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Author Topic:   What is your style on clothes?

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posted October 10, 2007 05:15 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for NAM     Edit/Delete Message
It would be interesting to know.

So,what do you guys like to wear and what is your style ...
Piercings , tattoes?????
tell us, tell us!

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posted October 10, 2007 08:11 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dervish     Edit/Delete Message
High temp is getting in the 60s now, so I'm getting my trench out. That's sometimes a conversation starter.

On the right shoulder, I wrote 419, 420 below that, and then 23. I drew the Don't Tread on Me rattlesnake from the Gadsden flag under it in yellow highlighter, but it doesn't show up that well, and it's pretty faded now.

On my left sleeve, I have this Wicccan patch:

I'm not Wiccan, I just thought it was funny. I put a life rune below it. When I did the DTOM snake on my right sleeve, I also did a "golden apple" on my left, and it's also faded to the point that I doubt anyone can recognize it.

On my front, I have a pin of a rainbow triangle, and also a "pair of boots" (a pin that I fasten onto my trench coat) that someone made for me himself in recognition for winning a fanfic contest. I sometimes add more pins to it depending on my mood, but those are almost always on it.

Overall, I wear pretty unorthodox stuff. I do try for some coordination, though it may not be obvious. For example, I may wear many colors, but they'll all either be bright & cheerful or dark & severe.

I only rarely wear jewelry next to my skin because I seem to have allergic reactions to it. But I'll wear hemp jewelry, cuffs of various materials, and beaded friendship bracelets. I also like anything glo (glo necklaces, glo bracelets, etc), though I only rarely wear those. I infrequently wear gloves and rarely wear chokers.

Sleeves (ie, JUST sleeves, they're not part of a shirt) and stockings are also common with me. I have the sleeves match but the stockings don't. I often wear mismatched socks, too.

I also wear belts a lot, sometimes in unorthodox ways. I'm more careful than I used to be, as back when I was more tomboyish in appearance, my hair dyed black, and prominently wore studded leather belts, I had guys into the S&M subculture thinking I was looking for slaves (or rarely that I wanted someone to use my belt on me in a punitive way), which was odd. Since I've grown my hair out, let it return to its natural strawberry blonde, and became more feminine (if odd), that hasn't happened anymore (so far). I still wear leather belts, but I only rarely wear the studded one anymore.

I have an assortment of shoes, sandals, boots, and even a pair of Docs. I also have a collection of headwear (including bandannas) and sunglasses (various colors to better match my ensemble), too.

Rarely, I wear geek shirts (scifi and D&D themes), too. I also have a Daria shirt I wear on rare occasion. Sometimes I dress "incognito," which means I dress fairly casual but normal. I can dress to a theme, too, which I sometimes see as "incognito," though other times as just dressing up in a costume (though it's a valid style). When I took a road trip to Texas, I even dressed in mostly coveralls with tees and even a gingham dress at times.

I also dress appropriate for the activity. For example, when skateboarding, I'll wear cargo pants (I just don't like jeans for some reason and rarely wear them) and these shoes:

I often wear helmet and pads, too (have to at the park).

When shooting, I'm careful about brass burn. That means like a crew neck tee or a shirt buttoned all the way to the top, and NOT tucked in (so if some brass manages to get into my shirt, I can shake it out). You can also get brass burn on feet if you're wearing like sandals or flip flops, so I never wear those to the range.

I think that's a good summary of what I wear overall. But I can add one more thing...

In November of 2004, Veteran's Day, I did a "new age experiment." Long story short, I was to start the day by giving my reflection a pep talk, and do a few other things. For some reason, I was to "dress sexy." Not sure why, and neither was the new ager who said I should try it. Maybe that was put into the experiment because so many deal with insecurities over body image, or maybe it was a man who designed it. All the same, it was part of the experiment, and I recorded it here (this is ONLY a small excerpt):


Feeling a bit better, I trade my oversize (and faded) blue jeans, orange tee, and tennies for some form-fitting black slacks, a black tank top, and got my leather jacket out. (At first, I was going to wear a back-baring halter top, but I wasn't comfortable in it. It just didn't seem practical for multiple reasons, particularly with the footwear I chose later, so I declined and went with the tank instead.)

To get more adventurous, I added a leather choker and wrist cuffs. Natch, they were black, too. That went with my nails and dyed (black) hair perfectly.

I was wracked with Libran indecision in trying to decide between sandals and my side zipper boots (or even my Docs). The boots were black and went with my ensemble, but the sandals were casual, more relaxing most of the time, and helped project an easy going attitude (but are brown). After like five minutes, I went with the side zippers as they look better, prepared me for a lot of walking around and motion, matched my clothes, and it WAS Veteran's Day, after all, and side zipper boots have a sorta military look to them.


When my roomie showed up, she complimented my choice, saying, "I LIKE your ninja uniform." She was sincere, but she teased me a little bit, too. "All you need is a ski mask, and some longer sleeves," (I didn't have my jacket on at the time) she said. "And don't forget your weapons!"

Having teased me thusly (would this help or hurt my new age experiment?) she then put on a black tank like mine (which shows a bit of her tribal tats) and some blue jeans and red tennies.

She also wore a heavy bali link necklace that she likes (a neutral metal color) and a hemp necklace I got for her last summer. She had two silver bracelets on her left hand (one a silver rope) on her left wrist, and had two silver band rings on her left hand. Her right hand has a moon and stars ring and tribal band ring (both mostly silver); her tank covered her red ladybug belly charm that she got on some whim (red is her favorite color).

Hey, she's an "Aries Deluxe" (this means Aries Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Ascendant!), so I do the smart thing and let her know how special she is to me and not say anything about the clothes (which look kinda cool in a "DisKordyan" way anyway.)

Anyway, back to our crimes of fashion. I myself typically don't wear any jewelry (for some reason, metal tends to irritate my skin, so when I do, it will usually have a practical purpose, or it will be something other than metal like my choker and cuffs). She typically doesn't wear earrings of any kind, as she grew up in a rough area and they'd been known to get ripped out of ears. Both of us usually only wear minimal makeup (unless there's a specific reason), and today is no exception.

As I'm examining my hair in the mirror (and wondering if I should add a clip or put a beret on, and deciding against it as none are black and black is my theme for the day) and checking my nail polish, I say we should go get some pizza.

Brushing out her hair, she says, "No, I'm in the mood for Indian." I find I like the suggestion...

Obviously, it's not the entire experiment. But I thought you might like that little excerpt from it. It's also back in the day when I was more tomboyish and still dyed by hair black. I look a lot different now and almost never wear jeans of any kind, especially blue jeans.

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posted October 11, 2007 03:17 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for yourfriendinspirit     Edit/Delete Message
I want the triple threat one!!!
Gotta' see this, LOL!
I'd wear it!

I'd also wear any of these minus the one Marlene Francis wore, LOL! It looks like a bag in poor taste.
Sendin' love your way,
"your friend in spirit"

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posted October 11, 2007 09:24 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for nattie33     Edit/Delete Message
My style is a hippie/gypsy combo. I have 7 piercings in my ears and wear lots of silver jewelry. earrings and bangles. shawls and capes. and i hate anything to close to my neck so i usually wear low cut shirts.

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