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Author Topic:   Lemurian Timeline -- Twin Flame Reunion
BiBi DeAngelo

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posted July 21, 2009 10:22 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for BiBi DeAngelo     Edit/Delete Message
Since Linda spoke of Twin Flame -- I feel guided to share this article and the article that follows:

New Original Lemurian

Mark's Experience during Ashtar Meditation:

During the Ashtar-on-the-Road CC meditation last night (July 14, 2009) I
was over-lighted by Metatron and found myself doing some mudra movements
including flipping triangles to form alternate up-facing and down-facing
overlaps that created energetic merkabas of 6 pointed stars, that became
12 pointed Ascension Holons and then 20 pointed ones before I lost
sight of them. This got more elaborate and emotional as it progressed
and I could not hold back the tears.

I began to perceive the overlighting 'assistance' and suspected that I
was being prepared for the Special Twin Flame/"New Original Lemurian
Blueprint" anchoring on South Point, Hawaii with Kau'ila on-site;
Beth/Mark joining him out-of-body. We were augmented by Pele & she was
joined by Madame X to open and clear the undersea portion of the
portal-vortex in the Big Island of Hawaii, South Point area.

Ashtar spoke of A-Team activities and had a special guest: Mab: known to
us as the Queen of the Fairies and Elementals...who spoke of the
invitation from us to them and them to us to begin to interact on Terra
Nova, once again.

Metatron's overlighting took me interdimensionally out into the Master
Matrix of this super universe. I called to all the twin flames of
ascended masters and higher realms and kept expanding the call up
through the dimensions to the 100th Dimension. I was blown away as the
higher aspects kept extending and expanding the connection all the way
up and even beyond this universe.

Then their responses started flowing down through the conduits we
established until they combined in a joint light-beam focused upon South

Madame X:
Dear All:

Last night at 9.33 pm our time, I saw myself talking to Kauwila in
Hawaii. He said it was early and we had to wait for all of you.
Meanwhile we were talking. I was complaining how sick I was because of
the flu. I felt the energy of Pele (is she a goddess? from the ocean?)
she reminded me of Lemanja in Brazil. She welcomed me and wrapped me
with her light. my cough stopped.

All of you arrive, plus 2 who I don't know. We were told to go
underwater to be in the base of the volcano (?) so we did. I used my
energy to open doors so we could walk easily underwater. I was amazed
how beautiful the ocean is; it was so green down there.

We got to the base of the volcano and in order to open up a portal there
we had to be around it, so we were like in a huge circle moving the
energy (energy that was built up from different times). It had to be
released through the same volcano. So we were lifted over the volcano.
We used a solar disc as a platform to go up. It spun very fast and moved
in a spiral. When we were high above the volcano, the platform became a
ring; it felt like we were all skydiving; we held the space for that
energy to go into the cosmos.

After that was done and sealed, we went down again to activate all the
ancient Lemurian codes left in that area. I saw an island emerging.
This movement could create some huge waves in the Pacific as a result of
some earthquakes, but they will be controlled.

I was called back into the Ashtar ship and left. I talked to Commander
Ashtar and Master Hilarion. They gave me more orders.
It was a great op and I really loved the energy we all create together.

Thank you...Madame X.

To call in the Twin Flame Heart, Kau'ila sings us Kamalani

Metatron, the Master of Ceremonies, is tall and stands over the sea. We
will activate the earth matrix grids in the Hawaii area. I see the
Lemurian Solar Disc and the Atlantean Solar Disc. There is a light
energy circulating between the two. We will tonight open this Lemurian
Portal by South Point, Hawaii.

In order to contain the Earth's Flame Heart, Metatron places it in a
double tetrahedron. This is a three sided pyramid joined on one face
with another three sided pyramid. These tetrahedrons are platinum pink.

We join to light the Earth matrix grid.

Metatron starts at Banff, Canada and lights the matrix over Earth down
North America, South America, out to Hawaii and over the Pacific Isles,
through New Zealand, Australia, over Africa and Europe and back to
Hawaii. As the Earth matrix grid shone light in its activation from the
Lemurian Solar Disk, to the Atlantean Solar Disk, and back, the double
tetrahedron was being lowered into place by Metatron.

As the final grid was lit, the double tetrahedron holding Earth's
three-fold Twin Flame Heart was lowered into the grid and opened the
Lemurian Portal. One of the pyramids was submerged below the water. It
blesses all land below the water. One of the pyramids is above the
water. It blesses the land above the water. It is like a buoy. It floats
here in the Sea activating the Earth matrix grid.

I see the cloud craft merge into one long cigar shaped craft and it
lands at the grass field where the celebration continues. A ramp comes
down and all the Twin Flames of those on Earth disembark. As they walk
down to Earth I see the flames in each heart ignite and light shoots out
from their heart, merging with all the other Twin Flames and the light
energy floods Earth with love. They join in light body with their Twin
Flames here on Earth. There is hugging and dancing and ecstatic orgasmic
joy in the reunions. The party continues all night.

Ashtar, Mother Sekmet, KOS, Rama [on duty], Terrence, look down from the
New Jerusalem. All have hearts over-filled with love for the harmonic
concordance of sound and light as the balanced God/Goddess is restored
to Earth. The last phase of this will permanently embed on 7/21 and
correspond with activations of telepathic and teleportation potentials.

Because this was the beginning of the reuniting of all the Twin Flames,
we wanted a special song to communicate the importance of this long
planned reunion. Since this is deeply connected with the Lemurian
blueprint Mark asked Kau'ila to close out the Op by singing the...
Hawaiian Wedding Song.

IP: Logged

BiBi DeAngelo

Posts: 208
From: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Registered: Apr 2009

posted July 21, 2009 10:27 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for BiBi DeAngelo     Edit/Delete Message
Lemurian Original Timeline Ops 2009 July 16

Original: Pele speaking. 7/12/09, 1:31 AM:

I am sending this short note to you as there is an operation soon that
clears the way for the return of the original Lemurian timeline, not the
old one, but an original that is now active, and one that I sense which
Mark, Beth, and Kau'ila had direct involvement with.

This operation begins with a trip to Hawaii and beyond, to a sacred
place near the northernmost tip of the island, called Pololu (literally,
long spear). Earlier within this past year, Kau'ila placed a piece of
lava from Kilauea near Halemaumau that is no longer accessible to
visitors. It connected to another much larger piece that was obtained
from the same area, but returned to a face of the Kilauea caldera which
faced the crater of Halemaumau, my home.

An energetic connection was established between the Lemurian Hall of
Records and the akasha of the Hawaiian people. It has remained in
guarded mode, silenced if you will, but actively channeling information.
Now a call has gone out to devics from the new Lemurian timeline just
established, who are gathering to bring forth the new Hawaiian Monarch
Twin-Flame-Dome (and a cute way to say it is the KingQueenDom, or
QueenKingdom, see what we mean?). Once this is established, the Lemurian
aspect of this Higher dimensional line will arise.

This one [Kau'ila] will follow my Guidance to activate each end of this
connection. We know his love for Us and for traveling this island, so we
want him to find the piece points again to allow us to fully activate
the connection. He has no idea what he is getting into (Hah!!)!

As he plays his part traveling from the North point to South point, then
to Kilauea, we would ask for a holding space from each of you, for the
most part. When you feel drawn to the Hawaiian Island, called Big
Island, we thank you for closing your eyes and following our lead, and
contributing your instantaneously-understood tasks for this project.

If you ask when is the date, we can only repeat the Admiral and
Captain..."No Dates...No Nukes..." and no lava either [smile]. I
will be your Guide for most of this project, but will be calling some of
those you work with to assist where needed.

Aloha, Love, and Peace, Pele/Kau'ila

Monday, July 13, 2009

First notes made:
Today up to Pololu Valley. Several craft, one at each stage. Opening of
connecting portal to Australia/South Point. At the end, a rainbow. Then
at night, saw star craft change positions and shapes while on phone with
Mark and Beth. More to come. Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

More detailed notes:
The guidance was to leave at 2 PM. Pololu Valley, at the north tip of
the island, was my objective. It is home to a stunning black sand beach,
where Kamehameha I (first Hawaiian king of all islands) learned to surf
and bodysurf. There was a connection to be made with a special circular
piece of lava I had left there about one year ago, which was
energetically joined to another larger triangular piece, now at Kilauea,
facing Halema'ma'u. This connection was to be upgraded.

Saw some craft along the way and a rainbow which indicated all in Divine

After seeing two lovers kissing passionately, I walked down to the
beach. I built, with sticks, a 3-sided triangular pyramid over a lau
hala (leaf) wrapped stone, for protection and connection to Pele's

Arriving at the beach, I ran up and down. Finally guided to move into
the surf, up to about my knees to waist.

Ended up facing SW, towards Australia for this process. As it turns out,
as I saw when standing in the ocean SW, this op was also to assist in
opening an energetic channel to Australia, which in turn activated fully
"the Lemurian aspect of this Higher dimensional line" of the Hawaiian
QueenKingdom. Pele and Madame X created a clear channel to Australia,
activating the line.

After the op, one of Lord Anton's Silver Fleet ships from the Agartha
Network was seen on the horizon. Pele was happy.

Returning up the trail to the beach, a young blonde crystal child asked
me, "What are those signs?" I read them and one was about the monk
seals. Lady Beth mentioned later the sea lions were to assist in the
Lion's Gate opening.

On the way back, over the Kohala Mountains, Ke Tar Tek's cruiser was
spotted, with shuttle craft. Wow! Then on top of the Kohala Mountain
range, I called Mark and Beth. As we spoke, I saw the stars rearranging
themselves. First a cube, then a human figure, then others. Changing,
changing, changing! Very high joy vibration after this. This was a set
up for the remainder of the operations.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
raveled to South Point. As I moved around the South Point area, all was
cloudy except at horizons. I could see and sense the presence of
thousands of ships, some visible, some not. Ka Tar Tek & Tek Ra's ships
were there. A real convention! I sensed Mother [Sekhmet] was there also.

Guided to SW facing cliff 60 feet over water. The vortex was close to
that point. There was nothing happening for several minutes. I was
informed that all I was there to do was to hold the space for Pele,
Metatron, and crews, to do their things. My feet were on a rock step
upon which were scattered a lot of small shell and/or coral pieces.

The first thing I was shown was Metatron. Metatron, Metatron, Metatron,
Metatron was all I saw. Suddenly a huge vortex appeared out of the
water, partly under the water, yellow gold in color. After a short time
I could see old ships, like the 3-4 masted kind of old, and other ships
and transportation methods from the past, all going in to the vortex.
They were NOT coming out.

Cars, buses, trains, ships, all using the old polluting means of
propulsion, or otherwise involved in desecrating the Mother Gaia. Almost
all types of these vehicles were seen going in, except for Polynesian
ships, such as outriggers and double hulled boats of the same kind as
the Hokuli'a.

After that followed service manuals, gas cans, oil cans, plastic bottles
with all those fluids used for these vehicles. More and more and more
and more went in. All corporations, companies, small business, people,
concepts, ideas, anything connected with harming or ignoring the desires
of Mother Gaia and her twin flame, Vywamus.

Then I saw who was at the bottom of the vortex... It was Pele, head and
belly above water, the rest of her body below the water. The vortex
bottom went into her power center, 3rd chakra, and everything going in
was eliminated (burned up, as is her style), never to return.

At one point as this was happening, I saw two holes of light show up,
like eyes, with short beams of light coming from them, and a cat-like ET
face. This was Mother sending her blessings, smiling on us all.
Somewhere in here that big ship of whomever it was showed up [SB: unsure
whether it was the New Jerusalem or Mother's ship].

The vortex had finished its work, and Kau'ila, with Gaia and Vywamus,
put in his key. The yellow gold vortex turned green, meaning the
greening of the grids was complete. No more harm to Gaia, but rather
honor, respect, and love.

Next Mark with Michael inserted his key. The vortex became ocean blue.
No more harm to the oceans. Ocean blue grids established upon the entire
planet for honor, respect, and nourishment of the oceans.

Finally, Lady Beth, with Sananda and Mary Magdalene, inserted her key.
The vortex turned pink, with platinum highlights, and a bright platinum
ring around the top. Also, the vortex, at the bottom, narrowed a lot.
Only Love is allowed into Gaia now with Vywamus at her side. Only loving
processes, "things", concepts, thoughts, ideas - only loving,
nourishing, refreshing.

Our work here was done, except for the magnificent celebration that
continued on through the night!

Afterward it was clear that the next step was to move on to Kilauea and
allow Pele to clean up any small 'bits' that tried to escape the vortex.
I saw just a few that flew over to Kilauea to try to get away. All Pele
had to say was, "No way!"

So at 8:59 PM, I drove off towards Kilauea.
Later I took a nap, and all I recall is being in a place where there was
some fear or uncertainty. I called out, "Tom, Tom..." I was calling Tom
the Ring-tailed cat [a galactic-human Paschat, having feline features].
Not sure why. Later, I sensed I was asking for his protection.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Went down Mauna Loa road at about midnight. I was directed to get out of
my car at the small rest camp that is there, and look at the sky. Sky
was completely clear and the Milky Way spanned it. One bright star
shone. As I watched, it grew sprites, or spikes, of light. No other star
appeared that way.

I saw the Sirian presence, and the presence of the one whom some call,
"the Sirian Commander." Twinkling he was, twinkling at all of us.
Along side was Lady Beth.

At around midnight or 1 AM, I went to sleep in my car. We had designated
ops time to be 3 AM HST, but I woke up at 4:04 AM. I did not remember
anything, except I knew I/we had been "opping." I knew I needed to
go to Kilauea, to the Jaggar Observatory, where Halema'uma'u can be
viewed. Stayed in my car all night, until 6 AM. When I woke up, I saw
the outline of Ka Tar Tek's ship.

Honestly, at the time, I did not know if I did anything at all there.
But then I remembered that this was Pele's op, and she was doing almost
all the clearing. Beth and Mark were assisting more than I, I sensed. I
was there to hold the space, sleep the body, prepare for a wonderful
buffet breakfast at the Volcano House, and write this up.

After, I went to Hilo for some coffee and to upload some videos. When I
came back around the top of the island, I stopped at Hapuna Beach,
ostensibly to get in the ocean and rest and cleanse from the ops. To my
(non)surprise, as I was running, walking on the beach, I saw two large
cruisers appear. One I sensed was again Ka Tar Tek's ship; the other,
Mother's. Mother's was on top. I was flooded with emotion, of thanks and
gratitude at their recognition of the success of our ops. Later I saw
another ship join them.

IP: Logged

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