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Author Topic:   Need insight about Pisces Male
posted April 13, 2004 04:13 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Hi everyone. I have not posted in quite some time. I've been very busy, and trying to wean myself off the computer and play outside more, too.

My burning question: do all pisces men, well are they all such slippery fish? My b'friend is a pisces and he has male and female friends that he loves dearly. He has a certain, somewhat ambiguous, "friendship" with a woman he met online over a year 1/2 ago. They dance around the issue of getting together (she has a b'friend who loves her dearly, and is very disheartened by her friendship w/my b'friend, as am I).

I told him recently they should just plan a weekend together, because I feel that it's something more. He says he's totally in it with me, and that he has no desire to go there. However, the two of them joke about how "tempting" things will be if they visit (they live in different cities, thank God).

Anyway, I am scorpio, and I do not like this one bit. >

He seems to like to needle me a little, and I'm beginning to believe that he enjoys using my intense feelings as a playground for his insecurities.

That said, THAT is the only thing in our relationship that is creating trouble. The rest is real sweet.

Even if he DOES hold onto secret Piscean dreams, deep inside, should I just let him go ahead and learn to trust him? In other words, is it normal for Pisces to have a secret garden in their own hearts and souls where they go to play. . .?

Any insight ANYone could provide would be very helpful. I don't want to get jealous over nothing and I don't want to lose him because of my jealousy.
Happy Spring!!

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astro junkie
posted April 13, 2004 05:04 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Astrid -

Pisces are generally into secretive relationships, but has a lot to do with other placements, not just having a Pisces Sun. There are other placements which would make one a lot more inclined to ENGAGE in secret relationships.

Sometimes Neptune-like relationships have to do with love with no sex, which can ALSO be an idealized kind of love.

So if your definition of cheating includes ones thoughts...

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posted April 13, 2004 06:45 PM           Edit/Delete Message
This must hurt. I think it hurts even more to know he is openly obvious to you about his temptations and broke your trust.

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posted April 14, 2004 12:01 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Hi There,
I am a pisces myself. The trouble with pisces is that they can love many people --separately and in completely different ways if that makes sense -- at the same time. The love does not have to be consummated by anything sexual. On the other hand, if there IS sex involved, it's the sex that may not mean anything but the perceived (on the part of the pisces) notion that there was some "spiritual union" taking place that is of true significance. Or if nothing else, it's the usual pisces desire to please the other person, regardless of his or her own personal convictions, that ends up taking precedence over what in fact is right and wrong. A pisces can truly love several people (in a purer way - not just for physical gratification)at once and not feel guilty (though they may fall prey to this due to conventions of society) because they have the ability to truly value each person as an individual. How do you compare apples and oranges? Would you feel guilty for liking both? I know fruits do not compare to people in this instance but hopefully the point has been illustrated. Marriage is often troublesome for pisces not because they are selfish or incapable of loving, but quite the contrary, their hearts are sometimes boundless and they love too many, too much. Sometimes, their ability to care is truly inexhaustable. This is something that most other signs cannot really comprehend. Of course you always have the bad pisces seeds who are pretty self absorbed. But you will see even these going out of their way for people that appear to have no significance at all in their lives and seem therefore not worth the effort. It really takes a special type to love and understand a pisces. Sometimes the best way to love one is to let one go and explore their freedom. Sooner or later he or she will come back if the love is deeper than that of all others... And it will be that much more rewarding. I think many times pisces feel cornered and pursued, and play the passive role in a relationship. This is the easy way out but they should really be forced to take a stand - in a gentle way. Then they will feel confident that they have made their decision not based on someone else's needs but on their own. This is key. Pisces are so compelled by others' needs and do nothing (and are seldom encouraged) to see to it that they consider their own needs. The person who is mindful of this, and is willing to let a pisces go if necessary, stands a chance of being rewarded and surprised. The key to the letting go is to do it in a sweet way, keeping firm boundaries in the interim and no slipping back into relationship terms until the pisces has really had time to access him or herself.

Hopefully you are on solid footing with your pisces guy and won't have to break things off temporarily. And no, I don't think he is trying to get the better of you. (But I can see why a Scorpio would think in this way). He is probably just bringing this other girl up as an indirect way of hoping that you will accept him for his "faults" (faults being his ability to have feelings for another girl on whatever level). He doesn't want to lie and pretend she doesn't mean anything to him, it would seem (I could be wrong). So therefore he has to tell you. It's the way that he is telling you that is so typical of a pisces. He fears rejection and admonission (never mind the rejection you may be feeling on your part because he will not view it as such)from you if he has a serious conversation with you regarding exactly what this girl means to him. Joking about it makes him feel safer. He won't get in "trouble" if he makes light of it and at the same time, he is not concealing her existence from you. Believe me, it could be much worse. He could have lied about her all this time and said nothing to you. Then again, pisces do cover lies with half truths so don't rule out any possibilities. Whatever the outcome, know that deep down inside a pisces would never willingly or purposefully hurt anyone, including you. The deception comes from an inability to express truth as they see it and for good reason ... many times they are rejected and being as sensitive as we are, that is always the worst penalty......

please let me know what happens and take heart ... things will happen as they should... all in good time

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posted April 14, 2004 02:16 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Gotta love em...but that's not for everyone, you have to understand. Some of us refuse to share, we love in a more primal way that feels threatened by that drifting, unanchored type of love. It's nice to love a Pisces, that's for sure. But you're better off to love them like you'd love a poem rather than a ....oh, I dunno...say, a favorite pair of slippers, something that you don't really want to share, (of course, a Pisces wouldn't hesitate to offer you their favorite slippers eithor, but that's besides the point). They ARE, however, capeable of almost evangalistic devotion to a partner, more so the female fishees than the males (social conventions being what they are)...but the males too. Oh, and as parents...wonderful! Although the discipline will have to come from elsewhere. They simply couldn't bare to impose anything on a loved if they clearly didn't want it! I knew a Pisces mom who's son didn't want to go the hospital after being stabbed in a drug scuffle, so she obliged him. Then, luckily his sister came home and ignored his refusals and called an ambulance. The doctor at the hospital later told them that he was within minutes of losing his life!...! That's an extreme example of a Pisces who is a little too accomodating. But I'm rambling now...sorry. The main point I wanted to make was that if anyone could understand and tap into and reap the richest rewards of loving a Pisces, it would be a Scorpio.

...sometimes love means letting go.

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Posts: 8
From: ON Canada
Registered: Apr 2009

posted April 14, 2004 02:32 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for pixelpixie     Edit/Delete Message
Whoa.. that description, though about a Pisces, fit me to a T.
Not a typical Scorpio thing, I know, but wow.. and I have no Pisces whatsoever.. but I am water...

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posted April 14, 2004 10:46 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I understand your predicament. When I first got with my Pisces boyfriend I was faced with many women sending him ambigous text messages and emails. Some of it was quite racy although he insisted it was completely innocent.
If this relationship is upsetting others, then they should tone it down if they care for those people. Even if he thinks the relationship is innocent, she may not, which was my problem.
My boyfriend couldn't see that she was desperate to sleep with him, it was just me ! I did suggest to him at one point to just sleep with her as the situation was hurting me too much and I wanted him to find out if he had made the right choice with me.
It's also kind of out rude for them to describe meeting each other as 'tempting', that's out of line. Again, if he is truly devoted, why does he enjoy hurting you ?
Anyway, luckilky my Piscean boyfriend, knowing about my temper, found out finally that she was actually trying to sabotage our relationship, knowing my short fuse and that I wouldn't take much more, he ended the friendship and hasn't spoken to her since.
I think he does have a secret garden, but I know I'm in it.
You're not being jealous over nothing, how would he like you having a friendship like this ? It might have been okay when he was single, but he has a bird now, and should act like it :0)

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posted April 14, 2004 11:56 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Hey all,

Pix - interesting that the description fit you so well, being a scorp and all. you sure you have no pisces???? hmmmm

and lioneye, i see what you're saying. i know it takes the patience of a saint sometimes to deal w/ pisces ppl in matters of love. sometimes they are so oblivious to the fact that others are chasing after them that it borders on absurd naivete. On the other hand they can enjoy being pursued. Most however, enjoy it only up to a point. Were they really to be cornered by an admirer, they'd most likely turn tail and run. Or possibly give in, if pressed hard enough. The interesting thing is that though pisces often give of their bodies, they rarely give of their minds . the personal who can capture both will know that they are truly loved and not just another person that mr. or ms. pisces felt (whether justifiably so or not) obligated to "accomodate". once this happens, the flings usually end....

well, hopefully this shed some light on the situation..

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lovely libra
posted April 15, 2004 12:41 AM           Edit/Delete Message
I don't know I lost my pieces. He was so awsome, smart and generouse, and everything. I kept poking him to try to learn his secreats. I love to learn and he had a beautifull mind. He left me for another woman. I guess fish don't like to be poked. I wish well nevermind thats futile.

~indecision may or may not be my problem

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astro junkie
posted April 15, 2004 02:47 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Don't wake a Pisces up too fast unless you're ready to lose him...

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posted April 15, 2004 01:45 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Unless you poke them the right way:>
I don't like to be unravelled and understood with my Neptune on the Ascendant in Scorpio. I really don't like to be woken up by anyone-even by a LIbra. My Libra ex was a real morning person, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am, for a little poking around!

No do not, not, not wake up a Pisces Sun, Moon or Ascendant early!
My 4th house is Pisces!

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posted April 15, 2004 04:11 PM           Edit/Delete Message
It's those darn puppy dog eyes of the Pisces that will really draw you to them.

But, I am finding that they are so easily distracted by other women.

"When you are not with the one you love, love the one you are near" must have been written by a Pisces.

Anyway, that's just my opinion.

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astro junkie
posted April 15, 2004 08:41 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I understand Pisces men so well, it's not even funny. Do you like to play games?

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Posts: 8
From: ON Canada
Registered: Apr 2009

posted April 16, 2004 02:28 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for pixelpixie     Edit/Delete Message
Yep.. this is me....

Sun Scorpio 0452'44 04 direct
Moon Capricorn 1308'22 06 direct
Mercury Libra 2816'57 04 direct
Venus Sagittarius 0904'47 05 direct
Mars Scorpio 1314'31 04 direct
Jupiter Taurus 2851'11 10/11 retrograde
Jupiter is technically near the end of house 10 and is interpreted in house 11.
Saturn Leo 1601'00 01 direct
Uranus Scorpio 0719'00 04 direct
Neptune Sagittarius 1218'59 05 direct
Pluto Libra 1229'41 03 direct
True Node Scorpio 0332'39 04 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Leo 0735'26
2nd House Leo 2730'52
3rd House Virgo 2207'52
Imum Coeli Libra 2332'50
5th House Sagittarius 0044'00
6th House Capricorn 0703'33
Descendant Aquarius 0735'26
8th House Aquarius 2730'52
9th House Pisces 2207'52
Medium Coeli Aries 2332'50
11th House Gemini 0044'00
12th House Cancer 0703'33

Major aspects
Sun Conjunction Mercury 636
Sun Conjunction Uranus 226
Sun Square Ascendant 243
Moon Sextile Mars 006
Moon Quincunx Saturn 253
Moon Sextile Uranus 549
Moon Square Pluto 039
Mercury Quincunx Jupiter 034
Venus Conjunction Neptune 314
Venus Sextile Pluto 325
Venus Trine Ascendant 129
Mars Square Saturn 246
Mars Conjunction Uranus 556
Mars Square Ascendant 539
Saturn Trine Neptune 342
Saturn Sextile Pluto 331
Uranus Square Ascendant 016
Neptune Sextile Pluto 011
Neptune Trine Ascendant 444
Pluto Sextile Ascendant 454

Just a thought.. Pisces is on my eighth house cusp.. Scorpio rules the eighth house, and I have lots of Scorpio in my chart. I wonder is that is the connection. Or some such thing. Or that Neptune is in my fifth house? With Venus...
But you'd think , being a Scorpio, I'd be somewhat opposite in these things you wrote about.. BUT I can't tell you how much I related to your original post.. It accurately described the issues I have been struggling with. To the nth degree.
Thanks for the enlightenment, by the way.

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posted April 16, 2004 12:13 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Hi there,

Being one of those fishes that confuzzle most I thought that I would give you a bit of insight, as I think this may help.....

Most Pisceans ooze sexual charm (doesn't mean we want it but its there) It was not until recently when I realized why men wont leave me alone (as told by a Taurean male of course!) It is simple...the opposite is darn confuzzled by us....we are so emotionally open when we like someone (not sexually like JUST LIKE someone for who they are) that the opposite sex picks up that we are interested in them!!! Perhaps your Piscean man has this problem also.
As for straying....well lets face it we do stray.....only if we are faced with lovers wanting to over power us and rule our lives, oh and not give us attention!! Quit it with the suspicion and much ado about nothing...this guys wants your love and not your jealousy.Enjoy each other more and you will have a far better chance at keeping him

Warm fuzzies,

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posted April 17, 2004 12:50 AM           Edit/Delete Message
many relevant points made here. as a Pisces gal myself, who has dated a couple Pisces men (yeah, those were interesting relationships--talk about multiple personalities--never boring!!) and closely befriended some other Pisces's what i would say:
talk to him about it. when you are in a calm mood. also, let him know how much it bothers you, without being too dramatic or laying blame...not saying you would do that overtly, but just avoid making him feel trapped by what you are saying. of course, i have alot of planets in aries, so i prefer direct approaches done gently and respectfully of course. the fact that he said the tempting thing is a bit unthoughtful...when i say stuff like that in relationships it usually means there is something else bothering me in my current relationship....for example...whenever i have felt neglected in the past in a relationship i must put out this ultra help me and sex vibe because i attract the most people during times of relationship then i may find myself in tempting situations, and not necessarily act on them but emotionally benefit from them. so, not to wig you out, but have you thought that maybe his interests in this girl could be a red flag to address some issues in your relationship with him? i am just trying to help, as i can tell you have a special relationship with him. scorpios are wonderful at telepathically connecting with pisces, so what does your gut feel about all this? you scorps have good sense about all that, try to put your ego aside and intuit what to do next, if anything. this may be a passing thing...the only thing that stuck out to me was the "tempting" comment they made. good luck! and for what it's worth - i feel good vibes from this, as in, it will probably just make your relationship stronger...

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astro junkie
posted April 17, 2004 03:07 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Spiria -

I was curious about something you said, and it's not a positive or negative thing, just want to make sure I understood what you meant when you said:::

"...whenever i have felt neglected in the past in a relationship i must put out this ultra help me and sex vibe because i attract the most people during times of relationship turmoil..."


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posted April 24, 2004 12:19 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Wow. . . I am absolutely blown away by some of the comments here. THANK you all sooooo much, those of you who ARE pisces, or have dated them.

I guess, after reading all this, is that my b'friend and I just go about relationships differently.

Lioneye, you are so right. I DO love in a very anchored way. And he's. . . well, a fish. I feel like I'm the sea enenomy(sp) and he's the clown fish. I love the analogy. There's a sweet interdependence, emotionally and physically with us. We understand each other deeply.

He's a VERY complex person. Has an interesting history, childhood, upbringing.

We come from totally different worlds, and yes, he DOES have those puppy dog eyes. Just melts me. He's VERY sensitive and charming, and a gifted musician. In oracle readings, I've "discovered" he was once a prince. . .

He's very regal, in some ways, and NO, he is NOT a morning person. (I laughed about the advice not to wake him too soon, even though I think Astro Junkie means not to shake him up from his dream-state, his illusions, etc). He seems naieve in some ways, but is too smart to be so naieve. Does that make sense?

I met him just after 9/11, we were platonic friends for a year b4 he met "ms. Online" (for whom he fell head over heels). Then, we ended up shifting and becoming romantically involved. Then, after 5 months, he left me for a woman of his same religion. . .
agh. Hell hath no fury like a scorpio scorned. Well, I truncated, and didn't speak to him for months. . . but he very carefully and painstakingly ran damage control 24/7, and got me back as a friend. After all, I deserved HIM as a friend after he worked so hard to get me back into his life--especially after what I hurled his way!! Anyway, he broke up with the gal he left me for. . . and we've reunited.

So. . . I have some trust issues with him.

sigh. Games indeed.
He's got Pisces sun, Aq. venus (yikes), and cancer moon

I've got Scorpio sun and venus and a Taurus moon. That's just enough to show you that I like stability for the long haul. The flighty stuff tends to bring out my more suspicious side, and makes me uncomfortable.

His pluto hits my mars and uranus. . . I could go on. Let's just say, it's INTENSE. When it's good, it's heavenly, when it's bad, it's pretty ugly (fortunately not often)

The lesson here for me is to enjoy the most intense love (and sex) I've ever experienced and hold on loosely, like the song said. But it ain't so easy on this scorpio heart.

Thank you for understanding. I feel so much better after reading all these heartfelt posts.

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posted April 24, 2004 12:23 AM           Edit/Delete Message
What boggles my mind at times is how feminine he can be at times. lol

I've always dated masculine signs. He's so. . . wow. Emotional!!! Mood swings! a rollercoaster.

Is that a pisces thing, too? For the men even? I've never seen the like, and sometimes I feel I need to activate my more "masculine" aspects in order to balance and relate to him properly.
Whatta trip!
(but he's alllllllllllll man in bed, lemme tell ya!)

tee hee.

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posted April 25, 2004 08:28 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Yes Pisces man with Cancer moon would be really emotional. I have a Cancer moon and I can be tempted emotionally, if I think I am being held on to very tightly or regarded as a Pop Tart.

definition of Pop Tart:
Cheap, Easy, Cherry Flavored and Disposable.

Anytime I feel someone has be as a thing, then I feel I may be thrown away at anytime soon, so I start looking around to boost my self esteem. I have found this is common in Pisces moons too. I met a Pisces rising recently and he likes to look around a lot, although he has never cheated.

His S.O. is a Cancer with Venus in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn so she holds on tightly. The right woman could pry him away, but it won't be me, just because most women can see how much he lacks without her.

Venus in Aqua is very idealistic, and has very high standards, AND likes a good looking mate.

Pisces does better with a mate, that's a fact. Pisces moons almost always do better with a good stable earth influence around. And this Pisces rising Gemini sun friend is turning out to be a good influence on me emotionally, but I am the stability factor he is looking for.

Pisces know they need stability underneath and seek it out. Everything else is a result of their imagination and desire to travel.

Try to travel more often to new places, variety is the spice of life.

Just a thought( anyone can turn a man into a stray, but she can put him back too. The question is how soiled do you think he is once she's had him? I don't care where he's been but it does hurt to see a man cheapen himself, or act like a virgin with her skirt over her head.)

Taurus Sun opposite Neptune in Scorpio
Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

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posted May 09, 2004 02:20 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Thanks for the post.
Well, I can tell you, he KNOWS I don't see him as a pop tart (cute!) Not at all.

One thing he's seen is my jealous nature. And he has said that he appreciates how much I fight for him, and how determined I am.

Yeah, I see what you mean about "looking" around. He does, and I don't like it. But, looking isn't acting. . . and the fish has to have his fantasies.

He's left me once for another woman. It took MONTHS before I spoke with him again.

Now we're back. . . and relishing in it all.

However, I'm certain he knows that if he should let me go again, it's for good.

It's too much to bear. But hey, everyone (most everyone, that is) deserves a 2nd chance, and he worked hard to earn it.

He's in this now with a newfound appreciation.

I guess all I can do for now is just enjoy this affair and take it one day at a time. . .

Hey. . . does anyone have an interpretation for the following aspects?

1. my natal saturn conjoins his south node by less than a degree (heavy karmic stuff, huh?)

2. our rising signs oppose, putting each other's rising in the other's 7th. Also, his moon (in cancer) is in his 7th. And yes, he is a VERY emotional/feeling mate.

Any insight would be appreciated, (especially on the first aspect, for which I cannot seem to find an interpretation).
Thanks again.

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astro junkie
posted May 09, 2004 06:15 AM           Edit/Delete Message
"Their south node conjunct your sun: A dynamic partner from your past who can shed light on your inherent strengths."

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posted May 09, 2004 01:21 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Hi Natasha, my Taurus Sun/Cancer Moon friend also looks around to boost her self-esteem (and she has no trouble doing it-she is never without a man). Right now she is living with an Aquarius, and she has tried a few times to dump him for no reason other than I think she wanted to test his devotion to her. It worked every time.

My brother is a Pisces Rising, married to a Cancer girl too. He had a roaming eye when he was younger, but never with her.

A Pisces man I've known for a couple of years asked me out yesterday. Cheza, he does ooze sexual charm. But Pisces is just one sign I know very, very little about. I THINK he has a Virgo moon (sun and moon in opposite signs, like me), venus in pisces, mars in cancer. But there's a slim chance I have his birthdate wrong by 2 days (which would make him a Leo Moon).

I am weary about most Pisces because to me they seem to waver a lot and never really say/stick to what they mean. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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posted May 09, 2004 07:12 PM           Edit/Delete Message

Here are posts about aspects to the Nodes. This may help you analyze the synastry aspects,

Take Care,

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neptune lady
posted June 09, 2004 11:57 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I'm a Pisces too, but I'm as fiercely protective of my relationships as a Scorp. I give my Cappy boyfriend a lot of freedom, but have made it clear that if he cheats on me..I'll kill him and the woman ....and I'm only half kidding..hehehe...Actually, I bring my own past emotional baggage because my dad often cheated on my mom and she would always be sad and crying. There were times when I or my siblings, as kids, would pick up the phone and a woman's voice would ask for my dad. Many times, my mom and he fought and he'd beat her black and blue. I carry those scars of horror with me. Fortunately my b'friend is a steady Cappy who understands least I hope he does...and although he glances at the odd Playboy Magazine and let's me swoon at Brad Pitt's muscles, we have vowed to be true to each other. I would say that although I do have friendships with other men, sexually, I am fiercely loyal to my Cappy
I wonder what planets are causing this!

What I want to say, if you have a trust issue with this guy, Pisces or not, it's NOT worth the emotional turmoil. You need someone who should love and cherish you, not someone who doesn't realize your worth.

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