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  Mercury Conjunct MC - synastry?

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Author Topic:   Mercury Conjunct MC - synastry?
posted March 22, 2009 05:30 AM           Edit/Delete Message
is this considered a 'soulmate' placement?

can anyone offer any general meaning of this aspect, or any kind of interpretation?

im looking for clues between two charts in synastry, i have noticed one thing i consider an interesting clue,

her venus is in gemini, my 3rd house is quite prominanet, with mercury widely conjuncting venus in the 3rd. giving me a somewhat gemini influence over my venus and mercury.

so i thought, if her venus is in gemini, her mercury must be somewhat important in the chart, because communication is key to venus gemini people right? i mean, i think it would be good to stimulate the ruling planet or house of the sign there venus is in maybe.. her venus is in my 11th, its Very accurate, she allways wants me to come out with her to a party or anything if there is one, her venus sextiles my sun too, so that helps.

well, we both have sun trine mercury dw.

would these be considered clues of 'interest' in eachother?

my venus and mercury being in the 3rd does look for some gemini i think, i have alot of gemini influenced friends. my mercury sextiles her mars, and also makes some aspect to her mercury, unsure which one it is.. (my mercury is virgo, her mercury is aries, and the line between them is the green dash line?)

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posted March 23, 2009 02:30 PM           Edit/Delete Message
bump, anyone??

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posted March 23, 2009 04:49 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I wouldn't consider that a "soulmate" placement, but it's very good for a business partnership or working relationship -- the Mercury person's ideas and ways of communicating will be very beneficial to the MC person's public life/image and career... for instance, Mercury could inspire the MC with new ideas for business ventures or help them solve problems related to work, public life, and so forth. But this placement alone is not romantic or indicative of a romantic relationship; that depends on other factors.

Can you post the full synastry chart?

I think your line of thinking is good, with the connections between her Gemini Venus, your Venus/Merc in the 3rd, etc... but those connections are, IMO, not as powerful as direct connections between planets, angles, and nodes. I think the ruler of her Venus is less important than the ruler of her 7th and 5th house cusps and her chart ruler. And Mercury is generally a neutral planet in synastry -- helpful for communication but it doesn't provide sparks or chemistry. Look for connections between the personal planets, house overlays into the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, or 8th house, etc.

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posted March 23, 2009 05:17 PM           Edit/Delete Message
thanks for the response pseudofemme!

unfortunately, i don't have a birth time, thats why i can only work with my house synastry. i am fully aware that 5th house and 7th house rulers are more important, and that direct connections between mars's/venus's etc are much more substantial.

thats why i called them 'clues'. because i consider them clues in refrence to what a gemini venus person would be after, and which part of there chart would need some positive connections too.

here is the synastry chart, again i don't have a birth time (yet?) i set the blue person (other) birth time to mid day.

heres the same chart but with all aspect lines included between asteroids -

has any one been the venus/psyche person with some one elses eros on them, and found mutual attraction?

does anyone find magi astrolgy accurate about juno-venus connections?

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