Composite Aspects and to Natal- HELP

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Author Topic:   Composite Aspects and to Natal- HELP
posted December 13, 2007 10:21 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi everybody! I'm new to this site, you guys all seem great, knowledgeable and helpful..I need any opinions/insights on a Composite Chart...and I cannot find any info on Composite to Natal aspects

1- We have nice aspects but the "BAD" ones I'm worried about, are ....Saturn square Venus/Uranus conjunction...AND Neptune square both Sun/Moon....EEEEK BAD is it really???


2- We have all these aspects from Composite to Natal (which I think is significant right? especially since its seeeveral of them)

**asterisk indicate within a 3 deg orb, the rest are between 4-8 degrees (I'm not sure how significant those are)

Composite Sun conjunct his north node, venus**, and mars
Composite Moon conjunct his saturn (ruler of his desc)**
Composite Mercury conjunct his pluto
Composite Mars conjunct his moon, asc**
Composite Saturn conjunct his sun**
Composite Venus conjunct his 5th house cusp? (house cusps count?)
Composite Sun conjunct my desc and vertex
Composite Venus conjunct my sun** and moon
Composite Uranus conjunct my sun and moon**
Composite Vertex conjunct my sun and moon**
Composite Neptune conjunct my Venus
Composite Eros conjunct his venus, mars**
Composite Lust conjunct his sun**
Composite Karma conjunct his south node
Composite Union conjunct his sun**
Composite Aphrodite conjunct his Asc and moon
Composite Eros conjuct my desc and vertex
Composite Cupido conjunct my sun and moon
Composite Karma conjunct my asc**
Composite Psyche conjunct my mercury (ruler of desc) **
Composite Amor conjunct my mars
Composite Ceres conjunct my north node**
Composite Pallas conjunct my neptune (ruler of asc) **
Composite Vesta conjunct my sun and moon
Composite Juno conjunct his desc ** and widely conjunct my north node (10 degs?)

So it looks like a signifcant relationship, but with those squares is it doomed to be one of those drag you through the mud to learn invaluable life lessons type only???



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posted December 14, 2007 03:08 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
First of all ... WELCOME to LL!!!

I'm not quite sure if I understand what you mean ... Saturn square a Venus/Uranus conjunction and Neptune square Sun and Moon ... are those aspects in your composite chart, in your synastry chart or from your composite chart to your natal charts???

The connections between your composite chart and your respective natals look very significant to me (especially the ones with a tight orb).

As for the "harsh" aspects ... No relationship is perfect. They all have some potentially stressful aspects between them. If there are a lot of positive aspects between your charts, then I wouldn't worry about the negative ones so much. Sure, they can be problematic, but the easy aspects between two people can help to smoothen things out. Also, when I analyze a relationship I look at their synastry chart first because this tells you a lot more about how the two of you interact with each other, while the composite is more about how the two of you together relate to people outside your relationship.

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posted December 14, 2007 12:01 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted December 14, 2007 12:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for lalalinda     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hello and Welcome to LL DblScorp

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posted December 15, 2007 01:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks for all the welcomes!
I'm not sure how to do the quote: thing so I have to do it like this, hope its not confusing

Quote: are those aspects in your composite chart, in your synastry chart or from your composite chart to your natal charts???

SagSun- Yes those are in our composite, I read on cafeastrology that the composite is the final outcome of the relationship, so I switched my focused from synastry (even though I still think it significant weight of course) to composite
Some Synastry aspects are:
His Sun square my Sun and Moon
His Moon Trine my Sun and Moon
My Sun conjunct his Uranus
My Saturn conjunct his Saturn and Asc
My Venus sextile his Pluto
My Venus square his Mars
My Venus conjunct his Neptune
His Venus, Mars, NN, and IC conjunct my Desc
My Pluto square his Moon and Asc
My SN conjunct his Moon
And others of course, but these are some the ones that jump out at me, good or bad

____________________________________________Quotes: Neptune squares to Sun and Moon tend to create this vicious cycle

Teologist- We already have this on a minor scale (hopefully it stays minor, I think we just missed a major disallusioned by the skin of our teeth, with a very clarifying discussion on an important topic) but I feel he's "flakely", although thats what it seems like to ME, and although I hate that in general, with him, I'm like Eh, it'll change later right?...hmm prob not huh? lol

Quote:Venus sq Saturn is a constant lesson in not getting what you want. I'm going through this now.

No KIDDING, we've had this almost since day one...a big time issue, can't seem to get it together, even when we both want to

Quote:but with the Composite Sun on your guy's NN, Venus, and Mars, I'm going to assume that this relationship is really going to help him grow as a person (great thing).
and I forgot his IC as well!!!..Well I hope we both get good lessons from this, I don't mind going through the wringer if it means getting the rewards...although its a little scary...

Quote: with the Uranus conjunction, uhhhh (*huge guess*) perhaps it might not be that difficult for you to bounce back.

Hmm, ya think...I normally don't like to many strong Uranus aspects, I like the excitement and attraction, but I very wary of the seperateness and erraticness it always speak to, in synastry we have sun conj uranus...but maybe that would diffuse the moon conj saturn? that how it works??


Thank you everybody!!!

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posted December 15, 2007 09:34 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I posted some synastry aspects now, hopefully somebody can give some more insight to the significance of Composite aspects to the individuals' charts!

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posted December 17, 2007 03:04 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Teaologist, that Saturn square Venus aspect that gives a constant lesson in not getting what you want is for composite or sinastry?
Because I have it with one guy in sinastry and we really strugle for long time to get together. Generally we have very nice aspects in both sinastry and composite, exept this square which is in his natal as well and Saturn square Sun in composite.

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posted December 19, 2007 02:57 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi alma,

Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. I meant composite Venus sq Saturn, although the synastric aspect would probably play out similarly (not positive though... I'm not that well-read in synastry). If it helps, 'difficult' synastry should be 'easier' for individuals to work out than 'difficult' composite aspects.

I have composite Venus sq Saturn with my dude. It took *forever* for us to get together too.

In your synastry, is it your natal Venus squaring his natal Saturn?

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posted December 19, 2007 08:47 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Alma and Tea,

When you say it took a "long" time and "forever" to get together....what timeframe is that exactly??? I know every situation is different, but I want to know what type of "torture" I'm looking at! LOL...and also how is the aspect manifesting now that you are "finally" together???

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