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  I normally don't believe in soulmates but....

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Author Topic:   I normally don't believe in soulmates but....

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posted November 27, 2010 05:43 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for blugrey     Edit/Delete Message
I met this Virgo guy a while back around 2 years ago, and I kind of had this "instant" attraction to him. I tried to talk to him and stuff since we were involved in the same school club. He isn't really quiet, but just more introverted than the usual guy I am attracted to. I am very outgoing and not at all reserved. But after about a month or so of hanging with him, his friend told me he had a girlfriend. So I got really discouraged and I gave up. That same friend kept pursuing me and we ended up in a relationship, but only for like 9 months and I found out that the other guy lied and he didn't have a girlfriend the whole time. It's been around a year since we broke up and I still talk to the Virgo guy and we hang out sometimes when he's in town and he always posts on my FB and leaves these funny sarcastic messages and stuff. He always teases me and gives me a hard time.

Anyway.. Can someone tell me if I have a chance at all since I dated his friend and they are pretty close. I really like this Virgo guy and it's driving me crazy because he gives me the butterflies and I NEVER get butterflies. It's not really physical chemistry, but it's more like a really comfortable, relaxed feeling and it's just like I've known him forever and it just keeps getting more and more comfortable. There is just this connection that I can't explain and when I look into his eyes it's like magic. I'm usually really level headed about love and such, but it's just driving me crazy. He's not really into talking about his feelings, but he has joked about love kinds of things around me. I just can't read him at all, another new thing! We are really different personality-wise but we have so much in common, sometimes I find myself being able to finish his sentences and vis versa.

He's a Virgo/Cancer Rising/Gemini Moon
I'm a Gemini/Taurus Rising/Sag Moon

Anyway, here are our charts.. I know a little about compatibility, but what is this thing going on between us???



Thank you for your help!

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posted November 29, 2010 12:28 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for MysticMelody     Edit/Delete Message
You are comfortable because he is your moon♥, your heart. This will be rough for you. The sarcasm of the Virgo is not altogether benign in my experience. If you dated his friend and you were anything but chaste and pure, you haven't a chance with the Virgo, to be his one and only... This is my guess based on a four year relationship with a Virgo man and his comments regarding women. He was a Scorp AC and Leo moon though so not exactly the same, of course. Maybe you can keep it Gemini light and let enough time pass to make it "new" with him again. Good luck!

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posted November 29, 2010 02:49 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Diana     Edit/Delete Message
Well, with the composite DC having a new moon next week and the two yods getting activated, something is gonna happen.

I see some troubling things though. I'm just going to say which fixed degrees I see for now, because I can't see the chart anymore, but they stuck out in my mind.

mars on algol. It was in the 12th -- house of secret enemies, own undoing. Juno in the 3rd at 15 leo, of neighborhood, local gossip, communications. Scheat, a very bad fixed star on the comp friendship house indicates problems with you two and the ex. Neptune and chiron on the MC of reputation and image. It could be a big saga if you are with each other. I have a feeling he'd want to keep it from your ex/his friend or maybe you would. DON'T do that. If it is not on the up-and-up and in the open, it will be disastrous for you. I saw some other signs of this, with 3rd/8th/and 11/12th houses and eclipses, yods, etc., but the general reading I am giving you is to not have sex w/o a long courtship and make sure you clear it with the ex first.What I mean is that it needs to be a serious relationship and you need to be sure, even then, I get the feeling the ex will be some kind of issue between the two of you. If not during the relationship, than afterward.

If you can take care of those things, it may be OK. I would take it very sloowly.

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