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Author Topic:   Tertiary Progressions

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    Hi, some of you might have noticed that AstroD has re-organized the drop down menu in the extended charts section. They are including Tertiary Progressions. For those interested here is some info about this- first from Noel Tyl:
Management of Measurement Constructs

Tertiary Progressions
Tertiary Progressions have nothing to do with Solar Arcs in terms of calculation or theory, but they are part of the family of symbolic measurement of time. Where Primary Directions were based upon the movement of one degree at the Midheaven, i.e., four minutes of time after birth, as an equation for one year of life, and where Secondary Progressions and Solar Arcs equate one day after birth with one year of life, Tertiary Progressions equate every day in the ephemeris after birth (one year of life) to one Lunar Month. The Moon becomes all-important; it is the base for this technique of time symbolism because of its high speed, about 12.5 degrees per day on average.

Tertiary Progressions can be used to "average", to collect, to bring to a day-focus several measurements within a particular period of time. Say you have a major arc coming to partile in June, and three major "trigger" transits occurring in April and May. Then perhaps the Secondary Progressed Moon is getting into the time picture with a strong aspect also in July. It is suggested that April, in the application period of the Solar Arc, is going to be very important. It will probably be the month of occurrence.

Where we see such a cluster focus of measurements, the TP -somewhere "in there"-can focus the sense of all the other measurements. We try to find it, and then we can offer our client a specific date of high probability, rather than a general period of a week or month. We draw a TP for some time in April, say, and then we adjust it, maneuvering the date to one of high "trigger-value." We can see this date as an amalgam of all the other measurements, an averaged reference date, if you will.

As well, a dramatic TP discovered independently from a clustered measurement focus, apparently can also announce a key date. In such a case, further measurement study almost always reveals other measurements of importance occurring simultaneously.

The key signal in TP measurements is when the TP Moon crosses an Angle (or squares it) in the natal chart and/or makes a conjunction, square, or opposition with a key planet. The other TP-planets play a supporting (or background) role to the TP Moon, and their positions can be significant as well. So, a double-ringed chart is used with the TP positions in the outer ring. Orbs are very tight (less than two degrees) and, as in Solar Arcs, only "hard" aspects are observed. [Use the Mean measurements and Solar Arc MC, if given the option.]

Here's how to maneuver the TP chart to a "perfection" date: doing successive TP charts one-month apart reveals that the TP Moon moves about 3.5-40 per week in real-time [12.5+0 monthly -the Lunar month symbolism-- divided by 4]. The Sun and Midheaven both move one degree per month. If your test TP chart has 8 degrees to go before the Moon might cross an Angle, you select another TP date two weeks later; you zero in on the best trigger positions in the TP.

Tertiary Progressions
Tertiary Progressions: These are a variation on Secondary Progressions. Instead of one day in the ephemeris being equal to one year of life, Tertiaryís measure one day in the ephemeris being equal to one lunar month (29.531 days).
Implications: They identify the month for fundamental shifts and fluctuations in a persons life. They are a key to the exact timing of events, and the single most useful tool in minor rectifications. At major life events, Tertiary angles will be in a 4th harmonic aspect (conjunction/ square/ opposition) to the relevant Natal factors. In most cases it is to the degree if not the minute, that is how exact these progressions can get. There may be a one week error since a one degree orb or less is used, the event could occur any time within that one degree orb.
Look at most of the activity with the Angles (Asc/Mc) to the Sun.
ASC/DC: Issues that are personal in nature.
MC/IC: Issues that are public in nature.
Tertiary ASC + Mars - can indicate surgery, violence, death.
Also look for planetary stations:
1) Connected to Natal house or house ruled.
2) Mercury is important to track if it is the ruler of the ASC or MC--------if stationary can indicate a change of outlook or attitude.
3) Venus stationary-------can affect values or income.
4) Mars stationary-------gives a renewed focus of energy or activity.
5) Jupiter stationary------indicates some form of expansion or optimism.
6) Saturn stationary------serious, check the age of the person (older person may indicate illness or death).
7) Uranus stationary------unexpected happenings.
8) Neptune stationary-----depends on Natal aspects, can indicate obligation, responsibility or escape.
9) Pluto stationary--------highly configured, strong effect.
The Moon in tertiary progressions is not usually very important, it is used for minor rectifications(measures to minor things).
Aspects to use: Conjunctions/ Squares/ Oppositions
As well can use semi-squares and sesquiquadrate.
A)Tertiary Sun in hard aspect to the Natal Sun, Mars, Saturn
B) Tertiary Sun in hard aspect to Natal Sun/Moon
The hard aspects for these are connected to illness. If Pluto is also connected it can relate to a death to someone close.
When using Tertiary Progressions look at the tight aspects:
These are best for timing events, after secondary Progressions or Solar Arcís have been run to narrow down the time frame.

    This and transit midpoint work has been a major focus for me lately. Wanted to share it.

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aqua inferno
posted September 04, 2007 09:07 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This is new to me! They sound pretty accurate, I wanna test them out on past events to see what I can find should be fun!


when I moved out my for the first time, Moon was conj IC!!! amazing

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Aqua: The further you get into it the more your eyebrow goes up. I'm not one for future events tho...believe free will, and the emotions/events of the moment makes prognostication a bit of a tightrope walk. Don't really want to go there. Smiles

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posted September 04, 2007 10:55 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I checked some dates, and found the results rather amazing.

The time, when I had my first "real" crush:
Tertiary Moon opposite natal Moon
Teriary Sun conjunct Saturn (it was a long lasting crush actually)
Tertiary DC conjunct natal Moon

BTW why do we only look to hard aspects with the tertiary progressions? Or is that a "Tyl-speciality"?
I could offer some nice Tertiary Mars exactly trine my natal Venus for that time, too.

When I finished my school-education: read: exam:
Tertiary Sun opposite my Jupiter (chart-ruler) - actually I went on a trip after that
Tertiary Moon opposite my Moon
Tertiary Mars conjunct natal SN
Tertiary Mercury conjunct Midheaven (that seems to be very right for the end of an educational process methinks)

When my grandfather died:
Tertiary Sun square natal Moon
tertiary Moon conjunct Venus (??)
tertiary Mercury conjunct Uranus
tertiary Venus square Sun
tertiary Venus square Mercury
tertiary Moon square Immun Coeli
tertiary Immun Coeli conjunct Moon
- well, with all those Moon-activations it is maybe interesting to note that it had been my mother`s father. Also, my Moon is ruler of the 8th house, which is also the house of the "maternal grandfather"

The time when I met an artist I adored and aI actually talked to him that day
Tertiary Sun conjunct Sun
Tertiary Sun conjunct Mercury
Tertiary Mercury conjunct Venus
Tertiary ASC conjunct Mars
Tertiary ASC conjunct ASC
The involvement of Mercury seems fitting, since some kind of communication took place. Also, interesting Venus and Mercury are the rulers of my 5th and 7th house, so it may even indicate the romantic interest, that may have been there at that time on my side

When I moved into my first own flat:
Tertiary Sun conjunct Venus (Venus is ruler of the 10th and 6th house, and the moving was necessary because of the new education I started)
Tertiary Sun square Immun Coeli
Tertiary Immun Coeli square Saturn
Sun is ruler of 9th house (education) and Saturn rules 2nd house (money); jip I had to move away from home to be a teacher in training, which helped me earning my first real own money.
And needless to say, I felt quite lonesome there.

My first real job (after I finished that training):
Tertiary Venus square Immun Coeli
Tertiary Node square Moon
Tertiary mOon opposite Saturn
Tertiary Venus conjunct Venus
Teriary IC square Moon

I still feel a bit lonely over here.
Venus is ruler of my 5th, 6th and 10th house; so again a clear indicator for the job, and this job has to do with children (5th house); how fitting for a teacher!
And I am earning my money with it (Saturn as ruler of 2nd house)

The last time I felt an instant, inexplainable attraction to someone (attraction on first sight so to speak):
Tertiary Sun square Uranus
Tertiary Mercury square Uranus
Tertiary Venus conjunct Sun
Tertiary Venus conjunct Mercury, my DC-ruler
Tertiary ASC conjunct Venus


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posted September 04, 2007 03:44 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This is fun!

I have tertiary Jupiter(10th house) in a tight conjunction with my natal sun (less than 1 degree orb)and natal jupiter(7th house) in a less than 1 degree conjunction with my tertiary ascendant. Should I play the lottery?!

EDIT: I used tertiary progressions II and natal - is that right?

I have to look at more of this.

Sun Aqua, Moon Sagg, Asc Taurus

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posted September 05, 2007 09:14 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Node     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
- Thoughts on returns as well -Some astrologers also like to calculate "half returns" or "quarter returns". A half return occurs when the planet returns to the point opposition its natal position; for example, about half-way between 2 birthdays, the Sun reaches a point that is opposition its natal position. I call these Demi [the opposition] returns. I have noticed as a Sun in Taurus person that the week in late Oct of every year when the Sun is exactly opposite, i.e. in Scorpio for me~ is usually a significant time. Depending on the other players/planets involved. It can be very significant.
    I also pay close attention when the Moon is full in Scorpio usually in April/May of a given year. Anyone else do this?

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posted September 05, 2007 09:49 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I didn`t really pay attention to those things befor this year. But lately I noticed that I seem to be "in tune" with a Full Moon or New Moon in Leo or Aquarius. Especially with the Full Moon in Aquarius, I feel really strange. Like a lot of electricity is in the air and I`m ususally having the strangest dreams and most intense emotions (Since I realized that, I learned to wait, until the Aquarius-Moon are over, because it`s not wise to make a decision based on the intensity of what I feel during those times, because it will weaken afterwards).
Well, it`s probably not that surprising, since my own Moon is in Aquarius. So, february and august are interesting months in that regard.

I also noticed that important things seem to happen in the beginning of November and May.I don`t really know why this is, but maybe because Taurus / Scorpio are square Aquarius?

BTW which tertiary progressions do we use? has 2, what is the difference between them?


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posted September 05, 2007 10:06 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Node     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
DD - They both have to do w/ the "timing" the * chart is for a month. The II chart is for a year. In the above article [s] the 'tweaking' to 1 degree orb is to show when the energy is theoretically strongest.

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posted September 06, 2007 10:06 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

wouldn`t the monthly tertiary progression be the most interesting then? For a more exact timing of events?


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posted September 13, 2015 04:08 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ceridwen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
answering my own question:

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posted September 15, 2015 04:20 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Originally posted by Ceridwen:
answering my own question:

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