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Author Topic:   Asteroids Chariklo and Charis

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posted December 14, 2012 01:15 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for ail221     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
10199 Chariklo- Chariklo, "known for her grace", is named for a nymph(minor goddess) of Greco-Roman mythology, a daughter of Apollo who was the wife of the wise centaur Chiron and the mother of his daughter Okyrhoe

"Good keywords for Chariklo would be gazing into the future, questioning reality, investigation, imagination, cynicism, skepticism, speculation, obsession, beauty, glamor, grace, glitter, "gee-whiz", limelight, adoration, celebrity, charisma, prepossession, role-playing, fascination, social hierarchy, insecurity, boundaries, alienation, need for affirmation and acceptance, need for selectivity about associations, conditional acceptance, acting on the basis of first impressions, superficial appearances or initial emotional responses.
The wife of Chiron probably functioned as a sacred prostitute in the matriarchal temples. In our society she refers to social boundaries, especially those of a cross gender or sexual nature. She examines interactions to determine the intent of the scenario prior to judging it or responding emotionally. Chariklo represents healing interpersonal discrepancies on all levels. Studying boundaries from the aura/energy point of view offers the insights of Chariklo. She also asks for a momentary pause before taking an aggressive response to any relationship injustice."

627 Charis -charisma

Influences of these two asteroids seems to indicate "Charismatic personalities"
some examples:

Marilyn Monroe
Chariklo in gemini 11th trine moon 1,sq mars 3, conjunct amor 2,
Charis in cancer 11th conjunct psyche 1, pluto 3, quintile mars and sappho exact, trine lust 1
Charis conjunct her 12th house by 3 degrees

Elizabeth T.
Chariklo in Cancer retro 7th conjunct her 8th house by 3 orbs, trine moon 2 , sq venus/uranus exact, sextile amor exact, sq mc 3
Charis in Virgo retro 9th sextile moon 2, sq sappho/asc exact

Tom Hanks
Chariklo in cap retro 4th opp sun 1, sextile mars 1, conjunct juno 4, trine asc 2
Charis in Leo 11th conjunct moon 2, opp chiron 2, sextile pars fortune 1,

Bill Clinton
Chariklo in Scorpio 2nd sq mercury/pluto 2, quintile sappho 1, trine mc 3, conjunct casanova 1,
Charis in leo 11th conjunct sun 4, sq moon exact, sextile jupiter/NN/Chiron 2 and uranus exact, trine vertex 1

Jack Nicholson
Chariklo in leo retro 1st conjuct 2nd house sq mercury/bml exact, trine venus 3, sextile amor exact, opp lust 2, trine mc 4, trine cupido 1
Charis in Virgo retro 2nd trine uranus 1, quintile bml exact, opp eros exact, sextile aphrodite 2

Oprah Winfrey
Chariklo in Cap 1st sextile saturn 1, quintile neptune exact, trine pallas 1, conjunct psyche 2,
Charis in aquarius 2nd conjunct mercury exact, sq mars 3, trine jupiter 3, inconjunct uranus exact , opp pluto 4, opp juno 2, trine aphrodite/sappho/mc 2,

Mohandas Gandhi
Chariklo in Cancer 9th opp IC 1, conjunct uranus 2, conjunct vertex 1, opp psyche exact, sq eros exact, sq asc 2, conjunct mc 2
Charis in Capricorn 3rd sextile mercury 1, quincunx NN 2, sq chiron 1, sq bml exact, quincunx ceres exact , sq pallas 3

Basically where is your "grace" and "charisma" located? do they correspond with certain aspects of your life?

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posted December 14, 2012 02:04 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for SaturnineMoth     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
lol - i was staring at this degree earlier --- just thinking... damn i think my dsc/7th house is screwed up --- dealt a bad hand... haha

--- ail -- u reading my thoughts~??? ^3^
Psc h7 (6)

02 T.BM Lilith Harmonia Agamemnon Talos Sinon Artaxerxes
03 *Fomalhaut* BM Moon Lilith Aase Arisinoe Eva Njord Kalisto Tomaiyowit
04 Prothoenor Klonios Devota Desdemona
05 Athanasia Charis Lucifer Sokrates Marathon
06 *Sadalachbia* Ceres Bilkis
07 *DSC Acacia Debussy
08 N.BM Lilith Protesilaos Echion Tukmit

^ being lazy

i'll do trine by 3 as usual

CNC h10

03 Amycus Akrishnan Brage
04 Jovita Lacrimosa
05 Ganesa Astrid Atalante
06 Hesperia
07 *Mirzam*
08 Ceto Undine Raman

Sco h3

- x.x too many 3rd most populated house - sorry~ haha

02 *Muhlifain**Princeps* Pluto Aneas Alcathous Cloanthus Echemmon Ilias Mesenus Patroclus Heimdal Dillon
03 *Syrma* Asteropaios Athamantis Europa Hopi Magion Niels Ocllo Pandarus Triglav
04 *Ceginus* Aisakos Iphidamas Ostara
05 Bellona Deikoon Gwendolen
06 *Khambalia* Agelaos Athene Panacea Simoeisios Venetia
07 Dejan Echepolos Lalage Nausikaa Palinurus Phereclos Vaino
08 *Juxta Crucem**Sataghni* Anchesis Hippodamia Ismene Phegeus


chariklo is a 4 off from my moon which is then about the same with Chiron - algol bein in the middle - so creepiness ahoy once more... x_x weird, eh...

Tau h9

16 Polyxena Paradise
17 *Ruchbah* Ops Estonia
18 Roma
19 Chariklo
20 *Botein* Eukrate
21 Tapio
22 Urda
23 Moon *Zaurak* Amatarasu

sxt this time -

Psc h7

16 Thrasymedes Siva Mesopatamia
18 *Samakah* Alcinoos Amor
19 Ate Gryphia Hersilia
20 Peirithoos Lysistrata Amacitia Chaka Ninkasi Cora
21 Tuthmosis Menkaure Askalaphus Yrsa
22 *Sadalbari* Jason Sinuhe Epimetheus Hokkaido Rheinland

Cnc h11

16 Antilochus Tekmessa
17 Endymion Amenouzume
18 *Wasat* Kythera Babel
19 *Isis*
20 *Castor* Adara
21 Chimaera Sibylla Gwangiu
22 *Pollux* Hypnos


lol my charismatic self is pretty darn stark - I think it matches -- personally those cnj with Charis are enough to give me chills~

Chariklo - juries still out for what her place is with me - I kinda' thought she had more to do with maintaining boundaries... or pushing them... sorta like pholus... but without the centaur wildness...
more balanced-

unrelated ------
<3 Jack Nicholson <3

thank you for researching these and compiling the information for us~ ^^; WildCat <3

--- sorry for bein' lazy in my response though :x --- havin' an -off- day. maybe see something more clearly tomorrow~ and i'll edit the post!~ ^___^ # )

ou - left some stars up there --- lol nvm em~

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posted December 14, 2012 02:37 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Jovian     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
CHARIKLO in Pisces 3rd house
trine MOON 1
sq ANGEL 0
conj LUST 3

Charis in Libra 10th House
conj SPIRIT 0
conj KARMA 2
opp NYMPHE 1
sext JUP/ASC 1

Idk...with orbs up to 3, a lot of aspects appear.

My "grace" and propriety in social situations I always associated with Venus in Cap in 1st. That description of Chariklo sounds very divergent--the first half from the second. The first half, with keywords, I certainly don't equate with "grace." The second I would identify with.

Not sure the brief description of Charis can help me pinpoint its effects. I do know how to be "charming" in jobs and events that require such. As well, if we think of 10th house as how we want to be seen by the world, I guess it's true I want to be liked. ... Again, I had equated it to Cap Venus in 1st...but Charis in 10th house would add to that, I guess.

...In any event, these two do seem somewhat significant in my chart.

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posted December 14, 2012 08:33 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for ail221     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Oops I forgot to put the mythological info on Charis sorry." AGLAEA (Aglaia). Charis, the personification of Grace and Beauty. Homer, without giving her any other name, describes a Charis as the wife of Hephaestus. (Il. xviii. 382.) Hesiod (Theog. 945) calls the Charis who is the wife of Hephaestus, Aglaia, and the youngest of the Charites. She was the goddess of beauty, splendor, glory, magnificence and adornment. She was one of the three Kharites (Graces) who often appears dancing in a circle with her sisters. There are a few latin translations of the word "Charis" which directly means grace and the other translations are Calleis and Cale which translate into beauty.

[Chariklo heals by] redefining the concept of boundaries [and] forgiving inadvertent transgressions.

Chariklo's asteroid number, 10199, adds up to 20, an intensified 2: giving assistance to or taking it from others, relationships, opportunity, emotions, having patience.

Her name adds up to 35, or 8. Self-improvement, self-advancement, creative, communicative, generous but businesslike(3) combined with embracing change, new things, new places, new people, letting go of the past, impatience, being on the move(5); big things, big expenses, management(8).

In short, being on the move big-time(the jet set, glitz and glamour, big business, big projects).

Chariklo stations seem to me to prompt an envisioning of things to come, plans made according to whatever Chariklo stations upon in the chart. You can include anything in this--not just major planets, asteroids and energy points, but energy points like the Black Moon(the lunar apogee point),the Part of Spirit, and the Sun-Moon midpoint, and less frequently used asteroid.

John F. Kennedy had Chariklo in the seventh house, sextile Pluto (transformation, secret doings, nuclear energy), square Neptune and tredecile Pallas (politics).

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had Chariklo in the eighth house, conjunct Vesta and quintile the Moon (women, the public).

Ronald Reagan had Chariklo in the third house, semisextile Saturn and Chiron, decile Vesta, semisquare the Sun and tredecile Neptune.

Illinois senator Barack Obama, one of the few black people to win election to the US Senate, receives rock-star treatment from the media and the public; he has Chariklo opposite the Sun and parallel the South Node.

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posted December 14, 2012 10:50 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for ail221     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Some more Celebrities
Marlon Brando
Charis in Aquarius 3rd sextile mercury 2, trine eros 4, sq venus 4

Chariklo in Gemini 6th opp asc exact, trine psyche 2, quincinx adonis 2, sq pallas exact, conjunct bml 2, opp pars fortune 1, sq NN 1, and conjunct Venus 4

Meryl Streep
Charis in Aries in 9th sextile mercury 1, quintile jupiter exact, opp neptune exact, trine pluto 2, conjunct bml 4, sq juno exact, sextile psyche 2, and conjunct lust 1

Chariklo in sagittarius in retro 5th trine asc/pallas 1, opp mars 4, sq saturn 2, conjunct chiron exact, trine bml 2, quintile psyche/adonis exact

Elvis Presley
Charis in Pisces 4th conjunct his 4th house by 3 , trine his vertex exact, quintile sun exact, sextile venus exact, sextile NN 1, quincunx pars fortune 1, sq actor 1, trine adonis 3, opp his mc 2.

Chariklo in leo retro 8th trine his asc 1, opp aphrodite 2, sextile mars 1

Lucille Ball
Charis in Cancer 7th sq mc 1, conjunct Eros 1, quincunx bml exact, sextile pars fortune exact, conjunct neptune 3, opp uranus 1, quintile mars exact, sextile venus 1
Chariklo in Aries retro 3rd sq moon exact, quincunx jupiter 1, quintile uranus exact, trine psyche 4, trine sappho exact, sq actor 3

Michael Jackson
Charis in Capricorn 2nd trine sun/juno exact, sextile neptune 2, trine pluto 3, quintile NN exact, sq Eros 1

Chariklo in Capricorn retro 3rd quintile Psyche 1, quincunx pallas/aphrodite 2, sq NN 3, and sq Jupiter 1

Bettie Page
Charis in Sagittarius retro 9th opp Chariklo 4, opp mars exact, quintile vertex exact, sq vesta exact

Chariklo in Taurus 3rd opp Aphrodite 3, conjunct Nymphe 3, quintile Eros 1, conjunct Mars 4,

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posted June 30, 2015 11:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Seimei     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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Piscean Tigress

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posted July 01, 2015 12:19 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Piscean Tigress     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Chariklo conjunt Sun (in pisces)
Charis sextil Kaali and Ceres (Tauro/Pisces)

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posted July 01, 2015 11:58 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for SoaringLeaves     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Chariklo conjunct Lilith in 5th, Aries, aspecting several planets (square Venus, trine Neptune, opposition Pluto--Also sextiles to Sun and Mars if you allow for 4 orbs). Sounds dangerous...

BTW, Shakira has Chariklo conjunct her ASC. It shows!

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