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posted July 27, 2014 04:58 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Belba     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I was inspired by Don McBroom’s book Midpoints to create an informative and comprehensive thread about conjunctions to midpoints which are called Focal Points. I haven’t found anything similar on LL that would include all midpoints and most of threads are about synastry. Nevertheless, here are some useful links you can check out.

“Midpoints and their meaning”

“North Node and sun/moon midpoint”

“ASC/MC midpoint”

“The point of Passion: Venus/Mars midpoint”

You can use AstroWin Online Personal Database to calculate midpoints and focal points, at least that’s what I find the most practical. Or you can calculate them all by yourself, a little bit of number entertainment.

Now, let me continue with some basics about the topic. I shall be quoting Dan McBroom a lot, basically this all stems from his book. Hope he doesn’t mind.

While midpoints share some similarities with planetary aspects, midpoints typically reveal even more intricate relationship between the planets, further blending and melding their collective meanings together.

You all already know that more can be accomplished by blending or uniting two energies. Which is what do planets conjuncting your midpoints – focal points. This unions show process instead of being merely static descriptions. They are showing what can happen when astrological components get together. Midpoint pictures show process instead of being merely static descriptions. They are showing what can happen when astrological components get together.
The closest planet conjunction to the midpoint gains a particularly loud voice in synthesis.
Understanding focal points also do wonders for harnessing unaspected planets.

(McBroom uses Placidus house system)

A Focal Point is the planet that is exactly in between two other planets, for example the Sun is a the midpoint of Mercury and Neptune or Sun equals Mercury/Neptune. Right side of the equation is expressed by listing the faster-moving planet first:

Midpoint Picture example:

Focal Point=Midpoint

McBroom uses 90degree Midpoint Sort (which has ninety one individual listing – a variable number of actual midpoint pictures with the final number determined by the number of midpoints that are located within the orb of each of the Focal Point) which groups together planets and midpoints that are conjunct, square or in opposition to one another. They are equally capable of producing tension.

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posted July 27, 2014 05:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Belba     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
McBroom has also developed his own keywords, that he’s most comfortable with and are a great starting tool in formulating your own individual interpretation. He is using a simple sentence format to describe a midpoint picture:

FOCAL POINT Keywords = 1st Planet/2nd Planet Keywords
(WHAT can be accomplished) “can be accomplished through”(HOW it can be accomplished)

Some examples:

Life purpose and ego definition (SUN) can be accomplished through emotionally relating (MOON) to others or to the public (NORTH NODE).

Individualistic expression and innovation (URANUS) can be accomplished through emotionally relating (MOON) by using idealism, imagination, or fantasy.

I decided to transcribe McBroom’s keywords, because I find them excellent means to gradually developing one’s own interpretations and gradually conquering the complexity of midpoints, even though they only capture the core basics of the planet’s energy in a simplifying way. Also, I wanted to be considerate of all the beginner astrologers here on LL.


SUN – life purpose and ego definition
MOON – emotional fulfilment needs
MERCURY – efficient thoughts and communication
VENUS – social, aesthetic, or relationship needs
MARS – efficient use of energy
JUPITER – optimism, expansion, or excess; rewards and recognition
SATURN – structure, stability, and necessary controls
URANUS – individualistic expression or innovation
NEPTUNE – sensitivity, inspiration, creative visualization, fantasy or escape needs
PLUTO – power needs, sweeping, dramatic change; empowerment, a new perspective, and transformation
ASCENDANT – identity definition, personal projection
MEDIUM COELI – career pursuits, profession, public image
NORTH NODE – relationship with the public
ARIES POINT* - potential for public projection

*I don’t quite understand this point yet, have to dwell on it further and then report to you


SUN – life energy, identity, ego, life purpose, illumination, authority figures
MOON – emotional connection, nurture, Mother, emotions
MERCURY – communication, the mind, diversity, ideas, quickness, eagerness, nervous system, movement, transportation, travel
VENUS – social and relationship connections; anything aesthetically pleasing to the senses, such as art, music, food, love, marriage, beauty and harmony
MARS – applied energy, assertion, anger, aggression, drive, courage, impulse, force
JUPITER – expansion, optimism, enthusiasm, excess, luck, rewards, religion, higher education and mind, internationalism
SATURN – necessary controls, structure, stability, discipline, foundation, ambition, determination, rules, restrictions, restraint, repression, constriction, delays, tradition, authority figures, status quo, frustration
URANUS – freedom, individuality, inventiveness, innovation, sudden unexpected change, rebellion, risk taking, eccentricity, avant-garde, rule breaking, nonconformity
NEPTUNE – confusion, idealism, camouflage, creative visualisation, something other than it seems, spirituality, inspiration, self-destruction, escape, drugs, alcohol, fantasy, fog
PLUTO – adds empowerment, perspective, transformation, power urges, necessary destruction before rebirth, the phoenix principle, symbolic death, intensity, having a major impact
ASCENDANT – outer expression of self, ability to connect with others, identity projection, personal expression
MEDIUM COELI – career pursuits, profession, public image
NORTH NODE – relationship with the public, making contacts, public exposure, working with others
ARIES POINT – potential for public projection

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posted July 27, 2014 05:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Belba     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Some famous examples of Focal Points illustrated by McBroom:


Sigmund Freud SU=ME/PL
Life purpose or ego definition (SU) that can be accomplished through thoughts, ideas and communication (ME) about profound, deep concepts (PL) and probing (PL) of the mental process (ME), he developed numerous theories that involved psychological and sexual issues (PL) and how they were influenced and processed by the mind (ME).

Mick Jagger SU=VE/SA
Life purpose, identity and ego definition (SU) can be accomplished through making aesthetic beauty (VE) tangible (SA). “I (SU) Can’t Get No (SA) Satisfaction (VE)”


Clint Eastwood MO=UR/ASC
Emotional needs (MO) can be accomplished through embracing personal (ASC) individuality (UR), or by personifying the role of an outsider (UR). Many his roles were loners or rebels (UR) with a precariously perched chip on his shoulder. This image is demonstrated in his reckless, independent (UR) personal demeanor (ASC) and is quite evident in his role as Dirty Harry, as well as in the early spaghetti Westerns and other films that have involved his audience emotionally (MO), allowing them to empathize, sympathize, or vicariously identify (ASC) with him.

Niel Armstrong MO=MA/SA, MO=MA/JU
Emotional needs (MO) can be accomplished through a fierce (MA) determination (SA) to conquer (MA) obstacles (SA). Emotional needs can also be accomplished through energetic (MA) optimism, expansion, and confidence (JU).
When he set foot on the lunar (MO) surface: “That’s one small (SA) step (MA) for man, one giant (JU) leap (MA) for mankind.”


Ernest Hemingway ME=JU/SA
Efficient thoughts, ideas and communication (ME) can be accomplished through overcoming (JU) limitations (SA), by experiencing extreme ups (JU) and downs (SA) – a theme reflected in the title of his novel To Have (JU) and Have Not (SA) and more broadly in Hemingway’s personal life.


Rock Hudson VE=SU/NE
While typically suggesting illuminated (SU) imagination or fantasy (NE), his social, relationship needs became little less idealistic as is became necessary for him to present an unclear or deceptive image (NE) of who he really was (SU) in order to survive as an actor in Hollywood’s social and work environment.


Mahatma Gandhi

Efficient use of energy (MA) can be accomplished through promotion of dramatic social (VE) change (PL). This brings to the forefront the utilization of energy (MA) for a new perspective (PL) and social (VE) transformation (PL). Also of note is Gandhi’s other midpoint picture, which suggests that an efficient use of energy (MA) can be accomplished through self (ASC) discipline (SA) and self (ASC) restraint (SA), as witnessed by both his legendary fasting and his firm stand (SA) for personal (ASC) values. Yet another midpoint picture suggests that he could efficiently use his energy (MA) in pursuit of his goals (JU), utilizing his strength of conviction and optimism (JU) for sweeping change empowerment and transformation (PL).


Liberace JU=SU/UR
Expansion, recognition, and rewards (JU) can be accomplished through an innovative, eccentric approach to life purpose (SU) and by bringing attention to, or illumination (SU) of, his individuality or eccentricity (UR).


Agatha Christie SA=NE/PL
Potential to gain stability and structure through imagination and visions (NE) and dramatic outcomes (PL). She accomplished this structure (SA) through the creation of her crime (PL) mysteries (NE).


Carl Jung UR=NE/PL
The individualistic or innovative expression (UR) can be accomplished through imagination and visions (NE). This picture also highlights his groundbreaking innovations (UR) for dealing with unconscious (NE) and psychoanalytical (PL) issues. It is also interesting to note that many of his inspirational (UR) breakthrough concepts came from his dreams and visions (NE), which led to a new perspective (PL) in the understanding of psychiatry (PL).


Saint Teresa of Avila

Enlightenment or inspiration (NE) that can be accomplished through expansive (JU) innovation (UR) and exploration (UR). Inspiration (NE) is possible through passionate (SU), relentless energy (MA) in pursuit of life purpose (SU). She had a vision (NE) of a beautiful angel (NE) holding “a large golden (SU) dart (MA) and at the end of the iron (MA) tip there appeared to be a little fire (MA). It seemed to me that the angel plunged the dart several times into my heart (SU) and that it reached deep within me…”


Elvis Presley PL=ME/VE
Empowerment, a new perspective and transformation (PL) can be accomplished through beautiful, harmonious, and balanced (VE) communication (ME). He had a way with words, and his powerful (PL) messages (ME) were harmoniously (VE) delivered.


Federico Fellini NN=UR/NE
A connection with the public (NN) that can be accomplished through innovative (UR), imaginative drams and visions (NE) or through eccentric (UR) fantasy (NE). Fellini’s films were unique (UR) and often downright bizarre (UR). It has been said that “he thrived on chaos (UR) and confusion (NE), and his films (UR) are noted for being weird (UR), strange and exaggerated (NE).


Abraham Lincoln

Identity projection and the definition of identity (ASC) can be accomplished through a clash between the old (SA) and the new (UR) and breaking (UR) with tradition (SA). Interestingly, Lincoln’s Sun is also identified with the same Saturn/Uranus midpoint, albeit by a wider orb.


Sir Winston Churchill Mc=ME/SA
Such was the quality of his career (Mc) of communicating (ME) in a structured and disciplined (SA) way that he received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953 for his historical (SU) writings (ME) documenting World War II. As an interesting aside, Churchill was publicly (Mc) on record as being linguistically (ME) inflexible (SA), insisting on the most precise (SA) use of language (ME). Still another reference to this same midpoint picture is the fact that he struggled (SA) with a speech (ME) impediment (SA).

Planets on these two midpoints will significantly color our personality; they have to be taken into consideration:

Carries an upmost importance, often dominates the life, embellishes and solidifies the interaction between the two luminaries. Additionally, by defining our most important needs, it also dramatically influences whom we choose to be around – and who chooses to be around us.

It links together our personal identity with our public image to form a symbiotic relationship. The Focal Point of the Asc/Mc midpoint picture may act as a virtual bridge between Ascendant and Midheaven, allowing an interplay of different motivations.

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posted July 27, 2014 05:02 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Belba     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Of course I would now love to read your focal point’s interpretations. Maybe even different looks on those already mentioned. I hope the debate will blossom. Let me start with my own focal points.

The closest one is PL=SU/MO, 0.25 orb

I have the ability to completely transform (PL) through feeling (MO) one with my life purpose (SU). My Sag Moon feels fiercely for achieving Libra’s goal – making world a more just and peaceful place. I dramatically change (PL) every time in my life enters an authority figure (SU) to which I fiercely (SU) emotionally connect (MO). The most transformative period in my life have been last two years, all thanks to a certain professor which inspired me to read read and read, be thoughtful, doubtful, analytic and curious. What I’ve realized in the last couple of years, has changed me completely. It all started with my feeling of kindred with the professor. I can only be empowered (PL) when I am fully emotionally attuned (MO) to my life’s goals (SU). I feel that in my gut, I know the only way for me to be happy is to completely dedicate myself to that purpose. I have a strong urge (PL) to transform (PL) and illuminate (SU) all the people I hold dear (MO). Which can be a problem, as with all that Pluto touches, furthermore it also squares the Asc, makes me very hard on my close ones, especially if they refuse to change. I shall achieve a completely new perspective (PL) on the world when I find purpose (SU) in nurture and caring (MO). That’s the plan. Archer’s Moon will nurture with teaching, making sure children become open minded, responsible and empathic, it will care for the sake of mankind’s future, and it will be ferocious at achieving it.

MO=SA/Mc 0.29

I have strong emotional needs (MO) to have ambitious (SA) career pursuits (Mc). I feel comfortable (MO) only when people view me (Mc) as serious and disciplined (SA). I am emotionally satisfied (MO) when my career pursuits (Mc) are taken seriously (SA). Frustrations and delays (SA) in my professional development (SA) can seriously damage my emotional well being (MO). I can only achieve emotional fulfillment (MO) through determined, structured and stable (SA) career (Mc). etc. etc. I could go on and on with this one, but you get the picture. I have always suspected there was more to Saturn in my chart than perceived by first glance. I’ve always felt more serious than my coevals, taken myself seriously and had huge respect for older people. And because my future career pursuits are tightly connected with my life’s purpose, I know they will represent a significant part of my emotional happiness, if not the greatest. I don’t necessarily care much for what people think of me, and yet it is true I’m easily hurt if not taken seriously (which is something my Sag Mc sometimes does when being too euphoric and goofy).

JU=SU/MA 0.61

I will be recognized (JU) for my purposeful (SU) courage (MA).
Nuff said!

Joking, well hopefully it will come true. But on the other hand it can also mean I exaggerate (JU) with making anger (MA) key force in building my identity and life’s purpose (SU). It is true, anger plays a major role in making me want to move mountains, to change this ****** world we live in, to spit in the faces of unmoral bankers… DON’T YOU JUDGE ME, RATHER TRY HAVING MARS-IC!!!!! You moralizing bore!!!

UR=MO/NE 0.62

I’ll leave this to you guys, I am feeling too lazy, no imagination left whatsoever. If someone has an idea, be my guest!

I feel very illuminated by my little self-analysis, the midpoints are a surprisingly accurate and profound way to dwell into your soul.

Looking forward to reading your fascinating insights.

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posted July 28, 2014 08:36 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Belba     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted July 28, 2014 09:17 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ceridwen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thank you for all this effort.

It is a good guideline and a good book as well

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posted July 28, 2014 10:57 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for KarkaQueen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
What about opposites, and squares?

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posted July 28, 2014 11:53 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Moving this to the LL Reference Library. Will leave it open here, though.

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