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Author Topic:   Draconic charts
posted September 22, 2006 11:19 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

I just found an article on the net about so called "Draconic Charts".
The author claims it has a connection to soulmates. She writes: "the Draconic chart can be categorised as karmic, spiritual and unconscious, with possible connection to reincarnation. It pinpoints those we draw close to us in our lifetimes to resolve unconscious issues."
It`s derived from the true nodes of the moon (the difference between 360, the Aries point, and the degrees of the NN, is added to the degrees of natal planets).
She states that important people will make strong connections to our Draconic charts (comparision Draconic - Draconic AND Draconic-natal), and that the Draconic Chart sometimes explains attraction, you cannot see in the normal synastry.

Well, until today I never heard of the Draconic chart.
So, has anyone here experience with it? Is it just another astrological "toy"? Or is it valuable?
What are you experiences?


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astro junkie
posted September 23, 2006 06:59 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
darkdreamer -

I feel like this is important too. Have you tried getting that Chart and interpreting it?

... it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

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posted September 23, 2006 08:15 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Astro junkie,

yes, I calculated that chart (it`s not really difficult, luckily) and had a short peek.
There were some interesting things, natally and synastrically.

For example, in my natal horoscope my moon is unaspected, which is kind of fitting; and yet I have always been "driven", felt that urge to deal with relationships. I always attracted people who pushed me to reflect on relationships.
And in the draconic chart my moon (natally in aquarius in 2nd house) wanders into Gemini and sits EXACTLY on my natal Descendant. Somehow that is fascinatingly fitting. I seem to be destined to reflect on relationships and work on them. That also means that my draconic Moon is opposite my natal Mars and Neptune (actually it sits EXACTLY on the middegree of those two), trine my Pluto and Midheaven (again it sits EXACTLY on the middegree between Pluto and Midheaven), and it is conjunct my SN on 9 Gemini. So, I`d say, natally I`m inclined to be very selfcentred (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, NN in 1st house; Mars conjunct Ascendant; Pluto conjunct midheaven) and that I can be a loner. But the draconic Moon in that position just "forces" me into meaningful relationships and reflecting those; it kind of draws me into the outer world.
Also, the draconic Sun, Mercury and Venus fall in my 4th natal house, emphasizing the need for close and deep relationships.
Interestingly, this explains to me, why I am so tightly connected to my family, especially my mother. But there are no planets in the 4th house in my natal chart.

I also looked into the synastry with the guy, I am so insanely attracted to, even though you can`t really see it in our normal synastry.
Synastrically he has Sun and Mercury in my 9th house; Venus, mars in my 10th and Ascendant in my 11th; only the moon in my 8th speaks of some passion.
My Sun, Mercury, Venus are in his 2nd house; my Moon is in his 3rd house; only my Ascendant and Mars in his 1st house could be interesting.

But comparing the natal with draconic charts, things become very fascinatin; not easy, but fascinating.
His draconic Sun wanders into Aquarius, which is my Moon-sign, and also it exactly conjuncts my natal Lilith (that could have a meaning I think).

My draconic Venus wanders in aries, which is the opposite sign of his natal Venus-Mars in Libra.
My Mars, Neptune, Node, AC fall into his draconic 8th house.
His Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto fall into my draconic 7th house.
His Moon falls into my draconic 5th house.
HIs AC and Node fall into my draconic 8th house.

There are several aspects, but I`ll only mention the strongest (conjunction, opposition.
My draconic Sun / Mercury-conjunction is opposite his natal Mars.
My draconic Mars / Neptune-conjunction is opposite his natal Sun / mercury-conjunction.
My draconic Venus is opposite his natal Venus.
My draconic Descendant is closely conjunct his Sun-Mercury-conjunction.

His draconic-connections to my horoscope are:
His draconic Moon is conjunct my Antivertex and my Sun-Moon-midpoint.
His draconic Mars is conjunct my Jupiter, which is my Ascendant-ruler.
His draconic Saturn is conjunct my Venus.
His draconic Descendant is conjunct my Pluto.

So, to me that explains the attraction a bit. Also the element of fight, is clearly there in our connection. I know that those aspects dont look too good int he long run, but at least it explains what I`m feeling.
Unfortunately I`mn ot yet sure, how exactly to interprete that.
But suddenly I start to understand why I attract all those virgos and cancers into my life. Having Sun, Mercury, Mars, Ascendant in Sagittarius; Moon in Aquarius, Midheaven in Libra didn`t explain that. Only my Venus is in Capricorn. Also I have no planets in 6th and 4th house, no moon-aspects. So I didn`t understand.
But in my draconic chart, my descendant falls into virgo and my Immun Coeli falls into cancer, so maybe it`s my fate to attract vrgos and cancers into my life, so I can learn about relationships and emotional bonds from them.


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posted September 23, 2006 01:38 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Glaucus     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I am clueless about Draconic charts. I checked my synastry with my gf. It's just the comparison of her Draconic chart to my Draconic chart.
I just listed the aspects that I felt are favorable.

Her Moon conjunct my MC - 2'12
Her Sun conjunct my Mercury - 2'58
Her Sun conjunct my Venus - '29 (That's a love connection if I ever saw one!)
Her Mercury conjunct my Venus - 3'44
Her Venus sextile my Mars -'26
Her Mars conjunct my Jupiter -'44
Her Mars oppose my MC - 3'41
Her Jupiter trine my Mercury - 4'39
Her Jupiter trine my Venus - 1'12
Her Uranus trine my Venus - '43
Her Saturn conjunct my MC - 3'36
Her Neptune sextile my MC - '04
Her Pluto conj my MC - '29
Her Asc trine my Mars - '07
Her MC sextile my Saturn - '23

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posted September 23, 2006 01:54 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Glaucus     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Checked her Draconic Chart to my Natal Chart

I just listed aspects that I found were favorable.

Her Venus conjunct my Vertex - '00 (OH MY GOD!....WOW!...fated love connection for sure!)
Her Venus trine my Uranus - '19
Her Venus trine my MC - 3'45
Her Jupiter conjunct my Asc - '57
Her Asc sextile my Uranus - '00
Her Asc conjunct my IC - 4'04
Her MC sextile my Venus - 2'28
Her Vertex trine my Mars - '32

Checked Her Natal Chart to my Draconic Chart
I just listed aspects that I found were favorable.

Her Moon conjunct my Asc - 1'33
Her Venus trine my Venus - 2'06
Her Saturn conj my Asc - '12 (very grounding)
Her Asc sextile my Venus - 2'25
Her MC trine my Moon - '01
Her MC conjunct my Sun - 2'10

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posted September 23, 2006 04:15 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Wow, Glaucus, you have some very nice connections there!

Something just struck me: you once wrote, that you have surprisingly little aspects with Venus in your synastry (of course the descendant is a Venus-point, too).
However, it`s very noteable, how many Venus-connection there are in your draconic charts.
Sun-Venus, Mercury- Venus, Venus-Mars, Venus-Jupiter, Venus-Vertex, Venus-Uranus, Venus-MC (a double - whammy). That`s quite a lot of Venus-energy; I`m almost a bit jealous about so much loving influence. Especially the exact conjunction of her dr Venus to your Vertex is just WOW, as you said it. And since the draconic chart is supposed to point towards your soulmate connection, fate and karma, and the Vertex is the gate of destiny, there`s quite a lot of fate involved here; it`s almost as if it is your fate to love each other!

Reading your post through I realized, that I had forgotten to look at Ms and my draconic charts in comparision. But I found some nice aspects there.

His Sun / Mercury conjunct my Uranus (not really nice, but quite stimulating I guess)
His Sun /Mercury sextile my Venus
His Venus conjunct my Mars (with wide orb 457, but still a little wow!)
His Mars trine my Vertex
his Vertex trine my Mars
His Jupiter opposite my Venus
His Uranus conjunct my Ascendant (is his supposed to "wake me up"?)
His Ascendant conjunct my Sun
His Ascendant conjunct my Mercury
His MC conjunct my MC
His ascendant conjunct my Vertex

I start being really intrigued and fascinated by this draconic chart-stuff.
There seem to be some meaningful connections. NOt only in my chart, but in your draconic comparision with your girlfriend, too.
I checked some other important relationships, I thought to be karmic, and I found very interesting connection, in each of those cases.
Actually I even did a short comparision with that man I used to believe was my Twin soul. Of course I was very young then and didn`t know anything about life or love. But the fascination was strong enough, that I ahve been thinking of him for 16 years. Well, after a short check of the draconic chart I saw some very interesting connections:
His Moon conjunct my Venus
His Sun conjunct my Mars
His Mars conjunct my Uranus
His Moon / Venus-mp opposite my Vertex
His Neptune conjunct my Vertex (2)
His Sun widely oppose my Moon
His Pluto conjunct my Venus

No wonder, I thought he was the ONE. lol
I think I will do some more research on that subject. it`s really intriguing, at least to me.


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posted September 23, 2006 08:18 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Glaucus     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote


I was amazed at what the Draconic charts show. Makes a lot of sense. Yeah..a lot of Venus aspects in the draconic synastry. Of course,you are right that Ascendant is Venus point..well..the Descendant..we do have Descendants conjunct each other's Ascendant with 16 minutes of arc. We have them parallel with 6 minutes of arc. An occultation. That's equivalent to an exact Ascendant oppose Ascendant. I wouldn't look at the Draconic stuff regularly though. There is just so much to consider other than the regular chart. Midpoints show a lot too. Declinations are the hidden aspects which many astrologers overlook. There are relationships charts to use like the Davison and Composite. There is belief that you can compare a relationship chart to both individual charts. You can look at midpoints in the relationship charts. You can look at minor aspects(the ones I look for romance,love,relationships are 5th including quintile and biquintile,7th including septile,biseptile,triseptile,9th including novile,binovile,quadranovile..also 10th because of half 5th harmonic include decile and tridecile). Of course,there is the asteroids.

Draconic Astrology could be a totally different system that gives you pretty much the same information just like numerology and tarot can do.

I will be open to Draconic Astrology.

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posted September 24, 2006 03:43 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

I also was amazed at what the Draconic chart shows.
It is even enlightening when comparing to members of my family.
My Sun / Mercury conjunct my brothers Venus;
My Moon conjunct my brothers Moon, Jupiter, Uranus
My Mars opposite my mothers moon;
My DC conjunct my mothers moon;
My Vertex conjunct my mothers mercury
My moon conjunct my fathers MC
My Venus conjunct my fathers Moon

So it seems to me, the draconic charts also work within families. Actually they are equally enlightening as the normal synastry is.
So, I am absolutely fascinated, and I think I will keep on looking at the Draconic charts, at least for the next time.

But I agree with you, there are so many things to look at, it`s hard to not get confused.
But I realized that sometimes the normal synastry (planets in houses, major aspects bwetween planets with an orb of 3) just doesn`t picture the relationship truthfully.
From now on I`d definitely include the declinations and the midpoints.
But I`m still a bit sceptic towards asteroids and minor aspect. I`m convinced they are valuable, but I just don`t know HOW valuable they are and don`t really know how to interprete them.
So, I think I`ll stick to synastry, natal comparision, declinations, midpoints and will have also a look at the draconic charts.

Concerning the relationship charts; well I don`t use them regularly (just now and then), because I never know which one is the best.


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astro junkie
posted September 24, 2006 09:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
The word "Draconic" sounds like Dracula or something.

... it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

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posted September 24, 2006 09:53 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for alanabelle86     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
How do you actually calculate or make a draconic chart? I'm really interested and would like to check it out for myself

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posted September 24, 2006 11:44 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for OzMeg222     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Me too, actually.

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posted September 24, 2006 01:01 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Yes, the name sounds a bit like Dracula. That`s what got me interested in the first place. lol

However, the name "draconic" is derived from the old idea that the southern and northern node are like a dragon that lies in the horoscope, with the NN as head and SN as tail.
It`s quite easy to calculate that "node"-horoscope.
You just have to deduct the longitude of your northern node from the Aries-point (360), and then add that distance to the longitudes of all other planets.

My NN is in 10 Sagittarius
The longitude is 250.
360 (Aries-point) - 250 = 110.
So I have to add 110 to every planetary position.
My Ascendant is 7 Sagittarius or 247.
So the calculation goes like this:
247 + 110 = 357.
So, my draconic Ascendant is 357 or 27 Pisces.
I hope the explanation was easy and understandable.
I also would like to know about your experiences with the draconic chart.
In my case the results were overwhelming, really.

I even looked into the comparision with the guy I wasn`t attracted to. I mean, I cared for him and loved him somehow, but the physical attraction was limited. Well, in the beginning it was quite strong, but then after a short time it became weaker and just subsided.

We had some nice aspects like:
My draconic Moon conjunct his DC
My draconic Venus opposite his Moon
His draconic Neptune conjunct my Moon
My draconic Sun trine his Venus

I think those aspects very clearly tell the tale of emotional attraction and a strong psychic link,w hich had been there.

But we also had aspects like:
my draconic Moon opposite his Neptune
my draconic Venus trine his Saturn
my draconic Saturn square his Mars

those Saturn-aspects could indicate limited attraction, especially since they aspect Venus and Mars, there are no other strong Venus-and Mars-aspects, except for his draconic Uranus conjunct my Venus.
that is a strong attraction aspect, but as it is with Uranus, it doesn`t last long; and probably the attraction just has faded.

So, please let me know, if you find that the draconic charts give valuable information about your synastries, too.


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posted September 24, 2006 04:52 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Glaucus     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote


I will show you stuff about the minor aspects


The Five Series-----Quintile,Biquintile,Decile(Semiquintile)

Quality similar to that associated with Pluto,with overtones of Venus and Mars; some kind of concrete creation of destruction is effected. Intellectual functions (not excluding emotion) and all especially human matters. Transformational change. The ability to express creative inspiration (due to other factors) in concrete creations.

(Adze's view)
Quintiles are measured from plus or minus seventy-two degrees. Bi- quintiles are measured from plus or minus one hundred and forty four degrees which is one or two fifths of a circle. When planets are quintile or bi-quintile this is an indication of uncommon creative energy and talent. They are trend-setters and need an audience. The energy here is specialized and purposely striving toward power. Quintile and bi-quintile energy can be romantic, playful and demonstrative. The quintile family of aspects can indicate science, math and engineering. There's a need to make things happen. Cosmic will seems to be at play here, so if creative things aren't happening, then look for destruction. Quintiles and bi-quintiles bring a certain dignity, clarity, pride and unusual sexual energy. A quintile resonates with the Sun, Fixed, Fire
and Leo energy.

A Decile occurs when two planets are thirty six degrees apart. A tri-decile occurs when two planets are one hundred and eight degrees apart. A decile is one tenth of a circle. A tri decile is three tenths. The decile family of aspects is related to the quintiles. The energy of the deciles is such that it conveys order and structure. Mental ingenuity is at work here. Deciles are power and career indicators. They often bring strong technical insights and abilities. Deciles indicate special gifts that may be wasted or unappreciated. Self-improvement is needed to capitalize on this power. Deciles resonate with Saturn, Cardinal, Earth and Capricorn energy.

(This is my view)
5th harmonic in synastry could be an intense,passionate relationship connection. There could be a intellectual bond with each other. They can bring about transformation in each other's lives. They can express creativity with each other. This can be a romantic connection. This can produce children which are the ultimate creations that 2 people together bring about. Decile is 10th harmonic aspect but also a semiquintile and so also related to 5th harmonic aspect. This could be about supporting involving career,working with each other,and help bring order and structure as well as creativity,romance,children with each other.

My 5th harmonic aspects with my girlfriend are:

Her Sun decile my Moon - '03

My Moon quintile her Venus - 1'49
My Moon quintile her Midheaven - 1'30
(this forms a 5th harmonic aspect also my Moon conjunct her Venus/Midheaven midpoint - '09)

My Sun decile her Jupiter - '25
My Mercury biquintile her Mercury - 1'07
Her Moon decile my Jupiter - '43
My Venus biquintile her North Node - '38
My Jupiter decile her Saturn - '38
Her Mars biquintile my Neptune - '20
Her Mars quintile my Vertex - 1'30

The Seven-Series---Septile,Biseptile,Triseptile,Semiseptile

A Uranus-Neptune flavor,energy linkings not entirely of this world. Creative inspiration,but also mental and emotional
difficulties and tenuous connectedness with the physical universe. religion

(Adze's view)
There is a whole family of septile aspects including the septile, bi-septile and tri-septile forming one, two and three sevenths of a circle respectively. Septiles are measured in denominations of fifty-one degrees twenty-five minutes, one hundred two degrees fifty one minutes five seconds and one-hundred-fifty-four degrees, seventeen minutes and two seconds. The septile family of aspects is very different. They divide the circle into one, two and three sevenths respectively. This is the first series of aspects that to not divide evenly. This is a somewhat irrational force of energy, something sacred and holy going on here. Much like the number seven, Septiles contain spiritual power and imply the possibility of cosmic intervention. Septiles indicate harmony and union though in a non-conforming way. These aspects can indicate extraordinary creative efforts at self-knowledge and ultimate understanding and canbe a real turn on. Septiles resonate with Venus, Cardinal, Air and Libra energy.

(This is my view)
7th harmonic in synastry could be an enlightening mystical connection. The two can be inspired with one another. They could bring out the poet in each other They could feel a strong connection with each other that is hard to define with words. They could share religious values.

my 7th harmonic aspects with my girlfriend:

My Moon septile her Mars - '52

My Sun triseptile my Sun - '23
Her Sun triseptile my Ascendant - '04
(this forms a 7th harmonic aspect pattern..also..her Sun oppose my Sun/Ascendant midpoint -'10)

My Venus triseptile my Mars - '36
Her Venus triseptile my Jupiter - '50
Her Mercury septile my Saturn - '15

My Midheaven biseptile her Vertex - '18
Her Midheaven septile my Vertex - '52
(Double Whammy)

Her Moon biseptile my Vertex - '43
Her Saturn biseptile my Vertex - '38


The novile or nonile. Completions,endings,what life produces in the long run; needs and capacities in relationships and marriage.

(Adze's view)
A Novile occurs when two planets are plus or minus forty degrees apart. A bi-novile occurs when two planets are eighty degrees apart. A quadra-novile occurs when two planets at one hundred and sixty degrees apart. The novile aspects are one, two and four ninths of a circle. The novile series of aspects are related to the trines and sextiles. They're all in the same family as it were. The word novena is rooted in novile. Noviles are related to the nine muses and to the ennead. The novile conveys a somewhat charismatic, transcendental, mystical force, latent karmic details and spiritual growth. Noviles can indicate ceremony and relate to marriage. Noviles resonate with Jupiter, Fire, Mutable and Sagittarius energy.

(This is my view)
The 9th harmonic in synastry can indicate an indication of that they feel complete with each other as well as feel that they could end their lives together because of mystical connection. They could be very productive with each other and feel that they need to work on things with each other due to the karmic bond that they feel with each other. They could be attentive to each other's needs and capacities in relationship and marriage. 9th harmonic chart in Vedic Astrology is the marriage chart.

My 9th harmonic aspects with my girlfriend:

My Moon novile her Mercury - '16
My Mercury novile her South Node - '04
My Mercury novile her stationary Neptune -'53
Her Mars novile my Saturn - '21
Her Moon binovile my South Node - '55

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posted September 24, 2006 09:30 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for alanabelle86     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
ya so I stink cuz apparently my Draconic Ascendant would be at 545 and last time I checked thats really high so uh, yea what would that be? do i subtract 360 again? cuz that brings me to 185 or 5 degrees Libra...which I think is right

sorry I'm feeling slow today

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astro junkie
posted September 25, 2006 05:12 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
darkdreamer -

What would you say the Draconic Chart helps you see into? What's its alter-personality, symbology, etc?

... it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

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posted September 25, 2006 05:50 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

thank you for the detailed information about minor aspects.

Alanabelle 86,
yes you`re right, you have to substract 360 again, so your draconic ascendant is 5 Libra.

Astro junkie,
the author of the article said the draconic chart is connected to soulmates and karma. People who have natal aspects to your draconic planets (especially the conjunction of course) are potential soulmates; at least they teach you some lessons.
For example
My draconic moon in Gemini exactly at the Descendant.
One of the things I have to learn in this life is dealing with relationships, reflect on them, connect to other people, bring my emotions into relationships.
actually that is a problem for me; I can be very defensive and careful and sometimes have problems to totally open up to other people. But with draconic moon in the 7th house that is exactly what I am here to learn.
And now, if someone had his natal Sun on my draconic moon, he would be able to teach me how to open up. Those people with aspects to draconic planets kind of push us towards the lessons we have to learn.
That`s the theory, but it has to be proven right through experience I think.
In my case it makes surprisingly much sense. At first I was very sceptic towards this idea, but I try to be open about new ideas, so I tried it out.
And in my case there were so many things that just fell into place.
Also, the comparision to people who are close to me.
The natal moon of my best friend is exactly conjunct my draconic Sun in the 4th house.
And above all, she has taught me how to experience emotional closeness and express the feeling of being close to someone. And she has done that in a very nurturing, caring manner.


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posted September 26, 2006 03:48 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I have read your summary of the minor aspects now, and think they sound very interesting.
I`m just absolutely clueless to how to interprete them.
How strong is their effect compared to the major aspects?
Can it be clearly felt?

I looked into the chart of my crush and me and those are the aspects I found:

The Quintiles:

His Sun quintile my Saturn - `26
His Sun quintile my Neptune - `34
His Sun quintile my NN - ``20
His Mercury quintile my NN - `145
His Mercury quintile my Saturn - `159
His Mars biquintile my Jupiter - `106
His NN decile my Neptune - `04
My Venus biquintile his Jupiter - 105
My Venus biquintile his Saturn - 055
My NN decile his Uranus - 058

the septiles:

His Moon biseptile my AC - `54
His Mars septile my Neptune - `13
HIs Mars septile my NN - `27
His NN decile my Neptune - `04
His Jupiter septile my Vertex - 109
His Uranus biseptile my Vertex - `10
His NN biseptile my Vertex - `16
My Sun triseptile his Jupiter - `59
My sun septile his NN - `31
My sun septile his Uranus - `37
My Moon biseptile his Uranus - `52
My Moon septile his Jupiter - 116 (is this too wide?)
My Moon biseptile his NN - `14
My Mercury septile his NN - `14
My Midheaven septile his Saturn - `31

The noviles:

His Moon novile my MC - `07
His Venus novile my Mars -103
His Pluto binovile my Vertex - `24

Which of those are important?


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posted September 26, 2006 04:25 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Glaucus     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Major aspects are usually stronger. Minor aspects are said to be subtle,but I wouldn't necessarily say weaker. I also feel that the orb of the aspect matters.

The minor aspect may not be subtle just like the declinations might not be subtle. I believe that subtlety of aspects vary in people.

I can't tell you which ones have the more influence. Only you know that because they are your aspects.

I believe that the 5th harmonic series are definitely aspects that shouldn't be underestimated. I can even relate to my Mercury biquintile Eris with 6 minutes of arc. It might have something to do with my gift/talent for multidimensional thinking as well as stirring crap up and communicating about equal rights issues. They are said to do with creativity,talent in a particular area. Those aspects were invented by the astronomer, Johannes Kepler.

This is what I typed about declinations and their being subtle. This was at another astrology forum.

Yes...I agree that parallel and contraparallel are like conjunction and opposition,but not identical. I have to agree that they can be more subtle due to not actually being connected by sign.

However, I have Venus contraparallel Saturn, and I can totally relate to having a restricted,limited lovelife and not feeling attractive...even feeling ugly....I have been discouraged,pessimistic about love/relationships. I have a history of not valuing myself well as well as feeling that others don't value me well. I have never been married. I have never really been in a longterm relationship,and I feel that is because of my insecurity and low self esteem due to my special education history and being in the closet about that stuff. I was afraid that women would reject me because they would think that I am less of a man/person because I am "special" That's always been a strong theme in my life. I am not sure if the contraparallel is all that subtle.

I don't know about Venus parallel Neptune being subtle either.....I have always have been very romantic as well idealistic in love...when I am in love, I feel inspired to write poetry...I wrote especially love poetry, I have fantasized and imagined about love. I was also romantically attracted to Neptunian types that were gentle,sensitive,idealistic,compassionate,very nice sweet types..or also people that fit the Dyslexic and/ or ADD profile...There has to be a spiritual dimension in my relationships. I am very attracted to very spiritual partner..I am capable of selflessness in love,and I have to watch out for being a love nature is misunderstood in that some people mistake me for being gay because of my voice
some of that could be my Pisces Descendant
I do feel that my love nature and what I value are in fusion and merge with my idealism,inspiration,sensitivity,imagination,spirituality though
I have no aspect between my Venus and Neptune.

my insecurity,limitations,restrictions,delays about love,relationships,values due to insecurity about attractiveness,intelligence as well as special education history,speech problems,misunderstandings about my love nature and communications,misdiagnoses because of speech issues,inhibited about expressing my artistic,creative potential in well as my Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,receptive/expressive language issues are reflected by my
my Saturn contraparallel Mercury-Venus-Neptune parallel
I have no aspects involving those planets.

My Mercury parallel Neptune just seems to repeat the theme of my Neptune in 3rd
My Mercury contraparallel Saturn just seems to repeat the theme of my Saturn in Gemini oppose 3rd house planets.
My Mercury parallel Venus definitely repeats the theme of my Mercury conj Venus in 3rd house. That's a Mercury-Venus occultation
my Saturn contraparallel Mercury-Neptune repeats the theme of my retrograde Saturn in Gemini oppose Neptune in 3rd.

I have Sun contraparallel Pluto,and I have had power issues with others...especially with my stepfather who was very domineering. Some of my psychological issues were connected to him. My father was never known by me,and he had psychological issues from what my mom told me. My mom told me that he had a paranoid jealousy and a dangerous temper.
My father had Sun contraparallel Pluto too,and he has no other Sun-Pluto aspects.

I know a woman who has Sun contraparallel Neptune,and she never knew her father,he was in prison,had escapist issues. There are no aspects between her Sun and Neptune.

I guess the subtlety of parallels,contraparallels vary in people. They definitely have screamed loud and clear in my life.

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To answer my own question:

"Or is it valuable?"


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dindt knew you were here that time already - great thread!!

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I'm kinda new to draconic chart analisys but so far I'm FASCINATED with the interaction between charts of family/friends/partners I'm finding... beacause it had happened to me to make a synastry chart (and seeing nothing relevant) like that with my best friend of my whole life (our synastry chart is SO boring- apart from having similar aspects to our natals because we were born on the same year)- so "synastrically" speaking I never understood WHY we felt so strong and our friendship had such a bonding... until I've compared our DRACONIC CHARTS to NATAL CHARTS, and they made me go "OMG!".

And that its just one of the example cases, I'm seeing conjunctions and oppositions btw draco and natals that can explain some deep bondings/attractions/karma, etc btw friends/lovers/family that are not shown in the regular synastry.

So... I agree that Draconic charts are SO very inforamtive, and they should be really taken into account when doing a reading (specially synastry)

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And I LOVE that now has the draconic chart AND natal-draconic chart option in their extended chart selection.

As my NN is about 4deg libra my draconic chart is almost the exact reverse of my natal, no wonder I seem to fight myself so much!

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Hmm, so I had a looky look at the natal-draconic synastry between myself and someone special.

(Only used major aspects and the usual extras- PoF, vertex, chiron, lilith, ceres, juno- and kept the orb to 3deg)

My natal to his draco-
sun trine Sun 3deg
sun trine mercury 1deg
sun sextile neptune 3deg
sun trine pluto 3deg
sun trine juno 3deg
moon sextile venus 1deg
moon trine mars 3deg
mercury sextile neptune 1deg
mercury trine pluto 1deg
mercury conjunct pluto 1deg
venus square saturn 1deg
mars conjunct mars 0deg
mars square jupiter 2deg
jupiter trine lilith 2deg
asc trine moon 1deg
asc opposed uranus 3deg
asc conjunct chiron 3deg

His natal to my draconic-
sun sextile uranus 2deg
sun square pluto 2deg
sun conjunct juno 1 deg
moon sextile moon 1deg
moon trine saturn 1deg
moon square vertex 1deg
mercury sextile uranus 1deg
mercury square pluto 1deg
mercury conjunct juno 0deg
venus square neptune 1deg
venus opposed lilith 2deg
venus conjunct ceres 1deg
mars sextile PoF 1deg
jupiter opposed chiron 1deg
jupiter trine lilith 1deg
uranus sextile chiron 2deg
asc sextile venus 1deg

Interesting, not sure whether to interpret that as I would standard synastry aspects or not... Any ideas?

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Here's the draco-draco aspects-

My draco to his draco-
sun square pluto
sun trine nn 3deg
sun sextile asc 1deg
moon trine moon 1deg
moon sextile uranus 1deg
moon trine chiron 1deg
moon sextile ceres 3deg
mercury sextile venus 0deg
mercury trine jupiter 2deg
mercury trine ceres 3deg
mars opposed lilith 2deg
jupiter trine jupiter 1deg
jupiter conjunct uranus 2deg
jupiter opposed chiron 2deg
jupiter conjunct ceres 0deg
saturn sextile uranus 3deg
saturn trine chiron 3deg
saturn sextile ceres 2deg
pluto sextile PoF 2deg
pluto conjunct vertex 1 deg
ceres trine juno 0deg

His draco to my draco-
sun sextile venus 2deg
moon square mars 1deg
mercury sextile venus 0deg
venus trine saturn 2deg
venus trine chiron 3deg
mars square chiron 3deg
mars conjunct vertex 0deg
jupiter sextile saturn 0deg
jupiter square vertex 2deg
saturn opposed neptune 2deg
saturn trine pluto 1deg
neptune opposed ceres 0deg
pluto trine ceres 0deg
vertex square juno 2 deg
asc sextile sun 1deg
asc sextile lilith 1deg

Interesting, again I'm not sure how to put all this together, but it kept my brain busy for a while...

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