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  What are your Twin Flame experiences? Can you recap it?

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Author Topic:   What are your Twin Flame experiences? Can you recap it?

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posted June 27, 2022 10:50 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for anevolena     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hey everyone,

Just like most everyone on here I met this guy and now I'm looking for answers.

We met twice, a year a part, and both instances were exceptionally significant, and I felt a massive sense of recognition. Very often will one of us say the exact thing on the other's mind, we act alike, we have similar backgrounds...

Astrologically, he and I have a very, very karmic synastry. We have the same Ascendant, Mars-NN DW, his vertex conjuncts my DC. (Loosely a DW-- composite vertex is on DC) His DC ruler conjuncts my IC.

In our Draconic, his moon exactly conjuncts my Sun, and my natal Sun exactly conjuncts his draconic Venus.

You can see it here:

I barely know him but he's already triggering me. We became very quick friends after meeting, but I called him out on some Gemini Venus BS and now we're not talking. Although we are very similar, we seem to have opposite perspectives on relationships. I seem to be more serious/guarded/avoidant, whereas he seems to be desperate for validation and attention.

That being said, I CANNOT get this out of my mind. My intuition is haywire around him.

I'm certain we're karmic in a way, but
I feel like we may actually be twin flames. I didn't even know that term until I started researching our connection.

I am curious to get insight from actual people who think they found their twin. A lot of the results on Google seem very fake, tbh, whether it is someone trying to make money, or frankly delusional people deep in limerence towards an unavailable partner.

If you found your twin, can you summarize your story? How do you mirror each other? What have you learned, how have you grown? Has your twin grown as well?

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posted June 28, 2022 04:27 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted June 29, 2022 06:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GalacticCoreExplosionV2     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
My partner of 21 years and I have a twin soul connection.

The first couple years were kind of rough as we both have strong, stubborn personalities, and were coming out of messed up/stressful family and life situations.

We have a rather strong psychic/intuitive connection. I would say that is one of the more consistent hallmarks of a true twin soul connection. Not that you can't have that with other soul connections--of course you can. I mean, if you and say a soulmate connection were both monks or priests/priestesses in another life and meditated-prayed together all the time, or the like, then yeah, chances are, in this life you will also have a heightened intuitive connection between you. Or say you were physical, identical twins in another life with a soulmate, then similarly, likely to have a heightened intuitive connection in this life.

But with a twin soul connection, it often is more automatic and "built in" so to speak. And it is more common for the psychic-intuitive connection to be powerful in twin soul connections.

That is about as much as I will generalize about these connections, as I find too often, too many sources over generalize and lump them together, when really, we are all individuals and our individual journey's will likely vary quite a bit with this (twin soul connections) and other things.

One of the over generalizations that I often see about these connections is the over focus on romance. You're just as likely to have a twin soul connection with a family member, a friend you can't be with romantically for whatever reason, etc. They are not always lovers/mates. In fact, past life/karmic investigation into our respective Soul and Higher/Expanded self histories has shown my partner and I--that romantic connections have not necessarily predominated.

We've been each others parents, other family members, friends without benefits/co-workers for a similar cause, etc just as often as we've been lovers/mates. Nor do we always incarnate together. Occasionally when one of us incarnates, the other one will hang back in the nonphysical and act as a guide/helper type to the other.

Oh, another BIG misconception is that you can and will only ever have one twin soul connection in this life. Nope. Our individual Soul was created by an older, wiser/more aware, larger part of ourselves that we can call our Higher or Expanded self. This part of us creates us soul extensions on a "as needed" basis.

It can, and often does, have more than one Soul extension going on in the same time/space cycle.

Hence, if your Expanded/Higher self and the Higher/Expanded self of your "twin flame" have multiple soul extensions going on in this particular life/space-time cycle, then it is quite possible for you or them to meet more than one of these connections.

This has happened to both my partner and I. To be honest, I don't know how common or not this is though. I just know that it is possible based on our experience.

Astrologically speaking, my partner and I have a strong emphasis on opposite and same Sign placements between different but important/sensitive placements in our respective charts.

For example, I have Cap Sun and Merc, Leo Rising, Libra Moon, Aqua Venus (in 7th*), Virgo Mars, Jupiter, NN, and Saturn, and obviously Pisces SN. Scorpio IC/Taurus MC.

She has Aqua Sun, Venus, and South Node, Cap Rising, Aries Moon, and Mercury and Mars in Pisces. Taurus IC/Scorpio MC.
* (Interesting to note that my partner is a predominant Venusian, with Venus Rising and closest Planet to her Asc point).

My Venus is conjunct her Sun/South Node conjunction which in turn is conjunct my Desc. My Sun is conjunct her Asc, her Mercury and Mars are conjunct my South Node, our Moons are in opposition, etc, etc.

Astrologically, this is probably the most common pattern I've seen between twin soul connection relationships--very strong emphasis on opposite and same Sign connections, especially between different, but sensitive/important symbols in the chart. Also, the other reflecting our Desc and related factors powerfully.

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posted June 29, 2022 10:18 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for anevolena     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Wow, thank you for responding! That's fascinating.

I simply know we are twin flames. I just know it. Also, it is very strange how me and this guy didn't meet before we did. Before I met him, I was in the worst depression of my life (saying something) due to heartbreak over a guy (a soulmate, I believe.) Having made it through, I now realize I needed to go through that, because I was able to choose to love myself in the face of it all. One step lead to the next and before I knew it I was on my spiritual awakening.

Then the pandemic hit, my job shut down, and I used that time to deepen my connection with God. Summer 2021, my job reopened, and on the very first day, I met him. Turns out we have been coworkers this entire time, I've been to his house, we have the same friends... I just never knew him.

I still haven't interacted with him extensively but I believe we have a psychic connection. He often says the exact thing on my mind. I can barely look him in the eyes due to the intensity. Although, I am trying to strengthen this bond, as I haven't had anything truly WOW yet (tbf him saying my thoughts is kinda strange)

Can I ask you how you mirror your twin flame, personality wise? Do you acknowledge that you are TF, or is it left unsaid?

Also, can I ask how you have explored your past lives together? I am extremely intersted in this.

Your astrological connections are fascinating. Wow! I can tell there's something huge in our charts, but I am still learning how to tell the whole astrological story instead of zeroing in on certain aspects.

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posted June 30, 2022 09:39 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GalacticCoreExplosionV2     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Sounds like it has been quite a journey for you so far. Yeah, it does seem like a somewhat common pattern for a person to go through karmic soulmate situations that are very painful, testing, challenging, before meeting and getting to be with their twin soul IF that is part of the cards in this life (again, not all twin soul connections are romantic).

Believe me, I understand the intensity of the feelings and emotions in all this, but at the same time, try to keep in mind that at a Soul, and especially Higher/Expanded self level, we are here trying to move more and more towards the Oneness of the Whole. If you are more spiritually developed than the average on a Soul level, and if you overly lose yourself in a twin soul connection (can and does happen), then it may be taken away from you so that you do focus more on the Oneness and true/pure Love. We are parts/extensions of the Source itself, and that is our true Home of homes--with Source and with the Oneness of the Whole.

Twin souls can distract us from that, and yet, they are meant to help us to remember/realize that ultimate truth also. For, if we can experience a greater Oneness with one other Soul, it can make it easier to experience it with others as long as we keep the right ideals and bigger picture in mind.

How do we mirror each other personality wise? Well, as mentioned, we are both strong and stubborn personalities, but we are also opposites at the same time. On a Soul level, I am more attuned to the Yin and she to the Yang. Astrologically speaking, this often relates to my Libra Moon and 7th House Pisces South Node vs her Aries Moon and very strong Aquarius. Though I do have a strong, stubborn personality in many ways (Leo Rising, Cap Sun, etc), I'm also more go with the flow, more flexible, etc than she tends to be. She is definitely more fixed.

We have very similar tastes in music, food, etc, but at the same time, we also have very different tastes and interests in some areas. For example, she is obsessed with visual art, which for the most part, I could care less about (though I respect it) while I'm VERY focused on music. But our inner ideals are quite similar. We both strongly believe in and deeply care about service, Love, the Oneness of the Whole, etc.

She is an extrovert and I'm an introvert. Again, in some ways, we are opposites and very different.

Past life investigation has come about primarily via a combo of dreams, readings with psychics, way beyond chance synchronicity with others/life itself. Also, we have a bit of a "leg up" in a way from others, in that we are both connected to Souls that incarnated during the same space/time cycle as Edgar Cayce and that group of service Souls that incarnated with him.

These other Souls that we are connected to, had "Life Readings" from Edgar and his nonphysical guidance. Hence, some of the lives that we are aware of, are via those readings. Some of our dreams (both for ourselves and for/about each other), psychic readings from longtime/professional intuitives-psychics, etc have confirmed and/or correlated with those readings, and sometimes in very intense ways.

Heck, even my partner's birth date seems to be a big clue to all this. In common, American, numerological form, her birth date is 2/8/81. This "coincidentally" is the same number sequence of the woman she is connected to and the woman's first reading. Meaning, each person was assigned a random number sequence to protect their identity and give them anonymity and yet allow for a way to identify and categorize their readings for their and Cayce and friends benefit.

For example, this is how it worked. Edgar's own set of readings was listed under the number sequence of "294". But then the number sequence of the readings was listed as -1, -2, -3, etc, etc. So Edgar's first reading for himself would look like 294-1, his second would be 294-2, etc. In a way, you could say that Edgar's first reading, was a "birth" of sorts for him, as the 1 begins it all in an active phase after the latent/purely Yin potential of the 0.

So it does seem a little over coincidental that my partner's birth-date number sequence is the same as this woman's case number + first reading. Course, neither of us only rely on this. My partner has had dreams of being connected to this woman. One dream was kind of amusing as she saw herself connected to this woman and then saw a bunch of people we know/are close to in this life and who they were connected to in that past life. Her ex boyfriend in this life, was in the dream as her ex husband (died and left her a widow) and spoke up about my brother's wife, who in that life was my mate, and her ex boyfriend/husband wryly said something like, "and J has chosen quite the body for herself in this life".

(Indeed, she is quite attractive in this life).

But I want to and should make clear, these are not cases of direct, literal reincarnations of the same Soul. This is actually kind of rare. What is far more common is that the Higher/Expanded self part of us, creates a new Soul to have a new life and when it does that, the way it creates that new Soul is by mixing and matching different parts/memories/energetics/patterns from other Souls it has already created and who had already lived human (or other) lives.

Hence, when this new Soul comes into this life, it often comes with a feeling of having lived before, but they are not literally, directly these other people and Souls. Souls can and sometimes do directly and literally reincarnate, but it seems most Souls go fairly long times before choosing that. Probably simply because of how difficult and stressful human lives tend to be on the Soul, and no one knows that better than a Soul who has already directly experienced that for themselves.

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