions. I mean, I am sure it means something that my natal Isis / Osiris-conjunction falls smack onto his draconic Osiris.


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posted June 03, 2007 07:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

WOW!!!!!!! That essay is awesome! I can really relate to everything you wrote! It is so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it with me, with us!
I've always felt like that... I am not the kind of person who could live happily in reality, without questioning what's really behind all of this... At some point, I came to the conclusion that reality is actually the dream that we live, that it is not real... It is just a play, and we are all actors (hehe)... too bad some of us took the role too serious and got tangled up in it. But I like your vision on it, too ("There`s life inside a dream, but life is not a dream").

"It`s almost like my younger SElf had written that because she knew I would need to be re-mind-ed of that. I needed to re-member and that girl I once have been, needed to be re-call-ed."
I felt like this, too... and not too long ago. I needed to remember all the dreams I've had for myself, for my life, all my principles and my ideals that I was preparing to give away... Thank God I didn't! I feel at peace with myself now, even though I have destroyed everything that previously sustained me. Sure, everybody thinks I've gone nuts and they have abandoned me, but my decision makes perfect sense to me - I am staying true to myself.
And speaking of dreams, your essay remembered me of an e-mail I once received - it contained 21 profound sentences and one of them was:
"Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much."

I hope you will keep us posted on the actor situation. It sure seems fated! I wish you lots of luck with that! Life is really amazing, anything can happen! I am so amazed by the connections I feel with some of the knowflakes here, though I've never met any of you! But that didn't stop me to feel moved by your stories, to be inspired by your lives, to learn from all of you!

I am an artist and my life is my masterpiece

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posted June 03, 2007 09:32 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi EightMoon,

Yes, im with my guy for almost a year now.
But its not as easy as a person imagine.
We live apart for now, so we´re in a longdistance for now ( but thanls God we´re in the same country and little fortunately hihihi).

I dont know if you´re with yours now but you cant loose hope!


Really you´re totally right!Nothing is impossible and youre ssurelly going to meet your musician soulmate.
The dreams you had keep hold on tight to them and be aware of all your dreams,they are always important ones when concernign to that guy.
I´ve also had dreams of past lifes with my bf,im sure they are cause deep inside me i KNOW it. Mind and brains and head are not the key word here.Our heart,and soul and spirit are.When we dream like that,with that person withou meeting in person but that we know when were deaming that we LIVED that many time ago...its our spirit telling us our deepest secrets (uncounscious memories and past life situations).

Im so glad that you feel connected to what i say! I only write what i feel and what i have passed in my own life.
I love psycology but im not in that area
Dont be like that, youre not a depressive person.
The Bull isnt just in the right time for him to "put it all tigether" in his head,and mostly in his HEART.
yOURE feeling dismoralized cause he doesnt has your AWARE of whats happenong.Its a mateter of fear and not a lack of LOVE or FeEELING from him
For instance,when i met my John ( only online)- I 1st felt afraid cause im not the type of person who gives my trust to a person so instantly ( and by the net!!!).Time passed and i sw myself drawned to him like a magnet,i knew he also was.We both felt afraid of those feelings , so sudden,so unexpected, so ackward...I thought: he´s away from me, i dont really know him...BUT I DO!!! - i was getting insane- cause he said the same thing to me.

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posted June 03, 2007 09:33 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Ive opened myself totally to him,even before i met him in person and he did the same.That wasnt a very sane thign to do,regarding the social concerns noawadays.Everyone , my friends and family thought i was getting totally mad when i said to them: im gonna meet him and you cant do nothing ti prevent it!- i was aways the girl who was sweet,nice and didnt do anything crazy or sudden.
He dreamt of me before he met me ( online and in person).He felt the urge to send me an email cause he said looking into my eyes - awaken something in him,something deep and powerfull but yet unknowned - i wasnt surprised cause I too felt it.
He one day turned on his webcam and in the 1st time i eard his laught, it was a huge feeling,and i got cheelies and stared into the camera while he has looking straigt to it. I knew then,with sure that i coukdnt run away - and that i didnt wanted to - cause that moment is the moment we know everything we lived till there was a preparation to that moment.
The moment of the awakening.
I fighted against many things to be with him and he also - he suffered a lot in his life and i admire him so much,i know he loves me.

You see,we are given the instruments to be happy, but it takes us to DO something with them.
We can never loose HOPE.
i ALWAYS THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER EVER FEEL this way,for a person,and DO for a person.
But it happened.It was almost impossible for me many time ago when i thought about it - BUT HAPPENED

I knw you all will be with your soulmates.First with a spiritual bond,unbreakable.Then the meeting will happen in the right time and place.Then...will start the real path torwards LIFE

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posted June 03, 2007 09:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
OHHH I forgot to ask something:

I was too fascinated by the Sabians.
Where( of the charts) and what planets/placements should we look at the Sabians when regarding our relationships?

The asc/sun/moon ? In the sinastry? IN composite?

Theres so much SABYANS i dont know on which to look for hihihihi

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posted June 03, 2007 10:46 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for EighthMoon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
OK girls! Izo...I'm right with you in feeling like there's an amazing sort of "coincidence" in that we're all looking for our soulmates due to dreams and spiritual connections. I mean...I've had this connection with this guy for years...why all of a sudden would I have to pursue it now and find LindaLand at the same time!? LOVED your poem. And it made me so happy to think that there are others like me out there! Sometimes I think I must be crazy...because it seems like the rest of the world doesn't seem to have these things happening to them! that you're with your guy! It gives us all inspiration! Have you ever done a chart of your relationship according to Magi? (I posted that question on another thread, but can't rem. which one!)

Izo...I don't know what the background is with your Taurus. The one thing I DO know about Taurus men is that everything has to happen in THEIR time, when THEY are ready. It's kind of an alpha male thing. Oh...and they WILL make you wait!

((( GIRLS! )))

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posted June 03, 2007 11:43 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

You made me blush

yes i know,its one of the posts of kiron, i think.

Regarding Magi,yes,i´ve red it sometime ago and i looked at the sinastry and 1st meeting chart.
Oh the 1st meeting, we had Transit kiron conjuncting natal kiron;T.Kiron squaring venus (not so good),trining isis and MC.
T.Venus was linking moon,venus,squaring neptune,linkin pallas,lilith,karma,union,valentine,and Asc.
T jup was squaring kiron(not so good);
THE 1ST Meeting Chart as Magi says is the one that rulles the relationship untill the 2 persons become intimate with each other.
The next chart would be the Relationship chart of the day they became intimate - the one that now is rulling mine.
For instance, if marriage occurs,the chart is the one of the marriage day.
Well,now our chart it had :
-T.Jup linkin venus,neptune,Saturn,pluto,Valentine.
-T.Kiron linkin Neptune,Kiron,PF,Ceres.;but opposing venus and Jup.

Kiron was linking moon,isis and osiris.

Regarding Composite:

- Kiron linkin sun,moon,mercury,mars,lilith,Kaali,isis.
-Kiron opposes Jup and uranus and juno.

Regarding our sinastry we have(within 3ºorb):

- His kiron links my moon,kiron,mercury,neptune,pluto,and Asc.
- My Kiron links his sun,mercury,venus.
-We also have a DW on uranus/kiron opposition ( but here on LL people told it was because of age proximity).
- We also have the venus/kiron square which is supposed not to be so good ( the exception is when the 2 persons born with kirons hard aspects,which we both have it in our natals ).

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posted June 03, 2007 03:52 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

I am glad you like my essay. Sometimes such things just sip out of me, and I don`t even know where they have come from.
But yes, this is what I firmly believe, emotions are always real, no matter what incident - a dream, a film, a book, a person- triggered them. And while we explore our emotions they can teach us tremendously much about ourselves. I just had forgotten that I already had known that. lol

However, I also think that you can be linked with soulmates over your mind.
What I don`t know is if this only works if both people know each other and are aware of each other.
But then again, maybe what we know in our conscious mind is far less than what our soul is aware of.
I liked your metaphor of life as a play. Yes in a way I see it like this. We are all actors in our own plays, and isn`t this fascinating?

"s life inside a dream, but life is not a dream")."
That is one of the things that still puzzle me. What did I mean by that`? I mean, I should know, since I wrote that. But that sentence must have come out of my subconsciousness, and noone made an effort to explain its meaning to my conscious mind.

"I needed to remember all the dreams I've had for myself, for my life"
It sounds as if you were preparing for a leap forwards.

"I feel at peace with myself now, even though I have destroyed everything that previously sustained me. Sure, everybody thinks I've gone nuts and they have abandoned me, but my decision makes perfect sense to me - I am staying true to myself."
Do you feel like talking about it more detailed? I can relate to it very much, I think. So, if you liked to talk about and don`T want to do it here, you could email me at

"Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much."
So true. I once have watched a film, and one sentence got stuck with me: "If you cheat on your dreams, you`re beginning to die."

"I hope you will keep us posted on the actor situation. It sure seems fated!"
The absolute insane thing is I feel like I am in love. I mean, I try to keep that in check, because of logic, realistic thoughts and all that. But truth is I feel like I am truely and deeply in love with him. Maybe those feelings stem from past life scenarios, because even without really knowing him I feel like I have known him forever, and I have loved him forever.
Oh Jesus, this is crazy fangirl-talk, but still, it`s what I feel, so I guess it`s my emotional reality.
I don`t even know why I am writing this on a forum, where everyone can read that and think what a fool I am.
I just can`t keep any of my feelings inside anymore. I have bottled them up for so long, and my defenses were very high, but now, that the walls are crumbling to dust, there`s nothing to keep that emotional overflow at bay. So I may say things in my enthusiasm that I should not say publicly. But I feel very safe and protected here, and I want to share this. (And now I just had the feeling I had already written that, like a Deja vu, but I haven`t, have I?)

"I've never met any of you! But that didn't stop me to feel moved by your stories, to be inspired by your lives, to learn from all of you!"
Yes, I feel exactly the same. I feel inspired, warmed and all of you give me so much hope. It`s amazing.


no, for once I wasn`t really talking about my musical man. I really have found emotional closure concerning him, no matter how strange the coincidences were that made us almost meet. Fact is, we just ALMOST met, and there is a reason for that. I truely think we are soulmates in a way; I still can see the surprise in his eyes, when we actually met in person. He had never seen me before, and yet there was something in his eyes and in the way he held my hand a little bit too long. Of course I could only imagine this, but it was a strong energetic flow between us. HOwever, I know that we are probably not meant to meet again, and I finally accepted that, and let him go. In a way he held me back in the past, when it was time for me to move on on my spiritual path.

Those dreams are about an actor. Well, it must sound weird, a musical man and an actor, maybe you think I am just indulging in ususal celebrity crushes a bit too much. But it is not like this. I have had my fair share of celebrity crushes: Gerry Butler for instance, but I never felt like this about them. And I never had such strange intense dreams and past life flashbacks or dreams.

I think your story is so beautiful, amazing. That is what true love can do to you, I guess. It makes you open up without any restraint, even though you may have been the most suspicious, careful, defensive person before.

Eighth Moon,

I will email you soon.


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posted June 04, 2007 12:49 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for EighthMoon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Sounds like you have some strong connections here too, Diandra! That's awesome. I posted some of mine and the soul mate's on the other thread (about Chiron connections).

Got the e mail Dark, and e mailed you back!

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posted June 04, 2007 09:53 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi EightMoon

Yeah, regarding Magi we really have some great aspects in our sinastry.
Astrologers say Kiron has to do with healing wounds,i find that really beautiful!

What are yours concerning Kiron?have you already analised them?
It looks like you can have a lot also

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posted June 04, 2007 11:18 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for EighthMoon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Thanks for the link on Magi. It was great information.

(I posted this on the Chiron Connections thread.)

I have a grand water trine and his Venus falls into it.

My Sun 26.46
My Chiron 25.45

My Neptune 24.14
His Juno 25.52

My Jupiter 24.27
His Venus 23.54

His Chir Pisc 16.46 opp my Pluto Virg 19.08
His Chir opposite his Pluto Virgo 13.50
His Chir trine his moon Canc 16.20
His Chir trine his Nept Scorp 15.25

In the declinations:
His Chiron 0S38 CP my Chiron 1N38
P my sun 1S17
P my Saturn 1S14

(Hope that Saturn "captivation" isn't as bad as they say!)

His Jupiter 18N06 CP my Neptune

His Jupiter 18N06 P my Pluto 18N22
His Venus 18N48
His Pluto 18N53

There are lots more, but these are the majors!


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posted June 04, 2007 12:14 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Well,if your kiron and sun are conjunct,and his kiron P your Sun ( assuming that parallels are the same as conjunctions);then you could have a grand trine envolving your both kirons,which by Magi is supposed to be SOOO GOOD!

lOOK at your natals in them any conjunct or parallels envolving his kiron and his other planet; your sun/kiron envloving any your planet;and then if theres a planet in common whcih conjunt/P both your sun/kiron and his kiron.

You have a sun/kiron (cinderella and trust linkage)
2 Linkages of Loyalty

Ive psent many time looking at natals and sinastry cause of Magi.
Regarding grand trines you could miss them cause you can have a conj.Grand trine,a Grand trine with only trines;a Mystical tryne (a skuare,quicunx and a trine) etc!

Dont forget that quicunks/inconjuncts are also a LINKAGE

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posted June 04, 2007 01:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for EighthMoon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
The biggie is the placement of his Venus in my grand trine, according to Magi.

This means:

His Venus trine my Chiron (Cinderella)
His Venus trine my Sun (Cupid)
His Venus conj my Jupiter
His Venus trine my Neptune (Romance Linkage)

His Juno forms a lot of the same aspects...Wife or Mistress? It's almost an even game at this point.

Also, his Jupiter 25.52 forms a "kite" to the grand water trine. Under normal circumstances, Magi doesn't consider sextiles, unless it forms an angle to another linkage like this.

I remember reading somewhere on the Magi site that you can have a "Magi triangle" in the declinations if 3 or more of the planets are parallel/contrap. We have the 4...of course one of them had to be Saturn. At least it's in the declinations and not at a bad angle to Chiron in the longitudes!

We also have 5 golden linkages and lots more in declination.

I wanted SO much to meet him this summer, but according to Magi, we have some bad Saturn transits going on right now.

Transiting Saturn will be quincunxing my Sun and Chiron and squaring his Jupiter (that pesky nuclear aspect).

Too bad they don't have an emoticon that's bawling it's eyes out for that one!


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posted June 04, 2007 01:50 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Go for it then!!! - but not just this summer hihihi
I really dont know many thing about the transits you astrologer said to me i was having owful transit untill 2011 about love/idealistic/impossible/dreams..and I completely got mad
Then i came here posted my chart and knowflakes said it wasnt like that at all :P
and some said also that Saturn transits only causes us to see the truth ( well,maily trhough a 1st period of pain)- but then its OK.
really, i dont know what to think of Saturn Transits - Magy says awful things about that kiron/saturn clash but you know what?
Jonnhy Cash and his soulmate had it in their sinastry and look to where they reached together - the Stars

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posted June 04, 2007 02:14 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

did you check your heliocentric charts?
ACcording to magi they are as important as the geocentric.

You inspired me to have a closer look at the magi-style-synastry, and I found something interesting.

My Chiron exactly quinkunx his Juno
My Chiron contraparallel his Venus
HIs Chiron trine my Sun
His Chiron trine my Mercury
HIs Chiron contraparallel my Moon
His Chiron contraparallel my Uranus
His Chiron contraparallel my Juno (0.0!)


My Sun parallel his Mars
My Sun contraparallel his Vesta
My Venus parallel (and conjunct) his Mars
My Venus contraparlalel his Vesta
My Mercury parallel his Mars
My Mercury contraparallel his Vesta

My Moon parlalel his Moon
My Moon contraparallel his Pluto
My Moon parallel his True NOde
My Moon contraparlalel his Juno
My Uranus parlallel (and conjunct) his Moon
My Uranus parallel his True Node
My Uranus contraparallel his Chiron
My Pluto contraparlalel his Moon
My Pluto contraparlalel his True NOde
My Pluto parallel his Chiron

My Mars parallle his Sun
My Mars parlalel his Neptune
My Saturn contraparlalel his Sun (ouch)
My Saturn contraparallel his Neptune (double ouch)
My Neptune parallel his Sun
My NEptune parallel his Mercury
my True Node parallel his Sun
My True Node parallel his Neptune
My Vesta parallel his Sun
My Vesta contraparallel his Vesta
My Ascendant parallel his Sun (0.01)
My Ascendant parlalle his Neptune

My Jupiter parallel his Chiron
(I have a Jupiter-Chiron-contraparallel natally and his Venus links to it)

My Jupiter is also conjunct his Venus
My Pluto is quinkunx his Venus

Oh, yes, and we have also a Kite, I think.

There is a Grand trine of

My Moon 17°
His Pluto 14°
His IC / my Karma 14° / 16°

And his Saturn 15° makes an opposition to my Moon
His Neptune 15° / and his Karma 18° makes an opposition to his Ic and my Karma

Hmm, I wonder why I didn`t notice that before.
A Kite (well, actually two Kites) involving Moon, Neptune, Pluto, IC, Saturn, and both Karmas. Of course Netpune and Pluto are generational planets, but the fact that it involves my Moon and his IC, really fast objects, gives it some significance, doesn`t it?
What do you think?

Oh, I mentioned the heliocentrics.
In the heliocentric we have also a Venus-Chiron-contraparallel / or latitude (so it`s transdimensional) and also his Jupiter is latitude my Chiron (so we have that Venus-Chiron-Jupiter thing in both dimensions). ´
His Chiron is latitude my Earth (that`s like Sun) and Mars.

What do you think does that mean?


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posted June 04, 2007 08:44 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for EighthMoon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

You're such a sweetie! Well if Johnny and June can swing it....

I am very excited to see him. "The waiting is the hardest part!" (A little Tom Petty)

Dark...looks like you have lots of great Magi synastry as well!

I haven't looked into the heliocentrics at all. Do you look for the same connections within a 3 degree orb?

Oh...did you get my response to your e mail?


If IQ comes here, I'd love to get his 2 cents on Saturn transits! Should I put off meeting this man because of them?

I LOVE LINDA LAND! I'm learning so much!


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posted June 05, 2007 12:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for jane     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
EighthMoon -

Check out your name asteroid w/ I & O and see if it makes any connections. (And his name asteroid if it's there.)

We don't have too much going on with that. That's cool though that you've noticed that link with names and I & O in your synastry. It seems to me like different couples have different themes.

I wanted to meet him this summer, but due to the horrible SATURN transits, I'm thinking it may be a bad time.

Saturn gets such a bad rap, and it's probably deserved in a way, but I like that Saturn keeps everything real. It reminds me of Sinatra's song, "NY, NY" when he says if he can make it there he can make it anywhere. If you can make it through a hard Saturn, you can make it through anything! "Saturn, Saturn" . I'd like to know asap if a relationship has the mettle to get through the tough times, but I can understand not wanting to begin the relationship in such a trying time. I like a challenge though, so I'd probably tell Saturn to hit me with his best shot. My SO and I have some nasty Saturn squares in our composite, and I have felt its effect, but we've gotten through it and I'm grateful that I now have an honest understanding of who we are as a couple.

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posted June 05, 2007 12:54 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for jane     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Izo -

And you won't believe the Sabian associated with my DC:
23-24 deg Cancer
A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Seas

lmao! And you got the good kind of threesome! What site did you get that Sabian from?

I just checked my Sabian for my DC. I no likey!!

Tau 05 A youthful widow, fresh and soul-cleansed from grief, kneels at a grave to receive the secret of eternal life.

How come you get the hot island threesome and I get widowhood? No fair. Well, I do get the secret of eternal life, big whoopdeedo.

BTW, you've got loads of nice I & O aspects. Your Osiris and Karma double whammy is especially nice.

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posted June 05, 2007 08:22 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Jane,

look here´s the site with the Sabyan Symbols:

MY ASC and my Bf´s Sun Sabyan is:

"A Man Watches His Ideals Taking A Concrete Form Before His Inner Vision"- it looks quite beautiful but to tell the truth dont know very well what it means hihihi

My bf´s ASc and my Union says:
Greek Muse Weighing Newborn Twins In Golden Scales" -

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posted June 05, 2007 08:39 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for jane     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks for the link Diandra. What a coincidence. I've been to cafeastrology many times, but never saw that page, and today alone 2 people shared its link with me.

Those are some pretty sabians. Maybe the first one means that you embody his personality's ideal woman? Sounds good to me.

Not sure what the 2nd could mean.

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posted June 05, 2007 09:01 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
You´re welcome Jane

There´s no coincidences..

Yes the 1st seems nice;im going to analyse more in detail now these Sabyans cause i think tell more about past lifes and that matter fascinates me so much

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posted June 05, 2007 09:09 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Here's more on Sabians:

They have an oracle there, I saved some of the descriptions of the Sabians , just so I can have an idea about what they mean.

Ideals are not only bought into the light of reality but they are being put to the test. This is a good time to visualize your thoughts and feelings. Doing this will make it possible to project your creative ideas out into the real world. What you thought would happen can happen. Watching your 'Ideals' unfolding, you'll see them coming into physical reality.
A vivid confrontation with one's objectives. Meditations and affirmations. The need to be careful to know what's wanted. Writing and getting published. Designs and plans coming to fruition.
The Caution: Being dissatisfied with the manifestation of what was thought to be the true ideal. Being careful what you ask for.

CANCER 28-29
In a creative or intuitive way you may be pressed into making judgments and decisions, but the elements of your judgment are, in many ways, exactly the same. The choices are confusing because they essentially lead to the same result. This situation is brand new, maybe the answer lies in taking an intuitive `punt', or waiting for the solutions to become more clear-cut.
Comparisons and similarities. Weighing things up. The law and lawyers. Seeking subtle differences.
The Caution: Expressing judgmental opinions about things that are essentially equal. Being nit-picky. Constantly weighing things up instead of just accepting them.

I am an artist and my life is my masterpiece

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posted June 05, 2007 09:20 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

My Amor´s Sabyan is :"In The Quiet Of His Study A Creative Individual Experiences A Flow Of Inspiration"

And yesterday i was talking about how my bf is my inspiration into my writtings

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