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Author Topic:   new love asteroids for synastry
posted August 19, 2008 10:33 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I`m still fascinated by the fact that my ASC, NN and Neptune is almost exactly conjunct Jude Law´s Ophelia (and also his ASC, Venus and Lust), and that Hamlet will be the play I am going to see him in.

Also, I`m not so sure if we can apply ANY asteroid in the way we do.
There`s a difference between a mythological asteroid (like Eros, Psyche, Isis, Osiris etc.) and the figure of a story.

Since astrology always used the gods and goddesses (just think of Jupiter, Venus and so on), maybe those are the asteroids that really work on a broader and deeper level?
So maybe we should stick to mythology (and the name asteroids, as they are really personal)?

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posted August 19, 2008 01:54 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

"On the other hand, in terms of your own crush – it is your Anteros (and perhaps much else too!) that is the smitten one?"
Much else, too. Like:
His Moon (and Sun) conjunct my Sun (and MErcury)
His Sun and Moon in my 1st house
his Venus antiscia conjunct my Mars and his Mars widely trine my Venus (5°)
Ruler of my DSC conjunct his chartruler
ruler of my DSC also conjunct his Sun and Moon
ruler of my DSC conjunct his 5th house ruler
ruler of his DSC conjunct my ASC
ruler of his 5th house conjunct my Sun
My Mars and ASC in his 8th house

And so much more things.

I also think Anteros can be EXTREMELY smitten, but mostly he will not know at first; the feeling may be there, but the realization dawns slowly.

If your Eros and Anteros is being triggered, I`d have a look what exactly makes you react instantly, and what takes some time.
For example:
A`s Eros conjunct B`s Venus and Mars.
B`s Anteros conjunct B`s Moon.

It oculd mean that A will be instantly going insane with physical attraction to B, but that it will take some time until he realizes the true depth of his emotions, mostly he does only after he has felt how much B cares for him.

In case of Ophelia, yeah it would probably Ophelia pining away. So I guess Jude Law is secretly pining away because my NN and ASC conjuncts his Ophelia.
Poor guy.


regarding your question I am not sure. It could be: after all the meaning of Anteros also is "a place to finally meet".
But I still think Anteros will play out in THIS life.

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posted August 19, 2008 01:54 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I once did a little research on asteroids and planets aspects and it seemed that Eros and Juno were making the most aspects (I bumped the thread).

If we look at Anteros I see follwoing:

Paul - Joanne: 7 aspects (5) - 8

Brad - Angelina: 6 aspects (9) - 4

Antonio - Melanie: 3 (8)(aspects (but they have a lot of Eros aspects, I think they didn`t think before they reacted to each other. ) - 7

Johnny - June: 5 aspects (6) - 7

Johnny - Vanessa: 10 aspects (9) - 5

Paul - Linda: 7 aspects (8) - 5

Richard Burton: Liz Taylor 6 aspects (4) - 6

Diego and Frida: 11 aspects (5 aspects) - 4

my crush and me : 7 aspects (10) - 6

The number in brackets are the Eros-aspects and the last number is the number of Venus-aspects.

without counting my crush and me we have averages of:

Eros-aspects: 6,75
Anteros-aspects: 7
Venus-aspects: 5,75

How interesting that there are more interaspects of either Eros or Anteros than Venus!

But the results are really close to each other, and as I noticed in my first research, the average number of aspects to one planet or asteroid seems to revolve around 6. Weird.

BTW in the synastry between my crush and me:
his Eros makes 5 aspects (to my Venus, Jupiter-chartruler, Neptune, NN and ASC).
my Eros also makes 5 aspects (to his Uranus, Pluto, Valentine, Anteros and ASC)

my Anteros makes 1 aspect (to his Valentine)
his Anteros makes 6 aspects (to my Mercury, Chiron, Vertex, Destinn, Eros, Psyche).

All in all there`s much Eros / Anteros-action.

I like that his Anteros is closely trine my Psyche.

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posted August 19, 2008 05:07 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for koiflower     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

I went to bed thinking that I got my Ophelias mixed up - hmmm

Yes DD, Juno and Eros have been highly significant for me with several partners - a reliable source, methinks.

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venus in gemini

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posted August 19, 2008 08:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for venus in gemini     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Great thread! As always.

I went back and looked at the Anteros aspects with my guy who just didn’t want a real relationship. I’m still trying to understand how Anteros works, because it is “love returned”. He loved me beyond belief in all of our lifelines, but sadly, I betrayed him in most of them. In the last one, my guilt for what I had done tore me apart, almost killed me, and I went to my grave swearing to make it up to him, to be forever in his debt. But I can’t seem to make it up to him in this lifetime, because he keeps me at arm’s length. I was told that he is afraid that I will hurt him again, just like I always have. That there is a tremendous fear of being hurt again. And look at the Karma Square Anteros in this current lifetime. I guess that’s pretty telling, right there. Of how it has played out for me. Of why it hasn’t been easy.

His Anteros square My Karma
His Anteros conjuncts My IC
His Valentine conjunct My Anteros
His Anteros conjunct My Eros
His Moon trine My Anteros
His Juno trine My Anteros
His Psyche sextile my Anteros
His Anteros conjuncts My Abundantia
His Anteros conjuncts My Utopia

I also thought it was interesting that in the draconic, it was my Chiron wound.

His Draconic Anteros conjunct My Draconic Chiron
His Draconic Venus conjunct My Draconic Anteros
His Draconic Sun conjunct My Draconic Anteros

But you know...I'm a hopeless romantic. And I believe that at some point, the Abundance and Utopia will show up!

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posted August 20, 2008 02:07 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Those are some outstanding interaspects with your crush darkdreamer.

I also think Anteros can be EXTREMELY smitten, but mostly he will not know at first; the feeling may be there, but the realization dawns slowly.

If your Eros and Anteros is being triggered, I`d have a look what exactly makes you react instantly, and what takes some time.
For example:
A's Eros conjunct B's Venus and Mars.
B's Anteros conjunct B's Moon.

It could mean that A will be instantly going insane with physical attraction to B, but that it will take some time until he realizes the true depth of his emotions, mostly he does only after he has felt how much B cares for him.

Now that is a fascinating answer. You certainly have a fantastic intuitive grasp. Exploring the issues around Anteros has helped reveal him to me. Except for one thing: what is this?

"A place to finally meet."

In case of Ophelia, yeah it would probably Ophelia pining away. So I guess Jude Law is secretly pining away because my NN and ASC conjuncts his Ophelia.

And why not? Just cos he's a famous movie star and all that...
OK, enjoy Hamlet

PS. Have you met him?

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posted August 20, 2008 02:24 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Now that is a fascinating answer. You certainly have a fantastic intuitive grasp."
Thank you. I`m just trying to understand him myself.

""A place to finally meet.""
I don`t know. I really don`t have an answer to this. It`s something I do not understand at all.
Except perhaps maybe, just maybe it has to do with the fact that Anteros also is supposed to remind the object of affection to "requite the lover`s affection with equal strength". Maybe there is a time-slip involved?
Like Anteros takes some time until he finally loves the other one back?

What puzzles me is that i also found him interpreted as a symbol of unrequited love (somewhere on Kim`s site) as well as requited love. But after reading many links on the mythology I don`t see this. He was the god of mutual and requited love, that`s what they write everywhere. So I don´t really understand the thing about unrequited love.

"OK, enjoy Hamlet

PS. Have you met him?"
Nope, I ahven`t met Hamlet.

And I haven`t met Jude either, except for in my dreams, and he usually either tried to lock me up somewhere, kill me, got killed himself in a war or lured me into a forbidden secret heartbreaking affair, which ended in me being alone and dishonoured in the eyes of my family and society. God knows why I can`t have NORMAL dreams about him. But there are really only two sceneries, the war-scenery and the one in the 17th century, which was pretty amorous I admit, but it didn`t end well. Too bad.

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posted August 20, 2008 03:33 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
"OK, enjoy Hamlet

PS. Have you met him?"
Nope, I haven`t met Hamlet.


"A place to finally meet".

Except perhaps maybe, just maybe it has to do with the fact that Anteros also is supposed to remind the object of affection to "requite the lover`s affection with equal strength".

Here the object of affection is the person touched by Anteros through synastry.

Maybe there is a time-slip involved? Like Anteros takes some time until he finally loves the other one back?

Here the object of affection is the one bringing Anteros into the synastry.

Am I missing something? You can see my confusion. I am thinking something that I wondered about before, and that is, in terms of Anteros, he often operates as a third party in the synastry equation. Is that where the time-variable comes in?

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posted August 20, 2008 03:42 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
It`s a bit complicated I guess.

Anteros acts like a third person, just like Venus or any other of the gods and goddesses.

Venus is the goddess of love, reminding people to indulge into their pleasures, that`s why she symbolizes love.

Anteros is a god of mutual love, reminding people to reciprocate love, so that may be the reason he symbolizes mutual love.

That`s at least the way I understand. I think, though, that I mixed Anteros and object of affection up above. Sorry.

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posted August 20, 2008 03:54 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Person A brings say Moon conjunct Anteros to Person's B's Sun/Venus conjunction.

Now, even though it is A who is bringing the reminder to love into the equation, the trigger for love into the equation (Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction excepted! ), it is A who nonetheless takes their time to love back. As I said before, Anteros is a paradox.

It goes back to what I mentioned earlier in this thread, is there something deeper going on in the Anteros person that they do not immediately recognise as love? Or, in fact, is Anteros in our charts natally to remind us to love back? And it works that way in synastry too.

Now I'm just being baffling.

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posted August 21, 2008 09:28 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi DD!

i couldnt miss your thread

Let´s see what new conections were discovered:

First i looked at SINASTRY:

My Eros conj. his NN
his Eros conj my Jup/Uranus (ruler of my 5th)

My Psyche conj. his 5thCusp
His Psyche conj. my Ophelia 0º

My Ceres conj. his Moon 0º/trine his Valentine and Anacreon
His Ceres cnj my Jup/Uranus

His Valentine trine my Ophelia
m Valentine trine his MC

His Juno trine my Venus 0º/sextile my Anteros
my Juno conjunct his Karma

His AMOR sextile my Psych/Medea/Eros
my Amor conj his 9thCusp/ skuare his Anacreon and valentine

his Anteros conj my NN/sextile my Karma/skuare my Amor
my Anteros conj his Saturn/Pluto/sextile his Neptune and Juno

his Anacreon (conj his Venus) - trine my Moon and conj. my Mercury
my Anacreon conj his Jupiter;trine his NN and opose his Karma

his Ophelia conj my Venus 3º- OK..this one doenst look so good.But i dont see neither of us rejecting the other,specially if it has do do with venusian issues...what do you think of that DD?

my Ophelia conj his Mercury and Psyche. - well,does he might reject my way of thinking or my inner soul?Is it an uncounscious process?

his Medea opose my Anteros
m Medea skuare his MC/Medea

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posted August 21, 2008 08:58 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for 23     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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Seeing Stars 7.21

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posted August 22, 2008 03:20 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Seeing Stars 7.21     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
would anteros conjunct ophelia be bad or good? or do they cancel eachother out?

the asteroid of mutual love and the asteroid of rejection

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posted August 22, 2008 05:16 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

opposes his sun/venus/ophelia/psyche
conjunct his moon/NN/aphrodite
trine his uranus
quintile his isis
sextile his chiron/valentine
square his vertex
trine my saturn/NN (4)/osiris/siva
square my psyche
opposes my ophelia
semisquare my vertex
sesisquare my vesta
15 aspects (hard only)

conjunct his osiris
opposes his karma
quincunx his anteros
square his jupiter/neptune/pallas
trine his siva/amor
sextile his isis
conjunct my uranus/vertex
opposes my vesta
sextile my neptune/valentine
quintile my siva
trine my union
11 aspects (hard only)

trine his moon/saturn
sextile his psyche
semisquare his eros
quincunx his amor
his EROS
trine my moon/venus/saturn/NN/PF/osiris
square my psyche
quintile my ceres
9 aspects (hard only incl trine)

quintile his moon
bi-quintile his jupiter
sextile his mars/osiris
square his vesta
opposes his PF
trine his juno/eros
square my sun/mercury/juno/karma
opposes my ophelia
semisquare my pluto
trine my AC
bi-quintile my MC
10 aspects (hard incl trine)

oh dear, the venus/ophelia opposition doesn't look too good!

Interesting DD. Thank you.

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posted August 22, 2008 11:26 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
"is there something deeper going on in the Anteros person that they do not immediately recognise as love?"
Yes, I think that is the thing. They might already love the other one, but are not consciously aware of it.

It ties into how Plato described that kind of love, that the Anteros-person will maybe call their feelings "friendship", but that he basically experiences the same need and feelings as his lover (just he doesn`T CALL it love, which does not change the feeling at all. )

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posted August 26, 2008 01:25 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for 23     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Venus' Kids:

Harmonia (Harmony) (40) -

"In Greek mythology, Harmonia is the immortal goddess of harmony and concord. Her Roman counterpart is Concordia, and her Greek opposite is Eris, whose Roman counterpart is Discordia." -

"The Thebans told that the union of Ares and Aphrodite produced Harmonia, as lovely as a second Aphrodite.[citation needed] But of her union with Hephaestus, there was no issue, unless Virgil was serious when he said that Eros was their child.[11] Later authors might explain this statement when they say the love-god was sired by Ares but passed off to Hephaestus as his own son.

An asteroid that I suppose can show how you are diplomatic and maybe depending on what house you are, where you have harmony in a natal chart. Maybe in synastry, how you can be harmonious and how you reach agreements with the partner depending on aspects, planets. In composite, where harmony lies

See also: - (58) Concordia

"In Roman religion, Concord (Latin: Concordia) was the goddess of agreement, understanding, and marital harmony."

Interpretation as above.

(2212) Hephaistos -

"Daugther of aphro and hephaestus - Heph is Vulcan, god of blacksmiths, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes....Hephaestus, being the most unfaltering of the gods, was given Aphrodite’s hand in marriage by Zeus in order to prevent conflict over her between the other gods."

Hephaestus's symbols are a smith's hammer, an anvil and a pair of tongs. Sometimes he holds an axe.

In some myths, Hephaestus built himself a "wheeled chair" or charioteer with which to move around, thus helping him overcome his lameness while showing the other gods his skill.[12]"

A platonic Ares maybe, maybe were you strengths lie and where you are unfaltering - not really a love asteroid though

(627) Charis -

"In Greek mythology, a Charis (Χάρις is one of several Charites (Χάριτες; Greek: "Graces"), goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility. They ordinarily numbered three, from youngest to oldest: Aglaea ("Beauty"), Euphrosyne ("Mirth"), and Thalia ("Good Cheer"). In Roman mythology they were known as the Gratiae, the "Three Graces."...
The Charites were usually considered the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, though they were also said to be daughters of Dionysus and Aphrodite or of Helios and the naiad Aegle."

Maybe how you display your beauty in your natal chart. In synastry, showing your beauty to the other in aspect, the other finds you beautiful and you beautify them.

(424) Gratia

(31) Euphrosyne

n Greek mythology, Euphrosyne (pronounced /juːˈfrɒzəni]/) was one of the Charites, known in English also as the "Three Graces". Her best remembered representation in English is in Milton's poem of the active, joyful life, "L'Allegro". She is also the Goddess of Joy, a daughter of Zeus and Eurynome, and the incarnation of grace and beauty.

As per Charis but here there is also a show of grace and beauty.

(15) Eunomia -

Eunomia (Greek:Ευνομία "good order - governance according to good laws") was a minor Greek goddess.

Eunomia was the goddess of law and legislation and one of the Second Generation of the Horae along with her sisters Dikē and Eirene. The Horae were law and order goddesses who maintained the stability of society, and were worshipped primarily in the cities of Athens, Argos and Olympia.

Eunomia's name, together with that of her sisters, formed a Hendiatris Good Order, Justice, and Peace.

Maybe where you are fair and just. In synastry where you are fair and just with the others. In composite, fairness in a relationship

(118) Peitho -

In Greek mythology, Peitho (English translation: "persuasion") is the goddess who personifies persuasion and seduction. Her Roman name is Suadela. Although this goddess did not have much power, she is a figure of some significance in Classical Greece. Peitho, in her role as an attendant or companion of Aphrodite, was intimately connected to the goddess of love and beauty.
The connection is even deeper in the context of Ancient Greek marriage because a suitor had to negotiate with the father of a young woman for her hand in marriage and offer a bridal price in return for her. The most desirable women drew many prospective suitors, and persuasive skill often determined their success.

how you seduce and persuade, sign determines maybe how you do it and house, where. Look to quality of aspect to determine affect of seduction/persuasion of partner.

(258) Tyche

In ancient Greek city cults, Tyche (Τύχη, meaning "luck" in Greek, Roman equivalent: Fortuna) was the presiding tutelary deity that governed the fortune and prosperity of a city, its destiny. Increasingly during the Hellenistic period, cities had their own specific iconic version of Tyche, wearing a mural crown (a crown like the walls of the city). In literature, she might be given various genealogies, as a daughter of Hermes and Aphrodite

Maybe this one isn't a love asteroid, its more to do with luck, maybe like a mini-jupiter

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posted August 27, 2008 08:09 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
What do people think about Valentine in the natal and in synastry?

Would he represent how sacrificial our love will be (ie. whether we will always have to give something huge back or up in our relationships)? How much we'd be willing to sacrifice for another and in what ways we would perhaps?

So Person A's Valentine conjunct B's Venus would mean Person A would be willing to sacrifice a lot for the love of B? What about opposition to Person B's Sun instead? That A would have to give up a lot or sacrifice a lot for the love of B?

In the natal, I have Valentine conjunct my Ascendant, what would that do I wonder. How about in other positions?

If it was square Venus would that mean a life of sacrificing love – ie not having love? Or of love in which a sacrifice was required?

Just a few thoughts to hopefully stir up some conversation on Valentine.

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posted August 27, 2008 08:43 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for lovegoblin     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I would like to know the answer to the previous post also. I know of a couple where his valentine squares her venus and ascendant. Its unusual situation.

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posted August 27, 2008 09:10 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Some quotes of IQ regarding Amor and Valentine, which he researched quite a lot.

Valentine conjunct Pluto means obsessive and passionate love that can even cause wars. Think of Menelaus, Helen and the Trojan War.

Chiron conj Amor means a love that knows how to wound and also how to heal the Soul.

<<What does it mean if your Valentine is opposite someone's Amor? >>
This means a conflict on loving the person as a spouse as opposed to loving the person in general. The conflict could manifest as dislike depending on other planetary aspects.

Venus is generic and governs so many things like feelings towards love, cash, luxuries, sense of beauty, charm and so on.
Amor focuses only on the Energy of Love. This is the advantage of asteroids, they show us the exact focus of a particular emotion or feature.
As a test, just see if any chart has AMOR conjunct a planet. That person would love those things ruled by the planet.

example: AMOR conjunct Mars person would love physical sports/eenrgy/arguments
AMOR conjunct Venus person would love beauty, money, luxury.
AMOR conjunct Saturn person would love authority, rigidity, structures and long term ambitions.
AMOR conjunct Pluto person would love sex, speculations, dictatorship, obsessions and deep emotions.
AMOR conjunct Mercury would love playing with words, data, facts and being cerebral.
AMOR conjunct Jupiter person would love religion and travel.

Coming to asteroids, AMOR conjunct say LUST person will definitely love sex. AMOR conjunct GOLD would love gold/jewellery and so on.
(I have Amor conjunct Mars btw, and I love a lighthearted argument now and then)

<<Would Lust conjunction Pluto mean intense and ultra passionate sex? >>
Yes and it would also mean you both need extra multivitamins, plenty of water and extra cash for new mattresses.

<<Ascendant conjunction Amor in the composite,where the Asc. is in Libra,would mean our love will have the characteristics of the planet?>>
Yes, it will be very charming and romantic love that needs good luxurious surroundings for perfect blossoming.

<<Lust represents sex in its purest form?>>
Lust represents horniness. Sex in its purest form is when a Man does it just to give his girl physical pleasure whereas he is emotionally thrilled just to be one with her as if they are merging like enveloping spirits than bodies, and the girl feels exactly the same way, and they both know it.

<<What about the midheavens?>>
Think Career. If midheavens square Lust, it means too much sex can negatively impact your careers. Balance. 120 times a year is more than enough, 1200 times will cause ruination.
Midheaven Sq Amor means too much head in the clouds love can interfer with work.

Midheaven sq Valentine would mean a better career will be readily sacrificed for true love should the need arise.

<<What about in a composite chart if lust and valentine conjunct? >>
The sex between the couple in love would be very emotional and passionate and both partners would enjoy giving physical pleasure to each other as a sign of love. I recommend this placement in every marriage
(That is the one Patrick and me have; almost exact conjunction of Lust and Valentine in Scorpio in 10th house exactly opposite Juno in Taurus in 4th house )

<<what about in a composite where lust, valentine, and amor conjunct? >>
Wow! This would mean that when the couple feel the general energy of love, they would feel like havin sex. Then when they feel true love for each other, they would again express this through sex.

It is better to define loves.
Amor defines the Energy of Love.

Expressing Love means happily giving of yourself to another without expecting anything in return.

Valentine type true love means ready to sacrifice everything even the life for the loved one. The Amor love will appeal to a bad guy to not shoot. The Valentine love would gt in the way of the bullet instantly.

<<What about amor conjunct osiris?
by the way, what about valentine; does it symbolize the type of person you love? If so, how do you distinguish that from juno, eros, etc? >>
Amor conjunct Osiris would mean a strong feeling of Love Energy towards a man considered the ideal mate, almost like a divine husband, the man you would pine for eons. A man like me Nah, I aint getting cut into 14 pieces.

Valentine signifies true love, the love that causes marriage even at the cost of lives, love that is sacrifice for each other.

Juno has been throughly studied by experts. I consider it to represent the external qualities in a woman that are appealing enough to a man to make him propose.

Eros, I consider to represent libido and vigor. To put it biologically, for a man it would represent the speed of normal erection when he is with his "Psyche" or "Juno".

[Add some Aries planet and he would take the bullets, not perish and sock it to the bad guy!]

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posted August 27, 2008 09:38 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
<<does is mean anything if two people have Valentine conjunct Valentine and Amor conjunct Amor in synastry??????? ty for all your help!!!!!!!!>>

If two people have this placement and chance to meet, they will be helplessly in love from first sight and will make the happiest couple possible, even if there are several harsh aspects. The bond of love is stronger than all bad aspects lumped together.

<<I've just found out that my partner's Cupido conjuncts my Venus, and my Cupido conjuncts his Mercury - sounds rather positive but just wanted to clarify exactly what this would mean if possible? >>
Cupido shoots the arrows of inititaing love. Eros and Cupido are the same being but the Human Consciousness associates cupid with a love initiator and that is the frequency that this Asteroid beams.

His Cupido conjunct Venus means that he can always be spiced up by your charms, hairstyle, smile, batting eyelids, voice, your material values and all other Venus ruled attributes.

Your Cupido conjunct his Mercury means you can always be romantically interested in him because of his wit, choice of words, knowledge and the use of his fingers, either on an instrument or even the way he massages your hair, shoulders etc etc etc.

<<... and, now, a question with regard to Valentine... when it conjuncts Pholus and, the Asc natally ... then this configuration conjuncts, in synastry, the Pallas(Rx) and Vesta(Rx) of another? >>
Tough one, it means destined to be hurt in love enough to change perception of it completely. The external personality wants to fall in love and also attract hurtful expereinces that wont stop unless conscious personality change and increase of awareness occurs.

Retro Pallas indicates introversion of inner wisdom and retro Vesta indicates an obsessive dedication rarely manifest to the outer world. This person can help heal the wounded lover by dedication but it has to be communicated for mutual happiness else both may remain hurt and unfulfilled.

So in Synastry, applying Valentine, Cupido, Eros, Psyche, Isis, Osiris, Amor, Juno, Lilith, Vesta and Lust will always give valuable insights than just looking at Mars and Venus or Venus and Pluto.

His Lust conjunct her Valentine means he is sexually aroused by her when she expresses her love for him. It is not exactly like Taurus80's case study.

His Valentine conjunct her MC means he may love her genuinely because of her career. This is a dream placement for an ambitious and career oriented girl.

His Valentine square her Sun is not good, his potential to express true love challenged by her inner personality and her ego.

His Lust trine her Mars is great for sex.

His Lust square her Venus and square her Pluto would cause severe sexual tension, leading to sexual control issues, sado-masochism or even assault-rape if difficult Pluto/Uranus/Mars transits occur on his Lust. I dont like this placement at all, this can be handled only by an evolved soul, not by the common man.

<<Amor is a bit selfish or...what? >>
AMOR will sincerely weep in aguish at the loss of the dead one. AMOR may even tell the murdered to shoot him in instead. The instinctual and instant urge to sacrifice, that needs Valentine.

<<Amor conjunct someone's NN, I cannot quite make sense of it? You love "their direction in life"? >>
NN is also Fate and Destiny. Amor conj someone's NN is a destiny to love this person in general and feel happiness at their joy etc.

Lust conj someone's NN: Destined to be sexually inflamed in passion with the person, especially because of the path they are to take.

<<Lust conjunct Lillith natal in the 12th>>
This is raw, primal, animalistic, "tear the clothes off of each other" passion especially with the enemy or deluder or false teacher, a passion of fantasy that causes grief and death and yet the thrill of it may confuse into making it feel worthwhile, this could be the sex where they choke each other and use drugs for a bigger orgasm and both perish.

<<Amor conjunct Moon in a natal, love of "emotional security", something to do with the Feminine in general>>
Yes, and love of the Maternal Instinct.

<< How about someone's Lust conjunct this combo (Amor + Moon)? >>
Someone sexually turned on by the love of nurturing in another.

<<what about natal valentine conjunct lust? [him]>>
His Natal Valentine conjunct His Lust means he will express his love to his beloved through sexual passion, seeking to please her more and more sexually.
Your Natal Valentine conjuct his Lust means he will be sexually turned on when you express your true love to him.

<< Or a personal asteroid [his name] conjunct eros? [me]? >>
He or anyone with the same name frequency will arouse you sexually.

<<speaking synastry I don;t have a firm grip on Osiris [death & rebirth?So what about my Osiris conjunct his NN? >>

Your Osiris represents your ideal spiritual husband apart from your thoughts on death/rebirth. So conjuct his NN, it means he is destined to be someone who fulfills the role of divine husband or whose path leads you to knowledge about death and rebirth.

<<What way is “his Lust trine her Mars is great for sex”? Do you mean that they are sexual compatible or ….?>>
Definitely! Her Mars is her definition of ideal masculinity in a man and when his Lust is right there, then it is a mutual turn on.

<<2. What are the differences among Venus square Mar, Venus square Lust and Venus square Eros? One thread last month mentioned that Venus square Mar is very hot.>>
Venus sq Mars produces sexual tension. Like two people who quarrel and quarrel and quarrel and then suddenly leap into bed in fiery passion. Venus sq Lust would produce even more sexual tension which can ultimately lead to sexual perversion. Venus square Eros will produce a kind of sexual tension that ends up as raw sexual passion with no chance of any other stimulation. Mars has general tendencies like attraction to method of speech, walk, movements, actions and sex. Eros is sexual arousal, foreplay, sexual stimulation and passion. Lust is just raw animal sexual attraction.

<<3. How about if the owner of Osiris is a man instead? Would Osiris mean his ideal wife? >>
Osiris in a man represents what he thinks he should do to become a divine spiritual hero.
Isis represents his ideal divine wife. For Indian oriented people, these asteroids can be interchanged with Asteroids SIVA (1170) and PARVATI (2878) or KAALI (4227) or TARA depending on the psychology of the people.

<<What is the meaning of his Osiris and Amor closely conjunct her Sun? >>
Her Inner Personality would gladly accept him as an ideal husband. He would love her inner personality.

<<but my LUST asteriod... is conjunct in synastry with his Saturn... and his LUST is conjunct with my IC? What do you think that means>>
In general, it means you will not be able to freely express or fulfill all your sexual desires with him even though you find some of his Saturnian attributes to be a turnon, especially those attributes that you thought were the best of your father figure in life.
Saturn creates rigidity/structure and rigorous discipline, sometimes dampeners. Ofcourse, if he has transcended the preconceived limitations about sexuality, there should be no problem.
His Lust conjunct your IC means that he is totally turned on by your inner sense of being, the you of you.

And I'm so curious about the meaning of his Valentine conjunct my natal Venus and Neptune (all exact on 19 of Sag).

Interestingly, we don't seem to have any aspects with Karma asteriod... well... actually... his Karma is at 16 of Gemini.. is that too far off to oppose 19 of Sag?
It is a valid opposition. Valentine conj Venus means he will totally fall in love with you for your femininity and Venusian attributes. Karma oppopsition means some challenges will be there to balance some past life debts. Once done, the effect is over.

<<i was wondering what does isis conjunct osiris in a compostie chart mean????
thank you! >>
Chance for Culmination of Spiritual Fulfillment by merger of soul during sexual intercourse. Chance for Ascension to fourth dimension for both in the next life. Symbolically, it is as if the RIght Brain and Left Brain of the Higher Self are getting balanced in physical reality.

This is one of the greatest placements possible but it must have the Venus-Pluto or Karma-Moon-True Node-Ascendant double whammies in addition

With Man #1, in our Composite chart, we have Pholus conjunct Amor and Moon conjunct Psyche. What does that mean? I suspect I know but I would love your opinion.
He may hurt you in love without meaning to. Emotionally/Subconsciously he sees you as his wife whom he loves dearly.
<<Also Man #1's Juno conjuncts my Karma and my Pluto.
70-80% chance you can be his fated wife.

<<I think you wrote that Lust squaring one's Venus was baaaaad news. >>
It is bad news but harmonious aspects can mitigate the negativity.

<<As for the composite chart with Man #2, what do you make of us also having Lust in 24 Pisces 39 '39" and Amor in 20 Pisces 16' 27" well as Venus conjunct Lust, Moon sextile Lust, Eros conjunct Ascendant, Sun conjunct Eros and Valentine trine MC? >>

This will be a very sexual and passionate relationship, which may degenerate into threesomes and group sex or addiction to some sexual perversion to keep the relationship intact, if Neptune or Uranus is badly aspected in the composite.

<<If Man #2 and I do indeed have that square you were referring to (his Lust squaring my Venus) then would there be things to override that or is that some kind of astrological dealbreaker, so to speak >>

There is no singular astrological deal breaker. Chiron trine Moon, Saturn trine Mars, Sun trine Moon etc can help mitigate the negativity of Lust sq Venus. However, composite Lust conj Venus in Pisces is worse news.

It means Karma to Moon
or Moon to Asc
or Asc to Karma
or North Node (which is TrueNode) to Karma
or any of these possibilities in a double whammy. His to yours and yours to his.
There are atleast 3 precise double whammies in a twin soul relationship and in addition one precise Ascendant to lovey dovey asteroid or personal planet aspect.

If these were not so, then you can have a hundred twin souls as more than 100 babies are born every hour per country minimum. The exact Ascendant match makes sure only one twin soul is possible.

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posted August 27, 2008 09:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
<<I wonder what would Karma conjunct Saturn mean in synastry?! Karma conjunct the Lord of Karma, sort of the Mother of all karmas aspect? Who's got unfinished business, the Karma person, or the Saturn person? >>

In my studies, Transit Karma conjunct True Node or Saturn indicates a trigger for completing balancing of karmas.

Saturn largely stands for karmas from past life, so the Asteroid will focus on the balancing of plus and minus where the Saturn person suffered at the hands of the non-Saturn person in synastry. Saturn also stands for structure and ambition. It is the fate of the asteroid Karma person to be structure in the image the Saturn person dictates for the duration of the relationship or till the karmic debts are balanced.

These are all new studies and we have to learn from the expereinces of each other or on countries etc. May 27-28 there is a transit Saturn conjunct Natal True Node in America's birth chart. A few months later, asteroid Karma will oppose True Node. The important devlopments of these days will add to our understanding of the nature of difference between Karma and Saturn in transits, especially to fated points like True Node. (Also study the effect of Asteroid Chaos next week when it conjuncts Natal Uranus of US)

His Karma opposes her Asc (1 degree)
He is destined to balance her karmic debts of misusing her personality to cause hurt.

<<His Karma quindecile her Sun and Moon >>
He is destined to be obsessed with her inner personality and her emotions to balance her similar obsession with him in the past life or present.

<< Her Karma quincunx his Sun >>
She is destined to balance his inner personality's flaws in adjuistment with her.

<<Her North Node quindecile his Karma>>
She has to be obsessed with balancing his flaws completely for her spiritual fulfillment.

<<Her Karma trine his North Node>>
She is destined to easily balance him in a way that causes his spiritual fulfillment.

<<Lust oppose his Saturn in synastry? Is it too bad? The person who will feel disappoint is the Lust person, right? >>
Lust oppose Saturn means there will be no sexual arousal unless it is a means of settling huge past life scores. Yes, the Lust person will feel dejected at the Saturn person's attitude.

<<Are there any other aspects you list for twin soul? Do you consider hard aspect or soft aspect? >>
I try to primarily find an Ascendant or Moon connection, True Node connection and Valentine connection. One very strong Ascendant or Moon connection gives me the MATHMATICAL confidence in determining a Twin Soul possibility. Nobody can argue with Mathematics

My Amor square his Venus
A challenge to love his value system and what he finds sexy or comfortable or tasty.
Eg: Learning to love his citrus deodorant even though you prefer he like musk instead.

<<My Moon conjunct his Chiron>>
Your emotions can be healed by him through his higher level love that may hurt initially.
Eg: He forces you to use the treadmill, telling you point blank that you are overweight. You feel distraught. Few months later, you are a more confident woman and emotionaly happy because your slimness has boosted the self esteem and improved your health. And he is veru happy for you because that is want he wanted for you.

<<His Lust square my MC>>
His desires may interfere with your career. Sex in the morning for instance. Easily resolvable situation, nothing to worry.

<<His Karma trine my MC>>
His destiny of balncing experiences help your career. It is possible that he has done more good acts and the karmic rewards will help you improve by giving your career flexibility because of his increased wealth.

<<My Amor conjunct his Chiron>>
You love his spiritual progress, you love his effort to improve heroicaly even when he is hurt.

<<My Karma conjunct his Saturn (is that a similar effect to an opposed Saturn?)>>
No, opposed Saturn would imply terrible expereinces to an unaware person. This conjunction means a very pwoerful destiny together. You have been together in sooooo many past lives and so many debts to each other. To me this is a proof of a fated match. You both have to learn to love each other and work on forgiving each other for past life hurts. No running away from eac other. If you run now, next life chart will have this placement too!
(this is the one I share with Jude Law, exact cojunction of his Saturn to my Karma, along with DW of Saturn-SN-conjunction :sigh: honestly? I rather run. :laughing

<<SUN sextile sun>>
Core personalities at ease of communication with each other. Body Language and general rapport will be good.

<<SUN opposite moon>>
Guy's personality at odds with your emotions.
A tension that is good for a stimulating relationship.

<<SUN conjuncts aphrodite>>
He likes those specific feminine attributes which you exhibit more than normal from your full set of feminine attributes.

<<SUN conjuncts juno>>
A great placement for indicating very high chances of marriage.

<<*SUN conjuncts lust (1s)*>>
His core personality is a sexual turn on for you.
<<*My SUN conjuncts lust (0s)*>>
Your core personality is a sexual turn on for him.

Sexual Fulfillment is thus assured.

<<SUN conjuncts union (1s)>>
A placement that helps bonding in a relationship.

<<SUN conjuncts zeus (2a)>>
Have not researched.

<<AMOR conjuncts my venus(0s) and trine pluto
Wonderful placement for enhancing his love for you.

<<MOON conjunct amor (0s) and isis (2a)>>
His emotions and subconsious actions inspire lovey dovey feelings in you for him, and also inspire the better/divine feminine attributes in you to improve. ISIS represents the qualities of the best wife, one who pines for her hubby and searches all corners of heaven and earth for him.

<<MOON trine nessus, psyche and MC>>
A psychologically deep relationship is indicated. His emotional feelings might heal your past abuses and feelings of not being loved adequately. Remember all those times as a child when you needed strong hugs and encouraging words from family members that you were loved, yet did not get it or may have got abuse instead? When he hugs and encourages you in similar situations, it would heal those missed out hugs.

<<ISIS opposite jupiter and AC>>
His feelings of the ideal wife are complementary to your wisdom/luck and exterior personality.

<<My ISIS trine Saturn, Uranus, neptune>>
Excellent indicatiosn that you could be his divinely appointed or karmic soulmate.

<<VALENTINE trine sun, saturn, uranus>>
Excellent placement for long lasting love.

<<VALENTINE conjuncts moon (2s)>>
Sure shot placement for enhacning emotional love between you.

<<MERCURY trine karma, eros, mars…and sextile pallas and mercury>>
All forms of communication are stimulating and energizing, erotic at times and fulfilling in general.

<<APHRODITE conjuncts mars (0a)>>
Very good placement for sexual attraction between a couple.

<<JUPITER conjuncts eros (2a)>>
His wisdom/expansion/luck have a way of arousing you.

<<CERES conjunct jupiter (0a)>>
He gets nurtured by that which adds wisdom/luck to you.

<<ZEUS conjuncts jupiter (2a) and AC (3a)
AC conjunct zeus (2s) and opposite moon
MC conjunct hera (0a) and utopia (0s)>>
Have not studied Zeus/Hera dynamics.

<<MC trine osiris (-3s)
OSIRIS sextile MC (1a)>>
Irrelevant Placements.

<<JUNO trine neptune (3s)>>
His general concept of a wife has those characteristics of dreamy romanticisim which are strong in you.

<<PSYCHE sextile venus (-2a) and square sun>>
Your generic feminity and core personality stimuates him psychologically, triggering him occasionally.

<<URANUS trine psyche (-0a)>>
Hi insights and sudden changes stimualte you psychologically.

<<VENUS sextile true node>>
Past life wife indication.

<<KARMA trine jupiter (4a) and AC (4a)
My KARMA conjuncts jupiter (2a)>>
Definite past life student-teacher relationship.

<<LUST trine saturn (-2a)
My LUST square neptune and saturn (0s)>>
PAst life Karmic debts include sexual excesses against each other. A placement that suggest you both must never use each other only for sex in this lifeline.

In the love department, I value
double whammy aspects or linked aspects of:

Mars, Venus, Pluto, Karma, Valentine, Amor, Isis, Osiris, Cupid, Psyche, Eros and Juno.

When Ascendant, 5th Cusp or Moon makes exact aspects to the above, we can find couples with plenty of spice and yet happy in a long term relationship.

Some astrologers look at midpoints, I used to but stopped because midpoints act more as triggers than indicators of true twin souls/true love.

If I were to create 5 aspect sets or modify 5 aspect patterns to make every marriage a happy marriage I would create:
a) Valentine-True Node double whammy
b) Mars-Venus conjunction from girl to boy, Mars-Mars trine and Mars-Venus sextile from boy to girl.
c) Karma-Moon or Sun-Moon or Asc-Karma double whammy without a square.
d) Isis of Boy trine Osiris of girl
e) Cupid or Eros of girl conjunct Psyche or Juno of boy.

IQ is a real knowledgeable man regarding asteroids, I wonder where he is now.
However, I do not necessarily agree with everything he wrote: For example I think that the oppositions are not so much a sign of dislike but more so of compelling attraction. It depends on the asteroids / planets if they become TOO challenging.

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posted August 27, 2008 10:05 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

thank you for the new asteroids with your great interpretaiton. I have to look into them.

harmonia 40:
19° Leo in my 8th house exactly conjunct my Cupido and opposing my Moon

hephaistos 2212
28° Gemini in 7th house, conjunct my Nessus and opposing my Sun and Mercury

Charis 627
07° TAurus in 5th house (another asteroid on that degree), I already have on the exact degree:
It`s also trine my Venus

Gratia 424
9° Taurus in 5th house, conjunct Charis, PoM, ACtor, Eros-Psyche-midpoint and trines Venus

Euphrosyne 31
21° Scorpio exactly on 12th house cusp trines Eros exactly and conjuncts Anteros

Eunomia ^15
7° Scorpio in 11th house opposes Gratia, Charis, Actor, PoM, Eros-Psyche-midpoint and sextiles Venus

peitho 118
17° Libra in 10th house trines both Moon and Karma exactly, also squares SAturn exactly and opposes Chiron. OUCH

tyhce 258
10° Scorpio in 11th house
apart from once again being opposite Gratia, Charis, Actor, PoM, Eros-Psyche-midpoint and also conjunct Eunomia (and my dr Vertex and dr Eros exactly), it is also trine Jupiter and Ceres.

BTW my crush`s Peitho conjuncts my Sun and Mercury exactly. Does that mean I am an easy prey?

Also his Harmonia conjuncts my Venus and his Gratia opposes my Venus.

My Charis, Gratia, Eunomia, PoM, Eros-Psyche-midpoint all relate to his Lust through conjunction or opposition (his Lust being on 6° Scorpio exactly sextile my Venus). What does THAT mean?

my Peitho widely conjuncts his Pluto (4) and Anteros.

His Eunomia cojuncts my NN, Neptune and Lust.

I think I better stop now.

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posted August 27, 2008 10:43 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for lovegoblin     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
So would valentine square her ascendant mean he doesn't really like who she is???

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posted August 27, 2008 10:48 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
IQ probably would say he wouldn`t like who she is.

I rather think along 23´s interpretation`s lines, that a square will in any case make two person notice each other, and that through the same modality the chemistry probably will be intense, even though difficult.

In your case her appearance, the way she naturally is (AC) would trigger VAlentine (true love in him). She wouldn`t be what he is looking for (square aspect; look for signs and elements to see the difference between what she is and he is looking for), but despite this he will be very drawn to her.

I`d say it`s some kind of "complicated love" or love as a challenge. But he definitely will not be indifferent towards her.

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posted August 27, 2008 11:03 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for lovegoblin     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
That is interesting.
Her valentine also squares his venus.
She is very attracted to his looks, but does not always like the way he dresses.
So it is funny.

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