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Author Topic:   Mirage how are you

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posted February 02, 2021 05:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for viviette     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Mirage
Been busy studying, but not forgotten LL and your wonderful whole-hearted support ! (I’m sure I speak for many !)
How have you been - have you had any improvements or nice transits ?
Stay safe
hugs ☺️

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posted February 02, 2021 11:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Viviette!! Helloooo.
Good to see you here again.

(You're so kind, thank you.)

You're busy with studies? How cool!
For the technology industry you had mentioned? ~~(I think?)?

My home situation is the same.
Less ability to get out and visit with COVID-19.

The volunteer job I had for almost 4 years halted their volunteer program last year for a long covid-while. (They'd never want to risk elderly workers. They have been able to pull-in college students required to do community service and internship programs).
Staff was able to adapt. They work from home using computer tele-meetings.

Got a phone-call hello from my Gemini supervisor after Christmas. Said they missed me!, awwww. LOL. She always asks what the "stars" are doing. I miss the office comradery.
A few of the hard-working professionals they'd had on staff for decades, retired.

Transits? My chart is lighted up like a Christmas Tree. Have a splay of connections radiating in my chart. Majority of my planets are between 24 to 28 degrees-- various signs, different houses. Having several Chiron sensitivity transits.

Transiting Uranus in Taurus will be ON Venus Taurus H5 for my Birthday, e.o. May this year. Will form a "Uranus quintile Uranus" aspect while it connects with Venus. That should be interesting!

It's soooo very thoughtful of you to pause and say Hello.

If you're staying at LL a while, I'll be catching up with you in all-the-familiar-places.

You stay safe too.
*warm hugs*


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posted February 04, 2021 02:05 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for viviette     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Mirage

Nice you still have news from your volunteer group.
Of course they miss you

Things kind of samey here too. All my hopes are on landing a job after the tech study.
Edit add: Just that my circumstances seem extreme so I am not advancing as fast as I’d like. I’m busy but it’s to deal with overriding problems demanding all my attention.

Yes I still dip into LL, looking to broaden the understanding.

Hope you get some good news soon and take good care

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posted February 04, 2021 04:05 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Great news that you are deepening your knowledge of astrology.
Horary hasn't had people who are more-formally trained in it for a long time-- mostly has been more doing general readings off the Horary Chart.
I had attended (free) webinars of a pro showing how it's done, so I understand the use/meanings of signifying-planets and their placements.
Will be good to have you there.
{I'll have to peep in from time to time.}

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posted February 05, 2021 04:23 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for viviette     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Horary seems very specific I was looking at it way too broadly, assumimg the 10th house should be taken into account because it was packed with T-squares galore , but one instead hones right in..

Someone insightful posted on Horary earlier which was illuminating. The challenge is finding the right question , as well as listening to feelings and thinking long-term.

Hope you are getting along well and enjoying life,
all things considered ! Really feel for you.

There was a nice post on books people are reading.
Reading is healing, kind of blows away the cobwebs, although at the mo, I only read my coursework, science journals or Astro sites.
However, in my small collection (I dislike amassing)
apart from I have a Bill Bryson book “Travels through Europe” where he revisits the places he toured through in his youth . But he gives a fairly fused account so it’s more rounded. It’s funny and dynamic so it will be good to dip in again.

Wishing you much precious quiet time!

Take care x hugs

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posted February 08, 2021 05:37 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
(Stopping by to say Hi... Haven't forgotten you! )

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posted February 16, 2021 09:57 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for viviette     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Mirage
Miss your good heartfelt advice! Don’t know what I would have done without all your Juno replies
Wishing you the best x x X

Nature calming video for you :

He also has a dedicated ”block noise” section !

My current fave for drifting off is this rain:

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posted May 26, 2021 06:34 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted June 12, 2021 10:28 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted June 12, 2021 03:04 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
.. ahhh
That Ocean vid is the best I've heard, AND seen!
Rain... so comfortable.

Sonics here are a wee little-bit worse in its own way.
Been so destructive/obstructing to my life.
So ~wearying ... constant.
This building lies directly under the path of jumbo jets taking-off or landing at busy international airport. Restrictions from COVID travel are finished and lifted here, and the volume of air-traffic is impressively increased.

oh myyy .....
*God, Scotty? Beam Me Up* {~oy}

(Hope COVID restrictions haven't hurt your business too much.)

{It's okay if you're done with this thread--
Randall bumps it.}

See you around LL whenever you come back.
Until then,

Take Care

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posted July 01, 2021 11:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted July 14, 2021 05:10 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted July 17, 2021 09:56 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted February 17, 2022 05:21 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for viviette     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Mirage!
How have you been ?? Has the situation improved in any way for you (noise etc)?
Hope all is well with you x

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posted March 28, 2022 06:19 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for viviette     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted April 20, 2022 01:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for teasel     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Where is she? Is she okay?

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posted April 22, 2022 11:15 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Teasel sent me an email asking me how I am.
Thank you so much, Teasel.

Sorry I hadn't posted after your Feb 17 message, Viviette.

I felt that I wanted to bring Good News on my next report to you.

Things went UP then down right after you had posted.

Someone (out of the blue) had sent me an email saying that IF I was about to become homeless (on the streets) that SHE had extra bedrooms now that her last child married and left the home. She was an empty-nester.

I got excited and told some folks I was in a spiritual circle zoom meeting with once a month. One of them offered to physically relocate me to that new State since for them, they had relatives in that area they wanted to visit--- plus, they HAD been planning a vacation south, and dropping in on friends in several southern coastal States. Seemed Good!

The rents where I was were about to skyrocket. I actually CARE about the finances of RM I was with for 16 years. He WANTED me to be there, as I made his life "content" (took care of the apartment and needs he had; helped make his life as smooth as possible).
With mistakes he had made financially in that past year (last fall) he unwittingly placed himself in some serious debt {daughter remarried}. COVID came in the way of his little ride share job that helped HIM get out of the home. He loves driving... made him feel like he was 'doing something' since his retirement.

My life with him was in a peril because I was not financially protected by him. He will be 70 on his next birthday (Virgo). If he died I was automatically without a home, no finances.

So anyways, my condition seemed to be getting even worse, every day.

I look at circumstances, and the timings. All pointed as a sign that perhaps my time to relocate was nigh! I had not been Contacted with any kind of offer at all.

I began to toss out YEARS of work.

Hand shredded Journals I'd kept since college years in the 1970s--- because I didn't have the finances needed to save all that, NOR storage space in which to save all the chronicling work I'd done daily, with YEARS of notes about the transit periods, lunations, special planet events, covering the whole time I've been here, registered at LL--- May 2012.

Weirdly, I had saved a few binders of work that covered a certain part of a certain year. Then, someone I had done a reading for a few years past, suddenly ASKED me to read for him again. The DATE he wanted me to look at, was covered IN those binders!!
I helped him understand the Date he chose, and HOW it applied to "lucky" event in his life!! (won lottery)

So really .......
I Hated TO trash ALL THOSE BINS of my Chrons too. (chronologicals)
I'm a natural DATA Collector.

In a way, I saw with this man's request, the proof of my astrology System's value and capability.
It (was) a TIME Saver. All the astrologicals were broken down, and with it all there you've saved Labor and Time. A system at the finger tips. History events included.
. .
Compiling the reading for this man: HOW GREAT and Helpful my Chron System would have worked, not just for me but for OTHERS. --
HAD I been moved to be with and have an astrology circle of friends nearby, my tidy indexed binders with organized DAILY work could have proved an asset to the group of friends who would have 'received' me.

I would have been very willing to set my Chrons like a Library quick and thorough notes researching weeks on astrology-- plus World events. Would have made a cool project to make collections (and maybe have published those sets, for helping to document history of specific astrological periods? I knew of a collected book like that which spanned the 1900s, even a little of late 1800s? ... I dunno. Book is in a bin, in a borrowed storage unit right now.)

I had thought/HOPED that I was going to BE Contacted. Things were confusing. People I *thought* were saying they were interested, kept postponing, and postponing, and postponing....
. .
And with each delay--
my {health} was more and more HARD to deal with {super sensitive to compressed sonics}....
All the postponings.. My body grew more and more sensitive. THAT was terrible. Every day, Every day.

So. it was a START! Things were moving, yay.

I was HAPPY that I FINALLY had been Contacted with a SOLID place to BE ... then from THERE I was going to explore the area. My hope would have been that the Sonic-Head inflaming would go DOWN since that 'stimulation' would have STOPPED.

My pain doctor had SAID to 'get the hell out of there' around 3 years ago. He was concerned for me! ...
Get out WHILE it was retractable
(meaning that the harm could HEAL).
When *sonics* were OFF, the problem went away!),
then get my health back.
No more pain doctors.

So to continue.

That friend with the extra room
got a visit one weekend from her daughter--
who urged against me coming for other reasons that my friend hadn't considered.
That friend sent me an email reneging her offer.

A few weeks went by.
I went into tight anxieties and despairs ...
The people had been ready to drive me just needing the info from me for 'when' to start the plan.

I had NO place now.....
TIME was growing shorter.
With Rm's Lease coming to a close,
and aware that he was going to need to set up the apartment FOR a roommate IN the event of being caught financially too short, I was going to be OUT of the way FOR him, for that to happen.
(I watch out for other's finances-- guard people. I NEVER want to be a burden. Things worked out WELL in the give-take. It wasn't a 'money' exchange. That's what I didn't have.)

The HUD Housing Dept in area I lived in--- had had their application Waiting Line extend to OVER SIX YEARS before getting into affordable housing. Some people were telling me, so what? GET in the line anyway.

So, I went to do that--- and my area's HUD Office had "Officially" CLOSED for the Reason of having NO HOUSING AVAILABLE!! Zero. Govt office CLOSED. Lack of Resources.

THAT meant... at MY AGE, losing everything I had.
Dying in the Streets from exposure to the elements in a body ultra sensitive body. Heck! I get hypothermic in Air Conditioning? LoL Sensitive to heat and cold at my age now.


The people who were going to drive me there,
brought me to where they live. ...... It's my mother's house. She's 87 (to be 88 in June). I hadn't seen her since 1990s. Had had nothing to really 'do' with her since 1980s.
She had been an abuser... It's a really sick story. Family dysfunction was dysfunctional above other dysfunctionals. Just really 'sick'.

She had found out about me.
Something inside of her NUDGED...
she asked "how" I WAS, "really was".

The drivers said she's about to be homeless.

Right away she said NO. NOT HER. She doesn't deserve that!!
She ordered them to bring me here.......

So.. *tears*
I relocated last week of March. Took several days.
Arrived April 1 in the evening.
There had been a New Moon Aries 11, conjunct CHIRON Aries, and Mercury in Aries.
Occurred in my Aries 2.30 IC 4th House.
11 Aries is exact trine my Sag Asc, and sextile my Gem Desc.

They picked the day because the man (my Taurus brother) needed to put-in for vacation time.
He and his wife had planned to come South for vacation to the Attractions, and to visit a line of their friends in southern east coast States.

Through strange happenings, I had 'accidently' made contact with that brother (who had been an opera singer). Found someone had bumped his website with a request for him to perform. I got e-generated notification... that I thought didn't work. We started conversing by email, and then by phone. Over time, he had married a new wife.
They had financial problems and my mother offered they move in and live rent-free here in this house. They've been here 4 years?


I Understand ... I 'really' Understand how Neptune can bring the IDEAL in ... My mother had been longing for contact with me. ... I had spent a few years of intense extra work to 'let go' of past. And I worked to FORGIVE her. I prayed for her Soul. I prayed that she would have a Good Passing.---- Then Suddenly, SHE's insisting I be with her.

During the Neptune conjunct Jupiter in 24 Pisces---- it was in my intercepted 3rd house, exact opposite my own Moon Virgo, which had been receiving Pluto Capricorn trine.
With planet Neptune now 24+ and beyond, this TRINES my 8th House Cancer...
trine to Uranus, and trine to JUPITER (chart ruler in the 8th).

I 'Understand' I really really really do.
In tears here, so painful actually.
Mother and I have had a SUCCESSFUL meeting of the souls. I'd never known her before to have any love. She actually ~seems Loving.

I also know that she mercifully has little recollection of 'what she did' to my oldest brother (Leo) and myself in those early years of my life. She's lucky. She did some things to HIM, while he was just a tot, and almost killed him!! She rendered him unconscious twice that I remember.

Then after we moved from my Birth State to here (Mid Atlantic Region), no one who loved me was around. She was alone in a 4 bedroom colonial, with 4 kids age 7 and under. Her husband (Dad) was in the military and often when there were humanitarian missions he was off out of the country, or when riots where happening only 10 miles from here, he had to Guard the city. Bombs, fire, looting. --- I remember my mom being so scared. He would "leave" whenever an emergency came. And THAT's the sacrifice that military wives and children must tolerate FOR their country.

Anyways. The family of the 3 brothers (I was the only sister and the oldest) have ENMITY with each other. Anger.... Hatred. They 'tolerate' each other's presence in order to visit mother in this house. The EDGE of fights soooo palpable.

I 'thought' things were great.
My sister-in-law didn't seem right when we got back.
Meeting her in the flesh... different than Zoom!

My God!! Mercy!!!
This woman has a Vile FOUL Temper.
She made ME her Scapegoat...
She physically out-of-the-blue RAGED at me and flew from one room into where I was standing with mom. She was SHRIEKING. She came AT ME with her fist-finger so close to my face!!
I weirdly remained 'myself' and strong .....
then, the adrenaline juiced through my veins.

All the dysfunction!!! It is IN THIS HOUSE.
Chiron 4th?
They live velcroed to the PAST.
To FALSE IMAGINATIONS. Not one bit true!!

Anyway, I've gotta go.
Caught a headcold....

I am LEAVING HERE because sister in law is TOXIC. She HOLDS anger like it's her PLEASURE. She is brutally 'in control' of everything.

What's going on 'in this house' -- I could almost write an extended more sinister version of on LifeTime TV Channel.

I tell you .... THIS is BIZZARE.

Mother said she doesn't want me to leave.
I said the toxicity is affecting the WHOLE HOUSE. Worked its way into making me nauseated all the time now. My mother said she doesn't know what's going on except THIS HOSTILITY she holds for me is affecting (mother's health now).
Her husband (my brother) WORSHIPS THE GROUND she walks on and believes her like she can do no wrong.

She accused me of doing what SHE did TO ME!!!
My brother 'threatened me', drove from an errand I needed.. went past the house... down to the river area that was desolated. No one. He had rolled up the window. Had a bad headcold, leaned over the console toward me in the passenger seat, and YELLED. I was soooo scared!! I started going for the inside door handle, and he snapped out of it. Drove home.

I have now applied as a Homeless person... needing Transitional Housing.

I'm still 'in the building' and avoiding even eye contacts.
I've been just scared.

The social worker said my brother can't throw me out because he and she do not 'own' this home.

I asked my mom ....... She looked downcasted, at her lap.
In the past few weeks she signed THIS HOUSE over to THEM as 'their inheritance' when she dies.

A few days ago she and Toxic-Pisces woman (29.11 Capricorn Moon) went to shop for my mother's Coffin.....
uh yes... Planning her Funeral.
I've overheard her conversations....
she and my brother just can't wait for her to die-- they are frustrated with my mother and all her religious relics.

They have a psychic business. Give readings.
Plan to turn this house into a psychic center.
They don't believe in God.

Anyways...... gotta get out soon as I can.

So news was UP
news came down WAY LOW

I'm considered homeless
my birthday is e.o. May
67 years old.

... I am STUNNED.

So that's the story For Now.

Much Love ---
There's enough Polyanna trines to my Jupiter... Jupiter trine Jupiter. Jupiter trine Uranus in my chart right now..

Bring it, Jupiter!!!!!

Love to All.

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posted April 23, 2022 04:42 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks for the update.

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posted May 03, 2022 03:55 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This past month has taught me experiential astrology that I'll never forget. It's always been a kind of 'spiritual' ideal that I'll focus on what's Best in a person. I have believed that holding faith and validating people's Best would give space for people to believe in themselves. Strengthen them, strengthen talents they might not have seen in themselves-- or maybe they just wondered.

I learned long ago the science that says we respond to images held in other people's thoughts. The RAS in the back of the brain may BE the point, the start, of where we gain telepathic bridges with another person.

When I relate with people, whether it's a smile at a passing stranger on sidewalk, or even closer acquaintances, I 'hold Vision' in my Neptune-spot in brain. I hold Vision that the other person is one who Matters. Who has potentials that their soul wants to manifest.

In a way, it's like 'Agreeing' with them.
Like in prayer, we 'Agree Together' on a Potential.. and allow God, the Universe to Unfold circumstances that bring (the Highest) to come INTO Earth material realm.

The cry of my Heart has been for Peace!!
The World more and more is in sore need of this.

Neptune Libra .. represents an ideal of Justice among peoples. *smiling* there's a whole generation of us born under that vibe. My Neptune conjuncts Fixed Stars Arcturus and Spica.
. .
May WE, our Generation, HOLD Possibility IN that frame of reference.
May those born after us be able to grasp the Baton, striving for Fairness, Peace, Justice in this World.

I 'could have' delineated an absolute STORM of aspects within my family of origin. The reality facts were that THIS family was pretty sick dysfunctionally.

I tried to DIG DOWN to 'the pit' and core of where and WHAT had happened. People were 'too ready' to blame my mom for everything. But since the time I was a child, and we had moved into this House (7 1/2 years old), I had a special Understanding of my mother. It was 'her' fault? --- no. It was made to appear that way. The PIT seed came from the father--

I was the oldest child and only girl.
3 brothers followed
The brother (Leo 7-8 degrees) I feel bore the brunt of my mothers horrible rages -- MORE than me. I 'witnessed' what he physically endured. Mom has her stories mixed up a bit. She thought that she had slammed his face into the wall while kneeling in punishment-- but it was my face. I bear the scare in my lower lipline. Face wounds can bleed the worst.
So much grief there-- really, 'watching' abuse when you're kind of empathic, has me bearing HIS wounds as well as my own.
Heck. I was the OLDEST. I was their PROTECTOR.. with no Authority.
Her beatings made my kidneys bleed at one of her episodic rage times. A nurse who was a counselor 'explained' how that happened. Yeah. I get real scientific. I guess it's a way to objectify, and remove self's emotions in all of it. Helped me 'make excuses' for HER rages...

Father had said WE Children were the reason FOR her rages. "If ONLY" we could behave better. We would have had a better mom? "If only'??..

No. She wasn't getting what SHE needed in help raising the children. HE was a "missing parent" even though he slept in the House.

He FAVORED the males. He despised the female.
He was going to PAY for the 3 sons to go to college.
When I wanted to go, he said he would Lend me the Money at a lower rate than a bank would.
Both parents didn't believe in Educating a female --- I earned the amount of money FOR my first semester in College, and was given a Govt Grant for the rest.
The WHOLE time... I recall places on my walks to classes on campus, where I BORE shame for BEING in School. For 'taking the place of a MAN.' I was guilty for some family not doing well financially, stealing a Seat for College from a Man.

There are several 'mistakes' in planning that had happened which worked to prevent me from finishing the Two Bachelors Degrees I worked on. I came within ~12 credits of some forgotten Humanity intro-type courses for credits... to finish. Oh well .... I had no course counselors to advise me. When the Dean discovered what had happened, she made SURE that there would be coordination when a student worked towards fulfilling TWO degrees, two bachelors.
So ... I helped Future Students, by 'what happened' to me? .. but graduation never occurred.

Bleh ...

TODAY, May 3, 2022 around 10 am EDT
My Mother signed a Legal Document that gives the Pisces Woman THIS House, with her Taurus husband.

Asteroid CERES in Gemini was PROMINENT.
The conjunct Vesta-Saturn Aquarius played a HUGE part.
{but I will not delineate this-- it's mind-blowing!! They could have NEVER 'planned' a more perfect chart for Last Will and Testament, and dispersing of her Inheritances.. worldly assets.}
PERFECT Chart!! .. still shaking my head. Meant to 'be'.
The (non-DNA) Pisces Woman was the only person to attend the signing of this instrument. She drove my mother out of State into Philadelphia because their regular lawyer and financial officer was not as skilled. It required the more-high powered attorneys (who have experience with 'wealth'), as my mother had inherited a (shocking) HUGE amount from my Father's Will. It is the anniversary of his death tomorrow, died May 4, 2008.
She was the only person {representing 'family'} to attend this Historic instrument that (in the end) gives HER a House.
. .
(They have been living here rent-free for a few years, utilities paid for. My mother ?had been giving Pisces her credit card to pay for groceries for mom's needs.
My mother had been merciful to them when they suddenly had no place to stay. She Kindly invited them to remain HERE-- and now, for Life.)

Mother had the instrument drawn up in the months prior to my arrival on the scene.
I mean, I KNOW I have naivete ... but my mother MOST.
She went on the WORD of this Pisces Woman's verbal promise to NEVER divorce her son, and by this woman's word/promise, she based her belief -- On that contigency, Mom would sign her House over to HER name (not just my brother, her son). omg..
This Pisces woman with MARS ON/conjunct her Gemini 11.00 Rising Chart has wreaking Ambition.
It's only been 4 years since she had met my brother? Her Neptune is 14+ and ON his Venus Pisces.
I looked plainly into her chart-- without discounting the oppositions, squares, inconjuncts.
The 'fear' that had cropped up 'inside' me that I couldn't put my finger on WHERE it came from? And, with her sudden physical lunging for me, within inches of my face, shrieking!!?? .. I found it. It's in multiple aspects in her astrology. I was astounded by this discovery. I know that things don't manifest on 'only' one aspect or so--- but this Pisces has a splay of aspects. With her chart she IS capable of physical violence.

Didn't really HELP matters????...
but --
my Intuition was Validated.
I 'felt' what I felt. It was real.
It has a basis IN the astrology.
The Taurus brother also shares some awful mars and pluto aspects.
.. I figure. They are a MATCH (physical violence capability). I was SHOCKED with 'his' threat to ME. .. Thank God for the Social Worker who gave counsel on my situation. She knows domestic violence. She empathized with my situation regarding BOTH of them.

Oh... About my mother making Pisces woman verbally pledge to never divorce the brother? That places HIM in a moral bind. What if he 'wakes up'? SHE (and her beloved son) then get the House that had been owned by the blood family. .. Wow. Just wow.
In a smirky moment, I didn't know if I should have Congratulated her on her Feat?
. .

I AM 'letting that go'.
I want NO strife.
I have satisfied whatever conditions the Universe set up in all this.

I want the velcro-hooks that 'these' want me to hook TO, to just DROP. Refused.

I came here at my Mother's invitation.
It had been her Prayer and DREAM to meet with me again (before her passing). It WAS/is an ACTUAL Miracle that THIS ever OCCURRED. It's Surreal!!! (It's Neptune Pisces.. and all those transits. Her name Asteroid is in the listing for me at 27 Pisces, at my Part of spirit.. daemon.)

I think Mom had an expectation that with them being 'given' her House, that they in response would be 'good to me'.
She really doesn't 'know' ....

In moments of lucidity my mother and I had in honest conversation, when I asked about her giving them 'the house' {and with her daughter-in-law being sooo TOXIC this whole time WITHOUT reprieve, and with this affecting my mother's body-- the LEVEL of antagonism from SiL was CONSTANT!! Nothing my mother SAID to her counted for ANY worth)--
My mother had 'mentioned' that *they* were inheriting the house-- then, she looked downcast.
She realized that with the LEVEL of driving intense aggression and hostility, that Pisces woman had made me her scapegoat. Bullying. Making 'me' the target. My mother 'felt everything!!' It was hurting her HEALTH.
. .
Then too, I heard my mother admitted that she IS dependent on this woman now. In her old age (88 in June) she is needing to become as a child now.
This woman is the owner of her house, while my mother needs to still live in it until needing to be transferred to a nursing home. Mother never wants a nursing home and said she fully intends on dying HERE under this roof.
. .
THEN: During our honest communications--
My mother told me an incident that happened when that-woman FIRST entered mom's house to live.
Woman's Capricorn son lived here for a while too, so that he could find a job and his own place near to his mother. (He just went through 1st Saturn Return, which played a part in his relocation here. He now rents a room in the house next-door from this one. His car is parked in front of this property.)
SCARY INCIDENT Mother reported happening to HERSELF
So, my mother was in the laundry room. Made a 'comment' / observation saying how FULL the dryer lint-screen was -- implying that its cleaning/clearing was being ignored, load after load?
(Woman's son had done the last several loads before my mother needed to use the dryer herself.)
The Pisces woman rose up out of her chair--
aggressively swooped INTO the Laundry Room -- got INTO my Mother's FACE and shrieked at her for saying ~something (that Pisces woman didn't like to HEAR) about HER Son.
My mother said that from that-moment she was 'afraid' of of this woman. Eggshells, from that point on. But there was no-thing that my mother could do about the incident, but 'ignore' the reality that THIS had JUST occurred, deciding to remain silent about it-- not telling her other two sons about what happened.
(Doesn't want to 'upset' her, make her 'mad' for any reason. Pins and needles? My mother is 'dependent' on her providing for her needs, driving her to doctors, pharmacies, hospital visits, etc.)

{Pisces woman has been working hard to put emnity in my mother's head, 'against' her Leo son. That's 'chilling' to me right now. My Leo brother NEEDS to be informed, to watch for mother's safety needs. His name used to be on mom's checkbook as signer, and Pisces convinced mom to open a DIFFERENT account so my Leo bro has NO access to check what's happening with her finances!! ohhh yeah.}

The advice to STAY Quiet and IGNORE what just happened?
That was the 'advice' my mother gave ME after she witnessed Pisces lunging and shrieking at ME.
She decided at the end of that week to tell her Taurus son (my brother) what his wife did --- and he got angry intense and loud AT my mother for saying it.

VOICE --- He was a professionally trained opera singer for several decades. He KNOWS 'how' to PROJECT his bass/baritone speaking voice to be heard by a large audience. .. It is 'fierce' to have HIM inches from 'your face' saying WORDS with THAT MUCH force (to fill an auditorium/theatre) projected INTO your body.


I am deemed homeless and waiting on Social Services to assist.

I went to an Elder Residence the other day. It's supposed to be for 'poor' (financially) elders. The people who run it, also run two other Elder Apartment complexes ...
They told me I don't qualify-- by Income.
*I shook my head, laughing inside me* .. yeah. I'm too poor to live in a poor house??

I DO have income--
but fall just-short of qualifying.

When I lived with Rm in FLA, I PAID all my own living needs. I NEVER borrowed money from him, ever. I paid for an expensive Medicare copay insurance that covered deductibles and any copays. I was 'on my own' except for his providing roof and utilities (which he would have been paying anyways). I cleaned his house, made him content.

What does GOD hold for me?

I feel RICH inside my Soul.
I want NO Harm to people.

I want to Live in Peace, and Harmony.
I want to be Accepted by a Group of Loving Dedicated People who are my Friends/spiritual-Family.
I want to help Make a Difference.

So ....
I CLOSE a Chapter here,
as the House now belongs to *them*.

I feel ~nervous. I have trust issues now.
Will be meeting with a dv counselor in the next few days, and a Justice agency woman will keep-up, generously offering her own self to direct my path when it comes to Steps I must take. You/she has NO IDEA how MUCH I appreciate her donating personal time to DO that for me. I had 'done' everything that she had told me to 'do'. I simply do NOT know how the system is managed here.... thank God, thank God. Thank God for her office of Women looking after my safety.

I ask that people of Positive Thoughts and Love Energy to 'surround me' with a Guard. Angels of GOD .. surround me.

Let the search for Housing bring a SUPER Solution to my situation.

This whole thing (Pisces conjunctions, sextile Capricorn) reminds me of a MOVIE.

Powerfully affecting true-life story of a painfully shy research doctor who takes a job at a Bronx hospital's chronic care ward in 1969 and discovers that his comatose patients still have life inside them.
. .
Williams is superb as the doctor, and De Niro is his match as a patient who awakens from a thirty-year coma. © 1990 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

(Movie trailer)
"Awakenings" -- (1990) Robert DiNero and Robin Williams

Final Words
Awakening, final scene)
"The Simplest Things Scene"

The Human Spirit .. is most powerful, and needs to be Nourished.

(Right now, I feel afraid -- and yet I know that within me, is a resident Strength. I BELIEVE that God saves the Best for Last.)

I just want what God has for me ..
It's Gotta Be Good!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(music) 'Aeolians' Donald Lawrence
Jehovah Sabaoth - Double Take 2019

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posted May 05, 2022 07:49 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lei_Kuei     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Mirage,

I was reading what you shared recently, and you have my sympathies for having to endure all of that chaos ::Hugs::

Damn... and that manipulative Pisces Woman who has gotten control of your Mom's House sounds like one of those people you hear about on True Crime vids/documentaries who will often go to any lengths in securing such financial gains – Your brother is also a idiot for trusting her, and I if he ended up dieing under 'mysterious' circumstances this wouldn't surprise me... as his Wife sounds completely capable of going that far... (especially if he has a Life Insurance policy).

The house really should have been left to you and your brother, and being left homeless because of the intervention that Woman is just a sad series of events, however I do think you are right in deciding to get away from them.

Thinking of you, and wishing you well in your search for a new home, you truly deserve some happiness and stability, may it find you fast!

: :


You can't handle my level of Tinfoil! ~ {;,;}

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posted May 06, 2022 03:34 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thank you soooo much for your 'being there' --
ready with your ::Hugs::

You have no idea how MUCH 'your' commenting meant to me.
(Saw your comment last night in the last seconds of my needing to be in bed asleep).

You helped me feel solid. SUCH a dear soul.
We go way back in our conversations together.
LOVED all the exchanges we've had in (Divine Diversities!).

You are SUCH a Caring Soul, and in addition,
you have a brilliant, Brilliant Mind!!

Thank you for that Beautiful Picture!!
Love it!! Great Energies in it.

So anyways,
doing the math yesterday,
using online Tables of USA Poverty percentages, I found the qualifying bottom income requirement for living in HUD Subsidized apartment/place, I am financially "disqualified" to live in low-income poverty Senior Housing --
because of my being $3.50 SHORT!!

And So It Goes ...

Thanks again for your Love and Solid Encouragement, LK.

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posted May 06, 2022 06:58 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lexxigramer     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I am saddened about your terrible troubles.😞
I cannot do anything to help😞
I am wishing you the best of good luck to be yours in all things.💕😎🌈
Much blessings and love to you
dear mirage29💕🌈

Click here to read My Lexigramming Biography:
going on 2/3 of a century to date
♥ Lexigramming!🔠✍️
I shall return
for as long as
it is possible
to do so.

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posted May 07, 2022 01:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for PixieJane     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Sorry to hear of that. Wish I could say I was surprised, but it's all too common. You might find this site of use (which isn't strictly nursing homes, but also caregivers in a home):

Be warned that laws are often written to protect nursing homes (among others), that is even if abuse is proven it may be kept from disclosure. Naturally, many prohibit "grannycams" and the like that can prove wrongdoing based on false reasons.

On the plus side, it sounds as if you got lucky with an actual social worker who cares. Those are precious and can do much for you.


As for your father and mother...I know people like to absolve themselves of personal responsibility and do so in a multitude of ways, but I wish they thought out the implications more. By saying such abusive behavior was your fault (rather than owning it, claiming it was "discipline" or some such), they are essentially declaring themselves unfit parents who are controlled by their children rather than the other way around, and in fact should be treated as children themselves (removing many rights from them). (If only the system designed to protect children didn't have so much exploitation and further abuse within it so that removing children is a gamble.)

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posted May 10, 2022 03:07 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for viviette     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Mirage,

Checked back a few times, just seen your posts now.
I prayed for you from the bottom of my heart for help. Such a tragic story 🥺 I did not realise ‘it’ went further back than the business partner (prior to the awful sonic situation.) You display remarkable strength of character which puts many to shame!

Great you got to see your mom again & both wanted that and that she is stable now, albeit malleable by vultures - I am not sure it is legal for them all to disinherit you from your share of the house? Really it should be divided between the family? This wasn’t your mom’s idea, you do realise that ? That in itself points at pressure and persuasion.

Also, in my present country you can argue a signed document is invalid if the person is over a certain age (as they are potentially not in the capacity of astute decision-making.)
The law is there to protect. (you.) His wife is freaking out because you showed up. (She should be « shown up. »)
Do you have free access to a lawyer through any help organisations you are in contact with?
You have nothing to lose? It is not about giving way, you are needy and you have rights.

Or would you consider becoming a nun again? You would be an asset being caring & believing.
Anyway, it seems the view on Astrology just depends on which pope is in office, but Astro has known some good times

I will update you on my changed situation later, ok but not what I thought things would be at my age. Anyway it’s not important right now.

Wishing you the BEST ! Take control

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posted May 20, 2022 12:34 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
THANK YOU Lexxi, PJ, and Viviette.

Lexxi! Thanks so much for your words and colorful artistic icons. *Heart*
I know you mean them. Your wanting-to-help is sincere, and I know it. Thanks soo much.

PixieJ .. Validating words, YES. Thanks for the Reminder. .. Nursing home? Bro + Wife 'do' shadows of some of the emotional abuse on that website's list, to my mom.
I gently nudged her a few times and responded privately that what happened wasn't respectful.
I saw Pisces-SiL wound my mom's self-confidence and esteem. She took it humbly-- THAT as the 'first' time. Did that around end of first week I was here. That REALLY bothered me, and seeing my mom even a little like that is really different.
Pisces woman is a BULLY, so foul in disposition, and terribly spoiled!

I've uncovered much about the way my father was.
(not cool)


I'd come here to post several times in the past, but sooo many little stages of life goes by, and you know me, I tend to do LONG posts...?

Got incredibly 'philosophical' the other day.

I was going to do a 'news' update------
But right now ----------------

Things aren't going well.
I had gone into my mother's room around 10pm to say our usual goodnights. That's when she pulled me close to whisper really low---

She told me that my Taurus brother had THREATENED me earlier tonight (out of earshot to me). Pisces Wife is in a POISONOUS RAGE, a seething boilpot!! Totally controls him. And he's been drinking hard liquor these days.
My (Gemini) mother had been seeing how they've been treating me. She apologized. Said how much she's enjoying having me around. Appreciates what I do.

Any way... Mom Warned me
Bro was talking big about throwing me into his car (again) : he alarmed my mother.
.. He's 6'5" and heavy, and strong. Long wildish hair and full beard down his chest.
.. His wife has been on her edgy RAGES for TWO solid MONTHS now. .
.. HATE .... She's FULL of puss in her soul.
.. And, she's angry and waiting, tired (had been complaining) of my MOM living in her own house! .
.. She has her own (passed) mother and grandmother's furniture and antiques crammed into several other rooms, and in a storage rental they have.

Mom says she notices that my Taurus Bro has been moving items that she's had to more remote places in house.. then .. they leave the premises. She says she hasn't said anything about it-- but it hurt her feelings.

Pisces woman PUSHED and pushed my mother INTO having elective surgery -- gall bladder out, on May 25.
My mom said she really feels like she 'ought' to die??
(What can I say?????? *bheart*)

So ...
I've been hearing pacing going on outside my bedroom door. Finally stopped. .. er hhmmmmm. I think I'll 'skip' brushing my teeth tonight? LoL

I've been texting RM (the one I lived with for 16 years). HE is being-there for me, by text. ..Can feel his strength, and that helps SOOO much.

Oh yes. Viviette!
The domestic violence and a justice group for seniors is now involved (for me) in my situation. Keeping an ear to the ground. Were asking about my brother one of the times we talked.

Working on getting me some senior housing.
It's called "adequate" housing. (Not "nice place to live")
The amenities include .. a refrigerator .. okay. That USUALLY is standard. LoL.

One of the forms put in by initiating agency to get me help, made a 'mistake' -- and it disqualified me from Health Care??
Worked on THAT ealier yesterday.
A lawyer will take it up as an emergency for me. (nice)

Thanks for strength, Viviette.
The first month with Pisces Rager, was very scary.
In the past week, I've been living in the light, and holding my own...
not a mouse.

Love you!

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