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Author Topic:   The Astrological Alphabet: Keywords & Phrases

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Sun - Leo - 5th house
Recognition. Prominence. Giving-out Royally from a Position of Power. Charisma. Live and Let Live. Exteriorization of Self. Indomitable Spirit. Healing. Illumination. Inspiration. The state of pregnancy (as potential). Joy. Laughter. Radiant self-expression. The Center-piece of your life. Doing it My Way. Great out-pouring from the Heart. Campaigns. Creating mirrors - distinction through self-projection upon whatever materials are necessary and seeing that they are responsive. Entrepeneurs. Mode of expression. Self-piloting. Personalizing - revealing the personal consciousness. Dramatization. Clearification. Clear-seeing. The Central Strategy. The creative point. Confidence. The inner directing mind. Joi de vivre. Vitality and exuberance. The blaze of consciousness. Force of personality. Show. Creativity and creations. Being center stage. Getting it out. Role-playing. Originality and flair. A straining toward greater perfection. The radiatingly fulfilling state. Fearless 'becoming'. Glory. Admiration and appreciation. Enlivenment. Encouragement. Enthusiasm, generosity and kindness. Pride. Your sacred place. The place of creative incubation. Dynamic. Things done for their own sake... playfully, with pleasure. True vocation. Celebration. The burning-point of power. Your true bliss. Your own true being. The wheel rolling out of its own center. Being it, sincerely. "I". Performance. Enjoyment. The great powerhouse. The spiritual heart. The radiating center of your life and personality. Productivity. Confirmations of power and ability. Self-exposition. Showing-off. Applause. Fashion. Luck - Signs that things are 'on our side'. Giving out. Gifts. Celebrity. Self-confidence. Illumination of the moment. Living gratefully and creatively. Warmth. Out-going radiance. The positive pole. Aspirations. Personal sovereignty. The intentional element. Self-image and self-esteem. Giving birth to. Original style. Flair. Endowment. Speculation. Colorful and flashy. Cocky. Dramatic. Enhancement. Gifts and gift-giving. Coaching. Spontaneous. Spirit. Panache. Highlights. 'Doesn't mind...'

Moon - Cancer - 4th house
Feeling. Familiar. Cultivation. Provision. Inclusion. Mass-Movements. The Cellular Level. The Deepest Symbolic - Programming Level. Nurishment, feeding and sustenance. Incubation. Fecundity and fertility. The Cultivator. Preparation. Nesting. Personal and private. 'because I feel like it'. Ancestral. Taking care of... Feeling safe and secure in the present moment. What needs to be in place for secondary forms to thrive. Mood. Psychic foundations. 'Touchie-Feelie'. Habitual conditioning. Subliminal. Memes. Instinctive reactions. Concrete realisation of Unity and Continuity - achievement of integration and the inward painful awareness of insecurity. Responsiveness. Self-cultivation. Comforts. Paradigms. Background. Conditions of the moment. The vector of support. Environment and what is needed from the ambient. Creating the right conditions in which desires can grow and flourish. The climate necessary for things to grow - the matrix, the womb. Putting yourself in situations that feed you. Having a series of 'fall back' positions. Nurturing and succoring. Receptivity. What informs and supports life. The outer, receptive state of mind. Reflection. Habitual reactions and conditioned reflexes. Behavior outside the usual awareness. Emotional. Irrational. Self-protective measures and defense mechanisms. Roots, race, nation. Home, territory, locality. The inner suggestible mind. Image-making and what the mind 'chews on'. Reflection. The pull of the past. Fostering. Public. Consensus. Emotional outlet. Cultivation. Being open to environmental stimulation. Impressionability. Feelings. Lineage, ancestry, bloodlines. Attachment to the past. The umbilicle. Sense of tradition and heredity. The base of operations. Memory. Open vulnerability. Nuclear elements which have yet to achieve their own independence. The female, mothering element. Intuition. Culture. Cycles. A sense of place and belonging. Emotional comfort. Tactile. The Collective. The masses. Transmuting. Intuitive knowing. The classical dimension. Perpetuation. Pre-existing circumstances. Remembrance. Domestic issues. Making preparations. Enclosures. Issues of security and defense. Personalizing issues. Shelter. Parochialism. Needs environmental stimulation, otherwise introspective. Sensitive and tender so puts on a shell of toughness. Sympathy and concern. The glandular mothering function.

Mercury - Gemini - 3rd house
Thinking. Making Statements. Multi-tasking. Cleverness. Verbal-Mental Dexterity. Perfection of Detail. Synthesizing Sense Impressions. Free association. Assembling. Connectionist Viewpoint. Master of the networks. Mentation. Making connections. Embraces change. Repartee. Inconstant. Interfacing - eagerness to extend one's experience through human contacts. The go-between. Adaptable. Changing situations. Inquisitive. Multi-dimensional. Willingness to switch plans / agendas. Circuity and circulation. Contact, links, introductions. Sharpening understanding - 'catching on'. Comings and goings. Planning the next move. Prioritization. Drawing parallels through the use of 'like situations'. Classification. Avidity for knowledge. Analogical, ordered and sequential. Moving around. To ‘covey'. Intelligence and agility. Exchange. Giving voice to... Attentiveness. Communication and display. Gathering multiple options. Self-expression. Reciprocity. Making comparisons and sorting through it. Articulation, talking, conversation. Rationality. The intellect. Convergence. Function. Mobility. Curiosity. Verbal. Verbose. Incantations. 'So-called...' Changeability. Versatility. Variety. Taking an interest. Emulation. The ability to recognize ‘twins' and relationships. Linking observations and ideas. Mimicry. Copy. Thinking. The simultaneous and what goes together. Cerebral. The faculty of comparison. Spreading the attention. Verbal. Relaying information. Modulation. Logos. Commerce. Digitize. 'Noticing'. Advisory. Proportions. Facts. Gathering data. Use of 'like' situations. Parallels. Stating the problem clearly. Information. Doing more than one thing at a time. Minification. Multiplication. Duplication. Metaphors. Logic. Objectivity. Combination. Calculation. Diversity. Abstraction. Creating scenarios. Questioning. Interviews. Various levels. Curiosity. Creating similes. Making choices. Roaming. Creating images. Measurement. Counting. Quantification. Mental interests and pursuits. Lighten-up. Parallel activities and involvements. Learning and education. Conferences, meetings. Neighbors and the neighborhood. Siblings. Nervousness, restlessness and excitability. Variety. The light touch. The youthful attitude. Knowing the kind of language that is appropriate lends the right approach - each situation has its own way of thinking and talking about it. Words. Communication style. Putting the mind in the right gear. Stating your case. Questions. Increments. Feeling 'connected'. Use of language and symbols.

Venus - Libra - 7th house
Checks and Balances. Integration. Relation. Adjustment. Relativity. Contrast. Dialog. What is owed to Others. Unifying. Alliance. Transactional situations. Interchange of vital energies. Attraction. Escorts. Reciprocity. Relativistic perspective. The principle of relatedness and polarity. Reflection. The Dynamism and Linkage of Polar Opposites. Interpersonal. Interplay. Intimacy. Being open to Encounter. Tolerance. Togetherness. Tantric Ritual. Balance. Split. Facing-off. Confrontational. Engaging. Points of View. Trial and error. The art of give and take. Restoring equalibrium. Getting even. Association. How one thing influences another. Parity. Parallelism. Analogy. Whatever is mutually beneficial. Compensating. Conciliating. Fair play. Magnetism. Yielding. Tentative. Complementary. Knowing the other person's needs. Making adjustments and accommodations. Mutuality of partnership. Compromising. Mergence. Pendulum swings, a reacting against style. Expresses harmony, pleasure, love. Gravitation. Full association. Breaking even. Unification. Interaction with significant others, dialog, duels, duets. Relating. Active opposition or cooperation. Partnership activity. Peers. 'Bouncing-off'. Counter support. Input-Output. Tactical response. Confrontation. Competition. Sharing and companionship. Harmonizing, agreeing, co-operating. The 'win-win' solution. Making peace. Consulting. 'Push-me - Pull-you' situations. The delicately weighted strategic response. Approval. Contradictory points of view. Everything in proportion. Indecision. Fence-sitting. Dilettantism. Dabbling. The needs of the partner or the significant other. Justice. Reconciling. Coordinating. Complying. The glue that holds it together. What sways you. Nothing overdone, but nothing neglected. Co-existence. Partnership. Attractive. The Art of... Compensation. Perspective. Marriage and sharing. Impartiality. 'We' consciousness. Social exchange. What belongs together. What we need to complement ourselves. Weighing-up the situation. Concord. Interaction. Confrontation. The alter-ego. Wearing a public face. Companionship, us, our. Intimate ties. Polarizations. Duality. 'Anti'-feelings. Defining onesself in terms of what one is 'not'.

Mars - Aries - 1st house
Motion - Moving. Targeted. Piloting. Directives. Activism. Propulsion. Energy. Willing. Dynamism of Motivation. Boldness. Out-going. Pure Selfish Desire. Aim. Germination. Attack. Making an incision in events. Awareness of Self. Self-starter. Impulsive. Primary Energy. Self-Motivation. Subjective Viewpoint - Outlook. Looking Forward. Acceleration. Energizing - gives a boost. Virility. Vitalizing force. Intentional Living. Passion. Staying active. Assertive energy. The Go-getter. High-adenaline situations. Impassioned initiative. Self-directing, youthful exuberance. Sincerity. The Child's Spirit. Puer Eternus - the child enthroned. Being actively involved in the thrust of life. Challenging. Promoting. The Will. Self-starting. Assertion of Being. First discovery of 'I' as an idividual unit and all the awkwardness that goes with first attempts. The frontier spirit. Abrupt diversions. Yielding to impulses. Bravery. Makes things happen. Just do it. Big Bang. In the action. Initiative. Building momentum. Having a clear line of attack. ‘Shepherding'. Cheerleading. Vitality. Do it for yourself. Thinking in terms of Self. Choosing your own game and your own battles in life. Being a good martial artist. Activists. Leadership. Incentive. 'Turning on'. The Power of 'What Works'. Youthful, honest and childlike. Drive-energy. Being impelled by force. Re-direction. Movement. Compulsive spontaneity. Knowing what you want. The self-starting impetus that disturbs the status quo. Proactivity. Motivation: Do the thing and you will have the power! Imperatives. Significant new beginnings. Pioneering. Heroic. Fearless. The short burst of energy. Being in the driving seat. Promotion. Making things happen. How and where an impact can be made. Erection. Advance and overcome. Looking at the world through naive eyes. Cavalier. Acting on Impulse. Self-assertion. Enliven. Promotion. Show the way. Do it with conviction. Take charge. Thrust. Pursuit. Take the lead. Hold your head up. Actualize. Urgency. Earnestness. Immediacies. Take aim. Set out on the conquest. Push events. The approach natural to you. The ability to call out impulses. Progress - moving forward instead of being content with breaking-even (Libra, opposite sign of Aries). Putting some effort into it. Decisive and dynamic. Charging forward in perfect Courage. 'Springboards'. Being deliberate by building a forward momentum. Creating impetus. Original cause. Directional power. The Spirit of the moment. Situations where the approach is crucial. Purposeful activity. Cultivate the strategy of this (Ascending) factor to move forward. Taking decisive action. Bulldozing, overcoming. Emergence. Self-reliance. Energy potential striving to assert itself. The new impulse. Intense 'I' consciousness. Sense of urgency - me, now, here! Taking action. Domination and mastery. Directed effort. 'Output' oriented, directed energy. Exertion of force. Unharnessing purposive will. Drawing on primal energy. Getting on the move. Being yourself - the first impulse. Making the personal investment. Picking up the momentum. Moving toward a well-defined goal. Initial action. The "male element". Wanting quick results. Juicing it up. Direct, straight-line movement. Looks for challenge and adventure. The right start. The right overtures. Thinking ahead. Nudging ahead. Foredetermination. Anticipation. Dislike of interference and restriction. Being direct. Embarking. Being first. The spearhead of action. Combative. Standing up for onesself. Going for that extra ounce of effort. 'Working-out'.

Jupiter - Sagittarius - 9th house
The Big-Picture. The Upward Spiral of Progress. Enthusiasm. Far-Reaching Vision. Theoretical. 'Seeing Past...' Anticipation. Diversity. Heuristics. Discovery. The Exploratory Mode. Gaining of New Concepts and Perspectives. Going further afield. Progression/Progressive. Proliferation. Realization. Philosophic Wonder. Aims and aspirations. Improvements - How what you are doing contributes to progress. Feelings of thanks-giving and generosity. Buoyant Optimism. Increase. Above it all. New Vision - seeing where you can be in the future. Globalization. Enterprising. Experimental. Progress. Extraordinary. Exultant. Meaning. Enlargement of Viewpoint. Spreading the word. Tuning in to future possibilities and prospects. Advanced intellectual formations. Risk-takers. The search for meaning. Intellectual openness. Philosophic courage. Audacity. Trust. Involvement in a cause or search for Truth. Understanding. Feeling special - a part of Excellence. Knowledge as power. Multidimensional, 'larger than life' situations. Learning from situations as they are presented. Thinking of reasons why it will work. Getting a 'yes' pattern going. Hope. Diversity - and the avoidance of becoming too invested in any one solution. An appetite for exploration. The larger purpose. Ebullience. Enrichment. Theory. Philosophy. Assuming that each experience in life has a purpose. Beliefs, speculations, opinions and how we form them. Religion, ideology. Pitching onesself out of the ordinary. 'The best bet'. Magnification, maximization. Optimism. Optimization. Up-lift. Outreach and exploration. Insight. Shooting speculative arrows. Aligning your life activity with something bigger than yourself -- some cause, concept or ideal. A straining toward greater perfection. 'Being it'. Transforming ordinary humdrum existence into something nearer the ideal. Raising the level. Raising the stakes. Bring it Up! Nudging ever upward. Inspiration. Reaching outward and upward to a more fulfilling state. Extending activities, interests, sympathies, understandings, etc. by optimistically exploring and exploiting the possibilities life offers. Willingly go beyond what is required. Following your Bliss. Enlivening. Injecting variety. Enlarging the horizons. Seeing the big picture. Enhancement. Development. Cultivation of the long view. Levity. The ability to bounce back. Scope. Escalation. Permissive. The elite experience. Making ethical considerations. Exploring possibilities. Options. Are there permutations whereby factors that cannot be changed might be re-arranged more effectively? Congeniality. Embracing. Welcoming experiences that enrich the life by getting it out of the rut. Branching out. Diversity. Varying the old tunes. Injecting new enthusiasm into conditions that have become stagnant and boring. Say "yes" to the exotic and unfamiliar - strangers may contain the key to events. Enthusiasm. Not only accepting life's invitations, but maximizing what they have to offer by widening them, extending them and following them up. What are the features of the current situation and how can the opportunities in it be maximized rather than resisted? Achieving a spread of effort and attention rather than a concentration. Letting your thoughts be directed towards the future in faith. Growth, expansion, success and achievement. Mixing with the confident and influential. Being open-handed, generous. The benevolent uncle. Avuncular. Jovial. Going for quality. Treating yourself and others to something special. Cultivation of buoyancy and optimism in yourself and your surroundings. Staying cheerful. Lift. Extrovert. Extravagance. Exaggeration. The large canvas and the broad brush. The quest. Progress. The speculative intellect. Optimization. Exploitation. The directed libido. Projecting confidence. Upholding values. Conscience. Ethics. Morality. Honesty, openness, candor. Elevation of the mind. Reverence. Search for significance and wisdom. Having the audacity to attempt and the nerve to dare. Taking the leap of faith. Defiant. Freedom. Outrageousness. The Risk Element. The ladder of ascent. Initiation into higher consciousness. The call to go beyond yourself. Internationalism, travel. What is on the increase. Comprehension. Expansion. Truth. Integration. Extensive understanding. Faith. Making the big connections. The exploratory mode. Higher education, the academic life. Broadcasting, propagandizing, advertising, publishing. Insights. Value judgements. Shooting for the mark beyond oneself. Something at which to aim. Pushing back mental and physical horizons. Breaking new ground. Searching. The unknown, the unfamiliar, new situations and encounters. Strangers. The overview. The 'oughts' and 'shoulds' of life. Lofty and inspirational. That which pitches you out of the ordinary. Growth. New possibilities. Adventure. Boosting. Variety. Righteousness. Luck. Acting with Confidence. Variations. Stretch. Import/export. Revelations. Sparking ideas. Hypothesis. Discoveries. Cavalier. "Use the Force, Luke." Get over it and move on. Deliberately extend your range of contacts and interests thereby enlarging the number of channels whereby luck can reach you. The out-going attitude which expresses itself in some kind of faith, some overall picture of what it's all about. There is an organic connection between this sort of attitude and the arrival of the good things in life.Floating trial ballons. Broadly. Escalation. Elevation. Bumper crop. Up and coming. Improving. Will be... Trajectories. Hopes and Dreams. Upgrades. Updates. The 'Long view'. High expectations. World-wide contacts. Opens doors for new plans.

Saturn - Capricorn - 10th house
Consolidation. Accomplishments. Triumph and Tragedy. Control. Authentication. Respect. Focus. Structuring. Number = where psyche and matter meet. Reductionist. Purity. Clarity. Concretization. Materialization. Encapsulation. Regulation. Orientation. Obligation. Duty. Selection/Selective. Reliance on Precedents. Ritual. Minimalist. Delay. Dealing in Tangibles. Importance of Time. One's Standing. Concrete Roles. Standing Firm. Strength from pressure (diamond). Concentrating experience. Consensus Reality. The realistic approach. Taking-stock. Systematic. Structured and mathematical. Stability. Staying power. Stamina. Configuration. Self-reliance. Solid contol. Obdurate. Nothing succeeds like hard work. Finding your center of gravity. True 'response-ability'. Crystallization. Condensation. Detachment. Practical and Pragmatic. Building on Experience. Discovery of a distinct identity and an awareness of what is 'acceptable' to the public in order to succeed and endure. Determinism. Tests. Irony. Culmination. Mastery. The plateau, the summit. The 'island state' - Incarnation, isolation. Limits and delays. Preparing the person for a broad social purpose. Certainty of purpose and your connotation for others. Results. Consequential. Assumed constraints. Incarnation. The process whereby what has hitherto been in an expanded state becomes concentrated in time and space to embody as a physical reality what before was only an idea. Physical actuality. What will bring you closer to your goals. Positional power and expertise. Catering for the future. The promontory of individuality. Demarcation. Separating what you need from what is non-essential. Status and reward. Persistence. Well-established things. Waiting it out. Discrimination. Creating a personal distinction. Making it your own. Having well-defined goals. Maturity. Loyalty. Fulfilling all the obligations and conditions necessary for solid achievement. Knowledge that comes from emptiness and purity. Bringing back only what you are ready to find. Becoming the narrator of your own story. Conventions, formalities. Building solid supports. Behaving successfully. Concentrated effort. Keeping vigilant guard at the boundaries of the Self. Exclusivity. Building on the current theme. The process of sedimentation. Taking total responsibility. Control. Being accountable for your words and actions. Being realistic. Contraction. Construction. The sober, separate egohood. The historical dimension. Traditional. Deliberate. Caution. Setting limits and deadlines. Restraint. 'Get Real!' Necessity. Fear. Definition. The concentrative - isolative mode. Rationality. Individual identity and self-definition. Distinctiveness and distinction. The evolutionary object. Self-piloting and self-control. Having a purpose and the self-determination to achieve it. Concentration. Keeping a vigil with the self. Bare-bones. Common-sensical. Painting your self-portrait. Form and structure. Scaffolding. Maturity. Absence. Organization, orientation and direction. Utilization of gravity - pulling yourself toward a goal. Placing limits and restraints. Taking the steersman's role on life's course down the Cosmic Stream. Regulation. Formalization. Achievement. Self-awareness. Time and aging. Endurance. Static-conservative. Self-consciousness. Living your calling and having a connotation for others -- what makes you recognizable in other peoples' minds? Giving it form. Taking the austere approach. Doing your duty. Finding satisfaction with life and living. Distinctiveness. Calculation. Realism. Disciplined, purposeful effort. Serious to the point of depression. Minimalism and austerity. Self-denial. Solitude. Whatever is so important it scares you. Ambition. The slow, uphill climb. Have Patience. Isolation, insulation. Condensation. Culmination. Conclusion. Your charge. Social awareness. Stratification. Hierarchies. Focusses 'down'. Officialdom. The 'mini area' of competence. Segregation and social barriers. The final outcome or significance. Self-sufficiency and containment. Closing off from the compulsions of the environment. Focus. The pin-point of consciousness. Respect. Deprivation. Doing without. Restraint. Integrity. Concretization. Individualization. Constancy. Consistency. Subtraction. Loss and limitation. Reaching. Overcoming obstructions and obstacles. Looking forward to success. Sophistication. Focusing on what can be done. The way one manifests life in the material world. Structure and persistence of pressure. Integrity and Commitment. The thing rightly done. Giving it body. Pragmatic. Prosaic. What is to be endured rather than enjoyed. Giving strength and durability. Levels. Architecture. Staying where you are. Recognition. Fundamental. Stick to it. Dry. Ironic. Take it seriously. Maximum Entropy. Sole Arbiter. Self-sufficiency.

Uranus - Aquarius - 11th house
Disruption. Dissonance. Innovating. Do-it-yourself. 'Un-rutted-ness'. Anti-Conformist. Quick changes of tempo. Breaking-away. Heretical. Alternative. Fighting against prevailing cultural norms and obsessions. Advancement for humanity through personal liberation. The Risk Element. Inconsistencies. Change. Liberation, freedom and independence. Anti-establishment. Prankish. The Innovator. Does nothing like anyone else. The New. Exciting Instabilities. Nonconformity. Avant-garde. Release, relief. 'Logging-on'. Openness to new information and synchronoicities. 'Outsider' status. Peculiar. 'Outre'. The alien perspective. Activate new circuits of the brain. Ground-breaking. Hive socialization. Anti-elitest. Anthropomorphizing. What we get excited about. Newest developments and discoveries. Visionary. Elitest and intellectual. One-of-a-kind. Sudden mutation. Iconoclastic behaviour - The breaker of images - Final integration into what we call 'culture' and the break up of the 'establishment'. The self of our aspirations. The idealized self-image. Novel experiences. Keeping your eye on the future. The one-of-a-kind, the unusual. The unique expression. Bristle with energy. Pick up the pace. Non-traditional - getting beyond the need for tradition. The chameleon - not bound by consistency. Favors the 'fringe'. Antithetical interest. Innovation. Surprise. The flash of foresight. Doing it differently. Radical restructuring. Sudden breaks. Whatever keeps you fresh by dramatically shifting perspectives and fending off the staleness that always stalks us. Self-inventing. 'The knight's move'. Freestyle. Irrelevant. Unusual fashion. Side ventures. Whatever is contrary to your normal discipline. Up the tempo! Vim and vigor. Altruism, community feeling. Aligning your life activity with some cause, concept or ideal. Establishing independence. Inventing new ways. Wish fulfillment. Becoming that uncommon creature. The non-sequitor. Galvanization and electrification of your contacts and activilties. Modernization. Self-authorization. Free-force. Free and independent will. Autonomy. Novelty. Originality. Breaking from conformity. The great individualiser. Unorthodox. Divergence. 'Cut-loose'. Departure from the norm. Innovative. Freelancing. Changing. Suspention and elevation. The sudden, erratic and unexpected. Reformation. The process of socialisation. The Power of the Group. Solidarity. Aculturalisation. Those we identify as fellow spirits. Peers and social set. Shared truths or ideals. Future-orientated and social-minded. Finding an original way to put it together. Fellowship, brotherhood. How your significance is used by others. Spontaneity. Juicing it up. The genuine response. Raising the vibrational rate. Defiance and refusal to be dictated to. Deviation. Bohemian. Shocking. Revolutionization. Going against the grain. Doing your own thing. Alteration. Expecting it to go your way. Iconoclastic spirit. Anarchy. The radical faction. Focusing on the universal. The unpredictable and unprecedented. The spontaneous, authentic response. Changing direction. Reversal. Abnormalities. Inventiveness. Plans, hopes and wishes. Looking forward to the future. Rearranging. Reorientate. Uniqueness. The power of ideas. Group activities. Clubs, friendships. Associates, teamwork. Committees. Impersonal. Generalises issues to form universal truths. Basic principles. Sincerity. Electrically-charged encounters. Loosen-up. Juicing-up. Electric. Incongruities. New. Genuine. Individualism. Charging-up. Rebellion.

Neptune - Pisces - 12th house
Dispersion. Subtle. Escape. Inspiration. Room to Dream. Experience of open-ended possibilities. Broad Channels. Inspirational. Imaginative. Diversional. Uncertainties. Behind-the-scenes. Diffusion. Fluid. Hesitation. Vagueness. 'Feeling your way'. Metamorphosis. Dolphinesque. Deliverance. 'Rising Above It' The intangible. Psychic opening. Ecstasy. Instinctive knowing. Imitation - Emulation. Heightened sense and sensitivities. Illumination. Free-ranging. Back-tracking. Trusting. Transcendence. Excarnation. The Big Picture. Holism. Losing the Self in something bigger. Idealization. Normal levels of attainment do not satisfy. Lofty. A deep longing for the wonderful, the marvellous and the extraordinary. How dreams are expressed. Getting where we want ideally. Flowing with events. The inner, hidden landscape (of which the outer is a visible externalisation). The Latency of the Seed. Yielding. Illusionary. Hidden inlets to the visionary world. Seeing visions. Privacy, seclusion, secrets. The feeling that every experience links to some larger process. Charity. Dis-engagement. Benefactions. Dissolving - Refashioning. Transcendental solutions. Symbolic. Metaphorical. Obscurantism. Veiled-effects. Misdirection. Reversal of Polarities. Mirror-effects. Looking above the clouds. Informers. Renunciation. Subtleties and nuances. Operating on a higher, more refined level. Coming closer to the ‘heart's desire'. Learning from situations as they are presented - Following impulses. What we do when no one is looking. Diversity - avoids becoming too invested in any one solution. Activities that allow for some imaginative scope; allowing you to work creatively with life's intangibles. Feelings of great inspiration and creativity. Withdrawl. Inner plane work. Discovery of hidden resources. Potentiality. Ambiguity. Openess to prompting. Sacrifice the Self for an Ideal. Intuition. Abnormal situations. Preparation, germination. Frustrated outer manifestaion through obstruction, handicaps, enemies - including oneself. Developing forces as inner powers. Being imprisoned, trapped or captive. Troubles sorrows, difficulties which have the potential of producing inner fruitage. Loosen-up. The higher expression. Operating on a higher and more refined level. Handling subtleties, nuances. Percieving that nothing is ever so straight-forward or so black and white as others imagine. Paradox. Dissolution. Creative complexification. Straining toward greater perfection. Being seduced by false glamour. Getting over it - Raising it to a higher level. Potential. An ongoing process of refinement - Transformation of onesself. Identifying with what is beyond the little separate ego - Purifying the inner being. The oblique approach. Subtle infiltration. Pervasion. Climate. The overall form. Counterbalance, contrasting, offsetting. Dilemmas. Two-way pulls. Alternate ways. Diametric changes in direction. Transcending down-dragging conditions to establish a life nearer the ideal. Mystical or religious overtones. Going beyond the limits of physical perception. Reaching outward and upward to a more fulfilling state. Nourishing the activity of your own creative imagination. The magnetic affinity between what happens to you and the state of your inner-self -- this is your interface with the cosmos. Going willingly beyond what is required. Equivocal and open to interpretation. Open-endedness. Boundless expansion. Uncommited, unspecialised, hence adaptable. Indirect. Unfulfilled possibilities and potentials. Inwardness. Seclusion and privacy. Mergence. Imagination and Identification. Imitativeness. Empathy, sympathy and compassion. Self-sacrifice, martyrdom. Renunciation. Wraps-up projects and close doors. The dawning of consciousness. Drawing on the hidden and private interiorised sector. The invisible. Transformation. The intuitive faculties. Chaos before the new impulse. Divergence. Contrary pulls. See things whole. Dissolution. The 'yet-to-be'. Indeterminate. Pulling the other way. Indefinite. Having the grace to let go. Losing control. Abdication. Diffuse yearnings. The pervasive and evasive. The formless and insubstantial. Seepages, blurring and clouding. The oceanic. Immortality. Eternity. Ambivalence. Misunderstandings. Embrace and absorb. Acceptance. Disintegration. Going beyond. Evasion and escape. Dreams. The end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Open options. Uncertain and uncommited. Drifting. Acceptance. The Sublime. Throwing it back into the melting pot. Restoring the possibility of yet unfulfilled potentialities. Alienation. Facing both ways. Sensitivity. Rising above difficulties. Surrender. Allure. Freely inquiry. Intangibles. Using the power to go within and 'play it out' in the mind. The inner source of strength. Having 'conversations' with the self. Retreat. Out-going acceptance. Substitutions. Controversial. Imaginatiion. Implication. Inspiration. Allowing something new to come to consciousness. Sleep on it. Nebulousness. Poetic. Allusive. Elusive. Seeing how things come together. Cosmologies. The 'Cosmic scale'. Potential. Ubiquitous. Ubiquity. Mysteries of faith. Includes... Rapturous. Vagueness. Come full circle. Concentric. Cyclic. Ecstatic states of Being. Nirvana. Hopeful. Blending. Intoxicating poetry. Suggestive. What tends to slip away unnoticed. Giving up willingly.

Pluto - Scorpio - 8th house
Revelation. Regeneration. 'Wising-up'. Power-Plays. Atomic Potency. Vehemence. Taboos. Sex, Death and Resurrection Themes - Intensity of Experience. Conspiracy. Cover-ups, things done in private. Unmasking. Underground. Covert. Distortion. Getting deeply into... Awe-inspiring. 'Surfacing'. Seeing through levels of complexity. Separating wheat from chaff. Imaginational structures - Identification with 'forces' which aim at the interpenetration of the person and prepare him for the purpose of building a society - and the ability to see through and resist - but it's good that we resist - then only the 'worthy' gets through. Brooding. Deep-cover spying. 'Salvaging'. Profit-sharing. Radical restructuring. Ressurection. Revealing. Going to extremes. 'Outre'. Elimination. Rejection. Recycling. The graphic picture. ‘Murk' and the shadow side. Work done in the 'underworld'. Suspicion. Subversion. What they don't tell you. Intensity. Passion. Initiation. Mysteries and their disclosure. Transformative situations and experiences. Subliminal. Deep negative emotions. Gothic. The subterranean, the submerged, and the subliminal. Extraction. Essence. Recognition of your own depths. Deep awareness of the thresholds of passage. Getting in deeply. Relentless. Searching out the obscure, the cthonic and occult. Intimidation. Fighting defensive battles. Vehement pursuit. Appropriation. Making their ideas your ideas. Being aware of vulnerability. Purging. Psychological compulsions. Yearning. Craving. Distortion. Irresistible elemental force. Survival issues, traumas and first-hand experiences. Revealing. Coming to terms with the dangerous and irrational. 'Paying the price'. Attachment. Loyalty. Compulsions and Obsessions. Mutation. Nefarious. Evolutionary Process. Persistence. Desires. Arcane. Getting intensely involved. Sacrifice the Self for an Ideal. Depth. Investing something of yourself. Have a single-minded purpose. Keeping secrets. Primitive instincts and desires. Catharsis. Getting it out of the system. Depravation. Perversion. Being put 'on the spot'. Charging-up the situation. Creating dramatic resonances. Resisting - not resisting force. Engaging in objections. 'Sticky' issues. Finding out what you don't know, but desperately ought to know. 'Jabbing yourself awake'. Letting intensity enter the life. Accept life as it is. The realm of hidden things which announce their presence by surfacing. Standing on the threshold. Entering a new phase. Reaching a new plateau. Making a fresh start. Drawing on unsuspected power and hidden resources. That which drives us from the depths. Release. Venting pent-up tensions. Finding where resentments linger. Resolve. Monopolization. Retrieval. Exhumation. The Dark World. Use of leverage. Acting surrupticiously. Getting behind the scenes. Being controversial. Taking subversive action. Temptation. Upheaval. Uncompromising. Conviction. Stealth. Elimination. Vehemence. Provocation. Intrigue. Confidential. Sticking with it - tenacity. Going down deep and coming up dirtier. Raw experiences. Tragic sense and involvement. Endurance, persistence, dedication, reliability. Unflinching courage. Grit. Self-mastery. Hanging-on. Possessiveness. A sharp and anguished consciousness. Things coming to a head. Crisis. Climax. Rebirth and redemption. Joint finances. Windfalls. Testing, taxing, dangerous. Really getting into it. Things coming to a head. Crisis. The tantric initiatory process. Force. Drain the bitter cup til the end. Hypnotic. Raw, pure experience. Relentless pursuit. Renewal. Sticks and goes down. Abstruse. Laying-in-wait. Mysterious. In your face. Takes no prisoners. Under the surface. Emergence. See it through. Orgasms. Antagonistic. Engaging. Embarassments. Satire. Selling. Scurge. Exposure. Ironic. Leaves no stone unturned.

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