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Author Topic:   Transits threw life

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posted November 01, 2009 06:23 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for DepTaurus     Edit/Delete Message
ok so just for some fun information lets look at life and transists during different periods of our lifes. this only counts for outer transits of course as the faster moving planets i dont know in terms of years what transits they make.

ok at birth everything is conjunct to everything.
sun conjunct sun
moon conjunct moon
mercury conjunct mercury
venus cojunct venus
mars cojunct mars
jupiter cojunct jupiter
saturn conjunct saturn
uranus conjunct uranus
neptune conjunct neptune
pluto conjunct pluto

so right there we experince every conjunction possible right at birth including neptune return and pluto return which nobody could ever live threw.

so when we are 2 years old we all get a jupiter sextile jupiter well as 10,14,22,26,34,38,46,50,58,62,70,74,82,86,94

when were 3 years old we get jupiter square jupiter well as 9,15,21,27,33,39,45,51,57,63,69,75,81,87,93

when were 4 around the time we start kiddergarden we have a jupiter trine well as 8,16,20,28,32,40,44,52,56,64,68,76,80,88,92

when were 6 so grade 1 we have a jupiter opposite jupiter well as 18,30,42,54,66,78,90

when were 12 we get a jupiter conjunct jupiter transit as well as 24,36,48,60,72,84,96

saturn sextile saturn when were 5-7 years old.same time we start kiddergarden. also 22-25,33-36,57-59,64-67,82-84

saturn square saturn 7-9,19-21,37-39,54-57,67-69,79-81

saturn trine saturn 9-11,17-19,39-41,51-53,69-71,77-79

saturn opposite saturn 12-15,42-45,72-75

saturn conjunct 28-30,58-60,88-90

uranus is a little bit slower so it take 84 years to travel aroudn the whole zodiac.

when your born you have auranus conjunct uranus at 0-2 years old.

when your 14-15 you have uranus sextile uranus naturally this is when we start highschool.

when your around 20-22 you start a uranus square uranus transit which is why most o us are ready to move out of our parents house and just flee.

when your around 27-29 you have uranus trine uranus transit. which is around the same time your having your saturn return.

when your around 41-43 you have the uranus oppsoite uranus transit.which some might say begins the midlife crisis.

when your around 55-57 you get another uranus trine uranus transit.

when your around 62-64 you have another square which i find fascinating because this is where people have already retired and just act the same way when they were 21 buying new cars and actig out cant wait.

when your around 70-72 you get another uranus setiel uranus transit.

and if your still alive by then at 84 you get a uranus cojunct uranus transit.

neptune of course is even slower it takes 14 years in one at birth we have a neptune cojunct neptune transit in very close orb for about 3 to 4 years.

then at around 28-30 we get a neptune sextile neptune right aroudn the same time we get a saturn return and uranus trine uranus transit.

at around 42-44 we have neptune square neptune transit which comes at the same time as our uranus opposite uranus transit which could cause midlife crisis.

at around 56-58 we get our neptune trine neptune transit.

then we get our neptune opposite neptune transit when were 84 so right when we get our uranus return that is for those of us who live that long. sorry to say but nobody on earth will ever or has never gotten a neptune return but it would be cool.

pluto is very difficult too do because it ranges from different speeds so i might post this one in a little later in terms of where pluto was for the generation of people alive today.

hope you enjoy have fun reading.

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posted November 01, 2009 10:04 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for amowls*     Edit/Delete Message
Thanks! This is interesting to think about

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posted November 01, 2009 10:51 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lucia23     Edit/Delete Message
Thank you! It's helpful to think of this way.

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