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Author Topic:   Chaldean Numerology

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posted February 16, 2007 06:59 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Lotus,

Very cool post. I like your wisodm and mystical images.I think I could learn a great deal from you. I also think you have genuine talent Lotus!And I also like the fact your not afraid to think for yourself and challenge traditional ideas and try to find your own answers! Bravo!

Now to your post.

I think I can help with a few questions you have ,but there are many I'm not sure of myself.I tend to try to brainstorm like you and use my creativity to come up with a few new ideas(at least new to me) or

First of all I agree with you that heaven and earth are one. Samsara is nirvana as the Buddhists say. It's simply about perspective and conciousness. So I'm with you there. I was simply referring to manifestation in time/space with Jupiter or Zeus and Saturn (symbolized by 8).They are really one with each other ,but here they appear as different aspects of one energy.And the same goes for the Mother too( I know you know this). But here in time/space they appear as two distinct entities.Beyond Maya there is no need for distinction,but since we live in the" maya motel",lol, all appears separate.
Now for your question:-)

Why is the second card not called "the moon"? I've thought about such things for a long time.Here is my position so far on it. I may be very wrong,but it's fun to speculate.

The cards are expressing astrological energies and numerological ideas in a sympathetic and complimentary way. It doesn't do so in a way identical to formal astrological and numerological principles.What do you think of that?
it's got to be because so much makes so little sense other wise. Do you agree?
Anyway ,here's my ideas,please be patient i may be very wrong ,but maybe you can help me fix my mistakes! Let's work on it together and maybe we can uncover the mandala!

I think the second card is not called "The Moon" because it's representing something more than the moon.It represents the relationships between the energies of the moon(also cancer) and tuarus (2nd sign in astrology,2nd tarot card) and it's ruler venus. The moon is exalted in taurus and this card symbolizes that realtionship. So moon symbolism is there,but not expressed overtly because that's not only what the cards about.It's about the relationship between the moon and venus(which rules taurus).The high priestess is a symbol of the moon in her relationship with venus.

The (18) moon card on the other hand symbolizes the realtionship between cancer and pisces and their rulers(moon card represents the sign pisces). Neptune (pisces ruler)is exalted in cancer. So piseces and the moon have a very intimate connection.The moon is the unconcious intuition and psychic energy ,stuff pisces is known for. So this card symbolizes neptunes relationship with the moon.Also 18 reduces to nine. The 9th sign is sagittarius which co-rules jupiter with pisces. Cancer(ruled by the moon ) is also the exaltation sign for jupiter!

The devil card is the relationship between capricorn and gemini. capricorn is ruled by saturn ,the macrocpsmic representation of maya and gemini is ruled by mercury the microcosmic maya(the mind). both signs relate to the issues of being chained to the material ,i.e. mental sphere.Also 15 reduces to 6 which is the sixth sign virgo. The earthy mind. The synthesis of capricorn and gemini!. It all fits if you think of themes and not traditional ideas in either astrology or numerology.

The magician is the sun, if you think of 1 as the first sign, aries. Aries is the sign of exaltaion of what planet? The sun! see ,so the sun's there, he's just hidng . So all the cards are sound numerologially and astrologically if you follow the theme's of the cards! What's cool too is that Alice Bailey says that Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries. mercury is the Planet for the magician card!
19 is the sun because it symbolizes the reationship between libra and leo or the sun and venus not strictly just the sun alone.(this relationship explains why leo is romantic, enduring,artistically creative, traits of venus) So it's not just the sun it's expressing but also the sun in relationship to others energies,in this case venus,libra. Also 19 reduces to 1 the numerological Sun and aries the first sign!So maybe it's about relationships within the cards of numbers and signs and planets.Who knows if I'm right,but I do think the cards are more than just astrology or numerology, they are about composite energies and relationships. That's my humble opinion:-)

Your other question about Virgo seems to be related to it's time of year.Virgo is a an earth sign because it relates to the time of harvest. it is symbolized by a woman(virgin) holding a staff of wheat.It's relates to mercury as it is a discriminating energy. seprating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. I like your ideas about vulcan myself ,so who knows if it is really ruled by mercury.

I've heard it said that the sun does have a twin,who knows I'm very willing to listen to the argument. It may be true.I've always kind of thought of pluto as the suns twin. The dark sun . leo and scorpio resonate pretty well also.

Anyway Lotus,
Hope this was fun!


PS. I'm having a problem at the library with late fines on books.They have said they might suspend my library privilegdes temporarily. So if I'm not on here for a little while please don't be offended! I'm sure it will all be cleared up soon!

In the mean time. think abou the cards and give your feedback! Let's see how much of the puzzle we can piece together!

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posted February 16, 2007 08:25 PM           Edit/Delete Message
SkyFysh, you are very kind and gracious

WOW! That was abSOULetly Fabulous!
and sure ties things together, and makes
sense to me...

the cards 0 to 21
are a story

hehe, divining the future...

for history repeats itself
til we learn, or
have to start over, lol

The Sibylline Oracles
BY Milton S. Terry
Copyright by
Eaton & Mains

end of BOOK V

I saw the threatening of the shining Sun
Among the stars, and in the lightning flash
690 The dire wrath of the Moon; the stars travailed
With battle; and God gave them up to fight
For long fire-flames rebelled against the Sun;
Lucifer treading upon Leo's back
Began the fight; and the Moon's double horn
695 Changed its shape; Capricorn smote Taurus's neck;
And Taurus took away from Capricorn
Returning day. Orion would no more
Abide his yoke; the lot of Gemini
Did Virgo change in Aries; no more shone
700 The Pleiads; Draco disavowed his zone;
Down into Leo's girdle Pisces went.
Cancer remained not, for he feared Orion;
Scorpio down on dire Leo backwards moved;
And from the Sun's flame Sirius slipped away;
705 And the strength of the mighty Shining One
Aquarius kindled. Uranus himself
Was roused, until he shook the warring ones;
And being incensed he hurled them down to earth.
Then swiftly smitten down upon the baths
710 Of Ocean they set all the earth on fire;
And the high heaven remained without a star.

does this refer to a previous fall
or upcoming one?

I'll try to add more later. . .

LOts of LOve to ALL

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posted February 18, 2007 06:32 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Belage     Edit/Delete Message
I can't believe I've just now discovered this wonderful thread. I look forward to reading every single post.

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posted February 18, 2007 09:04 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Hi Belage, glad you joined Us

I was going through my major arcana cards
transfixed on the Devil Card

check out his hand
it's that malformation
I don't know what is is called

but you know Spock, Star Trek
taking tour four fingers
slitting two off to each side
forming a V
Jesus' hand has the same
in the Last Supper!

supposedly Divinci
had this malformation also

does anyone know what it is called?

this ties Jesus Devil Divinci
together, doesn't it?

LOve to ALL...

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posted February 19, 2007 01:58 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I am going to type up all of BOOK II
Sibylline Oracles

Now while I much entreated God restrained
My wise song, also in my breast again
He put the charming voice of words divine.
In my whole body terror-stricken these
5 I follow; for I know not that I speak,
But God impels me to proclaim each thing.
But When on earth come shocks, fierce thunderbolts,
Thunders and lightnings, storms, and evil blight,
And rage of jackals and of wolves, manslaughter,
10 Destruction of men and of lowing kine,
Four-footed cattle and laboring mules,
And goats and sheep, then shall the ample field
Be barren from neglect, and fruits shall fail,
And there shall be a selling of their freedom
15 Among most men, and robbery of temples.
And then shall, after these, appear of men
The tenth race, when the earth-shaking Lightner
Shall break the zeal for idols and shall shake
The people of seven-hilled Rome, and riches great
20 Shall perish, burned by Vulcan's fiery flame.
And then shall bloody signs from heaven descend
. . . . . .
But yet the whole world of unnumbered men
Enraged shall kill each other, and in tumult
Shall God send famines, plagues, and thunderbolts
25 On men who, without justice, judge of rights.
And lack of men shall be in all the world,
So that if anyone beheld a trace
Of man on earth, he would be wonderstruck.
And then shall the great God who dwells in heaven
30 Saviour of pious men in all things prove.
And then shall there be peace and wisdom deep,
And the fruit-bearing land shall yield again
Abundent fruits, divided not in parts
Nor yet enslaved. And every harbor then,
And every haven, shall be free to men
As formerly, and shamelessness shall perish.
And then will God show mortals a great sign:
For like a lustrous crown shall shine a star,
Bright, all resplendent, from the radiant heaven
40 Days not a few; and then will he display
From heaven a crown for contest unto men
Who wrestle. And then there shall be again
A mighty contest of triumphal march
Into the heavenly sky, and it shall be
45 For all men in the world, and have the fame
of immortality. And every people
Shall then in the immortal contests strive
For splendid victory. For no one there
Can shamelessly with silver buy a crown.
50 For unto them will the pure Christ adjudge
That which is due, and crown the ones approved,
And give his martyrs an immortal prize
Who carry on the contest unto death.
And unto chaste men who run their race well
55 Will he the incorruptible reward
Of the prize give, and to all men allot
That which is due, and also to strange nations
That live a holy life and know of one God.
And those who have regard for marriages
60 And keep themselves far from adulteries,
To them rich gifts, eternal hope, he'll give.
For every human soul is God's free gift,
And 'tis not right men stain it with vile deeds.
[Do not be rich unrighteously, but lead
65 A life of probity. Be satisfied
With what thou hast and keep thyself from that
Which is another's. Speak not what is false,
But have a care for all things that are true.
Rever not idols vainly; but the God
70 Imperishable honor always first,
And next thy parents. Render all things due,
And into unjust judgment come thou not.

it's 15 pages long, I will, as I have time continue to type it out..thanks for your basically tells us how to live, and the signs that will come to show that Judgment is here...very interesting!

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posted February 19, 2007 02:51 PM           Edit/Delete Message

Do not cast out the poor unrighteously,
Nor judge by outward show; if wickedly
75 Thou judgest, God hereafter will judge thee.
Avoid false testimony; tell the truth
Maintain thy virgin purity, and guard
Love among all. Deal measures that are just;
For beautiful is measure full to all.
80 Strike not the scales oneside, but draw them equal.
Forswear not ignorantly nor willingly;
God hates the perjured man in that he swore.
A gift proceeding out of unjust deeds
Never receive in hand. Do not steal seed;
85 Accursed through many generations he
Who took it unto scattering of life.
Indulge not vile lusts, slander not, nor kill.
Give the toilworn his hire; do not afflict
The poor man. Unto orphans help afford
90 And to widows and the needy. Talk with sense;
Hold fast in heart a secret. Be unwilling
to act unjustly nor yet tolerate
Unrighteous men. Give to the poor at once
And say not, "Come to-morrow." Of thy grain
95 Give to the needy with perspiring hand.
He who gives alms knows how to lend to God.
Mercy redeems from death when judgment comes.
Not sacrifice, but mercy God desires
Rather than sacrifice. The naked clothe,
100 Share thy bread with the hungry, in thy house
Receive the shelterless and lead the blind.
Pity the shipwrecked; for the voyage is
Uncertain. To the fallen give a hand;
And save the man that stands without defense.
105 Common to all is suffering, life's a wheel,
Riches unstable. Having wealth, reach out
To the poor thy hand. Of what God gave to thee
Bestow thou also on the needy one.
Common is the whole life of mortal men;
110 But it comes out unequal. When thou seest
A poor man never banter him with words,
Nor harshly accost a man who may be blamed.
One's life in death is proven; if one did
The unlawful or just, it shall be decided
115 When he to judgment comes. Disable not
Thy mind with wine nor drink excessively.
Eat not blood, and abstain from things
Offered to idols. Gird not on the sword
For slaughter, but defense; and would thou might
120 It neither lawlessly nor justly use:
For if thou kill an enemy thy hand
Thou doust defile. Keep from thy neighbor's field,
Nor trespass on it; just is every landmark,
And trespass painful. Useful is possession
125 Of lawful wealth, but of unrighteous gains
'Tis worthless. Harm not any growing fruit
Of the field. And let strangers be esteemed
In equal honor with the citizens;
For much-enduring hospitality
130 Shall all experience as eacg other's guests;
But let there not be anyone a stranger
Among you, since, ye mortals, all of you
Are of one blood, and no land has for men
Any sure place. Wish not nor pray for wealth;
135 But pray to live from few things and possess
Nothing at all unjust. The love of gain
Is mother of all evil. Do not long
For gold and silver; in them there will be
A double-edged and soul-destroying iron.

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posted February 19, 2007 04:19 PM           Edit/Delete Message

140 A snare to men continually are gold
And silver. Gold , of evils source, of life
Destructive, troubling all things, would that thou
Wert not to mortals such a longed-for bane!
For wars, beacause of thee, and pillaging
145 And murders come, and children hate their sires,
And brothers and sisters those of their own blood.
Plot no deceit, and do not arm thy heart
Against a friend. keep not concealed within
A different thought from what thou speakest forth;
150 Nor, like rock-clinging polyp, change with place.
But with all be frank, and things from the soul
Speak thou forth. Whosoever willfully
Commits a wrong, an evil man is he;
But he that does it under force, the end
155 I tell not; but let each man's will be right.
Pride not thyself in wisdom, power, or wealth;
God only is the wise and mighty one
And full of riches. Do not vex thy heart
With evils that are past; for what is done
160 Can never be undone. Let not thy hand
Be hasty, but ferocious passion curb;
For many times has one in striking done
Murder without design. Let suffering
Be common , neither great nor overmuch.
165 Excessive good has brought forth to men
That which is helpful. And much luxury
Leads to immoderate lusts. Much wealth is proud,
And makes one grow to wanton violence.
Passionate feeling, creeping in, effects
170 Destructive madness. Anger is a lust,
And when it is excessive it is wrath.
The zeal of good men is a noble thing,
But of the base is base. Of wicked men
The boldness is destructive, but renown
175 Follows that of the good. To be revered
Is virtuous love, but that of Cypris works
Increase of shame. A silly man is called
Very agreeable among his fellows.
With moderation eat, drink, and converse;
180 Of all things moderation is the best;
But trespass of its limit brings to grief.
Be not thou envious, faithless, or abusive,
Or evil-minded, or a false deceiver.
Be prudent and abstain from shameless deeds.
185 Imitate not what's evil, but leave thou
Vengeance to justice; for persuausion is
A useful thing, but strife engenders strife.
Trust not too quickly ere thou see the end.]

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posted February 19, 2007 05:28 PM           Edit/Delete Message

This is the contest, these are the rewards;
190 these are the prizes; this the gate of life
And entrance into immortality,
Which God in heaven unto most righteous men
Appointed a reward for victory;
And through this gate shall gloriously pass
195 Those who shall then receive the victor's crown.
But when this sign shall everywhere appear--
Children with gray hair on their temples born--
And human sufferings, famines, plagues, and wars,
And change of times, and many a tearful wail,
200 Ah! of how many parents in the lands
Will children mourn and piteously weep,
And with shrouds bury flesh and limbs in earth,
Mother of peoples, with the blood and dust
Themselves defiling. O ye wretched men
205 Of the last generation, evil doers,
Terrible, childish, not perceiving this,
That when the tribes of women do not bear
The harvest time of mortal men is come.
Near is the ruin when imposters come.
210 Instead of prophets speaking on the earth.
And Beliar shall come and many signs
Perform for men. And then of holy men,
Elect and faithful, there shall be confusion,
And pillaging of them and of the Hebrews.

and to think, this was written around 300 B.C., it's getting interesting now!

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posted February 19, 2007 06:23 PM           Edit/Delete Message
215 And there shall be upon them fearful wrath
When from the east a people of twelve tribes
Shall come in search of kindred Hebrew people
Whom Assyrian shoot destroyed ; and over them
Shall nations perish. But they afterwards
220 Shall over men exceeding mighty rule,
Elect and faithful Hebrews, and enslave
Them as before, since their power ne'er shall fail.
He that is the highest, of all, the all-surveying,
Dwelling in heaven, will scatter sleep on men,
225 Covering the eyelids o'er. O blessed servants
Whom when the Master comes he finds awake!
And they all watch at all times and expect
With sleepless eyes. For it will be at dawn
Or eve or midday; but he sure will come,
230 And it shall be as I say, it shall be,
To them that sleep, that from the starry heaven
The stars at midday will to all appear
With the two lights as the time hastens on.
And then the Tishbite, urging from the heaven
235 His chariot celestial, and on earth
Arriving, shall to all the world display
Three evil signs of life to be destroyed.
Alas for all the women in that day
Who shall be found with burden in the womb!
240 Alas for all who suckle tender babes!
Alas for all who shall dwell on the waves!
Alas for women who shall see that day!
For a dark mist shall hide the boundless world,
East, west, and south, and north. And then shall flow
245 A mighty stream of burning fire from heaven
And every place consume, earth, ocean vast,
And gleaming sea, and lakes and rivers, springs,
And cruel Hades and the heavenly sky.
And heavenly lights shall shall break up into one
250 And into outward form all-desolate.
For stars from heaven shall fall into all seas.
And all the souls of men shall gnash their teeth
Burned both by sulphur stream and force of fire
In ravenous soil, and ashes hide all things.
255 And then of the world all the elements
Shall be bereft, air, earth, sea, light, sky, days,
Nights; and no longer in the air shall fly
Birds without number, nor shall living things
That swim the sea swim any more at all,
260 Nor freighted vessel o'er the billows pass,
Nor kine straight-guiding plow the field, nor sound
Of furious winds; but he shall fuse all things
Together, and shall pick out what is pure.
But when the immortal God's eternal angels
265 Arakiel, Ramiel, Uriel, Samiel,
And Azael, they that know how many evils
Anyone did before, shall from dark gloom
Then lead to judgment all the souls of men
Before the judgment-seat of the great God
270 Immortal; for imperishable is
One only, himself the almighty One,
Who shall be judge of mortals; and to them
That dwell beneath will then this heavenly One
Give souls and spirit and voice, and also bones
275 Fitted with joints unto all kinds of flesh,
And both the flesh and sinews, veins and skin
About the body, and hair as before;
Divinely fashioned and with breathing moved
Shall bodies of those on earth one day be raised.
280 And then shall Uriel, mighty angel, break
The bolts of stern and lasting adamant
Which, monstrous, hold the brazen gates of Hades,
Straight cast them down, and unto judgment lead
All forms that have endured much suffering,
285 Chiefly the shapes of Titans born of old,
And giants, and all whom the deluge whelmed,
And all that perished in the billowy seas,
And all that furnished banquet for the beasts
And creeping things and fowls, these in a mass
290 Shall (Uriel) summon to the judgment-seat;
And also those whom flesh-devouring fire
Destroyed in flame, even these shall he collect
And place before the judgment-seat of God.
And when the high-thundering Lord Sabaoth
295 Making an end of fate shall raise the dead,
Sit on his heavenly throne, and firmly fix
the mighty pillar, then amid the clouds
Christ, who himself is incorruptible,
Shall come unto the Incorruptible
300 In glory with pure angels, and shall sit
At the right hand on the great judgment-seat
To judge the life of pious and the way
Of impious men. And Moses, the great friend
Of the Most High, shall come enrobed in flesh;
Also great Abraham himself shall come,
Isaac and Jacob, Joshua, Daniel,
Elijah, Habakkuk and Jonah, and
Those whom the Hebrews slew. But he'll destroy
The Hebrews after Jeremiah, all
310 Who are to be judged at the judgment-seat,
That worthy recompense they may receive
And pay for all each did in mortal life.

4 more pages and I will be done..I'll finish it later this evening. ...

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posted February 19, 2007 09:40 PM           Edit/Delete Message
And then shall all pass through the burning stream
Of flame unquenchable; but all the just
315 Shall be saved; and the godless furthermore
Shall to all ages perish, all who did
Evils aforetime, and committed murders,
And all who are accomplices therein,
Liars and thieves, and ruiners of home,
320 Crafty and terrible, and parasites,
And marriage-breakers pouring forth vile words,
Dread, wanton, lawless, and idolaters;
And all who left the great immortal God,
Became blasphemers, did the pious harm,
325 Destroying faith and killing righteous men;
And all that with a shamelessness deceitful
And double-faced rush in as presbyters
And reverend ministers, who knowingly
Give unjust judgments, yielding to false words...
330 More hurtful than the leopards and the wolves
And more vile; and all that are grossly proud;
And usurers, who gains on gains amass
And damage orphans and widows in each thing;
And all that give to widows and to orphans
335 The fruit of unjust deeds, and all that cast
Reproach in giving from their own toils;
And all that left their parents in old age,
Not paying them at all, nor offering
To parents filial duty, and all who
340 Were disobedient and against their sires
Spoke a harsh word; and all that pledges took
And then denied them; and the servants all
Who were against their masters, and again
Those who licentiously defiled the flesh;
345 And all who loosed the girdle of the maid
For secret intercourse, and all who caused
Abortions, and all who their offspring cast
Unlawfully away; and sorcerers
And sorceresses with them, all these wrath
350 Of the heavenly and immortal God shall drive
Against a pillar, where shall all around
In a circle flow a restless stream of fire;
And deathless angels of the immortal God,
Who ever is, shall bind with lasting bonds
355 In chains of flaming fire and from above
Punish them all by scourge most terribly;
And in Gehenna, in the gloom of the night,
Shall they be cast 'neath many horrid beasts
Of Tartarus, where darkness is immense.
360 But when there shall be many punishments
Enforced on all who had an evil heart,
Yet afterward shall there a fiery wheel
From a great river circle them around,
Because they had a care for wicked deeds.
365 And then one here, another there, shall sires,
Young children, mothers, nursing babes, in tears
Wail their most piteous fate. No fill of tears
Shall be for them, nor piteous voice be heard
Of them that moan, one here, another there,
370 But long worn under dark, dank Tartarus
Aloud shall they cry; and they shall repay
In cursed places thrice as much as all
The evil work they did, burned with much fire;
And all of them, consumed by raging thirst
375 And hunger, shall in anguish gnash their teeth
And call death beautiful and death shall flee
Away from them. For neither death nor night
Shall ever give them rest. And many things is vain
Will they ask of the God that rules on high,
380 And then will he his face turn openly
Away from them. For he to erring men
Gave, in seven ages for repentence, signs
By the hands of a virgin undefiled.
But the others, all to whom right and fair works
385 And piety and thoughts most just were dear,
Shall angels, bearing through the burning stream,
Lead unto light and life exempt from care,
Where comes the immortal way of the great God
And fountains three--of honey, wine, and milk.
390 And equal land for all, divided not
By walls or fences, more abundant fruits
Spontaneous shall then bear, and the course
Of life be common and wealth unapportioned.
For there no longer will be poor nor rich,
395 Tyrant nor slave, nor any great nor small,
Nor kings nor leaders; all alike in common.
No more at all will one say, "night has come,"
Nor "morrow comes," nor "yesterday has been;"
Nor shall there many days of anxious care,
400 Nor spring, nor winter, nor the summer-heat,
Nor autumn be [nor marriage, nor yet death,
Nor sales, nor purchases], nor set of sun
Nor rising; for a long day will God make.
And to the pious will the almighty God
405 Imperishable grant another thing,
When they shall ask the imperishable God:
That he will suffer men from raging fire
And endless gnawing anguish to be saved;
And this will he do. For hereafter he
410 Will pluck them from the restless flame, elsewhere
Remove them to other and eternal life
With the immortals, in Elysian field,
Where move far-stretching billows of the lake
415 Of ever-flowing Acheron profound.
Ah, miserable woman that I am!
What shall I be in that day? for I sinned--
Being busy foolishly about all things,
Caring for neither marriage-bond nor reason;
420 But even in my wealthy husband's house
I shut the needy out; and formerly
I knowingly performed unlawful things.
But, Saviour, though I shameless things performed,
Do thou from my tormentors rescue me,
425 A shameless woman. And I pray thee now
Make me to rest a liitle from my song,
Holy Giver of manna, King of the great realm.

so ends BOOK II...

we must also consider in reading this,
that it has been translated by man, and
things may have been added, or deleted..

for ultimatley God and the Truth
are in each One of Us. ...

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posted February 20, 2007 12:50 PM           Edit/Delete Message
SkyFysh, I hope you don't feel like I have taken over your string..I just keep spinning
and Mother and Father God talk to me
and then I want to share..where I have been lead to, and what I have been shone...
People can think me crazy, but that is my Truth..

So, when we were conversing last Night at
3:00 A.M.
my concern of humanity, was overwhelming me
and all thses prophecies, and their tru meanings..some should not be revealed..for that would be to make that feed them...

we can/alter change things
we are co-creators

the Universal Laws are immutable
the only way to change this law

FORGIVENESS (naiad has a wonderful lexi in this in that forum)

come full-serpent-circle and forgive..
with unconditional LOVE...this stops the circle of karma, among each other...

it is the only way, ir the karma/cause/effect continues, good or bad. ...

what if one day, we all just decided to Forgive, ALL, I have,
any karma I get is instant..when I fall, I get hurt right away, if I am good, good comes back to me right away...
better to be good, I think...

no holding on to resent, or anger..releasing..letting it go
and continious cleansing of you
soul, and
for me it's become a natural thing to do
most often, to forgive and move forward
always allowing new starts
new beginnings
with good intentions. ..
for the Good of ALL...

I want all to know GOD
I want all to Master ThemSelves

to live a good happy life
learning and growing

like a secret garden...
blooming with beauty... .

LOve LOve LOve

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posted February 20, 2007 12:55 PM           Edit/Delete Message
P.S. I went to the lexi forum and bumped were Salome then, Naiad

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posted February 20, 2007 05:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Lotus ,

I only have access to a fifteen minute computer at the library today. Please forgive my brief post. as usual you overwhelm me with you prolific posts!
So many ideas to share hon! WOW ,great stuff.
Sometimes I feel like I know nothing.

I read the forgiveness post you mentioned. It was beautiful! I really do my best with it.But so often fail.

Thanks also for putting so much effort into you posts.At least I can say one person in my life seems to like me for myself and values me.I just feel very sad today hon.
I've made such a mess of my life really and I
have to own up to it.It's just hard.
Thank you mostly for you kindness Lotus.I'm a very weary person sometimes and kindness has been a commodity that my life has been sorely lacking lately.


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posted February 20, 2007 05:05 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Sky, A Big Hug of LOve, Sending you LOts of LOve and Light, I'll be honest, I feel like I know you, and I am here if you need anything..

here's my email, if you ever want to talk...

I'm in N.H. now!

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posted February 21, 2007 05:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Lotus,

Your so wonderful! What a kind ,sweet post you left for me! I'm so impressed !Your really a sweet ,loving soul.Kindness is what I value most on this earth! And you have it!
It's very rare that I post about my feelings,yesterday was one of the first times ever.I was just feeling hopeless and sad.
I'm deeply touched that you offered your email for me to write you. I definitely will! Your so very nice!I feel much better today thanks to you!
I feel like I know you too. I also feel accepted by you and that you understand me . So much of my life I've felt that many people haven't.It's kind of lonely going through life feeling like an outsider and a person that other constantly misinterpret.I've gotten used to it,but it's not fun!
To find a person that intuitively understands me is a very rare thing in my life .I really don't know how you did,I just know you did. It's helped me a great deal because it makes you realize that you don't have to spend the rest of your life protecting your feelings from everyone and skating on the surface of things because you don't want to get hurt again!
What you did with your post Lotus, was something I won't forget! You expressed true spirituality,kindness and compassion. To me ,helping a friend , kind words, doing something good. These are the most vital things in spiritual life. Reading and thinking about these things is beautiful, but if it doesn't show up in your life, in your words, in your actions,I feel the point is missed. You showed me that your spirituality is a true one and I respect and admire you for it!Thanks Lotus, you really are a friend!


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posted February 21, 2007 05:13 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Oh my ggodness, Sky, you have truly touched my heart..with your words..I feel very much like difficult it is to talk with people in today's society..that are walking around with blinders on..and cotton in thier ears...

to find someone..that understands..equal give and take...time given to share...without fear of being judged...
this when two hearts open up...
and each become one another...

I am so glad, you are here, Sky...

What sign are you?

I am Sun Taurus
Ascending in Libra
Moon in Scorpio

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posted February 21, 2007 05:26 PM           Edit/Delete Message
okay..The reason I brought up signs...

I have a theory I am working on...
which revolves around Greek MYthology...
Prometheus..and the creation stories,

we are star seeds, indeed!


and so on...
this Souls and counter parts, and etc
have incarnated since the beginning of time

all souls were created first...

this life experience was chosen later...
I believe we are starting to remember through
religion, history, literature...

who we have been...
we are nearing a big change
in this world
another fall

unless we take control
and Master OurSelves...

we are co-creators...

the first 5 couples
must find one another

5 continents
5 eden's

the first to break the laws
so to speak...

now, what do you think of all that?

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posted February 21, 2007 05:35 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Now I'll try to respond to the amazing posts you left earlier!

All that information is a little overwhelming for me now. I'll have to read your posts over a number of times before I can really comment on them in any depth.
My first feeling is that they very much remind me of the old testament and the prophets. Astounding language and large shattering images.It puts you in such a serious and stern mind set. You can almost feel the spiritual energy vibrating off all the words.
The ideas are so vast and so sweeping you do get the sense of a mind authoring this that's in an altered or channeling state.
Profound and deeply moving though.
I've never read this text before so you'll have to bear with me till I research it a bit.
But my first reaction is that it is something highly unusual with a very powerfuL ancient voice booming from it's center!I'm going to have to think long and hard about it,before I can really get a sense of orientation about it all! Wow, great things Lotus!

I find it fascinating when you say that certain prophecies should not revealed because we may bring them about. I've never heard that idea before,but if you think of the words as almost incantations I see what you mean.
I agree that we are co-creators with the creative force and also I feel at times we are in a more passive relationship too.

I agree with what you say about karma and forgiveness. There is no way out of the circle of action and reaction without forgiveness.
It helpes me to remember the people I've hurt and apply my desrie for forgiveness to the ones who hurt me. Then it becomes less of an abstrct for me and the reality of the need to forgive seems more vital.
I've become MUCH better than I used to be about letting go of resentment and grudges. When i was a young person if someone did something I thought was wrong, that was it . I wrote them off for good. I'm some cases it was years before I spoke to them again. Even my own family. But then i started to see that my life wasn't perfect and my actions weren't above reproach. And i learned that we're all human and we often lash out at other and hurt through the mismanagement of our own pain. With these insights and the humilty that my life has tuaght me. I came to see things differently. As my ego has weakened I've beceome a better person. As my own faults showed themselves to me ,my judgement of others weakened. I learned compassion through my own weakness and forgiveness through my own spiritual defeats!
Thanks again hon, for everything


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posted February 21, 2007 05:48 PM           Edit/Delete Message
SkyFysh, Thanks for sharing sopme of your journey, it's humbling and beautiful to see
and hear. ...

and how true...

the the hardest thing to let go...
but in so doing...

you open the door

to all the Worlds... .

and all the compassion
unconditional LOve, Reverence
for all that we have been given....

MOther and Father God...
I am so thankful! I LOve ALL...


P.S. BOOK II of the Oracles...
seems much like the bible
and shows the predominance
towards Father the Male
in charge
in this, we must see, that it
has indeed been changed...

for there could not have been Father
if it were not for MOther. ...
~something to ponder~

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posted February 21, 2007 06:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Wow, Lotus your astonishing!

I just posted and went back to read what I put down and you already had two posts in reply to my first one!
I'm dumbfounded ,lol. Your really such an amazing person!
Your right Lotus,it is rare to find people who understand and so liberating when you do!I agree ,give and take and a judgement free enviroment is vital to being ourselves and growing as people!We're very lucky to find that!And I love the exchange of ideas,when I learn from others and then have the fun of offering my ideas too.It's just the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My astro info is:
Sun Pisces
Ascending Capricorn
Moon Capricorn

I'd love to here your ideas on the creation myths and the signs. It sounds like a brilliant idea. I like to apporach subjects like astrology with the idea that there are still things to be discovered and endless learing to be garnered. I like the fact that you want to be an active creator with astrology ,no only a student!I want to hear every idea you have!

Wow, I was just reading your other ideas about the need to grow and the possibilty o another fall. You know you may be right. It's not an area I've conisdered often. The idea of such large historical happenings.But your words are powerful . I do belive your right about mastering ourselves and being the greatest beings we can be. We simply have to become the best possible people we are capable of. And live our lives with a passion for all things good and do the best we can to help each other!

I think your posts are splendid Lotus, you have learning in areas I don't and your prospective is unique and original. I love your ideas and the way you write! Your undertanding of general metaphysics dwarfs my own. I love getting new ideas,new insights ,new material,learning new things.
That's what life's all about for me. And if you find friends that share your joy and teach and inspire you than your very lucky. And thanks to you I am Lotus!


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posted February 21, 2007 06:10 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Awww, Sky!

you are too kind, hehe, I want to share everything that is shone to me, but I can't
only as is time to..and I am Re-MINDed...
to shed Light...

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...

glittering and shimmering
singing, sWINGing, from star to star
mapping a way...
Turning Pointe...

First Position
and 1
and 2
and 3...

repeat repeat repeat....

Let's try something new...

View from Heaven

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posted February 21, 2007 06:22 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Wow, it happened again!!

I just finnished my last post and you have another one there! Your great!

Releasing ego energy has been an enourmous struggle for me.
My journey of humility has been hard ,but it allowed me to develop more character and become a better perosn. I'll tell you a little about what happened to me.When i was young things came easy to me and I coasted through life ,while many of my friends struggled. School was easy and I was creatively more advanced than the people I grew up with.I was arrogant and thought I was better than other people. I had little compassion for others then. I felt superior and that the problems of other people we're distant and abstract.Then my life got hard and some of the things I took for granted were taken away from me. I began to hurt and feel some of the pain other people felt. Over time my life became increasingly difficult and then Nothing seemed to work any more and I was forced to see I wasn't as superior as I thought, I wasn't as infallible as I believed. It humbled me, it allowed me to see others pain and to feel for them. And in the midst of that tragedy ,a new me began to emerge. A person less selfish, a person less concerned with worldly things. A person more concerned with others and more humble and modest.It was a great trial ,but out of it came a better person. I was so imbalenced then that it took something as extreme as what I went through to bring me to where I am. I have a great amount of work yet to do ,but I'm grateful for the growth I have been able to achieve.

I agree with you that the creative force is both masculine and femminine. It couldn't be otherwise.Balencing those energies in ourself and the universe is one of the tests of our journey I think.I like the idea of seeing the creative energy as femminine.It's nice to think I have a heavenly Mom!I know that the two sides of the creator are responsible for creation because everything increation has two halves! So yes, there is definitly a female and male counterpart to the creator!

Oh, Lotus,yet another wonderful series of letters!Thanks again for the kind words and your pretty posts!


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posted February 21, 2007 06:38 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
And yet again, wow! Your quick!

My time at the computer is drawing to a close,but I do want to thank you for the support and the help and the wisdom. I needed them all!!


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posted February 21, 2007 06:44 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I had to run to the store...two accidents..I had to be detoured around...
the forces may be very harsh on some...

we are being forced to Learn and Grow. ...

SkyFysh, we're here, now, for a reason and purpose..and to share, how we came to be
where we are...your writing calms me..
I feel not so alone, here in this physical
world..and mere words cannot explain how
thankful I am to have you here...

Thanks for being U

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posted February 21, 2007 07:03 PM           Edit/Delete Message

so..that means, if we go, by two-halves
each planet has male and female

and would make sense
why gaia, rhea and hera
were not given a planet name

Uranus and Gaia..Uranus-Aquarius

Cronus and Rhea..Saturn-Capricorn

Zues and Hera..Jupiter-Sagitarrius

this means it is Mother and Father Earth
Mother and Father Sky..

what do you think?

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