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  Part III - Jupiter Aspects

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Author Topic:   Part III - Jupiter Aspects
posted March 01, 2004 06:00 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Aspects to the Jupiter

All planets have their own unique energy harmonics and characteristics. When we talk about the effect of aspects, what we are talking about is how the two planetary energies associated with the two planets interact with each other. Some aspects are harmonious or aid each other’s energy (Conjunct, Sextile, and Trines), while others are inharmonious and in conflict with each other’s energy (Square and Oppose).

The following are some of the general energy characteristics associated with each planet:

Ascendant – one’s self-image, expression of the “Self” in the world
Sun – willpower and creative potential
Moon – the unconscious mind, automatic emotional responses, memories
Mercury – thinking, reasoning abilities, communications
Venus – artistic abilities, sense of harmony, growth through relationships
Mars – expressed energy, assertiveness
Jupiter – expansion, awareness, personal values
Saturn – patience, determination, restructuring one’s life for growth
Uranus – sudden unexpected changes, intuition, rebalancing
Neptune – clouds the vision and introduces new ideas, psychic abilities
Pluto – transformation, rebirth
North Node – cultural trends and fads, path of spiritual growth

Keep in mind that each of the meanings is only one part of the whole, and as such, are affected by other events in the chart. A chart must always be viewed as a Gestalt, not just a series of individual meanings.

The following aspect meanings are in part taken from by Frances Sakoian and Louis Akers’s book “The Astrologer’s Handbook”. Their work in my opinion is one of the best on understanding the natal chart. I highly recommend it for those just getting started in reading natal charts.


Conjunct – this is a very positive aspect conferring an optimistic nature and a self-confident approach towards life. You are inclined towards expressing yourself through religious or academic endeavors, and may even take a leadership position in such fields. You will tend to be over-weight if you’re not careful to watch your diet. If this aspect is poorly aspected by other planets it can indicate someone who is a legion in their own mind.

Sextile – confers a graceful personal self-expression and popularity with others. Others will tend to support your efforts because of your optimistic approach to life. You can do well in life, both personally and professionally if you will allow your natural personality to shine forth. You would do well in sales, or other promotional professions.

Square – this aspect makes you awkward in your manner of expressing yourself to others. It may make others see you as pompous and holier than thou. Your biggest problem is that you spread yourself to thin, trying to please everyone. You need to focus on those things which are important to you, and organize your actions.

Trine – the two energies mix to produce an optimistic and constructive outlook on life. You are very favored by this aspect, because it confers happiness in life, particularly in marriage.

Oppose – this mix of energies indicates good fortune through your relationships in life, both personal and professional. You have abilities in areas where you interact with others such as sales, public relations, entertainment, or diplomacy. People generally respond towards you in a positive manner, sensing your honest concern for their welfare.

Sun – See previous interpretations of Sun Aspects to Jupiter.

Moon – See previous interpretations of Moon Aspects to Jupiter.

Mercury – See previous interpretations of Mercury Aspects to Jupiter.

Venus – See previous interpretations of Venus Aspects to Jupiter.

Mars – See previous interpretations of Mars Aspects to Jupiter.


Conjunct – Saturn brings a seriousness and sense of responsibility to Jupiter’s natural enthusiastic nature, which makes you somewhat conservative and traditional in your worldview. Becoming financially secure will be difficult for you; nothing will come easily. However, you have the patience and endurance required to succeed, once you decide on a goal. You will be heavily affected by transits to Jupiter and Saturn. If Saturn precedes Jupiter in your chart, restriction (Saturn) followed by expansion (Jupiter), will result when transited by one of the outer planets. Jupiter preceding Saturn will be more difficult, because expansion will be followed by restrictions. You have the ability to build things or institutions that will endure.

Sextile – Saturn’s restrictions are soften by this aspect to provide a structure through which you can channel your expansion abilities the most effectively. Instead of curtailing your expansion, Saturn provides the necessary caution and prudence necessary to bring your efforts to fruit in the real world. You will be interested in helping others in ways that provide them with needed knowledge and direction, not condescending assistance. You desire and work for a stable home and family environment, that is both nurturing and empowering to all of the members.

Square – this aspect creates problems for you in finances and business. This comes about due to Saturn’s restrictive nature. If Saturn is particularly strong in your chart, your problems may stem from your lack in confidence in your own abilities, and thus your fear of taking on opportunities when they occur. It may also be that you have the tendency to take on more than you should and not prepare satisfactorily to tackle them. If Jupiter is the stronger of the two through others aspects in the chart, you may lack the discipline or experience necessary to carry out your objectives. It often boils down to poor timing, not being in the right place at the right time. Or if your timing is right, and you’re in the right place, you may be unable to present your ideas convincingly enough. In this life, like cards, you have to play the hand you’re dealt as effectively as you can. Learn not to promise too much, prepare, and take chances when the opportunity presents itself.

Trine – the two distinct energies merge together here conferring common sense, honesty, and integrity. You are able to understand the big picture allowing you to undertake heavy obligations, and be successful. This position favors those in public service, lawyers, judges, or who seek a career in politics. You are serious-minded, and approach life in a dignified manner. This aspect provides stability to ones life.

Oppose – Saturn’s energy mix with Jupiter’s energy here creates problems for you in your personal and professional relationships. You take on more responsibility than you can deliver, and when you fail to deliver, your reputation suffers. The reason that you fail isn’t necessarily your fault, time, money, resources, but having accepted the responsibility when you shouldn’t have, you pay the price. You are rather rigid and conservative in your approach to life, and your life may be somewhat devoid of laughter and fun. You may be performing your work or service out of a sense of duty, and take very little joy in it. You have had to sacrifice your true nature and ideals in order to fit into some organization, unable to go it alone on your own. This is not a happy or fulfilling life for you, because you have given up on your individuality in order to try to succeed or fit in.


Conjunct – Jupiter’s expansion, coupled with Uranus’s sudden and unexpected experiences makes for powerful opportunities for growth and accomplishment. You will have opportunities, often out of the blue, to grow and become more proficient in whatever field you enter. You will be able to apply new technologies to your field of expertise, opening up new opportunities and businesses. You are anything but a traditionalist, preferring to think out of the box, and apply non-traditional methods to solve old problems. You are interested in new thought not only in your field, but in religious and spiritual areas.

Sextile – As many Jupiter aspects, Uranus confers a sociable and friendly demeanor, resulting in a good many friends and acquaintances. You are normally optimistic and kind in your interactions with others. You enjoy entertaining and having others into your home. You are active in several humanitarian and religious organizations. You have the ability to see clearly into the future, and use your insights to help others. Many astrologers have this aspect.

Square – Jupiter’s energy, coupled with Uranus’s produces someone who is far to impulsive. You tend to be somewhat unpractical and idealistic in your approach towards life. You jump long before you look where you might land. Stay away from things where you are called on to speculate, that isn’t your long suit. Try to stay grounded in reality, with both feel firmly planted on the ground. Some with this aspect involve themselves in cults or other similar groups, saying, and maybe even thinking that it dedicated too the good of others, when in truth it is an ego-centered activity allowing them to take advantage of others.

Trine – the two energies mix to confer a creative and inspired outlook on life. You are interested in an innovative and progressive manner in the religious or spiritual areas of life. This is one aspect in the birth chart that might even be thought of as Karmic in nature. You will receive many gifts in this life because of your past life acts. You have the ability to intuitively see and take advantage of events in life that others miss or ignore. Your personal freedom is highly important to you, as is experiencing life to the fullness. You enjoy and spend a great deal of time traveling around seeing the world and contributing to it. You probably belong to an organization that has social concern as one of its main goals. You are probably considered a liberal, in the finer sense of the word, and strive for reform and growth in all areas of life. If other aspects in your chart indicate it, you will have a very high IQ.

Oppose – the two energies mix here to produce problems when you have the responsibility of handling others money or resources. These ventures often run into unforeseen difficulties resulting in large financial losses. This aspect can be one of the worst aspects of Jupiter depending on other aspects in the chart. Although you are highly idealistic and well meaning, you can give in to unbridled flights of imagination which have no basis in reality. There may be involvement in unconventional cults or practices that produce problems for you and those who befriend you. You have a restlessness about you, and are likely to take off an roam on a moments notice. You can be overly blunt when it isn’t necessary causing those near you to be hurt and pull away.


Conjunct – Jupiter’s expansion coupled with Neptune’s intuitive and spiritual potential produces someone with a fertile imagination. You can be very successful in fields where you can use your intuitive abilities freely, such as art, music, religion, or philosophy. Although this aspect indicates these abilities, it does not necessarily provide the ability to take advantage of them. If unfavorably aspected by other planets, this aspect can indicate a dreamer that lives in their head, but never manifests their thoughts in the practical world. You must learn to live in both worlds equally well for this aspect to be the most beneficial and rewarding.

Sextile – produces a mystical, kind, and humanitarian nature. You have an active and insightful imagination, however you may lack the willpower and determination to make full advantage of these in life. Problems can arise due to your over-emotional disposition, and lack of discipline and plane old common sense. If you have favorable Saturn or Mercury aspects in your chart, you will be able to take better advantage of your abilities. All the spiritual awareness in the world does no good if it can not be manifested in the real world. However, even without help from other stabilizing planets and aspects, you will still be loving and enchanting to those who know you.

Square – this aspect indicates emotion excesses and an impractical and undisciplined religious idealism. You tend to focus on your belly button, while the important items in your life go untended. You want to experience mystical and exotic places and activities. As such, you’re not one to stay in one place very long, preferring to wonder through life experiencing as much as you can. While you don’t intend any harm to others, the ramifications of your actions often result in pain for others. Your sense of values maybe somewhat skewed towards the slick and dishonest side of life, preferring to sell illusions rather than put in the work to develop something meaningful. Generally, you are just plain lazy, mentally and physically.

Trine – here the energies mix to produce a mystical and spiritual sensitivity. You are found of mysteries, drama, music, ceremony or any other stimulus that causes you to feel a sense of awe or to lose yourself in their majesty. However just because you are carried away with the spirit, it doesn’t mean that its right for you. In a way, you are a feeling junkie, and you’re not always discriminate about the subject matter that provides the stimulus. You are considered a kind and generous person, and you love to host others who have like beliefs as yourself. This aspect, of all the Jupiter aspects is the most expansive, conferring boundless imagination in the areas of music, art, religion, and drama. The danger for you is that you become indicted to the feelings you experience from other’s work, and never contribute yourself. This aspect is not uncommon in very spiritual and compassionate people.

Oppose – these energies combine to produce someone who is somewhat absent minded and given to making promises that they have no way of keeping. Unless other factors in your chart indicate differently, you are unreliable and impractical at best, and dishonest at worst. Jupiter’s spiritual energy is distorted by Neptune here leading to a spiritual idealism that benefits no one in any practical way. While they can be generous and kindhearted, there is no consistency to their actions. Some with this aspect are an embarrassment to their friends by their gushy emotional behaviors. They are seldom comfortable in seeking their own spiritual wisdom, but prefer to attach themselves to a so called master or guru, much like the sucker fish attaches itself to the shark.


Conjunct – Pluto provides the determination and willpower to use Jupiter’s expansive energy wisely and successfully. Pluto not only confers determination, it connects you to your higher consciousness. Physical and mental disciplines such as Yoga and meditation can help you to tap into your higher consciousness and apply what you learn in your life and to help others. You have a natural ability to channel forces in times of crisis that makes you a leader and a guide for others. Depending upon other aspects in your chart, you will be viewed as a wise counsel by those in positions of power, allowing you to act as a channel for implementing fair and just solutions.

Sextile – Pluto offers spiritual regeneration through the active study of religion, philosophy, fields of education, or constructive efforts towards helping others less fortunate than you. You have the ability to tap into higher levels of awareness and spiritual power through prayer or meditation. Opportunities arise for you to use your abilities when the need is there. Pluto brings great power and energy to Jupiter’s natural expansion opening up opportunities for personal growth and providing help to others.

Square – this aspect is dangerous too some extent because it combines Pluto’s energy with Jupiter’s enthusiasm in a negative manner. You are dogmatic in your approach to religious expression or philosophical thought. You tend to feel that you have the truth, and no one else’s opinion matters. Since social niceties mean so little to you, you ignore them completely unless left with no other avenue. You’re not particularly happy and don’t have many friends; probably feel that others are beneath you. You’re so focused on doing something earth-shattering, so others will notice you that you miss all the opportunities in your life to live normally.

Trine – Jupiter’s faith bolstered by Pluto’s energy results in someone who’s faith can move mountains. You have great spiritual awareness and the ability to use it constructively to help others in your life. Your spiritual awareness and ability to focus your concentration to a fine point allow you to manifest in life that which you perceive spiritually. You have a tremendous creative power that allows you to transform your life and your environment for the good of all. You are not just a seer but a proactive worker for the good and spiritual growth of all.

Oppose – The energies mix here to produce the true religious fanatic, who feels that its their duty to bring other lost souls to the truth, at least as they see it. They are best represented by the leader who requires that those they defeat convert to their belief, or die. There is no middle ground with this person, no grays, and no other possibilities. Obviously, such thinking creates conflict and discord and leaves you without many friends. Your ambition to convert everyone to your point of view, stands in the way of ever developing a true personal relationship.

North Node

Conjunct – provides an unusual ability to work in harmony with your social, cultural, or spiritual environment. You are likely to be popular within your society and peer group. Be careful however that you apply your critical analysis and insight to questions of value and not just accept them out of hand. One caution for you is that since things have usually come easy for you, you may not have learned patience and determination in quest of a goal. You need to appreciate how easy you have had it in life, and not take things for granted.

Sextile – this aspect is favorable for all activities requiring cooperation and approval from your current environment or professional field. You tend to be somewhat traditional and conventional in your religious beliefs and activities. You have great timing when it comes to business and promotional activities.

Square – indicates that your belief system and the belief system and social attitudes of your environment, culture, or family are at odds. This can make it more difficult for you to get along well within your environment, but it can also serve as a basis for your fight against injustice for others.

Trine – indicates that your moral and religious values are in tune with your culture and environment. You will most likely rise to some prominence in local religious or secular organizations. You have an instinctual ability to be ahead of the trends and fads of your culture, allowing you to make good financial gains.

Oppose – the energies here indicate that your endeavors in life will be blocked much of the time because of poor timing. Your ideals may clash with your culture, family, or environmental values. While that is not always bad, in and of itself, you will find it difficult to pursue your beliefs. Obtaining higher education will be difficult for you because your beliefs and values conflict with those of your teachers and the school.


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Great job! Just bumping this up.

"Never mentally imagine for another that which you would not want to experience for yourself, since the mental image you send out inevitably comes back to you." Rebecca Clark

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"Never mentally imagine for another that which you would not want to experience for yourself, since the mental image you send out inevitably comes back to you." Rebecca Clark

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posted August 13, 2006 04:33 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
These are great, though I almost cried when I read this ---jupiter square neptune =....Generally, you are just plain lazy, mentally and physically.--- Me fears this is true.

Excellent stuff though, thanks!

Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon/Rising
~jupiter square Neptune~ Ugh!

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My Jupiter is generally unaspected, except for the conjunction to Uranus (I was like, dude, yer big but yer all alone). Yeah, the expansiveness of Jupiter combined with Uranus' sudden changes tosses me a lot of interesting adventures along the way.

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posted August 13, 2006 08:48 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
My Jupiter is in Pisces.

-opposes my Sun & Mercury
-trines my Moon
-sextiles my Mars
-squares my Uranus
-opposes my Midheaven

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"The stars which shone over Babylon and the stable in Bethlehem still shine as brightly over the Empire State Building and your front yard today. They perform their cycles with the same mathematical precision, and they will continue to affect each thing on earth, including man, as long as the earth exists." Linda Goodman

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