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Author Topic:   Isis and Osiris
posted June 05, 2007 09:41 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
there is no surprise there! There's nothing like true love to get a person inspired!
I was looking for a thread and I finally found it... since you're so interested in the connection between Sabians and past lives:

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posted June 05, 2007 09:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I was looking for your posts, I got so lost and didn't know on which thread to reply. Must be the few sleep hours. I would love to discuss these matters with you!!! I will e-mail you next week, after I'm through with my exams and (hopefully) I'll get my pc fixed. All the best to you!


I am an artist and my life is my masterpiece

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posted June 05, 2007 10:31 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Hi! I only saw your post now.
Youre so sweet by checking these sabyan meanings,thabk you so much!

im going to read the thread,hope iŽll understand it hihih ( the sabyanŽs are quite mysterious arent they?- i think thats why it fascinastes me)

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posted June 05, 2007 11:16 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

I got a bit confused and lost, too.
Asteroids, magi astrology, soulmates, Sabians - I kind of lost track of what we were talking about. WEll, I guess about everything at the same time. lol
I`m looking forward to read your email.

HOwever, I checked my Sabians like IQ suggested in that other thread about past lives.

My Heliocentric earth: frost covered trees against winter sky
Well, that doesn`t sound too good, does it? But in a way I think it`s a beautiful image, cool, but also clear.

My True Node:
In the left section of an archaic temple a lamp burns in a container formed like a human body
I don`t know why, but this one gave me real goosebumps. What does it mean?

The one opposite Saturn: a repressed woman finds psychological release in nudism
I don`t know why, but this made me laugh.

Saturn: The Unfoldment Of Multilevel Potentialities Issuing From An Original Germ

And the one opposite Pluto:
A teacher gives new symbolic form to traditional images

And I also checked the one for my Vertex (it`s actually the same as the sabian for my Eros):
A young woman awaiting a sailboat
(That one was actually like a jolt of energy into my solarplexus; I reacted very emotionally to it.)


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posted June 05, 2007 11:25 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Eighth Moon,

yes, I`ve got your answer to my email, and I will email you back asap, but right now I`m drowned in work, with all those classtests, exams and marks I have to give. *sighs* WEll, I guess it`s part of my job to do that. Actually I have no idea where my energy to do all this work and write on the forum comes from. Must be that delicious Aries-Mars.

Regarding the helio`s.
Well, I use 3° orb for longitudes and 0°18 for latitudes. I am not really sure, if those really work. Haven`t researched that.


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posted June 05, 2007 11:26 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
EighthMoon wrote:
<<One of the things that I noticed for me and my guy was that Isis, Osiris, and my name asteroid seemed to "appear" together. This person and myself had a weird connection...I dreamed of him before seeing him, and the first time he saw me, he freaked out...but we never spoke (after running into eachother a bunch of times for 15 years). He was out of the country during the last lunar eclipse. I didn't even know it was a lunar eclipse, but had this URGE to write down the 15 years worth of "coincidences" and send it to him. He responded through a friend. I checked Isis and Osiris (and our name asteroids) for that time and was blown away.They are also very predominant right now (Blue Moon). So....we'll see what happens next!
I wanted to meet him this summer, but due to the horrible SATURN transits, I'm thinking it may be a bad time. Hmmm...Saturn transits...maybe my next post!
Check out your name asteroid w/ I & O and see if it makes any connections. (And his name asteroid if it's there.) I'm curious to see if we're on to something! (IQ would be so proud.)

Indeed, Isis-Osiris in the charts of soul mates will make interesting connections to other planets and asteroids. It is a divine gift of giving clues. Name Asteroid links encourage further exporation of the relationship. Saturn return is a great time to get married because we learn responsbility. Those who are honest to others and to themselves need never fear a Saturn Return. Saturn returns cleanse negative karmic debts. Marriage to the right person can occur only after several negative debts are repaid. Plan B is to release negativity before the Saturn return and watch the unfolding of your divine plan, which may include marriage.

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posted June 05, 2007 01:39 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for EighthMoon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
IQ...thank you SO much, as always for your insight.

Jane...loved your input on Saturn!!!

I had a fear, after reading the Magi site, of "natalizing" the bad Saturn transits into our relationship. One day at a time!

In regards to the Isis/Osiris/Kaali/Siva connections and dreams....WOW. I checked into the date that I first dreamed of my guy (before laying eyes on him) to see what transits were happening. I've had many dreams of a prophetic nature, but that one took the cake. It set me on my spiritual path that changed my life and sent me in his direction!

It took place in Egypt (couldn't find an asteroid w/ that name) but the pyramids were in it and I did find "Giza."

I found that Giza 23Cap20 is conjunct my Isis 22Cap57 and Osiris 20Cap3 natally!

Check out the transits on that day:


~Opp his Sun 9Vir42, Merc 9Vir58, & Uran 10Vir24
~Conj Transiting Venus 7Pisc24
Conj His Vesta 9Pisc33
~Trine My Name Asteroid 6Scorp34
Trine His Siva 5Scorp26
Trine Trans Utopia 5Scorp21
Trine His Valentine 5Scorp9


~Conj His Kaali 26Vir4
Conj His Union 27Vir58
~Opp My Sun 26Pisc46
Opp Trans Sun 29Pisc38
Opp My Utopia 28Pisc50
Opp My Chiron 25Pisc45 (4 degree orb)
Opp Trans Conscience 27Pisc10
Opp Trans Spirit 26Pisc10
~Trine My Vesta 29Scorp30
Trine My DNA 27Scorp27
~Square His North Node 28Gem22R


~Conj His Isis 3Canc19
~Opp His Amor 4Cap38
Opp Trans DNA 7Cap0
~Square My Saturn 1Aries45
~Trine His Saturn 1Pisc02
Trine My Mercury 4Pisc33
Trine My Messenger 3Pisc15


~Opp My Isis 22Cap57
Opp My Osiris 20Cap3
Opp My Giza 23Cap20
~Conj My Jupiter 24Canc27
Conj My MC 24Canc55
Conj His Venus 23Can54
Conj My Child 22Can35
Conj My Karma 21Can16
~Trine My Sun 26Pisc46
Trine My Chiron 25Pisc45
Trine Trans Juno 24Pisc1
Trine My Nept 24Scorp14
Trine His Karma 20Scorp30 (4 deg)
Trine His Juno 25Scorp1


~Conj Trans Messenger 13Leo3
Conj My Angel 11Leo48R
~Sextile My Moon 11Gem48 (same deg as Ang)
~Opp Trans Saturn 14Aqu15
Opp Trans Union 14Aqu41
Opp His Vertex 12Aqu20
Opp My Amor 12Aqu40
~Trine Trans Amor 13Aries17
Trine Trans Merc 10Aries43
~Square His Osiris 12Taur6
Square His Nept 15Scorp25
Square My Ast of His Last Name 14Scorp15R

Had to throw this one in!!!

TRANSITING Asteroid of My Name 15Scorp27R
~Conj My Ast of His Last Name! 14Scorp15R
Conj His Neptune 15Scorp25
~Opp His Osiris 12Taur6
Opp His DNA 15Taur1
~Trine His Chiron 16Pisc46
Trine His Moon 16Canc20
Trine His Giza 14Canc23

~Conj Trans Jupiter 7Virg10
Conj Trans Psyche 6Virg54R
Conj My Siva 4Virg26
Conj My Psyche 5Virg35
~Opp My Name Asteroid 6Scorp34
Opp His Siva 5Scorp26
Opp His Valentine 5Scorp9
Opp Trans Utopia 5Scorp21R
~Trine His P.O.M. 5Taur53
Trine My Valentine 7Taur47
Trine My True Node 7Taur36
Trine His Amor 4Cap38
Trine Trans DNA 7Cap0

To me the main things that really stood out are that Transiting Kaali opposes his Sun and Transiting Siva opposes mine.

Also, all of the Kaali/Siva connections as well as Isis, Osiris, and Karma.

IQ, Jane, Diandra and anyone into asteroids...Is this a lot? (It's the first time I've done synastry with transits.)

Thanks all!


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posted June 05, 2007 07:53 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for EighthMoon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Oops on his last name transit...where I wrote opposites in Scorpio. Ixnay! Sorry!

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posted June 06, 2007 10:54 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Im sorry Eightmoon,

i would like very much to help but i just know to find the aspects - but not necessarily know the meanings of it

Im always looking to Iq on that matters hihih

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posted June 06, 2007 01:44 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Absolutely fascinating.

I confess, I initially developed some cold feet in analyzing Siva, Kaali and Anubis. These are very powerful archetypes. A few months back I discovered complete mathematically irrefutable proof that JFK is the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln. I did this project for However, the two weeks I did the research, life was a total mess. In my dream I saw an SMS in my cellphone asking me not to publish my findings related to proof of JFK's assassination. I held that one back and sent the remaining stuff to the webmaster but he never got back to me after I explained the difficulties I faced during the course of the project. What did he dream of or feel I dont know but I do know for certain that there are some asteroids with names that can be more powerful analytical tools of the occult than any planetray aspect.

I saw this in Samhain Scorpio's chart (David the Hermeticist) and Franz Bardon's chart.
I went further. I checked Blavatsky, Rudhyar, Krishnamurti, Mathers, Crowley, Rasputin, Alan Leo, Sepharial, Paul Foster Case, Dario Sallas, Austin Osman Spare, Leary and Leadbeater.
Anubis and Kaali are quite prominent. Austin Osman for example has precise Anubis trine Siva and Anubis quincunx Kaali. R.A. Wilson has Anubis trine Hekate. Parmahansa Yogananda has Kaali trine Anubis. Timothy Leary has Kaali sq Uranus!

Lets see what we can ultimately unravel about occult Asteroids.

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posted June 06, 2007 04:28 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for EighthMoon     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
TY for responding Diandra and IQ.

I haven't looked into Anubis...what is that asteroid symbolically? I am a bit in awe of Kaali and Siva's influence. I do have the actual date of some of the other spiritual "happenings" that I've experienced. It definitely warrants further investigation.

Fascinating about the JFK/Kennedy, IQ. Maybe it's the method of proof itself that the rest of the world isn't "advanced" enough for yet. Who knows what could be done with that kind of information? You're in tune enough to be guided by a spiritual warning or message...but what of others who wouldn't be? (Must be how Einstein felt when they used his findings in ignorance.)

I'm sure you've read the coincidences that existed between them. That, in and of itself is amazing!

So Anubis deals with matters of the occult...dark matters?

From what I've read Kaali and Siva are kind of like the subconscious realm and the physical manifestation of that realm when together. How does Anubis come into play?

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posted June 06, 2007 04:49 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Peri     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
this is weird I checked someone's chart and this is what we have:

his Isis 17 taurus 28 conjunct my Sun 15 taurus 15 and IC 16 taurus and my true BML 19 taurus

his Siva 19 sag 28 conjunct my Moon 18 sag 49

his Anubis 9 aries 41 conjunct my Venus 9 aries 35

his Kaali 27 libra 49 conjunct my Proserpine 26 libra 51

his name asteroid 0 gemini 38 conjunct my mean BML 1 gemini 19

IS this person dangerous for me?

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posted June 07, 2007 03:45 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Peri,
Anubis conjunct Venus is not a dangerous placement. Anubis seems to signify "Spiritual Son". Or "Occult Magnetic Energy Child", whatever that means. I only know the tip of the iceberg as I am not an initiate.
Anubis has been very lucky for me. I think he rules the knowledge of dark matters whilst guarding souls from the dangers of the occult.

For danger, you must check NEMESIS and PANDORA. If someone's NEMESIS squares your Sun or Moon, be on guard.

Also, If a man's Pluto squares your Proserpine or Nessus squares your Venus, never be alone with him, especially when transit Mars afflicts his natal Mars. Something tells me these are the rapist placements.

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posted June 07, 2007 04:11 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Peri     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
thanks IQ, what about Siva conjunct Moon? Will this person help me to separate my real emotional needs from that of my ego?

Shiva is transcendent and at the same time the Self of each individual. In southern India to worship Shiva one must first purify the body with water before entering the sacred space.

One must then present Shiva with beautiful things that symbolize one's heart and soul. The presents can be incense, flowers or anything of beauty.

The presents must include a ripe coconut which the priest dashes against a stone surface spilling its contents in front of the lingam or idol(Shiva's sign). The nut represents the human skull, the home of the hardened ego. So the act of dashing the coconut represents the sacrifice of the ego to the greater self.

Because the ego strongly defends itself, ego-centered individuals avoid Shiva who demands this sacrifice. Indeed, they may see Shiva as a Devil.

The gods and goddesses, demons and demonesses of India are innumerable. The myths about them are even greater in number. Shiva is outside this polytheistic background.

His worship enables his worshiper to explore their innermost nature and understand the wisdom of ancient history. Carl Gustav Jung might have called Shiva a unique image of the Eurasian collective unconscious.

Shiva is a power capable of shaking lives by sending intuitions, subconscious images from depths beneath our rational consciousness. Shiva is an archetype that works on many levels.

The first image of Shiva is man's recognition of his humanity. That image became the ruler of all other archetypes. It is the key to the mystery of humanity. The West celebrated the Light, the path to liberation, as Christ.

We are not sinful, shameful human creatures who have to somehow earn Spirituality. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience ~ Robert Burney

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posted June 07, 2007 04:18 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
here is something i posted in a thread on my natal chart.

Ancient History and Your Chart

The present position of these three significant points release points for cosmic energy in the universe is:

The Galactic Center -- 26.01 degrees Saggitarius
Supergalactic Center -- 1.65 degrees Libra
The Midpoint -- 17.58 degrees Scorpio

Planets in your chart that form aspects with these centers, represent your relationship to the energies which emanate from them, and particularly relate to the onset and return points of their cycles at 0 degrees Capricorn and Cancer. Thus the events on the historical chart that relate to these positions may have special significance if you have aspects to them.
For example, if you had a Mars, Saturn T-square formed with the present position of the Galactic Center, that might signify that you may suffered a violent death or mishap during the 1st fall of Lemuria or the final fall of Atlantis.
Neptune trine to the Midpoint might mean that you developed great spiritual sensitivity, and paranormal ability (or musical talent) in the Shamballa, Gobi Desert mystery school of Sanat Kumara or with Jesus during the Golden Age of Atlantis.

Historical Chart

Galactic Center
0 d Cap 2,279 AD Near beginning of Aquarian Age
0 d Can 10,657 BC Final Fall of Atlantis
(beginning of the Age of Leo)
0 d Cap 23,593 BC Final rise of Atlantis
0 d Can 36,529 BC Jesus first appears on earth
0 d Cap 49,465 BC The first fall of Lemuria

Supergalactic Center
0 d Cap 8,341 AD A new cosmic age
0 d Can 4,595 BC A Chinese Golden Age (Yellow
0 d Cap 17,531 BC
0 d Can 30,467 BC The Great Flood, Final Fall of
Mu. Maitreya's Mystery
0 d Cap 43,403 BC
0 d Can 56,339 BC An early Golden Age on Mu?


i think that asteroids like SIVA, KAALI, ANUBIS , SEKHMET and others that pertain to ancient civilisations should be analysed in the light of the above.
i know IQHUNK has applied the above to his chart.
IQ it would be nice if u discussed the meaning of some of the Below aspects in my chart, in the Occult context.i m just a baby, i'll try too

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posted June 07, 2007 04:18 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted June 07, 2007 04:18 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

here are the aspects in my chart on the basis of above
i have
Neptune at 25.4 deg Saggitarius bang on the Galactic center.IQ said it helps me get insights,
i must admit that its bang on
but combining this with the other asteroids is positively juicy

asteroid ATLANTIS opposing the Midpoint at 18 taurus
asteroid KAALI at 29.5 gemini conjuncts my Sun in Cancer at 0 deg of Cancer!
also i have a YOD or as i have heard "Finger of god" involving with the Galactic center
Venus at conjunct Chiron ( gateway to higher Self) at 25.3 Taurus
quincunx Pluto at 24.2 Libra
quincunx Neptune at 25.4 Sag.

SIVA in 10 Scorpio opp SEKHMET( same as Kaali for egyptians) in 9 Taurus


ANGEL in 21 Aries conj KArma 19 Aries trines Anubis.20 Leo

( 10 deg of scorpio).

ATLANTIS Quincunx Saturn


KAALI opposes ISIS exactly, which is also joined by SPIRIT and NEPTUNE!at the Galactic center:eek2:

OSIRIS (cap) opposite SPHINX(can) quincunx GIZA (leo)conjunct DNA IN LEO!


in my first mail to IQHUNK i told him i m a wierdo, he very sweetly said i m not. i just have kundalinic currents, now though these aspects must enlighten him as to what i meant.

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posted June 07, 2007 04:34 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
From the point of view of Ancient History , i must be an ancient soul, who lived in the fall of ATLANTIS time era.that time Period is so prominently indicted above.
what chills me though is


IQ, correct me if i m wrong, but was this not the time period of the human DNA experiments?
was this when we were split into 2 sexes unlike the reptiltians?
it might be wishful thinking but i m persistently getting the insight in meditation that my companion in this life, is my Twin soul, and we were last together in that time period.

from a post by IQHUNK --

"' Spirit+Neptune in GC allows you to access the entire knowledge of the galaxy. I wrote some posts whihc showed every super achiever in this world having a direct GC link. Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg etc.""

I am going through a major life -changing Transit since Pluto is at 28.5 SAG!! it is affecting all the above aspects in my chart. all i can say is IQ, i m the best Guinea pig u r ever going to find

Jeff Green calls Pluto "the prime mover, the first cause, or bottom line to which all other planetary factors are linked." That is because Pluto is the bridge to the galactic. Chiron is the bridge between the inner planets ruling the personality dynamic and the outer planets ruling consciousness attunement, and Pluto is the corresponding link to the galactic. Transmutation by means of Chiron will always fail unless the emotions have been cleared and karma has been released.Pluto sometimes functions like Saturn, holding the subconscious energies in check until a vision of ecstasy frees the energy into an eruption; or Pluto functions like the galactic, exploding consciousness into the primordial fireball of the hologram of all matter throughout all time, which implodes into an instant of creation which is the Creator."

when Pluto was Transiting Galactic center at 25 Sag recently it automatically activated my Yod.
I felt what i must describe as an explosion in my Crown felt like i was raptured into a new level of existence. my life ceased to be 3 - Dimensional.pretty much what Jeff Green says above happened( honest)

.only someone who has been thru a transit like that can understand.i am not 1 % of the person i was all these years .until then i was an athiest closed to all this Cuckoo stuff as people call it.i was as NORMAL and UNSPIRITUAL as they come. but the fact is have never been ME more than this Before.Pluto being the soul, is bringing out of the underground all the qualities that i have and have not incarnated with
As said above i was an athiest, i turned almost overnight in a TantrifiedDivine Feminine worshipper.

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posted June 07, 2007 04:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
from a post by IQHUNK
You have a lot of Kundalini-Shakti, you can attain miracles if you master its control.
Look at ISIS opp KAALI. The ultimate position for awarness of full feminine Shakti.

exactly , but until recently yours truly was like a child standing outside the window of a candy shop, staring longingly at the world of possibilities inside,

then came these these transits, (( okay, i have to admit i found ur asteroid fixation Einsteinsh, i was a non believer, i mean come on ,they r chhooo smaall compared to jupiter and the sun))

31 Mar 2007 | 22 pi 36 |
31 Mar 2007 | 25 pi 57 |
31 Mar 2007 | 11 sa 21 |

31 Mar 2007 | 25 le 28 |

31 Mar 2007 | 24 aq 43 |

31 Mar 2007 | 18 le 30 Rx |

this is what happened,
the first Pluto hit on the G.C. brought, no wait dragged my Consciousness out of the underground.

Pluto Transiting natal ISIS 28 Sag combined with the above unbelievable transits did what my natal chart promised as u pointed out but did not deliver

i was keeping the Navratra in honour of the Goddess ( it is an indian festival ,where people fast and pray to mother Kaali for 9 days). hitting rockbottom i dared her create the miracles u spoke about.

around the above dates i saw a vivid dream, imagine the Mother as u would in complete indian regalia,
telling me to read a particular mantra invoking the power of the Goddess from a moth eaten prayer book that was collecting dust in the attic.i did as i was asked, even though i had gone through that book i was not aware of that mantra until then eeping:

3 days later, i was watching television and saw a segment on Reiki, i googled on it ( was hitherto completely unaware).i found a list of 10 Reiki masters in Mumbai. i called 3 of them, but there was no response. the fourth one answered, a lady, i just told her i wanted to learn, fixed an appointment and landed at her place. i did not know the ABC of Reiki nor did i ask her her credentials ! Turns out she is a Reiki Grandmaster, a Magnified Healing Master, a Shri siddhi yoga Master, a Goddess Healing Guru!!
i have completed the first 2 levels and man it has helped, Healing is a strictly Goddess Area.
my Guru is also going to initiate me into her Tantric Path but i have to be patient.
here is her website

i have written about Reiki in this thread

IQ As for the Miracles u said i can achieve , a lot of them are happening, the synchronities are amazing me, i have a lot more to say on these asteroids , but Rant over for now

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posted June 07, 2007 05:46 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi IQ,

I am absolutely fascinated by your findings concerning JFK and Lincoln.
Interestingly, initially (so about 2 weeks ago; I am SOOO new to this stuff) I also had a peculiar feeling concerning Kaali and Siva. As if there was something dark around them. *sighs* Well, but maybe it`s just that their name, especially Siva, reminds me of a friend from long ago. She was so obsessed with Siva, she even told me that she and me had been living in a past life, where we were worshipping the God. But I betrayed him and ran away with a man. I dunno, maybe that what she told me left a deeper impression than I thought then. After all I remember that after 17 years.

But you also mentioned some other asteroids, and I checked them with that actor.
My pandora trines his Pandora
My pandora conjuncts his Psyche (and Atlantis interestingly)
My Nemesis conjuncts his Moon
My Nemesis conjuncts his True Node
My Proserpina conjuncts his Karma
His NEssus opposite my Venus.

Ouch, does that mean we could harm each other?

Venus de India,

you really have a lot of interesting connections there; I just don`t know how to interprete them. But I can relate to what you have been going through; transit Pluto decided to go back and forth over my natal Sun. And yes, I feel I will never be the same person as I was before. I mean, I had spiritual inclinations before, but this RE-awakening goes beyond everything I have ever believed in or experienced.

I, too, have some interesting connections.

The Galactic Center is conjunct my Sun (0°05)
The GC is also conjunct my Mercury
GC sextile my Psyche
GC conjunct my Merlin
GC conjunct my Sekhmet

Supergalactic Center sextile my Amor

The Midpoint square my Moon (0°41)
The Midpoint trine my Saturn
The Midpoint trine my Juno (0°00)
The Midpoint conjunct my Lancelot (0°11)
The Midpoint opposite my name asteroid (0°00 - gulps, what does THAT mean? I am a midpoint? Midpoint of what?)
The Midpoint opposite my Sphinx
The Midpoint conjunct my Siva

Sekmet is conjunct my Sun, Mercury, Merlin
Atlantis is conjunct my Mars, Neptune, True Node, AScendant
Kaali is opposite Atlantis, Neptune, True Node
Siva is opposite Sphinx and my name Asteroid
Sphinx is conjunct my name.

Hmm, it looks all pretty frightening to be honest, but I don`t know how to interprete it. Any ideas?


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posted June 07, 2007 06:06 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Ultra Fascinating, Venus!
Pluto Transit = Transofrmation. No doubts there. Your Sabians did point to Goddess worship and Tantrik Knowledge. I am sure the Reiki Grandmaster will guide you to controlling the currents in the best way.
You did the right thing in contacting her.
And you are right about Atlantis too.

Hi DD,
I would reserve the explanations till I properly organize them. Then you can interpret everything using the keywords.
Your NEMESIS and NESSUS aspects indicate a past life sex-control-abuse-obsession issue with this actor that is continuing even in this incarnation. Many aspiring actresses have been mistreated right through the film industry's birth. I suspect that you could have been the victim of a casting couch in a past life. I could be 100% wrong too but if you saw dreams to this effect anytime in your childhood or teenage, then this is the most likely situation. I strongly recommend that you deprogram yourself off of this actor. Who is he btw?

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posted June 07, 2007 06:15 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi IQ,

mmh, no, I can`t relate to that casting-couch scenario. And I`m certainly not an aspiring actress.
Maybe it has happened in a past life, but I can`t remember it.
And no, sorry, I don`t wanna tell his name. People have their images of certain actors (as I certainly have mine) and I feel it would complicate things, if I said who it was publicly.

BTW friends of mine have a double whammy conjunction of Nemesis and Chiron (under 1°) - I guess, that`s indicative of wounding each other badly?
I`m wondering, because they actually have a very healing influence on each other.


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posted June 07, 2007 06:35 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thats cool, if you did not dream about it, then it did not happen in a past lfe.
I would suggest you lexigram your name and his name. Also check for numerological patterns. What if his birthdate is a number 7 and yours is also number 7? Things like that. I hope he is not John Travolta or Tom Cruise because these two are brainwashed by Scientology.

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posted June 07, 2007 07:21 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

very relieved to hear that.
I actually did a little, little research on the Nessus-Venus-aspect, which worried me a bit.
I found that my mother and my father have an exact Venus-Nessus-square, and they certainly are one very happy couple.
Also, my favourite celebrity soulmate - couple, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, have his Nessus opposite her Venus, but it seems they are quite happy, too.

I don`t know how to make a lexigram, sorry.
I compared our numbers via numerology.
Funny, that you mentioned the 7; the 7 is an allimportant number to me.
It`s my name number and I have been born at 7 minutes past 7 a.m. (it`s correct, it`s my official birthtime).
His birthday consists of some 7`s. The number of his first name is 7.
Also, the number of his vowels, his soul-urge, is 7.
The number of my soul-urge is 5, which is the number of his attitude.
My personality-number is 11 / 2, which is his life path number (his birthdate).
My attitude is 3, which is his personality number.

So we have:

My Soul-urge = his attitude
my personality = his life-path
My expression = his soul-urge
My attitude = his personality
My destiny (whole name) = his soul-urge
my attitude = his destiny

The only numbers that are different, are my birthday 9 and his birthday 4, his name 1 (even though my family name reduces to a 1), and my birthdate 33 / 6 (but even though there is no 6 in his numbers, there`s the 3 as personality number and destiny number).

And no, it is not John Travolta or Tom Cruise. You got me grinning widely here. I have had my encounter with scientology when I was 15 and they tried to "get" me, but even though I didn`t know anything about scientology back then, I got so angry talking to that woman. She tried to mindcontrol me. Can you imagine that? She tried to mindcontrol ME???? How dared she? Telling me what I think and what I SHOULD think, noone is allowed to do that.
Sorry, got distracted here, but I don`t like the feeling of being manipulated.


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Hmmm, I have to re-analyze the Nessus-Venus dynamics. Mythologically, Nessus is a centaur who attempts to rape Heracles' wife.
But he also helps her check the fidelity of her husband. So there is plenty of good too.
Lets see. Am so glad that you escaped the mind control cults!

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