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  Revisiting an old post *** need advice

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Author Topic:   Revisiting an old post *** need advice

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posted February 19, 2009 11:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for newMica     Edit/Delete Message
its hard to beleive but I have been on and off with the sag from this post for three years now we have never been in a relationship ( both with other people ) but consistently been drawn to each other
and everytime it seems like we are getting close to being with each other something major happens and we just end up seperated by circumstances. He is going through some major life changes right now so I know he will probably be out of the picture for awhile. My question is there something that indicates why we keep being pulled together and then apart I have tried very hard to move on ( and have had oppurtunities to move on ...strangely with two different libras ( with similar charts)but something about this sag keeps pulling me back) knowing that there is no consistency between us but when we see each other its like we are back were we started. I feel stuck in this loop hole with him

Original posts below ************************

I am a scorpio leo moon leo rising.I have recently become friends with someone who is younger then me. He has shown interest and I am attracted to him but I have a few concerns,(one of them being our age difference,) so I have not pursued this. Can someone look at our charts and tell me if there is anything there ? My Birthdateis 11/18/1970 10:22 Pm new york city
12/03/1983 time unknown bethlem Pa
thank you

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posted October 24, 2006 01:38 AM
#1 NewMica
Wednesday, November 18, 1970 10:22:00 PM
Time Zone: 05:00 (EST)
Longitude: 073° W 58'
Latitude: 40° N 47'
Placidus Houses
Tropical Zodiac
#2 dude
Saturday, December 03, 1983 12:00:00 PM
Unknown birth time.
Bethlehem, PA
Time Zone: 05:00 (EST)
Longitude: 073° W 22'
Latitude: 40° N 37'
Noon Solar Chart Houses
Tropical Zodiac

Chart Synastry

Sun TRI Moo 124° 30' 4° 30' +100.1
Sun CJN Mer 1° 41' 1° 41' +429.8
Sun SSX Ven 28° 20' 1° 40' +0.0
Sun SXT Ura 59° 00' 1° 00' +299.1
Sun QTL Plu 71° 47' 0° 13' +30.0
Sun TRI Asc 114° 49' 5° 11' +31.4
Sun BQT Mid 145° 39' 1° 39' +0.0
Moo CJN Sun 4° 46' 4° 46' +84.6
Moo TRI Moo 114° 41' 5° 19' +47.5
Moo CJN Nep 0° 41' 0° 41' +420.0
Moo SXT Plu 61° 58' 1° 58' +57.9
Mer BQT Moo 142° 28' 1° 32' +0.0
Mer SSQ Ven 46° 18' 1° 18' -4.6
Mer QTL Mar 70° 05' 1° 55' +1.2
Mer SSX Nep 28° 28' 1° 32' +0.0
Mer SQR Plu 89° 45' 0° 15' -236.3
Ven SSX Sun 29° 47' 0° 13' +0.0
Ven QTL Asc 70° 27' 1° 33' +6.9
Mar SXT Moo 62° 26' 2° 26' +78.7
Mar SXT Mer 60° 22' 0° 22' +273.0
Mar CJN Ura 3° 04' 3° 04' -51.9
Jup SES Moo 133° 03' 1° 57' -0.2
Jup SXT Mar 60° 40' 0° 40' +150.0
Jup SSX Jup 30° 51' 0° 51' +0.0
Jup INC Sat 149° 03' 0° 57' -17.1
Jup TRI Asc 123° 21' 3° 21' +48.8
Sat SQR Moo 94° 42' 4° 42' -36.6
Sat SSX Mer 28° 06' 1° 54' +0.0
Sat CJN Ven 1° 28' 1° 28' +148.5
Sat SSX Ura 29° 12' 0° 48' +0.0
Sat SQR Asc 85° 01' 4° 59' -18.2
Sat OPP Mid 175° 27' 4° 33' -1.6
Ura TRI Moo 123° 00' 3° 00' +120.3
Ura CJN Mer 0° 11' 0° 11' +567.0
Ura SXT Ura 57° 30' 2° 30' +26.9
Ura QTL Plu 70° 17' 1° 43' +1.5
Ura TRI Asc 113° 19' 6° 41' +2.5
Nep SSX Sun 31° 55' 1° 55' +0.0
Nep SSQ Ven 45° 40' 0° 40' -33.6
Nep SQR Plu 89° 07' 0° 53' -129.9
Plu SQR Moo 84° 33' 5° 27' -16.1
Plu SSX Nep 29° 27' 0° 33' +0.0
Plu SSX Plu 31° 50' 1° 50' +0.0
Plu OPP Mid 174° 24' 5° 36' +0.4

Communication Index (Harmonious): +2926
Communication Index (Inharmonious): -546
Compatibility Index (Har./Inhar.): 5.36
Total Communication Index: 3472

Id say a compatibility index of 2 is good (from personal experiences), and a 5-6 is pretty much as good as it gets.

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posted October 24, 2006 07:36 AM
thank you soooo much. I don't know anything about compairing charts. I'm going to look all those aspects up.
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posted October 24, 2006 05:25 PM
hi mica,
the composite chart has some goo points and most quandries.
the jupiter is conjunct the sun in sag.a very good aspect for warm hearted feelings,it gives a joy of just being together and shows intelligent indicates that just experiencing life together is fun.moon is sextile to this aspect so that increases the overall enjoyment of socialization in general,the jupiter with the sun and the sextile to moon definetly is a plus for longterm relationships.the moon/sun midpoint is conjunct venus.a indication of true positive emotional feeling,sexual but also more emotional also.neptune trine to saturn indicates that he is fine with the age difference.the moon/neptune midpoint is conjunct uranus possibly indicating that thre age difference may cause disruption in your viewpoint[moon].venus is conjunct uranus whcih usually shows a very intense sexual/emotional attraction.the problem here is that the intensity is very hard to hold on to,and it does not bobe well for long term stuff.mars is conjunct to pluto.this brings hardcore thumping into the mix,very intense instinctual sex.this aspect is not concerned with love.interestingly the saturn/neptune midpoint is conjunct this position.making the ade factor part of the turn on possibly.venus is semisquare to mercury so we have good communication with a touch confrontation.overall the sexual attraction and potential for SATISFACTION is so overwhelming that i wouldn't pass this up if i wuz you.of course with the venus conjunct uranus you have to stay grounded and remember that it will probably not be longterm,but.... it is a quandry.
last bit of caution relates to the venus opposition to chiron. this can be a aspect of manipulation in the sense that the motives are totally selfish,again with all the aforementioned nurturing vibs in the composite one must not allow oneself dignity to be abused.this chiron aspect combined with the mars/pluto conjunction bring a aura of "kinkyness" into the mix.
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posted October 24, 2006 08:32 PM
Thank you William that was really in depth.All I can say is wow, and very much true to the vibes I was getting. Ive been extremelly cautious with approaching this, age difference and I do Have a nurturing feeling towards him because of it. You given me alot to ponder
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astro junkie
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From: One of the billions and billions of cosmos hurdling towards a black hole
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posted February 24, 2009 04:53 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for wal     Edit/Delete Message
Usually this type of occurrence happens when there is either a heavy presence of karmic connections in the synastry chart or the North Node is involved. For many people the Nodes of the moon are regarded as personal points and do not really take place in synastry configuration, but to me the nodes of the moon are extremely important. I could have the worst synastry possible with a man but if I see him at my North Node, where I feel I should be headed in life, I am bound to at least wonder why he is there! Another more controversial body that makes a presence in long term fixations is Black Moon Lilith, although many people argue about what BML represents or how to even find this point on a chart.

In your case, your North Node is conjunct his Black Moon Lilith. Your inner calling, your life path, is conjunct to his expression of obsession, fixation, and deeply rooted psychological feelings. You must be quite unforgettable to him. I won't go too much into the general synastry as I'm sure you've analyzed it to death by now, just the aspects that jump out to me as related to this situation.

Meanwhile, his North Node is conjunct to your Psyche. Many people do not really see psyche as anything except a possible link to Eros, but Psyche is an important lesser body in synastry. Psyche represents how people want to be seduced, how they want to be swept away. Psyche is the part of ourselves that is just waiting for someone to notice and fall madly in love with. With those themes directly conjunct his idea of a life direction, it is easy to see why both of you may feel like you are somehow fated to be together.

I don't know enough or buy enough about karmic connections to go into great detail, but I will agree that Chiron always makes an appearance in a chart between two people who feel fated to be together. His Chiron opposes your Sun and Moon, squares your north node, and trines Pluto. The oppositions are a quite a strong aspect, but most interesting to this situation is the square to the Nodes. This can create a real "revolving door" type of feeling on your part. With Chiron aspecting your two personal planets like that his expressions of Chiron are an important part of your relationship and seem to be omnipresent no matter if you are hanging out in your South Node or going towards your North Node. No matter where you are, he seems to be there in some form.

Also his Chiron is trine your Eros, which brings some sensuality into this configuration. This would be only of small note except your Chiron opposes his Eros, so the mutual connection of these two energies make Eros's otherwise subdued effect more intense.

Chiron represents the teacher, giver, and spiritual advisor that, instead of being flawless has his/her own wounds and must recognize their mortality. In love relationships, the expression of Chiron brings all of the lushness and loftiness of love and somehow makes it a sharable concept between two mere humans without losing any of its greatness. That sense of universal love is what makes Chiron have such a strong impact.

His Saturn is conjunct your Venus, which is always the old-fashioned, "felt something but never got together" aspect, although other things may have kept you apart as well. Also, these aspects that create a sense of fatedness do not always mean that it will be the greatest love of your life. Just like how certain aspects produce a sense of fatedness other aspects can produce a sense of disillusionment and lovelessness in the very same chart.

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posted February 24, 2009 07:23 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for annaf     Edit/Delete Message
I would also vote for venus-saturn conjunction being at the heart of the longterm connection which at the same time never got off the ground. Venus-Saturn is also often felt as very karmic, fated, feels like it's meant to be, but it just never quite materializes in real life. Has also been my experience.

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posted February 25, 2009 11:06 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for newMica     Edit/Delete Message
Thank you for responding. Since I have met him I have always felt a strong connection to him and no matter how hard I try to pull away his timing is perfect and he comes back into the picture throwing me into a tail spin. I have become severly depressed over this at two different points, at one point almost suicidal. He recently began calling again. He had heard I was dating someone and he interfered. My attraction to him was so strong that once he started calling again I lost interest in the other guy I was dating. after a few months of talking and getting very close to him again I found out that someone he was seeing at the same time as me was now expecting ( baby is due in a few months)We had talked of being together but he now has this other relationship to contend with. He tells me he doesn't plan on being with her but he has to be there for the childs sake and I have told him that he must be a father to this child at the same time deeply resenting the fact that yet again circumstances are pulling us apart. I would very much like to get over this it has taken three years of my life, and has caused me a significant amount of pain. I do love him but no matter how much I feel that he was my meant to be ... it never seems to work out

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