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Welcome NeoKitty

Gemini rising with your ruler in the 2nd house.
Your Sun is aneretic (or fated) at 29 Leo so you're going to exhibit Virgo traits but you are a Leo.

(Jeanne Avery) Gemini Rising

Life is never dull around a Gemini rising. One with this personable rising sign can keep you entertained for hours on end because he can't stand to be bored himself. He needs constant mental stimulation because his active mind simply will not rest. Therefore, you'll find him surrounded by people, activity, and exciting situations. His keynote may well be: 'Life is just a bowl of cherries'. He is witty, amusing, and lots of fun.

The ruler of Gemini is the planet Mercury. This is the planet that indicates mentality, thought, speech. Since Gemini is an Air sign, the swiftness of the intellect is even more pronounced. The person with this ascendant is a fascinating conversationalist, as words and ideas are his speciality. The word 'mercurial' fits his facile mentality to a tee.

In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. Mercury was the servant and beloved of Jupiter. even though he frequently chose to use situations to his own end, he remained the interpreter to whom many secrets were entrusted. He could move with the speed of lightning and excelled in mental agility. It was very difficult, if not impossible, to pin him down and capture him. This analogy can help one understand the individual with Gemini ascending, as the personality can be puckish, mischievous, and tricky. Yet he bears no malice and holds no grudges. Like Mercury, he is hard to pin down, as his safety depends on quick flight. He can switch gears so quickly that you'll be unaware of what's happened. You're still pondering one situation while he has ascended to another plane and is off on another tack. You'll have to be on your toes at all times just to keep up with him. You may be in big trouble if you try to outsmart him, or enter into a contest of wit or will. Just occasionally, however, he goes one step too far and outsmarts himself.

The symbol of Gemini is the twins. A Gemini is accused of having a dual personality; indeed, he may actually be fickle. He probably feels safer if he has two situations in his life at once, whether in his personal life or in his business life. He can certainly switch gears and do two jobs more easily than someone less agile. However, the true duality has to do with his need to be close and his need to be objective at the same time. He is a walking example of the closeness-freedom syndrome. On the one hand, he needs love almost more than most people, but the minute he allows himself to become truly close to someone, his freedom is endangered. He then must pull away to become more objective.

Venus is the esoteric ruler of this sign. The person with Gemini rising is really looking for his true love. He searches endlessly, perhaps without really knowing why. He may not consciously feel he is lacking in any way. But in an intimate situation he keeps one eye on the horizon, just in case his true, true love should appear. It may be difficult for him to express his need for love, so his safety depends on his lack of total commitment. He is poised for flight at all times. He may be fickle only on a mental level, but you can be sure he has explored many avenues of exciting fantasy in his mind. His standard of virtue may be slightly different from that which is generally presumed. He can experiment in many ways without feeling the least bit disloyal. In fact, he would be astonished if you accused him of neglecting those close to him, even when his wandering eye takes him into deep water. He can be happily married and still need to have a tiny corner of his mind open to new possibilities. If the Gemini rising is truly in love, however, it is forever. If he feels safety in that love, he will devote himself unstintingly to its cause. His whole life will respond to the excitement of that attachment. He will be totally and wholly committed. He won't have to resort to words to express his feelings, for there is no-one so obviously ardent in love as the one with Gemini rising. It shines through his whole being when it's real. That may be the one time when words desert him altogether, for he'll have no need of their protection.

All signs have a negative and a positive expression, but perhaps none is more extreme and varied than with Gemini rising. Since it is a dual sign to begin with, its duality takes on interesting colors. The level of evolution seems to manifest itself in the kind of mental activity he indulges in. The evolved type is dedicated to the uplifting of humanity. His keen insight and brilliance of achievement can produce great literature, drama, and poetry. His dynamic personality can vitalize words that remain meaningless otherwise. Some of the greatest contributions to literature, politics, music, and theatre have come from those with Gemini rising. When one with this ascendant is given a mission of the noblest nature, he is activated to use his brilliant mind to reach humanity on a profound level, but he must use his mental energy in constructive ways or his restlessness can get him into trouble.

The negative expression of the personality reveals a gossip, an instigator, and a game player. He can enjoy attracting people for the sake of the attention and to see what he can get from them. He is good at keeping others on a string, just for the fun of seeing how much he can rope them in and out. He may have the unfortunate tendency to run away from the very people who care the most. He can be a will-o'-the-wisp. The grass may always look greener on the other side of the fence. In his quest for exciting adventure, he may not care who gets hurt in the bargain. He is less concerned with others' feelings than with his own need for activity and variety. He can use people to his own ends. Actually, he is only concerned with his own life, his own observations, and his needs. He talks only about himself and his interest - and that barrage of words and frantic need for activity may well prevent him from standing still long enough to really face himself.

If he understands his true nature, it can be through this very restlessness that the Gemini rising learns and grows. In esoteric terms, the symbol of the twins is truly the duality of the human condition. Each man is both body and soul. When the inner adventure begins, and true integration occurs, the Gemini rising becomes one. The pull of the pair of polar opposites can be intense, causing the Gemini rising to swing rapidly like a pendulum, until he understands the necessity of bringing the spiritual and the mundane together within himself. His spiritual needs become as strong as his need to experience life. He finally learns how to provide himself with what he truly requires to become whole and fulfilled. He realizes that his true yearning and searching is for union with his inner and higher self. His spiritual growth becomes profound. True integration means never being bored again.

Until that time, it may appear that the Gemini rising talks from both sides of his mouth. That may very well be true. He not only sees both sides of the coin; he lives them. The confusion inside this individual can be profound until he has found his way. At the extreme, scizophrenic personalities exhibit some of these tendencies. The duality with the Gemini rising may be so intense that he cannot face some of the things he is doing, so he blocks out the negative and hides behind the positive. Avoidance of the ultimate experience of integration compels him to keep things moving in a very fast way. When he has had enough of the less than savory experiences he finds himself attracted to, he can come full swing and express his need for adventure in a different way. His total devotion to family and friends is obvious. He delivers a high spiritual and moral message by his behavior. He shares his depth of understanding and his joy.

This person should be allowed to follow an apparently erratic course, as this eventually leads him to his highest expression. He can appear irresponsible at times, as he will not allow himself to be trapped under heavy and dampening pressures. Drudgery or routine can squalch his enthusiasm and spirit faster than anything else. He needs to be valued and appreciated, but can't handle obligation. He may not be much help when sickness or problems arise. If pressure is brought to bear, or life temporarily deals him a difficult hand, this person may disappear for a period of time in order to sort things out and solve his own problems by himself. He will use this quiet time to restore his perspective, gather his thoughts, recoup his boundless energy. He may look for greener pastures occasionally, just to test his theories, charm, and magnetism. He wants to be sure they still work so he can come back to you a more interesting personality. He may also pull away to remind you, in his own subtle way, that you really need him. Life can be a lot less colorful without him around.

When he is not on safe ground, or is in a less than safe situation, he can remove himself without ever leaving the scene. If this person decides to shut you out, his usual warmth disappears behind a cloud, and the chill that is left is very penetrating. You may wonder what you've said to displease him, or you may suspect he is angry or upset. If you force the attention back to you, he can resent the intrusion. He may not really know he has left you so far out in the cold; and then again, he may want to see how much he can get away with before you protest. Or he may simply be scared and feel the need to take a brief vacation from the threat of the moment.

Part of his enormous appeal and magnetism is that you never know quite where you stand with this individual. Just when you're about to take your relationship for granted, you'll find him behaving in his distant manner. When you decide he's bored and about to take flight, he'll come back in his most charming, gracious, and loving way to captivate you all over again. This kind of drama can prevent boredom in a most unusual - and exasperating - way. His attitude may appear to be 'out of sight, out of mind', for he deals with matters at hand. His concentration is intense, but he can immediately focus in on another topic. When you come into view again, he tunes in to the 'file' he has on you, and for the moment, at least, you receive his undivided attention. Quick changes are part of his personality and only occasionally is he really scattered, although to others' eyes that's how he can appear. Darting from one topic to another to challenge the restlessness of his intellect is the way his mind works best. He is a collector of trivia and random information. He can be a walking encyclopaedia. He is the one who remembers the lyrics to a song that everyone else has forgotten. The way to keep him intrigued is to be well informed about many subjects, but, above all, be a good listener.

It can be a tricky matter dealing with a tricky Gemini rising. He can outtalk you, outthink you, and probably outsmart you. He can certainly out manoeuver you. He'll only respect you if you can keep up with him, yet he won'd like it if you get ahead of him. You can't let him get away with too much or you're no challenge; but you can't call him on everything or you'll be putting him under too much pressure and he'll simply walk away. He is probably waiting for you to break through his quicksilver fašade and discover the depth that is waiting there, like buried treasure. If you take him at face value, you'll miss much of his true worth. It can be a challenge to keep up with all that energy, that spirited front, that duality, yet life will be a rich experience if your patience holds out. A sense of humor can help a great deal. Expect the best of him, overlook his transgressions, and you'll find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

In the language of Transactional Analysis, Mercury relates to the adult ego state. The adult part of ourselves is the part that can collect facts, clearly say what we mean, disseminate information, and communicate. The individual with Mercury ruling the ascendant expresses his adult ego most easily. It can be extremely important to relate to a child with this rising sign on an intellectual level. If he is given permission early in life to express himself and is encouraged to utilize his restless, inquisitive mentality in experimentation on a high level, he will learn how to channel his thoughts in the right direction. It is essential to deal with this child on a totally honest level and to explain things to him. He is aware early on that he is an adult at a very young age. His salvation comes with self-expression. If he can clearly state his needs, ask for what he wants, state opinions without fear of reprisal, he has a better chance of living up to his extraordinary potential. School will only be a problem for him if he finds it boring or slow. He is liable to skim the surface, however, leaving the drudgery and research to others. He want to be on to more exciting territory. If he is not allowed to express his true curiosity or if life is fearful or tedious, he self-protection is to retreat into his fantasy life. He cannot take too much punishment or heavy judgement, for not only is he mercurial, but he is deeply sensitive.

Consider holding a ball of mercury in the palm of your hand. If you hold it gently, it nestles in one spot, but if you push your finger down, it simply slides away. This is what happens to a child with this ascendant when too much pressure is brought to bear. He slides into his rich imagination and retreats inside himself. Experimentation begins early on with one who has Gemini rising. Thid child needs to be surrounded by lofty but totally realistic values early in his life. He is more than desirous of pleasing his family and associates, but may show only what he thinks is acceptable. If his perceptions don't coincide with the family values, then he goes into hiding. He is a no-nonsense child and is very perceptive at an early age. He rarely becomes judgemental; he believes in 'live and let live'. You can appeal to him through logic and ideas, yet he arrives at his own truth through the process of epistemology. He wants to look at both sides of an issue and then make up his own mind.

Since the ascendant is the mask or fašade and it indicates the way one keeps oneself safe, it is interesting to observe what happens when one with Gemini rising is confronted with a new or unsure situation, either socially or in business. He will engage in conversation, perhaps darting from one subject to another, or he'll ramble on, never seeming to come to the point. This gives him time to size up the occasion, get himself on safe ground, and decide how he wants to relate to a particular person or situation. Mental activity keeps him on familiar ground. Early decisions have to do with the safety of words. The Gemini rising will survive as long as he can use his brain, collect facts, and communicate. But all this left-brain mental activity may keep him from tuning in to his real love nature - intellectual stimulation is easier to handle than emotional involvement. It is important to encourage children with this ascendant to organize their thoughts, say what they mean and mean what they say, and look for intellectual challenges that lead toward a goal.

The placement of Mercury in the chart and its aspects to the other planets will indicate the focus of the mind and thoughts of a particular individual with this ascendant. It also indicates the quality of his expression and what he talks about. The way Mercury relates to other planets give sa clue as to the quality of his thoughts and speech.

The seventh house in a chart indicates not only marriage but business partnership as well. It is in this area that Gemini rising can be most fortunate. The planet Jupiter rules this partnership house, and it is the 'luckiest' planet in the zodiac. Jupiter is called the 'greater benefic'. It describes a person who is philosophical, optimistic, happy-go-lucky, and nature-loving. The person with Gemini rising is naturally attracted to one with this kind of personality, as the humor and optimism prevent him from being bored. A Jupiterian personality is never content to remain in a rut, so the Gemini rising can feel assured of stimulation with this challenging and interesting personality.

Jupiter in the chart can indicate not only luck but wealth and humor. The Gemini personality can be attracted to someone who appears wealthy, whether materially or in spirit. The aspects to Jupiter in the chart indicate whether or not he finds what he is looking for. If Jupiter is well aspected and strong in the chart, the Gemini rising is most fortunate indeed. He finds a mate who is blessed with a sense of humor, a desire for stimulation, and a natural curiosity about the workings of the universe. This keeps the partnership challenging and exciting. A Jupiterian personality, whether in reality a Sagittarian or just one who exudes enthusiasm, is a natural complement to one with Gemini rising. There will be plenty of room for Gemini rising to do his own thing since the Jupiterian partner also wants room to grow and expand. He finds safety in that freedom. The mate can be off chasing rainbows while the Gemini rising is dancing his own dance. The two feed each other's 'script' of life. The Sagittarian personality needs constant challenge and loses interest in anyone who is within reach. The Gemini personality is always ready to do his disappearance act, which keeps the Sagittarian on his toes and happy. If Jupiter is well aspected in the chart, this works out harmoniously, but if Jupiter is not well aspected there is consequent disappointment, perhaps for both parties.

A Jupiterian type of personality tends to promise a great deal, overschedule his time, and overextend in many ways. He or she may promise more than can be delivered. If Jupiter is not well aspected in the chart of one with Gemini rising, he may be disappointed in his partner's lack of goals and enthusiasm, or may have to take his partner's promises with a grain of salt. The partner may promise the Moon and only be able to deliver a cardboard cutout. The partner probably means well, but simply overestimates his own time and abilities. Fear of disappointment may keep the partner from living up to potential. If the Gemini rising is willing to temper his expectations, he can prevent major disappointment, and can still find great happiness with one of this vibrant personality.

Perhaps what the Gemini rising needs most in a partnership or marriage is humor. He cannot feel safe with one who is rigid or unyielding. As long as most of his needs are fulfilled and the partners share common goals, a lot will be overlooked. Wealth of spirit is essential to keep things light and fun in this relationship. The Jupiterian personality is the outdoorsy type and is constantly goal-seeking. Some of the goals come into easy reach and some do not. The Gemini rising is willig to go along with the game if the odds are right. He is enticed by Jupiter's optimistic nature. He may actually look for someone who is materially successful, as that seems to take the financial pressure off him. In his mind, wealth means freedom. If he looks for spiritual wealth, however, he finds he is much more satisfied, for it is this quality he is really looking for in a partner. Financial success can follow closely behind. He wants a mate who has a life and goals of his or her own. In this way, the relationship can be a celebration of joy and searching.

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Thanks Lalalinda!
"And dreams, don't ever forget, are the first step in manifesting wishes into reality"-- Linda Goodman's Star Signs

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