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Author Topic:   Pluto-Saturn-transit
posted January 27, 2017 03:38 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
What were your experiences with Tr Pluto in conjunction/ opposition/ square natal Saturn?

What did happen in the month that it became partile for you?

Everywhere I read it suggests a "threat of loss", "hard hard work" and basically pretty gruesome things.

But I am interested in personal experience.

Mine is

tr Pluto in my 2nd house opposing Saturn in 8th house, with Saturn ruling my 2nd house and Pluto ruling 11th and 12th house.

(natally Saturn is in partile trine to Juno and quinkunx Moon, so Tr Pluto is of course also exactly sextile to Juno)

I`ve been through several passes already, and am still not exactly sure what it means. lol

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posted January 27, 2017 02:29 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted January 27, 2017 02:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for nordicsoul     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
i am having the saturn approaching pluto in a square. so far ok, but it is not so close. will keep posted when in orb of 2...

i had that experience but in trine some years ago. it was awful, but i am not sure it was saturn or all the bunch of personal planets that pluto was opposing.

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posted January 27, 2017 04:49 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lucia23     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
My mom died during tPluto's opposition to my Cancer Saturn. I had a typical Cancer Moon stellium kind of relationship with my mother, so this was a big deal. She and I had a Saturn conjunction, so the crappy transit literally killed her, lol.

Then someone else close to me died, and then I found out someone I loved had been lying to me (when I was trying to care for our small baby. The month after my mother died!!!!)

My Saturn is 7h, conjunct my Moon (3). The opposition to my Moon wasn't as bad (I had a scary surgery that went wrong and dark stresses, but also had a beautiful child)....things really hit the s***er as tPluto crept closer to the degree of my Saturn.

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posted January 27, 2017 05:35 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for sis     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I am a double Cap, moon Gem.

trs.Pluto has been opposing my n.natal Cancer Saturn for the last 2 years

trs.Uranus square Saturn was active in most part as well.

plus, last year I dealt with Saturn opposite Moon

2 years ago my mom diagnosed as Alzheimers.
My whole world come upside down.

It is seperating exact at this moment. 2 pass.

My father was diagnosed as cancer aprx. 2 months ago... Had one final big operation, his bladder is removed at the beginning of Jan. Now at home physicaly recovering well but emotionaly very depressed.

I am the caregiver to both but recently we hired a caretaker to help us.

I have trs.Neptun square Mars been with me for a while about to make a seconed exact pass...

My health is deteriorating...

Before all this I was a party lover, very active in life... constantly on the move...

I have been studying astrology as a hoby for many years now... Not a very strict progressive student though Anyways, I was watching all these aspects getting closer and telling to my friends, I am going to hell,and ll stay there for a while, laughing...

There were other very problematic aspects accompanying the above listed.

So, how do I feel? Fine. At least emotionaly. in every disaster there has been something positive attached to it. healing...

I know that there is an end to everything. I know that there are better days ahead

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posted January 27, 2017 05:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for yota13     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
When tr saturn passed over my natal pluto/vertex the apartment building I was living in burned down at like 5am.

Edit- Also had Sr pluto 4h that year

Don't quote

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posted January 27, 2017 06:31 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for StubbornVirgo     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Transiting Pluto is conjunct my Saturn (exact) at the moment. I have Pluto in Scorpio natally & Pluto rules my 9th house. My Saturn is in Capricorn and rules my 12th house.

I think I'm sane, but circumstances and added stress have made me question my previous (and current) decisions and thought process. Lately my life has been overwhelmed with hard work (bone tired, mind weary, why did I sign up for this in the first place? type of hard work). But there have been rewards (I have Sun trine Saturn natally, so Pluto is currently trine my Sun). I'm not sure that the rewards make up for it. I've just been putting one foot in front of the other until I can no longer do so. To ask me what happened last week, or the week before that, would be too much.

My work has been life/death/dying process/sadness/finding dignity at times when there is none. My dad's health has also been declining. My oldest sibling/father figure has been in and out of my life over the past two years w/no sense of stability. Now I'm wondering if some of his issues (mental illness) are actually some of my issues.

No quoting, please.

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posted January 27, 2017 07:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for PixieJane     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I did have a relationship end when my Saturn return hit, and it was painful, but I'm also glad it happened.

To top it off, I'd done enough work on the death trap I'd been living in that the landlord thought he could sell it. He admitted to me then that he knew it wasn't up to code, which meant he literally put my life in danger. (In the years prior there were electrical problems, including once when an appliance started melting because of the bad wiring, had I not caught it the place could've burned down, and had I been asleep the entire house could've gone up in flames before I realized it!) I learned this because he offered to sell it to me so that a friend of mine got an inspector to give it a look who pointed out these problems, and that's when he admitted he knew. Once I refused to pay his ridiculous asking price, he hired real estate agents to rip people off. Problem was, I couldn't just sit there to outright lies, so I pointed them out when such lies were told. Therefore I was given the absolute minimum time required by law to get out.

Luckily, some good deeds I'd done paid off and I was able to get a better place, but it wasn't over. Some intolerant religious and racist people tried to get rid of me, but we prevailed. Where it got the worst was when Saturn perfectly squared Pluto in Capricorn, this was the most stressful time, and also when my grandmother had a pulmonary embolism (though I don't like to think of others as being affected by my chart as that's so surreal as to enter quantum mechanics territory, and seems to imply that all of existence orbits me and my chart which seems way too egotistical). I couldn't get a ride out there so I sold most of everything that was mine that I didn't need (which included nearly all my astrology books) to get a bus ticket as I thought my grandmother was going to die (I understand that most people simply can't understand such a sentiment).

And yet after that, we found a new place to be that has been mostly good. All in all, it was a gauntlet, but just as that which was no longer (if it ever was) working was cleared away, so too was that which did work also allowed to thrive. What that means was it stung, but then I was glad it happened (and that I was better off when it was over). I'd add that if something is meant to be and works (like say a relationship) then it doesn't have to end at all and may even become stronger.

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posted January 28, 2017 04:16 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ari-Sco     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Ok, thanks for reminding me of the worst period of 2016 (and I'm not scaring you lol)

I had exact pluto conjuct saturn and neptune in the 3rd house

I almost lost everything ..

the story short ..

I was under alot of fears and stress and pressure so I said a not suitable word when I was angry in front of nonsuitable person at work so this person misused the word and destroyed my reputation at work and passed it to my family and friends and boss so I almost lost my job thanks god I knew how to save myself and kept the job .. the job only .. but I lost everything in this job that I've built for years and I have to live with it that way .. one word (3rd house) ruined it all

so during this transit I almost lost my job.. I lost relationships.. my projects .. bad health conditions I got sick for more than a month

the secret is be psychologically stronge don't fight back be wise

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posted January 28, 2017 04:36 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Isa     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Daaaaamn, what was the word? I'm so Sorry Thiago happened to you.

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posted January 28, 2017 04:52 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I am sorry I asked!

But I am even more sorry that you all had to go through such horrible Things in your life.

I wonder if anyone had good experiences with Tr Pluto aspecting natal Saturn?

It`s alarming how often this seems to have come with the death of Family members. I wonder if in These cases Pluto or Saturn was in or ruling the 4th or 10th house in the natal Chart.

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posted January 28, 2017 06:56 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ari-Sco     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Originally posted by Isa:
Daaaaamn, what was the word? I'm so Sorry Thiago happened to you.


it was something expressing being ****** off about my boss attitude after all my friends told me it not that bad it's something normal to say why all that consequences

that's why don't lose it .. if I weren't angry and afraid which pushed me to say it my fears won't become true as happened when I said it

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posted January 29, 2017 08:26 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Gemmi     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Next year I will have tr Pluto square Saturn. This transit concerns Saturn in Libra people, born in 1981-1983 as well as people with Saturn in Aries.

A friend of mine who is now having Pluto square Saturn transit has been diagnosed with a disease that will require some changes in her lifestyle. In addition to that her husband has lost his job.

Apparently hard Pluto-Saturn transits are associated with serious challenges to structures that have been built over an extended period of time and that are perceived as something that sustains and can be relied upon. No wonder these transits are so difficult and unwelcome.

Please don't quote

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posted January 29, 2017 10:04 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Yes, re-structuring - is a good word for it.

My exact hits were/ are

2nd march 2016
7th june 2016
1st january 2017

10th - 11th September 2017
16th-17th october 2017

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posted January 29, 2017 03:48 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
My ASC 19 Cap, Saturn 17 Cancer so it's happening! On my ASC/DSC axis, ha! Let's see how it goes, so far, I feel good, as if many things are changing, and many I want to change, but it is hard these days to distinguish between collective energy and personal energy, for me, since I usually feel global events (dreams- more like nightmares now- flashes, and the emotions, the more people, the more I feel them and absorb them).

Pluto rules my MC, and Saturn is of course my chart ruler. It looks quite big, doesn't it?

I seem to have loved you in numberless forms...

LeeLoo's Esotericorner

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posted January 29, 2017 04:26 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I absolutely hear you Leeloo.

Interestingly my solar arc ASC is at 19°59 Cap at the Moment, and my pr ASC on 13 Cap (pr Saturn will exact be on the pr dESC literally the day I arrive in London in April. lol)

I also had quite a share of collective nightmares.

As for the Transits themselves, it is difficult for me to say, surely my life resturctured, and there have been some hard Things Happening, but also something so good - both changed my life entirely, my Outlook maybe, the way I am acting maybe as well.

And there is of Course the whole P-Story-line, which took an interesting Course for sure.

The hardest Thing last year certainly was the death of my best friend`s mother, it totally shocked me, she had been diagnosed with Cancer in early April, and was dead three weeks later, when I learned about it.

Curiously at that time Tr Pluto was not even in Close orb for opposing my Saturn!

However the shock was huge and deep, after all I`ve known her mother since I was a Teenager, too, and sometimes I still can`t believe she`s gone, not that we had that Close ties, but anyway.

The following months were dedicated almost completely to care for my friend to be honest, which was very tough. She`s now coming out of the worst, actually she was last November, and then had to undergo some small surgery herself, after the doctor having discovered a myoma in her Uterus.
While I know that many women have that, and everyone sais it is no big deal, with all going on in 2016 for her, it WAS a big deal.
The ordeal she`s been through in 2016 was really really tough; of Course it was not really MY ordeal, but I`ve been trying to do what I can to stabilize her mentally and emotionally.
HOnestly speaking it did take quite a toll on me as well. But then again I cannot compare my experience of it in any way. I did what a friend`s duty is to do, so that is not really that disastrous. lol

Then at the beginning of August, the greatest re-structuring of my Family life happened when my Little nephew was being Born. But this was not a Pluto-Saturn-Thing either!

I still Marvel at this Little one everytime I see him (and I`d like to see him 24 hours a day. lol), I`d never thought that I could feel so much unconditional love for anyone. I do love my other Family as well of Course, but this is different, somehow.

The Minute he was Born, my life was changed (and I am only the aunt. lol).

I do remember, I was Standing on a Station on a trip to an open air (where I was going to see P actually) when I got the call and Information of his birth, and I was Standing there, calling my brother, congratulating him and telling him, that I loved him and his girlfriend and the Little one so much. It was a bit weird actually, usually I donīt really say those Things too often and not in public over the phone. He was surprised I guess but pleased of Course.
After I hang up I was crying for half an hour, even sitting in the Train. I guess the man in front of me who involved me in a talk then, was a bit afraid I might get a hysterical breakdown and trying to distract me.

At the open air however, my aunt joined me and informed me that my mom had to undergo an emergency examination of her throat as she had been swallowing a fishbone 2 days before, and they wanted to make sure everything was alright.
(this was even more startling to me, as my friend`s mother died of throat-cancer).

The surgery went well though, or examination,a nd while doing so they were cutting out a cyst too they found there (it was benign luckily).

There was quite a bit of turmoil last year, but nothing really disastrous.

also instead of isolating me more, it seemed to have pushed me towards other People more. Bringing one aquaintance particularly into my life, who is sort of pulling me along to various Things and we are pushing each other to certain leaps of faith.

As for the exact Transits, curiously enough they all happened shortly before or after I met P, and usually around that time, Things got a bit overly dramatic, but also clearer, and more real.
Some very surprising developments there, that I had not anticipated, but that Change Things a bit.

(but Tr Pluto is exactly conjunct our Composite Venus, too, so that is more because of that).

I myself, frankly, had you told me I would attend a Workshop about Musical, about singing, P is giving - I would have LAUGHED at you and pointed out that you have lost your marbles.

Yet it`s exactly what I did (and I was shockfrozen with fear and anxiety. lol)

I am going to be again at the end of february, but I sort of accepted the challenges he apparently is meant to put before me. lol

ON a different Topic, I became a civil servant at the end of 2014, and despite my hesitation HAD to eventually Switch insurances,to a private insurance (everything else would not be affordable).

HOwever it means more work, disciplining myself to document those bills, pay the bills in advance, doing the papers for the insurance agency etc. It is a hassle, it is what I hate doing.

But that is exactly what I was doing in the first january week (just after the last hit of Tr Pluto to Saturn).

Sitting down filling out those papers.

Well actually I would probably have tried to avoid it if it weren`t for P and my Dad. lol

P was mentioning he had to do the tax on this Weekend, and just an hour later my dad was starting to ask me about when I would finally send the papers on the way to the insurance agency, so we sat down together, and he helped me doing it.

My Saturn rules my 2nd house and is in 8th house; I hate paperwork but sometimes I cannot get around it.

Also I`ve been having even more Problems with my teeth than usually, it is partly the age, but who knows? it is simply very symbolic: Saturn and teeth. lol

It`s been an expensive Thing so far and is getting even more expensive, but again, it`s something I have to get done now, no matter how much I would like to avoid facing this.

But again, nothing of this I feel is really horrible or awful.

And I really hope it will not get worse, when Tr Pluto will be back in september-october this year.

Interestingly the last hit will just precede the perfection of pMars on my nVenus (in Capricorn).

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posted January 29, 2017 04:42 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I have the conjunction natally, albeit a little wide (7 deg).

I don't remember it to be honest but i checked and around the time tr pluto was on my saturn it was also starting to square my IC and we moved house. I had also started playschool(kind of like kindergarten) at the age of 3. Perhaps this was the first of my lessons with the outer world(I have saturn in my 1st house).

I havent experienced the tr Pluto/N Saturn square yet, but when tr saturn was going over my N pluto(and my asc) I emigrated. When it was trining my natal pluto I started university and moved away from home.

So for me these two together involved major change in some way.

Pls dnt quote

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posted January 29, 2017 09:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lucia23     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Ceri, I think the way I experienced the opposition might also be because I have DC (5 Cancer) conjunct Moon (10 Cancer) conjunct Saturn (13 Cancer)....and my DC is in a tight square to natal Pluto (5 Libra) could be the Pluto-Moon and Pluto-Pluto. I think that might have made it emotionally heavier (as if my Cancer needed that--yetch), more Plutonian drama.

All the structures in my life were heavily hit

Wishing you a fascinating and transformational in a GOOD way really may play out very different with Saturn in your 8th and not conjunct your Moon.

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posted January 29, 2017 11:02 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for yungang_grotto     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Interestingly, for me it was not a huge deal. Things at the time were kind of just humming along.

What did happen the month Pluto was partile conjunct my natal Saturn was that I got a job at a resort in the northern part of my province, which required living in staff quarters and only coming back to the city and my boyfriend etc once a week or every few weeks. That was a big change for me and was really the first time I lived away from home, officially. Also I had extreme separation anxiety (hated to be away from my partner, whoever that may be, for any length of time and would pine and obsess) prior to that time, but I handled the new job and relocation and being away from my boyfriend really well...

I guess Pluto was also hitting my second house cusp at the time.

Looking back.. yeah I just took everything in stride and made my new life as interesting as it could be.

It was when Pluto had traveled the 8 degrees' distance between my natal Saturn and my natal Moon/Neptune that the big stuff really happened (my dad died, my daughter was born). But with Pluto-Moon this kind of stuff is almost a given I guess.

My Moon-Neptune is opposite my Chiron, so Pluto would have been opposite my Chiron when all the gettin' pregnant and being homeless and downtrodden was happening.

Pluto opposite Chiron can be really hard, I've seen that a few times.

Anyway, I digress.

I think it does depend a great deal on the condition of your natal Saturn, how a transit to your Saturn is going to manifest... my Saturn is at 0 Capricorn and is square my Mars at 1 Aries. The job I had when Pluto was conjunct my Saturn was a housekeeping job; I was cleaning rooms at breakneck speed all day and then partying all night, over and over. (btw by partying I mean walking through the bush in the pitch black while everyone else was around the bonfire we'd made out of the furniture in the staff accommodations).

Mars is my 6th house ruler and is in my 5th house. Quite fitting-- a housekeeping job that I really enjoyed because of the novelty of the after-work activities/location, etc.

I think Pluto activated that Mars-Saturn square energy and made me put it to use in a new way. I look back on that time in my life fondly.

Sending love to everyone... Lucia thinking of you, and your Mom..

and Ceridwen, sending healing vibes to your teeth. I know too well about tooth issues, and I have a feeling I'll have to face more of them in the next year as my first Saturn return makes its first pass... Sounds like you've got a handle on your tooth stuff but I dunno if you've heard about that book/website, "Cure Tooth Decay." It could possibly be of interest to you. I like Black Walnut tincture/powder, and consuming lots of bone broth, and going easy on the grains/soaking them, and really limiting sugars... oh I could talk about teeth and diet foreeeveer... Anyway if you feel alright taking care of it however you can, I wish you well with that! One other thing I must say, too, at the risk of sounding nutty/Plutonian (I am always being poisoned): I must vehemently advise against glass ionomer fillings, which release fluoride, and a set of which seriously poisoned me a few years ago (I still have many health issues which began the day I got those fillings).

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posted January 30, 2017 01:12 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Sylven     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Don't mean to spoil all the bad feelings. When I was 19 T Pluto was opposing my Saturn. I believe it was the second hit, at that time, don't know exactly the date but it was exactish (1drg), I won a contest with my band and we were allowed to play in a big professional concert hall for the final rounds which happend a month later or so. It was AWESOME!!! I was the singer of the band I got some great comments of the jury. Pluto is rule of my third and was going through third. Also T Jupiter was conjunct my Sun. Great gig times.

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posted January 30, 2017 03:59 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
thank you for your input, and it is good to hear some not so horrible stories on this one.

And Tr Jupiter on Sun sounds great.


re Moon-Pluto.

Well I was faring well with Tr Pluto square n Moon, when I was a teenager, everything was okay.

However for me the year 2013 was fraught with much tension and pain.
In fact within 3 months (from may-july 2013) I experienced

° my uncle having a stroke on whitsunday in may
° a moment of heartbreak in june that made me feel like I was going to die if I did not switch off my feelings; it had totally blindsided me, both, the fact itself, but maybe even more so the intensity of my emotional response; up until then I actually had NO idea how deeply I really felt or was affected
° the death of my grandmother in july

my uncle recovered pretty quickly luckily, but it had been quite narrow to be honest.

the heartbreaking moment was a shock (though it still baffles me that I was THIS much affected, it was so irrational. lol), but it was also a wake-up-call and instantly catapulted me from some dreamworld into reality. Interestingly I`ve never really fought or struggled for anything, if something didnīt go my way, I just accepted it before, nothing was ever important enough to fight for (and allowing the risk of failure or rejection - if you donīt try, you cannot lose, right? Because you already have lost I guess. lol).

this however miraculously was.

Over the course of the next months, though I couldnīt see it back then, I was actually restructuring and rebuilding by shaping my reality and for once in my life actually making a choice and adjust my behaviour. But that would only really show half a year later (during the first hit of transiting Saturn squaring my Moon, and trine my Saturn and trine my Juno).

° the death of my grandmother, though expected, hit me very much, too, because while things were sometimes a bit tense, we were very close, she was living with us actually, and she was the last living grandparent I had. It was like a signal that childhood totally and completely was over, coming with the realization that probably the next people to die would be my parents.

I nearly was having a nervous breakdown on the funeral, and it really shook me to the core.

Still the day after the funeral I was sitting at an open air musical (the tickets were being bought long time in advance), even though for several reasons I had considered not going. But I knew my grandma would have wanted me to be there, so I was, and literally crossed paths with the one person I never wanted to see again (because he cut the line just where I was standing, in front of the entrance).

I donīt remember much of the open air anymore except for how the sky looked and the little girl that was determined to play with me all through the afternoon/ evening.

At that particular time I was having

pMoon conjunct pDESC on 9 Cancer exact
pMoon square p and n Pluto on 9 Libra
pASC on 9 Cap square Pluto

Tr Pluto on 10 Cap on the pASC, opposing pMoon and square Pluto

(tp Moon - tertiary Moon had also joined that, it was on 8-9 Capricorn when my grandmother died).

I guess it was the whole structure that was just too intense.

And naturally coming with some midpoint pictures as well, like

for june:
Moon = Sun/Neptune
Moon = Mars/Saturn
Mercury= Venus = Moon/Pluto
Venus = Pluto/ASC 0°01
Uranus = Moon/Venus
Neptune = Moon/MC
Pluto = Moon/ASC

Additionally Tr saturn was squaring pSun by just 5 or 6 minutes I think.
And Tr Neptune was squaring my natal Mars exact as well.

Actually pSun was sextile my nMars, and the transiting Saturn-Neptune trine activated both.

But as I said it might have been mostly about the whole structure.

my current Tr Pluto opposing Saturn, doesn`t seem to be involved in such a glaring structure, so it does have some aspects.

T Pluto opposing saturn on 17 Cancer
T Pluto sextile Juno on 17 Pisces
T Pluto semisextile Moon on 17 Aqua
T Pluto trine my name asteroid on 17 Taurus
T Pluto sextile pJupiter on 18 Pisces

midpointwise my Saturn is widely on Uranus/MC 1°13 and T Pluto is applying to that, actually right now it is close (18°10 Libra).

in my progressed chart I have:

Mercury/Node 16°49 Cap
(Mercury/Neptune 18°18 Cap
Venus/Node 18°37 Cap
Jupiter/MC 18°41 Cap)

n Saturn is on 16°56 Cancer

in a few months, for the next hit of Tr Pluto to my n Saturn, pMoon will be on 14 Virgo trine pASC on 14 Cap, but that is well 2-3 degrees from the Pluto-Saturn, and besides it is a trine/sextile anyway.

Transitwise during the next hit in mid october:

°Tr Jupiter on 00 Scorpio conjunct my nUranus on 11th cusp on 01 Scorpio

also will trine my pVenus on 29 Aquarius.

°Tr Uranus on 26 Sag trine my n Sun exact and n Mercury with 1 degree applying

°Tr Neptune conjunct n Jupiter on 11 Pisces exact

and pMars conjunct nVenus with 3 minutes applying

btw the pVenus/Node falling onto n saturn was partile in 2013. it had come into 6 minutes orb in november.

also, Tr Pluto had been opposing pSaturn in 2015. Interesting.

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posted January 30, 2017 04:03 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted January 30, 2017 11:26 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lucia23     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Yung. My teeth were just fine during Saturn Return #1....I did have to get oral surgery in 2012, during one of tPluto in Capricorn's early Rx oppositions to my Moon, just after its slow pass over my AC/DC. And tSaturn was conjunct my Uranus. Maybe the Saturn return will be a time of healing for your teeth, I hope.

@Ceri, summer 2013 was that tUranus-tPluto square---I think having Uranus in the mix added some shocks and (for those of us with Cancer placements) extremes of feeling.

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posted January 30, 2017 12:35 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Yes, the Uranus-Pluto square added to it for sure.

In my Solar Return this year it was wide (4 degrees), however SR Uranus fell on my IC exact square n Venus by 2 degrees, and Tr Pluto conjunct n Venus by 2-3 degrees separating.

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posted January 30, 2017 01:16 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Delilah423     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Originally posted by Ceridwen:
I am sorry I asked!

But I am even more sorry that you all had to go through such horrible Things in your life.

I wonder if anyone had good experiences with Tr Pluto aspecting natal Saturn?

It`s alarming how often this seems to have come with the death of Family members. I wonder if in These cases Pluto or Saturn was in or ruling the 4th or 10th house in the natal Chart.


The last time I had trPluto exactly aspecting my natal Saturn, it was a square transiting my First House. (nSaturn is in Virgo in the 9th).

As it was approaching, I retired from my long-time profession, had a life-threatening health crisis, and then entered my first romantic relationship in years about the time it became exact.

So yes, major restructuring is a good way to put it. I didn't perceive any of it as terrible, but it certainly required major changes in how I looked at life.

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