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Author Topic:   Draconic composites

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posted October 07, 2012 07:36 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ceridwen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This might be interesting for all who were interested in the Pluto past life chart as well.

Have you ever looked up your Draconic composite?
Now the aspects stay the same basically (though some conunctions can become oppositions and vice versa), but have you looked up the links (conjunctions and opposition within about 2 degrees, 3 degrees max) between Draco and the usual composite?

It doesn´t necessarily need to mean that a past life is seeping into the current relationship (though for those who believe in past lives: YES); more important than the relation to the past life scenario (though it can be helpful to understand how the relationship-story is being woven), is that the Draco positions give insight into a spiritual, soulbased aspect of the relationship. Some underlying motivation maybe, or simply an underlying aspect modificating the expression of the usual composite.

It is like the theory of overtones in music.
Whenever you play a certain note, several others - underlying this basic note- will resound as well, and make the basic note "fuller".

Example in an composite of my friend who has found "the One".

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posted October 07, 2012 07:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ceridwen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Of course they have some nice things going on in their regular composite like

°Sun conjunct Moon in Taurus opposite Mercury and Psyche in Scorpio, with Moon being trine Saturn

° Juno conjunct NN, trine Sun

But I just wanted to point out these Draco-tropical links

° Dr Pluto conjunct ASC in Pisces
° Dr Moon conjunct IC in Gemini
° Dr Uranus and DR Valentine conjunct SN in Pisces
° DR MC conjunct Mars in gemini
° Dr Psyche conjunct Amor in Gemini
° Dr Saturn conjunct Karma in Leo
° Dr Eros opposite Chiron with Dr Eros being on Regulus

Though the last aspect could mean serious wounding, it turned out to be the opposite, as their shared love has done wonders for healing her wounds, especially in terms of relationships.

I found that often the Draco-links give us more insights into the "Why" or even the purpose of a certain tropical aspects.

In the above case we see a Pisces-ASC. So the connection itself seems to be a pretty spiritual one, either elusive or very deep. Why have these people come together now. There we find Draco Pluto on the ASC. One reason and purpose of that relationship might be a total transformation of both people.

Actually this Draco Pluto and tropical ASC is conjunct the man`s natal Moon exactly, which falls onto my friend`s KAALI.

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posted October 07, 2012 01:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Aeline     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I'm diving in! In a couple of hours!

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posted October 07, 2012 01:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Aeline     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Me and Mercury boy.

dr.c. Valentine opposite c.Sun (1)
dr.c. Uranus opposite c. Mercury (1)
dr.c. Amor conjunct c.Sun (1)
dr.c. Psyche conjunct c.Mercury (1)
dr.c. Mars conjunct c.Venus (1)
dr.c. Mercury conjunct c.Pluto (1)

But more interesting are dr.c. conjunctions to our my chart, not seeing his right now:

dr.c. Pluto conjunct my natal Saturn (1), conjunct his natal NN (1)
dr.c. Union conjunct my natal NN EXACT
dr.c. Uranus conjunct my natal dsc EXACT
dr.c. Psyche conjunct my natal ASC EXACT
dr.c. Moon conjunct my natal Mercury (1)
dr.c. Mercury conjunct my natal Pluto (1)

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posted October 07, 2012 02:15 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ceridwen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

I agree, the Draco composite positions triggering natal tropical chart - well, I did not expected that, but whoa

I mean, though he shouldn´t, he has had such a great impact on me, and look at this:

Draco c-Pluto conjunct my Venus (on his Sun) lol - which is conjunct the normal composite UNION.

Actually right now Transit Pluto is applying to exact conjunction to this Draco C-Pluto!

I`ve been wondering for a time now, if those synastric aspects that align with certain composite positions may really come to the foreground or have special significance.


dr.c. Valentine opposite c.Sun (1)
dr.c. Amor conjunct c.Sun (1)
- it`s like the purpose and reason for the existene of that connection as it is (c-Sun), really is pure, true love. And probably a love having carried over from a past life, or at least that is what you are tapping into together.
It is the motor that drives the connection. Love.

dr.c. Mars conjunct c.Venus (1)
That looks quite sexy.

dr.c. Pluto conjunct my natal Saturn (1), conjunct his natal NN (1)
Jeez, talk about Karma and total transformation!

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posted October 07, 2012 09:18 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for BlackSeraph     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
A friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend, and out of curiosity figured I'd check the Draco Composite between me and her. ... Found some interesting things. The fact I'm having to write all of this a second time since somehow I wiped out everything I wrote the first time could also be a sign of sorts?

- Draco Composite Ascendant on Alcyone, so Alcyone rising. Already I'm apprehensive just from that. DC Lucifer is also 1 deg 21' from the DC Ascendant.
- Draco Composite Midheaven part of a stellium with DC: Sun/Kaali/Mercury/Ixion/Adonis. This all opposes my natal Sun/Regulus, and that stellium is also conjunct current transiting tropical Neptune.
- Draco Composite Moon/Chiron opposes DC Uranus, with DC Moon/Chiron on my natal Midheaven/Apophis, and DC Uranus on my natal IC.
- DC Destinn/Nessus on my natal Ascendant in Sagittarius.

This is in addition to the regular tropical synastry which puts:
- Her Tyrannosaurus on my Ascendant/Skepticus
- Her Pinocchio/North Node/Swindle on my Tyrannosaurus/Kafka
- Her Vertex on my Mars in my Mars/Pluto/Venus stellium. My Nessus T-Squaring her Vertex Axis as a result, and my Nessus with her I.C.
- Her Black Moon Lilith on my North Node
- Her Jupiter (retrograde) on my Karma, both on Algol
- Her Kaali on my Pholus/Dejanira
- Her Neptune/Venus portion of her Saturn/Neptune/Venus on my Ceres/Narcissus
- Her Bologna on my Neptune.

There's also the Draconic Synastry which puts:
- her Kaali on the Pluto/Venus portion of my Mars/Pluto/Venus stellium
- Her Uranus on my Lie/Black Moon Lilith
- Her Medusa on my Kafka

Seems too good to be true if anything happens, plus a voice in my Mind's Ear (if that makes any sense) saying, quite literally, "If you go forward with this, you will open a Pandora's Box that will never close."

Part of that could be the fact I checked her synastry with another friend of mine, and her Ascendant conjunct his Vertex and vice versa. And frankly, I am compelled to see what happens, if anything, between them. He's had less luck with women than I have, and they seem to get along ok as friends anyways, plus their synastry is screaming "fated meeting" at me.

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posted October 07, 2012 11:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Jovian     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Skepticus, Pinocchio and Bologna


You crack me up, Black Seraph. I agree with trusting your gut on things...or listening to your mind's ear.

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posted October 07, 2012 11:57 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Jovian     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks, Ceridwen. This is interesting. ...What I know of Draconics is still probably only what I’ve read of your posts here on the subject. The concept--the past life angle, as well as the larger “soul” connection--is of course right up my alley.

Well, for the one someone that I have ongoing, steady burning feelings for...and definitely past life connections (I was a man then).:

Dr. C. NN/Eros/Neptune CONJ C. Saturn (<1) (all bodies are at 0 Aries)

What to make of this? ...A new start? A kick in the pants to Saturn? …I want some good news!

It does feel that we can’t really connect, despite what I feel are powerful feelings between us, as might be indicated by this Draconic aspect. The environment we interact in is not conducive, her life situation is not conducive. Our interaction is difficult, it seems. …I keep hope alive for *some* distant time in the future. …Is this about patience, discipline, what? The Saturn theme repeats, as her Saturn CONJ my Anti-vertex. And Saturn is her chart ruler, and in her first house, squaring her Sun/Moon. And of course a lot of those doom-and-gloom Magi Saturn "clashes" galore, almost all from my Saturn. Absurd amount of Saturn! ...So, it does feel doomed and depressing sometimes, as if the boundaries will never be overcome. …Our past life relationships were not romantic, that I can sense, so I feel like part of the boundary is that. We had other roles and duties…and we still do.

Dr. C. Jupiter CONJ C. NN/Eros/Neptune (<2)
Dr. C. Jupiter OPP C. Mars/Isis (<2)
Dr. C. Moon CONJ C. MC (<3)
Dr. C. Venus CONJ C. Union (<1)
Dr. C. Union CONJ C. Mars (<2)

Dr. C. Angel CONJ C. Mars (<1)
Dr. C. Angel CONJ C. SNode (<2)
Dr. C. Memoria CONJ c. Venus (<2)
Dr. C. Soulie CONJ c. DSC (<1)
Dr. C. Soulie OPP c. Alma (<1)
Dr. C. Uranus/Pluto/DNA OPP c. Spirit (<1)

Dr. C. my name CONJ c. NN/Eros/Neptune (<1)

Dr. C. Karma CONJ C. Sappho (<1)
Dr. C. DSC CONJ C. Kaali (<1)


Draconic Composite to Natal:

Dr. C Venus CONJ my Venus (<1)
Dr. C. Merc CONJ my Mercury (<1)
Dr. C. Sun CONJ my Mercury (<1)
Dr. C. Moon CONJ my Uranus (<2)

Dr. C. Psyche CONJ my Sun (<1)
Dr. c. Mars CONJ my Valentine (<1)
Dr. C. Amor OPP my Saturn (<2)
Dr. C. Amor CONJ my Neptune (<3)
Dr. c. Moon CONJ my Karma (<2)
Dr. C. Destinn CONJ my Jupiter/Asc (<2)

Dr. C. Juno CONJ my Black Moon Lilith (<1)
Dr. C. Karma CONJ my BML (<2)
Dr. C. Memoria CONJ my Moira (<1)
Dr. C. Soulie CONJ my Angel and Devine (<1)

Dr. C. Sappho CONJ her name asteroid in my chart (<2)
Dr. C. Kaali OPP her name asteroid in my chart (<1)
Dr. C. Kaali CONJ my name asteroid (<2)
Dr. C. her past life name CONJ my Saturn (<2)
Dr. C. her current name CONJ my Saturn (<3)
Dr. C. my past life name CONJ another past life name of mine (<1)

Dr. C. Uranus/Pluto/DNA CONJ her Saturn (<2)
Dr. C. Moon OPP her Venus (<1)
Dr. C. NN/Neptune/Eros CONJ her Valentine (<2)
Dr. C. NN/Neptune/Eros OPP her Proserpina (<2) and my Pluto (<2)
Dr. C. Asc CONJ her Destinn (<1)
Dr. C. Moon CONJ her Sappho (<2)
Dr. C. Soulie CONJ her Psyche (<1)

Dr. c. my past life name CONJ her ASC (<1)

(Interestingly, my past life name is also CONJ her Pluto/NN (<1) in tropical synastry)


I perceive this particular shared lifetime to have been in early Christian era days and environs. (Indeed, I think part of the current barrier is due to the ascetic, chaste mores we both adopted during that time...or, more pointedly, due to our devotedness to the ideals and mission of the Christian movement at the expense of personal relations.)


Dr. c. Mary CONJ c. Yeshuhua (<1) [My Yeshuhua OPP her Mary by 0.09 in tropical]

Dr. c. Mary OPP c. Psyche (<1)
Dr. c. Psyche CONJ c. Jessie (<2)
Dr. c. Jessie CONJ c. Memoria (<1)
Dr. c. Yeshuhua OPP c. Jessie (<3)

Dr. C. Mary CONJ her N. past life name (<1)
Dr. C. Mary CONJ her N. Jupiter (<1)
Dr. C. Maria CONJ her N. first name (<1)
Dr. C. Maria CONJ my N. Mary (<1)
Dr. C. her first name OPP my n. Mary (<1)

[Her first name OPP Maria in composite (<1) and CONJ my Mary in synastry (<1)]

Dr. C. Yeshuhua OPP my N. Sun (<1)

Dr. C. Jessie CONJ her N. Venus (<2)
Dr. C. Jessie CONJ my N. King/Knight (<2) [Jessie OPP Moon in composite (<1)]
Dr. C. Jessie OPP my N. Martir (<1)

Dr. C. Saturn OPP c. Christian (<1)
Dr. C. Christian OPP c. Moira (<1)
Dr. C. Martir OPP c. Chiron (<2)
Dr. C. Yeshuhua CONJ c. Messenger (<2)
Dr. C. Church CONJ c. Christian (<2)
Dr. C. Israel CONJ c. Church (<1)
Dr. c. Israel OPP c. Saturn (<2)

Dr. C. Church CONJ my n. Soulie (<2) [Dr. c Church also CONJ my Dr. ASC (<1)]
Dr. C. Christian OPP my n. Jupiter/Asc (2)
Dr. c. Christian CONJ her n. Amor (<1)
Dr. c. NN/Neptune/Eros OPP her n. Church (<1)
Dr. c. Israel CONJ my n. Church (<1)

Dr. c. Israel CONJ my n. Pluto (<1)
Dr. c. Israel CONJ her n. Proserpina (<1) [Our Pluto and Proserpina are 0.00.01 apart (1 second)]

Dr. c. Martir CONJ my n. Cupido (<1) Ha.

Remarkable. Tells a story, alright. ..Of course probably of interest to no one but me!

...Opened up a can of worms with that one. This could be endless, apparently, with all the asteroids. Meaty! ...Yeah-- another vehicle for obsessing.

I guess according to the conventional measures, I never thought the Composite between us looked too great. But, if I consider the “Mystical Triangle” I am now noticing (Mystical as in a trine, square, and quincunx), I can see something interesting about it. … Mystical Triangle of Sun/Mercury – Uranus/Pluto – Mars (<2) Also, Grand Trine with NN/Neptune/Eros – Amor – Chiron (<2).

Interesting analysis! Some crazy stuff in there you wouldn't think would come up...or maybe I would. Thanks.

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posted October 08, 2012 12:02 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lioness     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Going by memory from what i can remember

Dr Pluto conjunct composite dsc
Which conjunts his n moon, my n Neptune/bml

I've notice the theme of relationships keeps popping up....

I think our relationship is to transform how we both handle relationships....

neither of us are very good at relationships, we both have Venus sq Pluto in natal.

In a sense we both know we have to do right by each other, for the other person to continue...because the friendship is highly important....
There is a fear of loosing the person/friendship...
The romance comes 2nd to the friendship.

No matter what we maintain the friendship..

It kinda sux but i guess we have relationship issues...

I will have to check his dr Pluto... I dOn't remember.

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