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  saturn opposite sun in synastry

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Author Topic:   saturn opposite sun in synastry

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posted October 26, 2004 11:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for chrissymgreen     Edit/Delete Message
dear all,

i recently got a book from the library, an old book called 'astrology for adults'. i believe it was published in the late 60s. i found the info on it on-line:

Joan Quigley, "Astrology for Adults"
(New York NY: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1969/78)

in it, it mentions the aspect of one partner's sun being opposite the other partner's saturn as a positive aspect. it says the sun person often buoys the saturn person's spirits (but the sun person sometimes gets bogged down with the responsibility of always filling the role of the cheerer upper, unless other aspects deflect this).

i share this aspect with my partner - my sun in pisces opposes his saturn in virgo. in addition, his ascendant in scorpio opposes my saturn in taurus. i would say he does a smashing job of cheering me up; i always feel good in his presence.

does anyone else out there have this aspect with their significant other, and do you find this to be true? how does it affect you & your partner?

thanks a zil,

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posted October 26, 2004 03:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for lovely*     Edit/Delete Message
Hi chrissy,

I find the topic of Saturn very interesting. Have you heard of the book "Saturn, a New Look at an Old Devil" By Liz Greene?

Here is something for you, an excerpt from her book:

"The majority of Sun-Saturn contacts in relationships appear to occur when it is the woman's Saturn and man's Sun are involved. This is perfectly in line with teh idea that the majority of womem do not freely express the quality of the Sun and consequently, a tie involving the woman's Sun would be unconcious and not so obviously powerful. There seems to be no doubt that Sun-Saturn contacts are very powerful and binding in relationships as well as being more common than the proverbial Sun-Moon or Venus-Mars interchanges".

....."There is often an element of reluctant respect or grudging admiration on the part of Saturn towards Sun because the Sun can express easily and automatically those qualities which Saturn finds difficult to express and frequently fears or dislikes within himself. If gte Saturn partner has some self awareness , he will be openly admiring and may be able to learn a great deal from his partner which will help him in his own self expression. Only the Sun, the great life giver, can offer warmth and light to Saturn's chilled bones."

Do you agree with this interpretation?

Liz Greene has done a remarkable analysis of Saturn, by house, sign and aspect as well as synastry.

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From: hurst, TX, USA
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posted October 26, 2004 04:18 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for chrissymgreen     Edit/Delete Message
dear lovely,

oh, wow, you know, i don't have that liz greene book but now it sounds like a must-have!

thanks for the info...regarding the interpretation, i think it's got some truth to it. in my case, i'm the sun and he's the saturn (my saturn doesn't aspect his sun, but it does aspect his ascendant). he does respect and admire me, though he tells me so freely and often (i suspect this might have something to do with my neptune conjunct his ascendant). i do see in him a difficulty expressing himself (aided by his stellium in scorpio, i'd imagine), and i can tell my behavior with him is part of the reason he expresses respect and admiration for me, because i represent in part those parts of himself which he represses and denies because he's afraid.

gosh, thanks again!


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Aquarian Girl

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posted October 31, 2004 08:24 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Aquarian Girl     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Chrissy, I have this same aspect with my new guy. His Pisces sun opposes my Saturn in Virgo (bloody Virgo Saturn, I hate it!). Our relationship is too new for me to really flesh out how this aspect will manifest exactly, but I can already see that the things in that Liz Greene book are pretty accurate. There are a lot of things about him that I greatly admire and I don't really make a secret of them (I've always been a bit of a flatterer, lol... I don't believe in withholding praise, I think people should feel good about things they have achieved and excelled in, but i think i over-compensate because i despise pointless criticism and nitpicking, my mother is a virgo, nuff said)... For the most part, I have yet to see how this will all play out with us, we are still very much in the heady, romantic stages and we both think the other is "just perfect" ... lol

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posted October 31, 2004 10:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for sthenri     Edit/Delete Message
a boyfriend of mine had Saturn in Pisces/1st house, and my Sun is Taurus/6th house. It seems I was the life giver, the one who was warm and cheery. He didn't have any fire in his chart either.

Other than him, all my others have had Saturn trine, or sextile my Sun, not opposite.
Maybe I don't like being cheered up? I think being the cheery one, or being cheered up constantly can be exhausting, I suppose for me likes attract.

Having to cheer up the pisces saturn/1st house was really tiring, he was always down, and I had to plan thousands of things for us to do. But possibly that's my expectation of myself. I like where you can sit with someone for hours not talking really, just absorbing his warmth.


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From: hurst, TX, USA
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posted November 02, 2004 11:00 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for chrissymgreen     Edit/Delete Message
i think you have a good point, natasha (i dont remember if you said this exactly, but what you wrote made me think this) - our own saturn aspects and house placements matter. actually, our own aspects often matter considerably in how we respond to the synastric aspects between us and other people.

with mr. virgo (who things are going well with, so far) - my sun is pisces/6th, my saturn is taurus/8th. his sun is virgo/10th and his saturn is virgo/10th. sun/6th opposes his saturn/10th and his sun/10th is sextile my saturn/8th. i guess one thing that helps him is that he's really comfortable with his saturn. he's got his sun, merc, saturn and his NN all in the 10th. im really not sure what this means...exactly. yet. im searching for an intuitive understanding of all this, though.

ok, on the subject of natal aspects compared or contrasted with synastric aspects, i was thinking this last night...and maybe you can confirm, natasha, my instinctual interpretation of this. my pisces sun is opposite my virgo pluto. his virgo sun conjuncts my virgo pluto. also, his gemini moon is opposite his sag neptune, and my sag moon conjuncts his sag neptune.

this has to mean something, right? i mean, the natal vs synastry aspects are strangely connected somehow.

thanks for any input,

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