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Author Topic:   Saturn in your partners 12th House
posted November 08, 2006 05:49 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I was wondering what the effects of having your partners saturn in your 12th house would be in house overlay.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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You might restrict their spirituality, dreams, etc...Also, you could restrict their "alone time", secrets, etc. Hope this helps..

"WHATEVER the soul longs for, WILL be attained by the spirit"-Khalil Gibran

"The only people I would care to be with now are artists and people who have suffered: those who know what beauty is, and those who know what sorrow is: nobody else interests me."-- Oscar Wilde-- "De Profundis"

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posted November 09, 2006 03:30 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I'll type some things out from a few books I have.

***The 12th house, by it's nature, is always a slippery concept to cope with and any planet which is overlaid by this house tends, in its response, to reflect this amorphous quality. Saturn will tend to feel an unconscious tug in this house which is not entirely pleasant. The house person will be perceived as someone to whom the Saturn person has a kind of karmic debt, an unavoidable obligation, which must be paid even if the price is unwelcome. Even a normally assertive and confident personality may feel disarmed by the house person if their Saturn is overlaid by the 12th, almost as if some of the structural firmness of the Saturn person's self-image is weakened by the presence of the other person. Still, there is a deep pull in this response which leaves the Saturn person often unable to avoid the demands of the house person. How the house person responds to this depends largely on how much compassion and integrity they possess, a synastric analysis problem for us to solve. Clearly, if the Saturn person is in a position to be badly used or exploited, we should try to point this out and create an awareness of this vulnerability.

-EW Neville, Planets in Synastry


from - The Transposed 12th house, in
Skymates, by Steven and Jodie Forrest
(sorry, I wont be typing it all out - too long)

***The point of the story is that someone who energizes your twelfth house comes at you from your blind side, undercutting the myth of yourself and the world, presenting you with new perceptions that invalidate your premises.

How do you react? At a lower level, we react badly, disliking the person who pulls the rug out from under us and kicks away the props that support our ego. It can be an enormously stressful and unsettling encounter. But there is rich potential in it too. Someone who activates our twelfth house walks into our life saying, "Where you have put your treasure, there your heart is also." We are forced to look at our attachments and our rigid identification with our egos. Ego itself is not the problem. If we didnt have egos, we couldnt function here. It is our IDENTIFICATION with our egos, that can be problematic. If we are willing to grow and to acknowledge our higher selves as well as our egos, someone who affects our twelfth house by transposition strikes a spiritual, mystical chord in us. If we're not, we feel more as though he or she slammed a grand piano lid shut on our fingers.

In a minor relationship involving the 12th house transposition, that's as far as it goes -- we expand our consciouness and partially release an attachment or we shut that person out and make an attempt to explain them away. But if we are in a serious connection with someone who hits our twelfth house in a big way, it's serious business. The fortunes teller would tell you that such a person would bring you misfortune. Truth is, with such a person, the deal between the higher selves reads something like this: this thing which you are overly attatched -- in the course of this relationship, you will either release your dependency oon it, or you agree that it will be ripped from your life.

Is that misfortune? Judge for yourself.

If your mate affects your twelfth house by transposition, and you want to avoid the preceeding scenario, be willing to question yourself. All of us are playing a role in the world: our personalities, our outer selves. Do actores worry about what will happen to their wardrobes, or to the stage setting when it's struck at the end of a play? They know that they are the creators; they are what is real, while the play and it's characters is a creation that comes and goes, interesting while it lasts and worth acting well, but not what is truly most important. Learn to identify yourself with your iner being, your higher self, and then your character's costumes and props and speeches, although necessary to function in the world, will become less important. You will feel more free -- and that sense of engaged detatchment from life, and the buoyancy that accompanies it, are the gifts pressed into your hands by a partner who stimulates your 12th house.

If you activate your lover's 12th house, remember: you are not his or her guru. Your presence in your mate's life can facilitate confrontation with that level of reality, but you are not there to force that growth to happen according to any scripts of yours. Your effect on your mate's life is to lessen his or her exclusive idendification with his or her outer personality. That influence can frighten your partner, and with good reason. We all need to have an outer self that functions effectively in the world; complete lack of one spells insanity. Dont try to strip your partner of his or her personality.

( I dont like how in this book he always says, "When the MAN's planet falls in the females and so.")

When the man's Saturn falls in the 12th house of his female partner's horoscpe there may be some difficulties in the relationship. He may expect her to be reliable and self-sufficient in the very areas where she is likely to be most vulnerable. In consequence, she may not feel particularly at ease in his presence and he may occasionally bring one of her weaknesses to light in a disconcerting way, arousing her resentment and his doubts about her ability to act consistently or wisely. As a result, he may be instrumental in making her more aware of those areas of her psyche where she is most vulnerable, thus giving her an incentive to eradicate such shortcomings.

When other cross-aspects are favorable, he may work behind the scenes to strenghen her position but if Saturn is afflicted at birth and the cross-aspects to it are discordant, he may work against her in secret to undermine her position and frustrate her plans.

In some cases she may be placed in a position where she has to shelter him or generally render him aid or assistance; he may make testing demands upon her sympathetic and charitable instincts.

Wherever the native's Saturn falls in another's horoscope indicates that area where he may be able to teach the other a valuable lesson in life, making him more aware of where his obligations lie, helping him to develop a greater sense of responsibility and self reliance and generally deepening his understanding .

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posted November 09, 2006 04:41 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thank you so both so much for your replies.
They are very informative and thought provoking...

Love and Light

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posted November 10, 2006 03:37 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Good luck!

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Hi, the information provided above is really fantastic.

Could you please tell me something about your Pluto activating someone's 12th house?

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This is very accurate

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