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Author Topic:   Heliocentric Chart

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Can someone explain to me what this is?

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Here is some information on Heliocentric Astrology by Philip Sedgwick.

Shifting to a heliocentric horoscope requires that an individual give up a good deal of tightly tied personality points, namely the ego. Astrologers shifting to the heliocentric method of astrological interpretation must likewise give up a series of items of intimate familiarity. First, the houses disappear, along with the midheaven and rising sign. A quadrant emphasis replaces the houses, based upon the Vernal Equinox (0E Aries). Secondly, retrogrades are relinquished.
The solar observation of true motion of the planets replaces the Earth based apparent motion. The Earth and its Moon become virtually indistinguishable within the zodiac. This merger represents an integration of the Earth and its satellite, the Moon. Lastly, the Sun disappears - or so it seems.
This is not true either; the Sun merely becomes the point of reference (view).
The sacrifices of the shift to heliocentric astrology are uncomfortable indeed, much like
giving up the typical ego reactions employed for entire sequences of lifetimes. The subsequent enlightenment and purity of being to be reclaimed make it all worthwhile. Each of the astrological considerations lost is replaced by a new premise, perhaps of true proportions. Truly, no loss exists.
The movement to heliocentric astrology creates additional space in which the individual or event of consummation obtains more operating room. This diminishes the probability of the individual tripping in the very process of motion. The mundane influences of life begin to evaporate just because there is no room for the influences to occupy. This can create great difficulty for individuals seeing no benefit in a life without inherent difficulties. Life becomes
simpler and it remains imperative that the new space created be filled with issues and evolution outside the individual. This dynamic defines the nature of pursuing life from within to without.
Life without resistance evolves. The essence of the August, 1987 Harmonic Convergence blends awareness and action.

Heliocentric horoscopes initially appear to be suspended in space with very little to stand upon, which of course is not true. In fact the entire mass of the Sun may now be used as a basis.
The Sun contains 99.8% of all the physical matter in the solar system! This creates a large,energized platform for the baseline of one’s existence. More pressure and push results within the heliocentric chart. This pressure is self-generated and self-contained, arising from the agreement
of the soul to truly evolve. The transition to heliocentric astrology symbolically represents a
greater commitment on the part of the soul to utilize its incarnation upon the planet Earth with
maximum application.
The first experience of a heliocentric map may be one of, “So what do I do with it now?!?”
The reader is encouraged to recall the first view ever held of a geocentric nativity. Remember the perplexity of trying to understand all of the astrological dynamics that everybody else except you knew so well? Remember the overwhelming sensation of being mentally overloaded? Remember the sense of never being able to learn it all? Welcome to round two of astrological perceptual disorders.
The disorder of first heliocentric experiences result from insufficient background information. Even some basic theory would dispel much of the discomfort. The initial reaction to the heliocentric chart is much like having the ego defense mechanisms and facades in life stripped away. Everyone understands you at the soul level. This is frightening. This is capable of producing paranoia, fear and over reaction to rejection. Then an interesting phenomenon results.
Those people do not seem to care about your personality. They recognize you at the soul level and view the greatness contained by the soul housed by the organism known as a human body.
Relief results and the negative reactive emotions melt in the heat of the solar mass. Heliocentric astrology is like always running on solar power!

New aspects of the self emerge based upon parts of the soul never considered and
perceptions which require that an individual be removed from physical situations to clearly perceive them. These new considerations result from contingencies offered in heliocentric astrology which do not appear in geocentric systems. Shifts in astrological priorities yield shifts in consciousness describing the essence of the individual. Once one lets go of the astrological premises relevant only in geocentric astrology one encounters the new phenomena: heliocentric planetary nodes, occultations (essentially eclipses) of all planets, aphelion (farthest planetary point from the Sun in orbital revolution) and perihelion (closest solar contact point within the orbital geometry).
Astrologers will also experience relief from individuals not knowing accurate times of birth.
Time is a much less critical consideration since no angles or rapid lunar placements are
calculated. The greatest error in a heliocentric horoscope with an inaccurate birth time will occur for the planet Mercury.

New aspect patterns arise (for instance, Mercury opposed Venus). This offers new insight into traditional methods. Consider the Mercury/Venus opposition: a clear individual recognition of one’s needs through direct communication. The need to communicate is dramatically exposed heliocentrically where in geocentric astrology it would never be noted. It is true that some other geocentric aspect may have suggested this need, but not with the direct perspective of the heliocentric point of view.
There will be growing pains in heliocentric astrology. It is to the advantage of the
heliocentrically inquisitive astrologer to notice the areas of discomfort. Later on in the study of heliocentric astrology, correlate these initial discomforts to the resultant awareness. Chances are
that reduction of ego and development of soul occur in the process.

A heliocentric map stands to facilitate each astrologer in dealing with the power and responsibility which exists in the realm of astrology. It is a journey of the inner
cosmos of the soul.
The concepts of heliocentric astrology require that the astrologer
first give up a series of notions.

These are:

Relinquished Precepts
a. retrograde planets
b. angles and houses
c. Moon signs
d. fictitious model of the solar system
e. loss of relative (apparent) bias

Obtained Concepts
a. true motion of planets
b. quadrant system referenced to 00 Aries
c. integration of Earth and Moon
d. solar basis of activities and views
e. accurate (true) model of the solar system
f. gain of objectivity
g. heliocentric planetary emphasis
h. perihelia interpretation
i. aphelia interpretation
j. new aspect possibilities

The heliocentric horoscope strongly emphasizes the extended purpose in life. The
map reveals roads to take to propel the seeker closer to a sense of meaning and fulfillment within the incarnation. The individual obtains and must utilize the expanded operating room of space in
which one conducts the incarnation. Availability of purpose-related activities increase, enabling strong reinforcement aspects to one’s destiny.

The strong significance of the heliocentric horoscope may lead to the question of how to
know when it is time to look at the heliocentric chart. It could be confusing and overwhelming if the heliocentric chart is examined too early.
True, premature analysis of the heliocentric map holds the potential to demotivate the
individual. Still, the determination of the timing for the initial look into the new world remains ultimately up to the owner of the chart. Any time the questions come up: “Why am I here?”
“What am I doing in/with/through life?” “What good is all of this?”
These are questions which require an initial heliocentric examination.

Raymond Andrews,
President,Executive Director of Developmental Neurodiversity Association
Supporting the Neurodiversity Movement

A Different Mind Is Not A Deficient Mind.!/group.php?gid=131944976821905&ref=ts

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From: Sacramento,California
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posted August 18, 2010 09:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Glaucus     Edit/Delete Message
Planetary Nodes

The planetary nodes stimulate an area of influence in the heliocentric horoscope. Early work by John Nelson found that a planet was stronger
1 when within five to ten degrees of either node or bisection of the nodal axis. He was not clear as to whether a planet interacted strongly only with its own nodes. It is submitted that any planet to any other planetary node may be considered
to be an effective aspect - five degree orb maximum.
Planetary nodes in heliocentric astrology advance at a rate of about one degree per 100 years.
This does not represent an effect of precession since precession is a geocentric perceptual phenomenon. The slow motion of the nodes creates a generational influence in which virtually any person born in any given century has the same nodes. What could be the fuss?
The planet in contact to the node represents the personalized connection to a collective issue.
The planet reveals the impetus that the individual possesses to exert an effect in a larger issue of humanity and in context of the planet’s symbolism. North Node connections induce the individual to push for advance, change, reform and progress - worst case: rebellion, malcontent
and antiestablishment attitudes prevail, often polarizing the opposed force into greater manifestation; protest and resistance fail to function at any level. South planetary nodes contain
heritage, tradition and foundation. Contacts to the south node support such historical bases with great chauvinism. Other times, the tailing node contact represents dogma, resistance to progress,fear of advancement and the inability to adjust to technological progress. A point of equilibrium and balance must be maintained.

It remains relatively simple to delineate planetary contacts to nodes. Do realize that
examples presented are out of horoscopic context and could be modified significantly by other aspects in
the chart.
Consider the instance of an individual’s Mercury in Gemini con joining the Venusian North Node. A double Gemini influence prevails from Mercury and its association to Gemini and the sign of the North Node of Venus. This inspires the individual to speak actively regarding social issues, monetary conditions, or the sphere of social relationships. Best case, this person effectively occupies a platform for social and economic reform. Worst case, the individual reduces the self into the realm of idle gossip - misdirected, unapplied, frustrated by the collective conditions at hand. His/her overall morality would feel violated without source to rectification.
Should an individual’s natal Mars in Capricorn fall upon the Saturnian South Node, the individual would be an archeologist. This archeology need not manifest in the physical let’s-godig-a-hole-in Egypt mode. The digging into the past could be mental, philosophical or emotional.
This individual strives to extract the value and benefit of what was done, noting the downfalls in the interest of avoiding future tautology. At best, the person advances great insights into dimensions of development and realizes a variety of ways to transcend past errors. When operating at a less than optimum level, the owner of the map becomes obsessed by tradition,allowing an antiquated heritage to go unchallenged by the motions of progress. Such action merely seals the fate of the collective force to replicate old procedures enabling accurate recycling of the same efforts at evolution - ultimate redundancy.
Nelson’s work pointed out sensitivity of a planet bisecting the nodal axis - the midpoint of the North Node/South Node or South Node/North Node. A moderately different flavor may be applied to each of these nodal midpoints. The direction of the natural zodiac constitutes the from/to direction, these points follow a from/to format, that is, from South Node to North Node or from North Node to South Node.
The motion in the direction of the North Node from the South Node shows a movement out
of the past and into the future. Integration, balance and synthesis of the two worlds of existence becomes paramount. Taking the best of the old and applying it as foundation provides a key as to this necessary integration. Elimination of old for mats which exceed effective application propels the issue forward even further. A moderate approach to progress blending with the firmness of tested effort combines for a successful approach to a planet’s theme.
Moving from the North Node to the South Node requires more emphasis to be placed on
exploration of the past. Previous forms hold many keys to ensure that progressive effects do not fall short of the goal through lack of preparation or expectation of the unforeseen. This nodal moderation calls for a conservative attitude in growth and progress. Examination of the former reveals potential problematic situations. Such avoidances, perceived in advance due to retrospective analysis, save great time and energy in the interest of forward motion and growth.

Perihelia and Aphelia
These solar contact orientations establish another set of fixed configurations to examine in order to understand the pursuit and purpose of the individual with respect to the collective. As with the nodal nuances, these points generate interest in destiny and meaning in life, thereby
inspiring the person to continue forward in life with zest and zeal.
At the perihelion point the Sun occupies one of the foci of the planet’s orbital ellipse. The persuasion of the planet strives to find focus at the perihelion and does so with great urgency.
The urgency is established by the rapid motion of the planet at perihelion and the relative proximity to the Sun.
Consider the implication of John Nelson’s work again. He substantiated that a planetary
connection to either perihelion or aphelion significantly strengthened the influence of the planet.
2 No direct reference was made to perihelion/aphelion bisection, however, the influence is implied.
Suppose that an individual had natal Jupiter in the heliocentric chart in a partile conjunction with the perihelion of Mercury in Gemini. Note that Jupiter would also conjoin the North Node of Venus, and to a lesser degree the North Node of Uranus. To contemplate solely the Jupiter to Mercury integration in this planet/ perihelion configuration, the individual would carry strong teaching abilities into this incarnation. An urgency to guide or instruct would prevail until the individual found manifestation. Idle bossiness or voicing arrogant opinions are good examples of this aspect in an unintegrated form. Still, the prevalent urge carries the need to contact, at close distance, those with whom one can share information of an experiential nature.

Ponder upon a Mars in Scorpio on the perihelion of Pluto. This aspect guarantees a strong interactive influence geared to provoke, push, and persuade a deep level of transformation.
Regardless of how this aspect looks at a distance (even when Pluto is closest it is still some thirty times the distance of the Earth from the Sun) the goal is to produce massive change and possibly painful evolution, even at the risk of complete isolationism (not a purpose to be approached
Venus falling upon Jupiter’s aphelion in Libra should stimulate some interesting relationship interactions for the individual. Despite discreetness, this individual’s relationship life would
attract the attention of the collective, especially that part of the collective which thinks it has the right answer. The individual bears the lesson to teach the collective how to relate to others within
one’s own standards. Retreat, as the distant aphelion implies, provides the point of essential refuge and perspective. Retreat from a relationship allows for participation in the same relationship, forming a statement of synthesis.
The midpoint of perihelion/aphelion (q/Q), moving from perihelion to aphelion direction
created by the natural zodiac, demonstrates a braking motion. The planet theoretically reaches a mean speed of revolution about the Sun, striving to obtain a point of normalcy. Some remorse may be felt during slow-down. Otherwise the retreat may be anticipated in a vacation-like atmosphere. Enthusiasm for the plateau results.
Pluto’s q/Q midpoint falls in Aquarius. Should an individual have the Earth in Aquarius aligned with this point, the individual feels an environmental urge to deal with ecology of the planet. This ecological interest can thrive without impeaching the Secretary of the Interior! It may appear in a psychological, mental, philosophical or spiritual sense. These individuals try to manifest the essential resources upon the planet in the interest of the planet’s transformation. The
“putting on the brakes” theme of the midpoint stresses the need to pause and review, ensuring effective and conscious effort of resources before moving forward and using (exploiting) other resources. An earthier analogy is reviewing the refrigerator for potential leftovers prior to cooking a new meal. This investigation requires the jettison of the decayed foodstuffs to prevent
decay of good foodstuffs.
Mars resting upon the midpoint Q/q of Saturn in Aries represents the point of planetary
acceleration as it passes through mean orbital characteristics. This creates the need for renewed thrust and pooling of resources and guarantees that the effort extended has sufficient impetus to
produce the intended structural manifestations implied by Saturn. One demands more individualized energy, great persistence and an overwhelmingly positive attitude toward success.

The seven and a half degree aspect family, familiar to those of the Cosmobiological schools
of thought, stirs some initial puzzlement amongst other astrologers. In many systems of astrology
these angular relationships repeatedly demonstrate their potency and viability. The simplest way
to encounter these contacts is to make a listing of angular separation among all planets and points
in the horoscope. Orbs to the seven and a half degree family should keep to one degree.

A reference table of the seven and a half degree family follows:
07.5E 97.50E 187.5E 277.5E
15.0E 105.0E 195.0E 285.0E
22.5E 112.5E 202.5E 292.5E
30.0E 120.0E 210.0E 300.0E
37.5E 127.5E 217.5E 307.5E
45.0E 135.0E 225.0E 315.0E
52.5E 142.5E 232.5E 322.5E
60.0E 150.0E 240.0E 330.0E
67.5E 157.5E 247.5E 337.5E
75.0E 165.0E 255.0E 345.0E
82.5E 172.5E 262.5E 352.5E
90.0E 180.0E 270.0E 360.0E

These aspects imply efforts towards manifestation. It is worth noting that the seven and a
half degree aspect family contains all of the major aspects within the aspect genealogy.
A final note on aspectual orbs comes again from the works of John Nelson. Nelson’s work
implied that an applying orb of five degrees and a four degree departing (separating) seemed highly effective.3 For mundane analysis wherein timing is foremost, tighter aspects of 15’ applying and 30’ separating function accurately.

My Mercury in 17'01 Sagittarius is conjunct Mercury Aphelion in 16'50 Sagittarius.
Therefore, my Mercury is strengthened and is connected to Mercury collective. This could be dealing with the collective in regards to communication,mental activity which would fit with my neurodiversity advocacy and running nonprofit organization.

with Mercury conjunct its aphelion, it's also around its slowest period

According to Philip Sedgwick in regards to Aphelion:
Aphelion for Mercury comes in the usually “go-for-it” sign of Sagittarius. The motion of the fleet-footed messenger slows down, allowing a lazy stroll through the Sagittarius sector in the sky. The implication arising reveals that direction in thought form, word form and listening form develops as a result of deliberate contemplation, not the usual flitting about associated with the Mercury mental process. The essence of Sagittarius strives to obtain and produce truth. The pitfall of the truths of Sagittarius occur when truth and dogma become a system of justification for a form of Mercurial activity. This effect extends through all communications, trickery of a deliberate nature and those things known as practical jokes.

according to Philip Sedgwick in regards to Slow Mercury:
Slow Mercury individuals bear the qualities of methodical and intuitive learners. These
individuals often take time to contemplate or digest a new statement, thought or concept before acting. These individuals, regardless of the speed of internal mental processing, generally think before speaking. The slow Mercury placement sets up the capacity for good listening abilities and an empathetic ear. These individuals are concerned about the level of completion in any given communication interaction. They often ask if the question is understood or that answers be clarified.
The slow Mercury person bears a great level of innate patience within communication. This
makes the individual more naturally disposed for research or in-depth investigation. A naturally inquisitive mind resides in the brain and the individual demonstrates less gullibility and naivete

My Mercury in 17'01 Sagittarius is conjunct Jupiter in 14'07 Sagittarius
according to Philip Sedgwick:
A slow Mercury conjunct Jupiter or Uranus may explode communicatively, defying the
natural qualities of deliberate contemplation which are inherent in the slow placement and thus resembling a fast Mercury.

you can find any connections to perihelion,aphelion as well as nodes here:

notice that orbs of 5 degrees is suggested for the planetary nodes

that would mean my Mercury-Venus-Jupiter conjunction is conjunct both the South Venus and South Uranus Nodes.

if they use that orb for planetary nodes,
I'd use no more than 3 degree orb for the minor planetary nodes.

it seems that conjunction to the midpoint of the north and south node or to the midpoint of the south node and node are important
which basically means square the nodal axis

the same with conjunction to the midpoint of the perihelion and aphelion or to the midpoint of the aphelion and perihelion are important which basically means square the perihelion/aphelion axis

I also believe that the closer the orb,the stronger the influence

Maybe people with much closer orbs to nodes will probably be more involve with the collective than people with wider orbs to nodes.

of course, it depends on the person and what he/she do with his/her energies

Interestingly, I have all my personal planets (Earth,Mercury,Venus,and Mars aspecting nodes of planets,dwarf planets/dwarf planet candidates. That suggest very likely that I was meant to be a public figure.

Earth in 5'20 Taurus conjunct North Eris Node in 5'30 Taurus
Mercury in 17'01 Sagittarius conjunct South Venus Node in 16'25 Sagittarius
Venus in 14'35 Sagittarius conjunct South Uranus Node in 13'52 Sagitarius
Mars in 7'32 Aries conjunct South Quaoar Node in 8'29 Aries

Overall, I think that being a neurodiversity advocate and starting a nonprofit organization for people with neurological/learning differences as well as being open about my own experiences in regards to diversity as well as being nonconformist,unconventional,creative and issues with relationships which are things that many people with neurological/learning differences experience. Therefore, talking about my own past experiences will help people understand many others like myself.

I believe that North Eris Node,South Uranus Node,and South Quaoar Node also means that I should be open to the public about my metaphysical interests,alternative religious/spiritual beliefs. It could be about raising awareness about how many people with neurological/learning experiences
are metaphysically oriented, but they are more likely to be misdiagnosed as having psychosis. I could talk about the need for more tolerance for people who have different beliefs and experiences. Maybe I need to talk about psychiatry being modern day witch hunt in a way.

Raymond Andrews,
President,Executive Director of Developmental Neurodiversity Association
Supporting the Neurodiversity Movement

A Different Mind Is Not A Deficient Mind.!/group.php?gid=131944976821905&ref=ts

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posted August 19, 2010 11:55 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for raspberri     Edit/Delete Message
Well I was just curious because someone's Heliocentric,

Earth: Aries 9
Moon: Aries 9

Conjunct my Natal Sun/Moon Midpoint exactly. My Sun is at 9 Cancer, and Moon at 9 Capricorn...

I thought I read that Heliocentric synastry means endings in this incarnation...

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posted August 19, 2010 01:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Glaucus     Edit/Delete Message

I don't think mixing heliocentric and geocentric placements are a good idea.

It's like mixing apples and oranges

Raymond Andrews,
President,Executive Director of Developmental Neurodiversity Association
Supporting the Neurodiversity Movement

A Different Mind Is Not A Deficient Mind.!/group.php?gid=131944976821905&ref=ts

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