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Author Topic:   Chaldean Numerology
posted February 22, 2007 02:07 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Hi SkyFysh, just in case you did try to email me, I just wanted to let you know, I have not received one...

in this Forum, Silverstone, has posted "From the False Gospel in the Stars, it's very interesting, if you get time to read it. ...

Okay, onto the agenada of the Day
with a heavy heart....

we made pledges
Promises for Tomorrow

Our Purpose...

I am asking for Us to Re-Member

planet of Karma
Father Time

AS I have mentioned, SkyFysh
I feel like I know you...
Silverstone, same thing
Thorshammer, too!

and more...

my dearest sisters
where are you?

all of you, every sinlge
from the beginnning
to each generation...
to today!

let's Re-Member, please

I need you. ...

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posted February 22, 2007 05:05 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Today's date...


2 + 22(master number, do not reduce) + 9

= 33

a new Master Number LOve and Magic!

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Posts: 54
Registered: Feb 2007

posted February 22, 2007 06:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Wow, Lotus your always so prolific and post way before I do!
Thank you so much for your kind words.Lotus, you made me feel so good ,I can't even tell you.There aren't a lot of things that move me in this life,but your post did. When I hear such things from you it's like a place in my soul gets warm and feels at peace.I have a true sense of fullfilment. So many times in my life I feel swept aside and unnoticed. To have you say the things you have helps more than you will ever know. I am humbled and deeply grateful for the things you said.I felt like a valuable person today because of you Lotus!

I am so happy that my words bring you calmness. The energy I send with them is meant to bring you as much goodness as I can give. As I have.I send the best I have to you. The best in me, will always be yours whenever you need me.. I'm so deeply joyous that it brought you calm. Anytime , I can make you happy or bring you peace I will.I may be a sad, mixed up person,but I care about you Lotus.

I hope people know what a good spirit you have.I hope you do:-)

Sorry about yesterday, I simply had to go. I don't have a home computer and the library has limited use available,plus i had to go see my brother. I will write you today at your email adress to give you a more complete introduction to myself.We can also talk about things that are less metaphyscial and more everyday if you want.
You know Lotus you may very well know me and the others you mentioned on the board.You are a very sensitive and psychic person , so I trust your intuition...It was so beautiful, how at the end of your post you said ,"I need you". It is exactly at the point of our greatest vulnerability that we are most lovable Lotus!And you are a loveable ,sweet person!I'm sure myself and the others you mentioned will come to your rescue whenever you call and even when you don't :-)


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posted February 22, 2007 08:31 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Well, now, SkyFysh, it is you who has moved tears of Joy, running down
the cheeks of my Soul...

I am here for all..all for each other...
Soul groups..all connected..

Aren't we all vulnerable? Don't we
all need to be LOved? Yes Yes Yes

but in that, is Our greatest Strength
and Support System...all we
need to do is implement it. ...

I know easier said then done...

but we've started, and I am overjoyed...

It's snowing outside...big beautiful
My daughters and I just got back from
the grocery store...

and we just danced around the yard
letting snowflake crowns form on
our heads...

LOve and Magic!

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posted February 22, 2007 08:58 PM           Edit/Delete Message
P.S. Sky, you said in the other string that you were emailing, I just wanted to let you know I didn't get it...

it could be the .ca instead of .com

that address is for anyone, who would like to email can't go by my profile does not work. ...

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posted February 23, 2007 02:13 PM           Edit/Delete Message
So if the Tarot is a story...

starting withing 0
The Fool...Holding your nose and jumping..abandoning logic and commen sense
and following your Heart...
does not this signify
the desire to come to Earth
and Create?
In numerology, The Fool is 22 submission
and caution, it talks about eliminating the negative aspects..of what?
this world.. .
0 for Pluto 22(4) Foundation

What do you think?

P.S. I have been thinking and seeing the Ocean in my mind so much, lately, I dearly miss living on the beach...
I want to go smurfing...

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Posts: 54
Registered: Feb 2007

posted February 23, 2007 03:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Lotus,

So beautful about your tears of joy, from a million miles away i send you the hug of the centruy hun. All the good I have ,the smiles, the beauty , the love and tumbling radiant laughter of being alive. Please take it all and smile for me!!you can have it all always! A minute of dancing in the circle of a friend!
You were right ,as usual! I sent it my email to the wrong adress! Somebody got one intense letter they weren't looking for,LOL! Anyway, I was going to resend it ,but i was so rushed yesterday that I don't think it was a proper introduction! I'm on a clock the whole time I'm on the net, so I have to rush rush rush and i can't really think much or edit myself. I have two hours to read your posts respond and then write an email. I like to take my time and really craft a letter,but then i only have forty five mins after the board and I rush so much it;s all stream of conciousness with almost no edit . I don;t like to write that way . I like stream of conciousness and then edit:-)
Anyway. I will write another one,please forgive me if it seems rushed and rambleing because fighting the clock makes you so.
Your posts were so beautiful, "crowns of snow" ,what a beautiful image!
The things you said about the "Fool" card were great . I totally see your logic. Pluto is a serpent biting it's own tail. we move around the circle and grow higher each time. Come back to the same places renewed! With a higher perspective. Life is about perspective and perspective comes through expereince!!
Hey you want a laugh Lotus, I auditioned for a reality show yesterday for astrologers and psychics. I am very ambivalent about it though. But it could be fun! In a way I can't loose because if i get on it will be fun ,If I don't i won't have to worry about my ambivalence:-)
I aslo saw a GREAT movie last night a documentary about Ram Das called "Fierce Grace", please see this and hear one of the most beautiful letters ever written and see some life altering love and kindness!What a special man! I was humbled on every level!But it also lights a fire under me, be more, be happier ,be more loving ,be more giving ,give without regard give give give, love more be more ,now now now, it's desperate to do it now, Be who you never thought you could be ,become the best person you are absolutley capable of being now,.don't wait one second, give as much as you can to evryone you can your whole life as urgently as possible. What is all this? A life well ,lived!!!!!

You have my best Lotus!I will give you everything I have hon and then i'll really start giving:-):-)

Love Sky

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posted February 23, 2007 04:06 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Oh Sky, thanks from the bottom of my hear such kind words, directed to me, humbles me know..that there is another..that feels as I LOve LOve LOve...Give Give Give...

A reality show, hehe, why not?
No Worries!

Can't wait to read your email...

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Posts: 54
Registered: Feb 2007

posted February 23, 2007 04:59 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
I'm writing the email right now Lotus. Im writing so fast and hard that my fingers are almost starting to cramp. I'm just worried that I'm rambling and my email won't make sense. Also the clock keepes ticking and i try to get my thoughts together, I'm so rushed.Please forgive me if this leeter doesn't get done today. One thing i promise you is that I am giving my all and doing my best. That's a promise!

Your posts and kindness are a source of great joy for me. I'm sending you a smile a little bigger than my soul!You write in such a pretty style and the words are so clear and relaxing!Your wisdom is clear and couched in a loving prose!
You know what's funny after i wrote you yesterday,even though I sent the letter to wrong person,LOL i felt more relaxed than i have in the last six months. It took me by surprise. That's what you've done for me! Rememebr that you've helped me too, much more than you'll ever know. More thanI could ever help you.People can have an effect on each other. what you've given me is a sense of self worth I didn;t have before how magnificent is that.Your has love simply birthed a better me! But most of all you've given me a small experience of you! And that's the greatest gift!


Your spaced out little fish friend,


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posted February 23, 2007 05:05 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Sky, do not worry, everything happens, and comes as it should, when Love is there...there
are no expectations...there
is LOve and Understanding in Abundance...
we get what we give...
is such a perfect phrase...
as you have given me, I give back to you...
an equal flow of energies...

You are amazing to me, and came when I needed you, as you did, I...Everything happens for a reason, and a season to know. ...
to know we are not alone..

LOve and Magic!

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posted February 23, 2007 11:16 PM           Edit/Delete Message
So, in My Mind I wandered,
into the attic of my life,
I found the Battle of EverM0re,
and the Stairway to Heaven...

The Grand Illusion came...
Come Sail away...

then Kansas

Opus Insert

There's a reason for all that ryhmes,
it's the fact and the way of the times
It's moving emotion, it's high and it's
low, no matter where you go
There is something for all who look,
there's a story in every book
All of the pages, between all the lines,
so much that you can find

But there's too many empty lives
my friend
And we just can't let them waste away
for this life is a precious thing my friend
And we just can't wait another day

There's a message in every word, and
it's more than the word you heard
It's moving emotion, it comes like
a sea, washing all over me

For there's nothing that we can't do
my friend, cause the spirit is with
us all
And it's here and it's now, it's up and
it's down
You can feel it surrounding us all.

After all we're all the same, only
difference is a name and where we are
In this crazy mixed up deal, there's so
much that you can feel
Near and far it's where you are

And there's times when I can't contain
all the feelings of love I'll gain
It's there for the asking, it's for all of
you if you would take it too

copyright 1976 Don Kirshner Music, Inc. (BMI)

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posted February 23, 2007 11:57 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Well, I am going to bed, and I was thinking Sky...I don't think I have thanked you enough for all the positive energy you have sent me..
I have had such a magical night, I cannot in words describe...Thank you..for being U....

LOve and Ggod Night to ALL. ...

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posted February 24, 2007 03:48 PM           Edit/Delete Message
SkyFysh, In case I miss you, I have to run some errands...and will be out for a couple of hours, but I wanted to take a let you know, you are on My Mind. ...

Sending LOts of LOve and Light to ALL... .

you know something, it only takes a moment
to let someone know you care...I think that
is important, in the busy life we lead

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Posts: 54
Registered: Feb 2007

posted February 24, 2007 07:55 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Lotus ,

I sent the email. Please forgive me if it's rambling and sounds strange i did it so fast ,I only got to read it once! But times is a hard rock to be up agaist. Bu ti didn't want to disappoint you again!

Love your pots and enjoyed the wrods you posted.

It's funny i heard stairway to heaven last night before i went to bed!

Lots of Love,


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posted February 24, 2007 09:49 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I got your email Sky, thanks so much, it seems we have alot in common...

I really look forward to getting to know you...

LOts of LOve to ALL...

you heard Stairway to was you who sent all those songs playing in my head, hehe

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Posts: 54
Registered: Feb 2007

posted February 26, 2007 04:15 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Lotus,

Sorry to post late, but i can alomost never post on Sunday. Library's closed and myt friedns never offer to let me use thier computers:-(
Anyway,I'm glad you liked my letter. It was all stream of conciousness more or less and driven by the emotion of the moment. I never have a chance to edit myself ,so the writing was almost unchecked:-)I just tried to write from the heart and was writting extremely fast!It's a little frustrating I have no time to edit! I sent the leter with 10 seconds left on the computer time!But I'd rather write a less polished letter from my heart than a great one from my head:-)
After this post I'm going to write you another email.I feel honored to know you! You seem like a very highly developed person to me!
I saw a great spiritual movie last night"Siddartha" (mispelled for sure ,but i don't have time to look it up:-)It was interesting because he was an ascetic and it didn't work for him and then he was worldly and it didn't work for him. hat seems to be even more fascinating is that he didn't even end up following the middle path. Just a simple philosophy that I found quite profound!quote: "Stop searching,relax and give love."
How great is that!It seems to me to be the true answer. I'm not saying you can't read and speculate, that's fabulous and fun and we always should do that, but it seems that quote contains the end of the journey in a way. I remeber in the Ram Das movie too, his Guru when asked what he should do simply said," Serve people , feed people".
I'm really starting to believe that the whole journey is summed up in such ideas.
It seems that you first have to be knocked off your worldly path by some large event. Then that event changes you and your relationship to the world. This starts you seeking answers. From the path of seeking ,eventually you are lead to certain truths which define the meaning and conduct of your life. Then you try to live those ideals. The rest of the journey is simply living those truths as best you can. That's my take on the whole spiritual path.It seesm that once you get the answers, live them. Whenever that takes place you,just live them. it's hard for me becaue my mind is in the questioning mode still, but i really think it boils down to defining your truths and living them. Maybe your truths will change. But you trust your life to bring you those modifications! The your life becomes a living faith. The preparation is simply the quest for answers,but when you have the them your on a new path!It seems to be the message I'm getting these days!
My answers are simply,be yourself, find a path to serve which is your path of joy, and then "stop searching,relax and give love".
I love the simplicity of it . because i tend to complicate my life, at least my intellectual and emotional life. it relaxes me to think I don't have to know everything,be everything, just give as much as you can! Whatever that may be!Who knows how wonderful we could become and how much good we could do? What kind of life could we really live if we tried to give our all ,all the time? I know that's an ideal and i certainly can't do that yet.But what an ideal:-)
As far as knowlegde goes ,i really think what you need finds you. The chaldean numerology found me in a way! I wasn't looking for it and it is one of the most profound spiritual tools of my life! I was in a thrift store and I noticed "Star Signs" and on the binding I saw my first name was contained in the publishers name.Synchronicity! I wasn't looking for astrology either. I was dragged kicking and screaming to that,lol. The women i knew wore me down by always trying to get me into it! Thanks divine fem! Thanks heavenly Mom! But really ,i think what you need to know shows up when you need it if your open to the path!
The best things has always come to me without looking!


Now I have 45 mins to write you an email!!

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posted February 26, 2007 04:30 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I agree with alot of what you wrote SkyFysh..and the Truth is, it is very
simple. ...

In going within, One finds themSelves, and
God, one is shone, what has been done, and what
one's purpose is...
for instance one thing I need to fix from the
past, over 2,000 years ago, is the calendar...
13 months, 364 days a year, 28 days a month,
natural time piece...
we made Promises for Tomorrow...

Forgiveness, ending the karmic circle
coming full-serpent-circle...
and LOving and Understanding one
another, helping those, less fortunate
than ourSelves...
doing the right thing...

it's a journery, that is difficult,
but most rewarding, fulfillment
and Delight
In knowing GOD and The Truth...

Can't wait to read your email...

LOts of LOve to ALL... .

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From: Oz
Registered: Nov 2003

posted February 26, 2007 10:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for sesame     Edit/Delete Message

Talk about kindred souls!

Welcome to LL SkyFish,


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posted February 26, 2007 10:29 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Hi Sesame! You know, I think all of Us, here at LL, are kindred souls..brought here by Love and Magic

we're a big family, all Gods children

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Posts: 1644
From: Oz
Registered: Nov 2003

posted February 27, 2007 01:01 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for sesame     Edit/Delete Message
Yes, indeed, I always think of LL as a Spiritual Mall.


I realized it for the first time in my life:
there is nothing but mystery in the world,
how it hides behind the fabric of our poor,
browbeat days, shining brightly, and we don't even know it.

Sue Monk Kidd, "The Secret Life of Bees", p79

Logically Magical Logic is Magically Logical Magic! (and vice versa!)

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Posts: 54
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posted February 27, 2007 06:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Lotus,

Thanks for your reply here and on the email! What a sweet person! A sincere seeker!
I loved what you said about eh calendar! Please when you have the time enlighten me! I am very curious!I'm going to write as fast as I can so please forgive spelling errors:-)
Forgiveness is a very important topic for me because i've been working on it my whole life,. It's very ego related i think, as I've started to balence my ego ,I've become more forgiving. also as I've failed time and again on the spiritual path I've been more apt to forgive others. And I certainly see the logic of forgiving me when i mess up :-)If God can forgive who are we not to?
Also what fascinates me is that we may have such beauty in us and spiritual gold that needs to be mined and circumstances can bring that out. Who can we be? Who are we? Do we really know fully? Of course our life is here to answer that ,so we'will know.
I agree we have to do our best to do what is right. Then we are on the true path because we are aligned to truth. Then we are protected on the path.

Now I'll be off to send your next email, Lotus!

PS> I may get my own internet hook up at home. then i can write more . I may keep the same dervish pace though cause it's more fun to write without thinking too much, maybe instead of two page letters I'll write ten page ones!

Sending a happy heart to you sweetness~!


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Posts: 54
Registered: Feb 2007

posted February 27, 2007 06:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
hi Dean,

Thanks for the kind words ! I'm sure we are kindered souls! LL is a wonderful place! Like Lotus saud we are all God's children and I love my brothers and sisters! Thank s for taking the time to say nice things and introduce yourself! I'm grateful and glad you did!

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posted February 27, 2007 07:18 PM           Edit/Delete Message

You are a dear sweet man!

The calendar, refers to Mayan prophecies..
of Us using the Gregorian one..of 12
12 the sacrifice the victum, as long as
we live by this calandar we are sacrificing
our other senses, with this un-Natural
time piece...
for like the tides, we must follow the cycle
given to the Earth,
and Super...

Super Stars we Are
when we remember
MOther and Father God
and the Truth. ...

In the LOve and the Light..of GOD...

all united across the world

all for one, and one for all

Gosh, My Heart is on Fire

Pax et Bonum

hehe, Dean, a Mall with different floors
one for astrology, one for Universal Codes,
and so on, I like that!

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Posts: 54
Registered: Feb 2007

posted February 28, 2007 05:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SkyFysh     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Lotus,

Thanks for explaining the calendar and the ideas behind it. Very interesting!
So much to learn!
It was so great talking to you! You are such a sweet lady!
I appreciate the struggles you've been through and wish you every joy!
Sometimes when our lives are difficult,eventually a balencing period comes and really great things happen! I know that wil happen to you!
I was reading a numerology book the other day that had a few interesting ideas!
The months of the year are numbered according to munerology principles i.e.

1st month =The Sun
2nd month = The moon etc

Found this interesting and useful!

Now I'm off to drop you a line on email!

Thanks Lotus!


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posted February 28, 2007 05:42 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Ggod Day, SkyFysh!
and once again, thanks for your kind words,
they really do, mean the world to me...
very interesting, about the months, tied in
this way...

Now, if we went back, to 13 months
as we were in ancient times

what was that Month and Zodiac sign?
it is the One for MOther and Father GOD. ...

and our zodiac wheel, may be off by a secret
section? a flower within a flower and so on...

perhaps I can copy my diagrams and mail
them to you, so you can see what I mean?

I truly want to share, everything that is
shone to me, we must all help one another
with pureness of heart, and for the good
of ALL, all treated and respected equally...

I LOve all of YOU, No Matter what
Learning and Growing

with all My LOve... .

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