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Author Topic:   Knights Templar, Merovingian Bloodline, Illuminati, NWO
posted December 23, 2008 03:21 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote







"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance"
~Albert Einstein

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posted December 23, 2008 05:37 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Dajjal Illuminati Satanism

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance"
~Albert Einstein

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posted December 23, 2008 01:54 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Iran.... Warns Of Bilderberg Plot To Plunge World Into
Total Chaos ....

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
(Traducción al Español abajo)

Iran’s official news agency IRNA is
warning today of a Global plot hatched by a ‘secret
society of Freemasons’ known as the Bilderberg Group to plunge our
World into ‘total chaos’ in order to
destroy all religions and independent Nations in order to establish a planetary
wide single system of government.

According to the articles published by Iranian reporter Amir Taheri on this
plot, “The alleged
conspiracy was finalized at a secret meeting of the group in June 1999 in
Caesar Park Hotel in the Portuguese resort of Penha Longa.

Taheri further states about this Bilderberg Group: “Strictly
speaking, there is no such thing as the Bilderberg Group or Masonic lodge.
we have is an annual private meeting of influential individuals, mostly from
Europe and the United States, designed to generate free discussions on a range
of issues without a pre-set agenda and according to the so-called Chatam House rules under which there are no reports of the
proceedings and none of the participants could be quoted by name.....

The first
meeting was held at Hotel de Bilderberg near Arnhem
in Holland in 1954 at the invitation of Prince Bernhard, the husband of the
then Queen Juliana.
The number of guests was fixed at 130 and initially only
limited to politicians, academics and business people from member countries of
the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
Later, the meeting extended its
reach and started inviting personalities from all over the world, according to
which countries happened to be in the news.
The invitations were designed to
include two representatives from each country, one liberal and one

Over the past
half a century, almost anybody who was somebody in international business or
politics has made at least one appearance at the group's annual meetings.
if this were a gathering of conspirators we would have to assume that virtually
the whole of the global leadership elite consists of Masonic plotters.
June, for example, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both attended the
Bilderberg meeting along with more than 60 other political figures from across
the globe.

American dissident researchers writing about the Bilderberg Group further
warn that this organization is, in fact, a ‘shadow
government’ having great power over all of the World’s governments and
that its meetings are banned by
US propaganda media organs from reporting on them to their citizens.

Russian intelligence reports on the Bilderberg Group state that it is one of
the six German Nazi based ‘Illuminati’
governed organizations that comprise what is loosely referred to as the Round
Table that seeks total Western control over our entire Earth and its
resources and has been directly responsible for both World War’s I and II, and
which have left over 500 million dead in the past 80 years alone.

In our December 12th report titled “Council On
Foreign Relations Warns Of United States Collapse By Summer, 2009”, we
had reported on one of the other members of this Round Table wherein Russian
Foreign Ministry sources had warned about these groups agenda for our World and
which includes:

manipulation of the prices of oil, natural gas, zinc, iron ore, nickel, copper,
platinum, gold, corn, wheat and rice to ‘stratospheric heights’ to be
immediately followed by their, likewise, engineered collapse.....

of the Global economy through the flooding into financial systems of
‘unlimited’ credit to be immediately followed by an engineered contraction of
the money supply thereby collapsing the entire World’s banking system to leave
the West’s powerful Central Banks as the sole survivors, and defacto owners of
the West’s industrial output. ....

of the North American and European Nation States which are then to be
‘reformed’ into ‘Global Trading Blocs’ centrally governed by unelected
emissaries to a new ‘One World’ governing body. ....

‘forced destruction’ of all other Nation States on Earth, to include, Russia,
China, the Middle East, South and Central America and Africa, whereupon they
too will be able to become a part of the ‘new’ One World ruling structure. ....

forced relocation of the Earth’s entire population into urban ‘environments’,
with the United States, Canada and Mexico to be the first Nations to implement
this policy among its citizens, by ‘force’ if necessary.....

Though there are growing signs that the American people are beginning to
awaken from their decade’s long slumber which has seen their freedoms and
economic power stolen from them by these insidious power blocs, it may be ‘too little’ and ‘too late’ for them to reverse their catastrophic plunge into the
abyss, and as we can read as reported by the World Tribune News Service in
their report titled “Doomsday:
report warns of 'strategic shock' leading to massive unrest”, and
which says:

United States could be sleep-walking into its next crisis, a military report
said. ....

report by the U.S.
Army War College's Strategic Institute, said that a defense
community paralyzed by conventional thinking could be unprepared to help the
United States cope with a series of unexpected crises that would rival the Al Qaida strikes in 2001, termed a "strategic

civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment
to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human
security," the report, authored by [Ret.] Lt. Col. Nathan Freir, said.

Reports from the United States are showing that their War Leaders are
heeding these warnings as the US Military is preparing to unleash
upon its citizens another 11,500 American Troops that they say will protect
their Nation upon their new President’s inauguration.

Being lost upon these American people, however, is that the Military Forces
they will soon be confronting are not there to protect them, but are instead
being deployed to protect the ruling American elite classes who have robbed
their people of their entire wealth and intend to leave them as nothing more
than economic slaves and prisoners in their vast urban concentration camps and
vast prison network which has made them the most jailed people our World has
ever known.

What is feared most by these American War Leaders is that their citizens
will awaken to the plans being made for their slavery like the peoples in ....Greece.... who are
now violently engaged against these Western monsters in order to free their
Nation from its planned destruction.

Russian Military Experts state in their reports that unlike Europe, the
Middle East or the Eastern Nations of the World, the American people are not
expected to rise up in mass against their planned destruction as their physical
and mental states have been nearly totally destroyed by the forced drugging of
them through their genetically
modified foods, fluoridated
water and psychotropic
medical supplies, all of which are based upon eliminating these peoples as
serious threats as they have become the most obese, most depressed and most
mind controlled human beings our World has ever seen.

As astonishing as it is to believe, it is nevertheless true that the
American people remain the only peoples on our entire Earth who still do not
know that microwave
prepared foods have all of their nutrients destroyed leading to obesity and
diabetes, that the Aspartame ingredient contained in all of their diet foods
and drinks to ‘control’ their obesity
is outlawed in nearly every other Nation on Earth as it is nothing more than a poison, and that the violent video games
they buy for their children have all been funded by their Military to overcome
in these young minds the strongest human taboo there is….
killing another human

But, to the greatest danger of all facing these people is their belief that
warnings such as this one are the ‘conspiracy’,
instead of their knowing that the truest, and darkest, conspiracies are those
of their own government and propaganda media organs who continue to tell these
deluded people not to listen to anyone other than them as they lead these poor
souls into the pits of their final destruction.

© December 19, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.

Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence,
any and all opinions about the ....United
States.... except those coming from authorized
government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.
No interviews are granted and very little
personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to
protect their safety.

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Thanks for posting the info, Commander.

Do the Illuminati have "free will"?

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Sigh... thank you Commander.
Sober thoughts, but with definite rings of truth.

This World is in a sad state of affairs, thank the heavens for Divine Light.....

Scorpio Rising
Moon in Sag
Aries Sun

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posted December 24, 2008 01:18 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
please! do not succumb to fear of this stuff.

this planet is due for a new order, indeed, but it will not be an order of uberlords and slaves! consciousness is rising amongst those who care to learn.

would it be so bad if the world's separatist, punitive religions were disintegrated by the consciousness that we are all already one??

it is possible that a one world government is on the planning table, equally possible that local groups will take over their own governance. pluto is in capricorn now!!

many of us know about aspartame, and indeed while many are growing fat on depleted food, many others are eating straight out of their own gardens. if microwaved food had no nutritional value i would be dead. haven't had a stove for over a year...

without refuting the existence of the bilderbergs or their aims, you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but NOT all of the people all of the time....

the big guys have always sought to increase their control. and they always come toppling down like humpty dumpty in the end...

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posted December 27, 2008 12:23 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
in the words of the Beatles

All ya need is love
All ya need is love
All ya need is love love
love is all you need
love is all you need

None of this BS and conspiracy BS that peopleand supposed "prophets" are spewing is necessary when you come from a place of love, because love truly conqueres all. There was a time when I wanted to brush my teeth at this type of attitude, but now I know it to be true.

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posted December 27, 2008 12:41 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted December 31, 2008 12:27 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
By: Henry Makow Ph.D.
http://educate-yourself. org

"Thrust in your sickle and reap, for the time has come for you to reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.
" Revelations 14:15/

Harvest insanityThe world may soon resemble Jonestown if a sick Illuminati plan to "harvest" souls in 2012 comes to pass. For a week in October, a person claiming to be a "generational member of a Ruling Bloodline family" answered questions on abovetopsecret forum.

http://www. abovetopsecret. com/forum/thread402958/pg1

Using the moniker "Hidden Hand," he gave a convincing explanation of the demented Cabalistic beliefs motivating the Illuminati. He described how they find this world Consciousness ("Third Density") to be "very constricting and uncomfortable" and want to be united again with Lucifer ("the One," the "Creator.") This will require them to stage an apocalyptic human sacrifice ("harvest of souls") in 2012.

The background according to "Hidden Hand" is this: Yahweh had been running a "benign dictatorship" in the Garden of Eden. He made a pact with the Luciferians (Illuminati) to introduce evil into the world, so man will have Free Will to choose between right and wrong, and thus evolve spiritually. Yahweh didn't expect man would choose evil. As result, the Illuminati rule the world but now find it a tedious place. They intend to create the intense evil (selfishness, "negative polarity") required for them to rendezvous with their spaceship, as it were. Remember, this is an insane satanic cult which just happens to dominate the planet.

At the "Harvest" evolved souls will enter the "Fourth Density" with the Illuminati and enjoy a "Golden Age," while everyone else's soul will be transported to a "replica earth" where they will continue to "work on themselves." The scenario is reminiscent of the "Left Behind" series where Christians suddenly disappear into heaven, and non-believers are left behind to face the Tribulation. I don't think this is a coincidence.


In an excerpt from over 60 pages, "Hidden Hand" says:

"Yes, the noonday Winter Solstice Sun of December 21st, 2012 is the time when the Lord of The Harvest shall return. You might know him as Nibiru. Read up on the Mayan Prophesies and Calendrical events for more detail upon how the actual Galactic and Universal Cycles work.

"There will be dramatic changes to your climate and weather conditions over the next few years, as the time of the Great Harvest approaches. You will see wind speeds surpassing 300 miles per hour at times. There will be raging tsunamis and widespread devastation; and a solar emission in late 2009 early 2010 that will cause major melting of the ice caps, and subsequent drastic rise in sea levels, leaving many (international) metropolitan areas underwater....San Francisco and Damascus, will be uninhabitable by the end of 2010, possibly even sooner. Again, it depends upon certain 'forces' at play, and which time lines are activated. Humanity, though utterly unconscious of the fact, has a significant part to play in this. You (as a collective consciousness of the planet) are choosing the Negative Polarization by default, by the quality of your thoughts and actions. Thought is creative energy, focused. You get exactly what you put out.

Decide for yourself whether this information is valid. It fits into the puzzle picture I have assembled about a long-term Cabalist plan to deliberately fulfill prophesy and initiate an apocalypse.

For example,"Historian Demands Action on Powerful Doomsday Cults," http://www. savethemales. ca/historian_demands_action_on_do. html

"What Every Jew and Non-Jew Should Know," http://www. savethemales. ca/002089. html

"Independent Historian Unveils Cabala Conspiracy," http://www. savethemales. ca/002159. html

and "Illuminati Rebel Issues Dire Warning.
" http://www. savethemales. ca/001870. html

"Hidden Hand" explains:

"The End of this [26,000 year] Cycle, heralds literally, a New World Age, and a New Creation. A new Heaven, and a new Earth, and is the time of the Great Harvest. Smaller Cycles yield a Harvest, and then life continues on the planet as normal. Great Cycles yield a Great Harvest, and the end of current life on the 3rd Density. See it as a kind of 'Cosmic jet wash' and deep clean, while the planet takes a rest and regenerates herself.. When this Life-Cycle Ends, "All things will pass away, and All things shall be made new".

"So, December 21, 2012 AD, is not the day where all of a sudden the lights go out, and everything will suddenly change, rather, we are NOW in the process of this transition, from one World Age to the next. The changes are underway and will continue steadily accelerating as we head towards the culminating date. The 26,000 year cycle is composed of 5 lesser cycles, each of which are 5,125 years in duration. Each of these 5 cycles is considered its own World Age or Creation Cycle. Our present great cycle (3113 B.C. - 2012 A.D.) is called the Age of the Fifth Sun.

"If we do not have a Negative Harvest, we are bound with you for another cycle....We need a Negative Harvest, so that we can create our 4th Density Earth, and clear our Karmic Record..."


"Hidden Hand" says the Illuminati create "War, Hatred, Greed, Control, Enslavement, Genocide, Torture, Moral Degradation, Prostitution, Drugs, all these things and more," for our own good.

"In all these Negative things, we are providing you with tools. But you do not see it. It is not what we do, but how you react to it, that is important. We give you the tools. You have the Free Will choice how you will use them. You have to take responsibility. There is only One of Us here. Understand that, and you will understand the Game.

"Understand, that we HAVE to be Negative. That's what we were sent here to be. It is our contract, and it has always been to help you, by providing the "Catalyst" I spoke of earlier. Being Negative is very hard for us, not on a physical level, (the characters we play enjoy our roles, as we're programmed that way), but on a Spiritual level, it is hard. We surpassed the lowly negative vibrations eons ago. We are Light, and we are Love. It is a very hard thing for us to do Spiritually, to create all this Negativity, but we do it because we love you, and it is for your highest good, ultimately. You could say, that it is our Sacrifice that we have made, in order to be of Service to the One Infinite Creator, and to you, our Brothers and Sisters in the One.

Just so there is no doubt whom the Illuminati worship: "Our Creator, is the one you refer to as 'Lucifer', "The Light Bearer" and "Bright and Morning Star". Our Creator is not "The Devil" as he has been spuriously portrayed in your bible. Lucifer is what you would call a "Group Soul" or "Social Memory Complex", which has evolved to the level of the Sixth Density, which in effect, means that he (or more accurately "'we") has evolved to a level sufficient that he (we) has attained a status equal or arguably 'greater' than that of Yahweh (we have evolved higher than him). In appearance, were you to gaze upon Lucifer's fullest expression of our Being, the appearance would be that of a Sun or a "Bright Star". Or, when stepping down into a 3rd Density vibration, we would appear as what you may term an 'Angel' or 'Light Being'.

"Hidden Hand" says the media plays a major role in creating the negative meme and making us unwitting collaborators.

"Why do you think the Media is so important to us? You have (as a society), in your hypnotized comatose state, given your Free Will consent to the state your planet is in today. You saturate your minds with the unhealthy dishes served up for you on your televisions that you are addicted to, violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant 'bad news', fear and 'terror'. When was the last time you stopped, to think of something beautiful and pure? The planet is the way it is, because of your collective thoughts about it. You are complicit in your inaction, every time you 'look the other way' when you see an injustice. Your 'thought' at the sub-conscious level of creation to the Creator, is your allowance of these things to occur. In so doing, you are serving our purpose.


The Illuminati dogma is pure Cabalism (Occultism) which sees chaos and destruction as a prerequisite to change. The Creator as "sparks" trapped in our bodies which requires that the world be smashed in order to release Him.
"Hidden Hand" tells forum members:

"You are indeed what you call "Divine Souls"; you are sparks or seeds of The One Infinite Creator. You are Life Itself (Light), remembering and learning who you really are (we came here to help you to do this) and yes, currently, you are trapped (or more accurately "Quarantined") within the 'matter' of this planet you call Earth.

"You can thank your Creator Yahweh for that. You are the 'offspring' or individuations of his Group Soul (or Social Memory Complex). Macrocosmically speaking, you ARE Yahweh. The 'Karmic' effect of his imprisoning us in his Astral Planes, also has an impact upon you. I cannot be more specific on this, without impinging on the Law of Confusion. You must work it out for yourselves.

For an evil do-er, "Hidden Hand" spent most of his time coaching forum members on avoiding the Illuminati traps and listening to their "inner voice" so they will be released from the wheel of reincarnation during the "Great Harvest.

"You will never be 'free', for as long as you are incarnating on this planet. The very nature of your being here, is indication of that. There is a reason why you are here, and 'here' is very likely not really where you think 'here' is. How do you become free? By working out where you are, and coming to an understanding, of why you are here. You are fast running out of time to do so, before the coming Harvest. Those that don't make it, will have to repeat the cycle.

By the end of the week, most of the forum members are eating out of the guru's hidden hand. The exceptions are, ironically, a "lower level mason" who accuses him of rehashing New Age Theology. The guru acknowledges that the "Ra Material" ("the Law of One") are 85-90% accurate. He says the "Ra Material" is "very similar to the knowledge my Family has, and have passed down for many many generations.
http://www. lawofone. info/

A Christian reader correctly sees "an elaborate ruse to 'make the devil look good.' I don't think there are many conservative Christians that would be able see the difference between the biblical Lucifer and the Lucifer you purport to be a part of.

But she asks for his advice in overcoming this obstacle.


"Hidden Hand" claims to belong to one of 13 Bloodlines that have ruled the world from the dawn of time. They are "Houses" performing functions like organs in a body, which is the "Family" united in the common cause. They all have an area of specialty: Military, Government, Spiritual, Scholarship, Leadership, and Sciences. They hold key positions in all of these main areas.
With the addition of a complicit Media machine and
ownership of Financial establishments, all bases are covered.

Writing in Oct, he said a certain faction wanted to call off the US election. "If nothing happens to Obama, he will win. Remember, behind the scenes, there is only One Party. Our Party. 'Democracy' is an illusion which is created to uphold your slavery. Whichever side 'wins'; the Family wins. There are many possibilities and alternative 'scripts'. All of them lead toward the ultimate implementation of the overall blueprint of our Creator" [i.e. Lucifer.

He says he is only a "regional" leader (as opposed to national or international) but his information is that, barring "unforeseen disruptions" there will be "a new currency by the end of 2008 / early 2009, along with a new Union of nations. January has been spoken of in some circles, as the latest, though there are plans underway which could even bring this to fruition much earlier than initially hoped for. It depends upon the results of other upcoming events as to how this will play out.

Asked if "911" was the creation of a "star gate," he replied, "No, it was a Ritual Human Sacrifice. That, and the obvious catalyst for the so-called 'War on Terror'.

He confirms that "Svali" was "a part of the Family, at the lower levels, from the German Lines I believe. As I understand, she did reveal a lot of truth about the lower levels, but she was only Regional Level in the Earth Lines, so not that high. She certainly would not have had anything like the "bigger picture.

Svali http://www. savethemales. ca/141002. html

He says the Rothschilds etc. belong to "earth-based" bloodlines.

"The Earth lines are not aware of the entire picture. They themselves are not of our Lucifer Group Soul, and as far as they are aware, they are out to 'rule the world', to Control and Enslave, and create as much Suffering and Negativity as is humanly possible. That's what they 'get out of the deal'. World Domination. You'd have to say with that in mind, they're doing a great job. But one of the things they don't know or understand, is that our (Venusian Power Lines) agenda, is ultimately for the Highest Good of all concerned, in providing you with the Catalyst. If they were aware of this Truth, there is a slight risk that they would not have done their jobs properly, and they would miss out on joining us in our 95% Negative Harvest. They are aware of the Harvest, and the need for them to attain the 95%, to get out of 3rd Density, and that is all the motivation they need to help us achieve our ultimate aims".


"Starting at the bottom level, you have what we call "Local Cell Groups" or "Family Clusters". There will be anything from say five to thirty or so of these, depending upon the size of the town or city in question. Each Local area has it's own Council, comprised of Local Leaders representing the Six Disciplines of learning. There is also either a High Priest or High Priestess of The Order, who Serves their local community.

"Above this, you have the Regional Council, with the Leader of each Local Council representing their specific areas. Then the National Council, in the same vein, with the Leaders of the Regional Councils sitting to represent their Regions.

"Then you have the Supreme World Council above them all, with the National Leaders representing their Countries. Above this, is another group I cannot mention, who liaise with the "Hidden Hands.

"Then above this, there are many other levels of Leadership, purely from the Power Lines (the ones that are not of this planet.) The Supreme World Council, only know as much as is "Handed" down to them from us.

"In our Power Lines, we have a similar structure, with Local and Regional groups etc, though most of us are living in entirely 'different' types of communities than you would understand. All I shall say is that we are not "surface dwellers.


In his own terms, "Hidden Hand" is credible but I regard him as insane, pretending to purity and talking about "service to others" while wreaking untold misery and mayhem on humanity. He offers invaluable insight into the hypocritical Illuminati mindset, always dressing their evil in pretensions of public service. For example, Communism is Satanism posing as working class rebellion.

To inflict so much suffering and depravity under the pretext of"testing" mankind and furthering evolution is preposterous. Aren't there enough tests in life without the Illuminati's hidden hand on the scale? If instead the Illuminati had exercised a positive influence, spiritual evolution would have taken place at an amazing pace. Retarding human evolution, not advancing it, is their real agenda.

I believe the harbor is best reached by setting your course and avoiding the rocks. In contrast, the Illuminati steer the vessel onto the rocks, as many times as it takes to sink it. This sick Cabalistic dogma is behind the blank gaze of our politicians and newscasters.

It's time to admit that humanity is under constant stealth attack by a sadistic and dangerous Satanic cult. Obviously, it is well organized and funded and has subverted every institution.

It's time we set aside occultism and used common sense.
It's time we adopted simple morality, as in "Do Unto Others as You Would have Them do
Unto You.

Unless we wrest control of this planet from the Illuminati, we are doomed, like Rev. Jones' followers at Jonestown. And we will deserve our fate. Hidden Hand is right. "You are complicit in your inaction, every time you 'look the other way' when you see an injustice.

Let's be "Service Oriented" and reject the Illuminati -- their phony terror, fascist government and Satanic religion.Let's throw their kool-aid in their face.

Henry Makow

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posted December 31, 2008 12:38 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
pray tell why this so top secret stuff is available on the internet??

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posted January 06, 2009 06:54 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
pray tell why this so top secret stuff is available on the internet??

Frodo:"I wish the ring had never come to me.

I wish none of this had happened".

Gandalf: "So do all who live to see such times.

But that is not for them to decide.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

There are other forces at work in this world Frodo, besides the will of evil.

Bilbo was meant to find the Ring.

In which case, you were also meant to have it.

And that is an encouraging thought".

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posted January 07, 2009 04:43 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
well i believe it is PUT OUT THERE TO SCARE US, fear being the chief weapon for turning people into sheep... many many survivors of the nazi camps attest to the strength of SPIRIT being the only thing that kept them going. those who let the fear get ahold of them capitulated...

therefore focussing on this stuff is just playing into their hands.

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posted January 07, 2009 06:36 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I disagree....ignorance is far more dangerous.

The real secret that the powers that be don't want us to find out is how powerful we really are.

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I have to agree with you LLT.
Because in denying the darkness we deny there power as well as our own base energies that we share with them. But in this case I must say, knowledge again is power, because the truth sets you free. So I think the key is balance. While we cannot deny that there are forces to be reckoned with, we need not fear. It is not our personal battle to fight. It is our job to stand strong conduct the light that we came here to relay and watch our Spirit work its magic in our lives, the lives that we touch and with the Earth that we share.

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posted January 08, 2009 02:59 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted January 08, 2009 06:01 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Thanks! for posting. I believe that the old adage, "The truth shall set you free" is truth.
There is no fear in the knowing.

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posted January 08, 2009 06:46 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
CHAR/LTT/MARS... thanks for the support, i said it before and ill say it again."we can die upon the truth"

if your enemy knows all about you but you know nothing about them... how do you plan to defeat them??? you dont go into battle with out a plan am i right? 2012 is a battle for souls.. believe it or not... and if you dont believe there is a very dark force out there working very hard... then they already got you...

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posted January 08, 2009 07:40 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
good post CCH...
That last line is powerful!

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posted January 08, 2009 11:22 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Your truth might not be eveyone elses truth. How are some people so sure that it's others who are ignorant and not them? Some people see this as something that enslaves more. Just wanted to point that out. Because people don't buy into these things doesnt necessarily mean they are asleep. Thanks.

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posted January 08, 2009 11:30 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
katatonic, i hear you sister.

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posted January 08, 2009 01:12 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
SISTER... wow its becoming a male vs. female this is the reason for all the divison... i wont play into this kind of behavior

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thanks 26t...commander i am not putting you or your information down. but i think you dwell on it overmuch. how can you let in light when you are so focussed on the dark?
the lightworkers i hear from insist there is as much supportive energy available to us as there is evil wanting to imprison us.

put it this way. roman polanski was born in warsaw; his parents felt the need to move to france when he was very young (early 30's) but the desire to be home was so strong they returned just in time to be placed in the camps. polanski, 6 years old, escaped and made his way back to france. whatever you think of this man and his work/life, that experience informs every bit of it. does watching rosemary's baby do any good?? who knows...

i am trying to say that you will never wake up all the people and if it's coming we will have to get through it, but many people had the intuition to leave europe in the early 30's and escaped the holocaust completely. of course the japanese in america were subjected to interment right here at home...they were considered beneath citizenship at that time. we have never been above the shadow that infects the world. just better at hiding it. but the american people are not as asleep as you think.

i just want to reiterate that wallowing in this stuff is counterproductive. we do create our own realities. what you focus on expands.

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that makes no sense commander.

good don't play in. but isnt that what you are doing by responding?

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there's nothing rude in saying what every wise one has said; that you will never be able to wake up the world. and the ones that are shouting to wake up are missing something. it starts with each and every one of us first. right?

awaken and the whole world awakens with you.

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i dont wallow in it.... i know i cant wake everyone up but why put one down for trying ... or get upset that some people bring these dark matters to the surface... here hope this makes you happy ... im deleting my account and you can go back to your so called perfect world

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