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Author Topic:   Age just a number?

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posted October 08, 2006 03:11 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Neophyte     Edit/Delete Message
Hi everyone

Im sort of at the end of my rope here,, and at a point where I dont know where else to turn to try to understand why I am feeling so intensely for someone I've fallen in love with - so bear with me a little . I had my chart done a while ago and was amazed at how spot-on it was so Im wondering if astrology could also give me some clues about my current turmoil. Im a Taurus with Scorpio Rising, and Moon in Pisces. Shes a Virgo with Virgo Rising and Moon in Leo. Theres a lot between us that would make us incompatible but theres also a strong strong attraction that is driving me crazy. First off theres a generational gap between us. I originally pegged her as a very attractive woman in her early 40s -I'm nearing 30 - only to learn she was much older. She has a very, very youthful appearance, is very health conscious and very much into taking care of her body so I was floored when I learned that she was actually 60. Im totally confused because Ive never been attracted to a woman this much older than myself ever before. The sexual tension between us is stifling and though we have a lot in common, sometimes it's hard to just hold a conversation because of this. The problem is as strong as this attraction is and though I sense she is interested too, I'm scared to approach her for various reasons but I hope some of you will be kind enough to read on and offer some insight into this situation.

My tight Venus/Mars conjunction in Aries and mercury in Taurus fall in her 8th house. My moon in Pisces falls in her 7th house, opposite her ascendant. My Sun in Taurus and Jupiter in Gemini fall in her 9th house, my Saturn in Leo falls in her 12th, my Pluto in Libra and Uranus in Scorpio fall in her 2nd house, and my Neptune in Sagittarius falls in her 4th.

Her Venus and Mars in Libra fall in my 12th house, so does her Jupiter in Libra. Her Neptune in Libra falls in my 11th house. Four of her planets - Pluto in Leo, Mercury and Moon in Leo and Sun in Virgo - fall in my 10th house. Her Saturn in Leo falls in my 9th and her Uranus in Gemini falls in my 8th.

Element wise we are compatible I suppose. As I mentioned, she is Sun Virgo and I am Sun Taurus, both earth signs. However She is Virgo Rising, I am Scorpio rising. I see a problem with her Moon in Leo with my Moon in Pisces but so far we relate to each other well. We have alot of similar interests and intellectually very compatible but I've never experienced such intensity for someone I haven't begun to even date yet. We probably want different things in life, shes at a different stage in hers, I am just beginning mine but I cant deny the attraction and my strong affection for her and the feeling we were meant to be close. Even if this doesnt last (and Im realistic enough to realize that it probably wont if it turns romantic) I sense a "meant to be" thing going on here. I know this could be a transformative experience for me but that's another story...I fear the possibility of making a fool of myself by making romantic overtures to her and since we're great friends I'd hate to spoil that dynamic. I guess I want to know if I can take it further and if the stars smile on this situation or what aspects or energies are contributing to it and how to deal with them.

Some other aspects between us: ( I Just bought solar fire but I've got alot of studying to do before I understand any of this)

My North Node Sextile Her Moon
Orb 243' Separating

My Chiron Square Her Saturn
Orb 017' Separating

My Uranus Sextile Her Ascendant
Orb 031' Applying

My Mercury Trine Her Ascendant
Orb 354' Separating

My Moon Square Her North Node
Orb 606' Applying

My Venus Opposition Her Chiron
Orb 742' Applying

My Sun Quincunx Her Chiron
Orb 125' Separating

My North Node conjunct Her Jupiter
Orb 013' Separating

My Venus Trine Her Mercury
Orb 341' Separating

My Venus Opposition Her Mars
Orb 113' Applying

My Venus Opposition Her Neptune
Orb 453' Separating

My Venus Trine Her Pluto
Orb 007' Applying

My Mars Opposition Her Mars
Orb 013' Separating

My Venus Opposition Her Venus
Orb 622' Separating

My Mars Opposition Her Neptune
Orb 353' Separating

My Mars Trine Her Pluto
Orb 107' Applying

My Jupiter Square Her Sun
Orb 538' Applying

My Jupiter Trine Her Mars
Orb 230' Separating

My Jupiter Trine Her Neptune
Orb 109' Separating

My Saturn Conjunction Her Mercury
Orb 450' Separating

My Saturn Conjunction Her Saturn
Orb 750' Applying

My Saturn Conjunction Her Pluto
Orb 116' Applying

My Uranus Square Her Pluto
Orb 246' Separating

My Neptune Trine Her Mercury
Orb 012' Separating

My Neptune Opposition Her Uranus
Orb 556' Separating

My Neptune Trine Her Pluto
Orb 322' Applying

My Pluto Conjunction Her Venus
Orb 628' Separating

My Pluto Conjunction Her Mars
Orb 107' Applying

My Pluto Conjunction Her Neptune
Orb 446' Applying

My Sun Square Her Moon
Orb 547' Separating

My Sun Square Her Mercury
Orb 526' Applying

My Pluto Semisquare Her Moon
Orb 000' Separating

My Mercury Trine Her Sun
Orb 217' Applying

My Mercury Square Her Saturn
Orb 154' Applying

My Mercury Semisquare Her Uranus
Orb 129' Separating

My Venus Sesquisquare Her Moon
Orb 006' Applying

My Mars Sesquisquare Her Moon
Orb 054' Separating

My Mars Trine Her Mercury
Orb 441' Separating

My Jupiter Sesquisquare Her Jupiter
Orb 108' Applying

My Jupiter Sextile Her Pluto
Orb 351' Applying

My Saturn Sextile Her Mars
Orb 004' Applying

My Uranus Sesquisquare Her Uranus
Orb 256' Applying

My Neptune Sextile Her Venus
Orb 253' Separating

My Pluto Sextile Her Pluto
Orb 013' Separating

My Moon Quincunx Her Mars
Orb 102' Separating

My Moon Quincunx Her Pluto
Orb 018' Applying

My Sun Quincunx Her Venus
Orb 245' Applying

My Sun Sesquisquare Her Neptune
Orb 101' Applying

My Vertex Opposition Her Moon
Orb 855' Applying

My Vertex Opposition Her Sun
Orb 311' Applying

My Vertex Sesquisquare Her Venus
Orb 227' Applying

There are also some contacts between my Ceres, Pallas and Juno and some of her planets and vice versa, but Im not sure of their importance.

Anyway, any input would be appreciated, and thanks for reading

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posted October 08, 2006 04:47 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for LetsDance     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Neophyte,

I don't know astrology like you have it listed, so I'll just answer you on a more "grounded" level.

Is your attraction to her more sexual than anything else? I ask this because you say that you know it probably won't last -- meaning a real relationship. Does she just want a sexual relationship with you? If you can both agree on what kind of relationship you want to explore, then I say go for whatever that is with all the gusto you have. You only live once and could have a beautiful time together -- as long as you are both clear on what you both want.

Just my two cents!

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posted October 08, 2006 05:51 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Natural111     Edit/Delete Message
Hmmmm.... I'm not sure if it's the same for risings but there is a strong Virgo/Scorpio attraction faction. Hmmm... I guess it is! And woe, once that sort of attraction hits you.... Woe.

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posted October 08, 2006 11:37 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Neophyte     Edit/Delete Message
Thanks for the responses

LetsDance, well I am strongly attracted to her sexually but somehow it feels I guess karmic is the right word. I'm just wondering if I'm feeling more than she is. This is a new kind of feeling for me and it forces me to confront feelings I have for women. It's not easy pursuing a gay relationship or even being open about your sexuality in a society such as the one I live in. I do know that she is a lesbian but I'm uncertain if she just sees me in a sexual way or if there is something more. I don't know how to go about even telling her how I feel since this is un-chartered territory for me and I'm afraid of getting hurt. I said that it may not last because I suspect our age difference would be a major issue but who knows maybe it might not. Im still "in the closet" and this experience might force me out of it yet I'm not even sure Im ready to take that step. If this sounds confusing, it is for me too and Im trying my best not to get depressed about it..

Natural it does have a whoa feeling to it , in fact shellshock would best describe it. From the little Ive read, the ascendants could possibly play a part in the first impression, but I think the duality of virgo and pisces ( her virgo rising, virgo sun and my moon in pisces) is an energy at work here. However it feels more Mars and Venus and perhaps pluto and venus as well. From the descriptions Ive read online the venus opposite mars aspect in her Libra and my Aries are energies I feel to be very prominent between us. Another strong energy is our admiration for each other's talents. Were both creative people and this connection is a huge part of our friendship.

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